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3335 Corridor Marketplace, Laurel, MD 20724, United States
Total Wine & More
Review №1

Excellent curbside experience. Coupon use requirements can be confusing and I wish they had a dedicated section or filter online to find true light (as in calories) beers. And listing calories for all beers would be great.Great customer service too so overall 5 stars.

Review №2

This is undoubtedly the best liquor store I’ve been to so far. It’s so big, fully stocked and neat. They have varieties of fine wine, spirits, beers and more. I love the fact that they offer tastings too.That’s so cool!!! There’s also the cheese and meat bar, the cigar section, the cellar selections. First time here and I totally had a very enjoyable shopping experience. I Highly Recommend to all fine wine and spirit loversGood Service ✅♿️Wheelchair Accessible Entrance✅♿️Wheelchair Accessible Parking🅿️ Adequate Parking Space ✅🚻RestroomSafety Dividers At Checkout ✅

Review №3

Any and everything that you are looking for pertaining to Alcohol, Beer or Wine you will find here along with any accessories. Great customer service, wine tasting stands and so much more. You will enjoy your shopping.

Review №4

Isaac provided magnificent customer service. 👏 Isaac is very knowledgeable. I left feeling well-informed about champagne and the production process. I shared my appreciation with the store manager Jessica and Bill. They were very pleasant as well. It was a total experience at Total Wine and More. Best wishes to the leadership team and staff!

Review №5

Excellent service and stock. A little crowded but huge store. Knowledgeable staff and they have taste testing

Review №6

Excellent customer service from Angie (wine recommendations and app suggested) and SaMiyah (checkout staff member, helped identify and activate coupon at register). Great NZ wine recommendation in previous visit from Mark. Appreciate their assistance and joy in helping.

Review №7

They have everything you name it & sold at a cheaper price of retail. They have all catalogs, galleries stocked with all types of alcohol. Liquor, wine, beer, cigars, cocktail & bar making utensils.

Review №8

I can honestly say that Total wine is one of the best liquor stores that I have ever been to across the country. They have everything ranging from low grade to extremely high grade at very good prices and theres seasonal offerings are absolutely tremendous as well. I have not attended any of the wine tastings yet but that is definitely on the to-do list.

Review №9

Brides, grooms, wedding planners, take note - these people will HELP YOU! I went in scatter brained and nervous about how to possibly stock the bar for my wedding. I asked an employee for help, later found out it was store manager, Jessica.She was AMAZING! She was patient, informative, asked my budget range, asked my average guest ages to get specific with her recommendations, and even recommended an amazing champagne kit for the sweetheart table. I walked in confused and nervous and walked out feeling confident: Jessica made sure I not only had the right amount to stock the bar but the right flavors and variety. She didnt care that I was scattered brained and a nervous wreck, she was so patient and helpful and made me feel heard. I feel so better much after working with her.

Review №10

They pretty much got anything up want. Really nice place

Review №11

First time to visit the Total Wine and Spirits in Laurel Md. Same excellent help and selection that we have come to expect from this company.

Review №12

Great store with big, BIG selection of liquor and very helpful staff!!👍🍺🍷🍸🍹🥃

Review №13

Wonderful experience. We were able to find all types of items. Greeted by the the store manager upon entering (Jenn) who explained the store layout.

Review №14

Total Wine and More... I always compare it to when a kid goes into a candy store. There is so much to see, so many tasting booths, people who walk around and the second they see you are lost or more likely looking for something you cant find they eagerly come to your rescue. Go there, spend some time before you buy. Like chocolates, there are so many choices. Check them out, you may find something better than what you originally picked up.

Review №15

An alcohol store should not be one of my happy places, but it is. Open, clean, well stocked with really great employees I enjoy looking at the ridiculous amount of alcohol available and picking out as couple of f new things to try. Their rewards system is super confusing, super slow to download in the store, and still partly paper.

Review №16

The store is absolutely huge. I walked in and was luckily wearing my mask or else everyone would see my mouth open in amazement. Everything and anything you need alcohol wise is here. The staff is also very nice, I had a few people ask me if I needed help as I was there. My check out lady was also really nice and caring, my receipt says her name was Erma. She seemed to love her job and genuinely care. Will be back here for sure

Review №17

Great selection. Helpful & knowledgeable staff

Review №18

I was looking for Yakut wine. No luck. I did get some Whiskey.

Review №19

Total Wine coming to Maryland was a great thing. Its like the Walmart of liquor stores and really comes in handy when Im looking for specific liquors that arent normally available in local stores (like small batch whiskeys or pisco). Having a membership comes in handy for the discounts they provide on a pretty frequent basis.

Review №20

Incredible variety of liquors... great place, U can buy best wine, cognac, whisky, beers... good prices....

Review №21

This is a store I love and hate. Employees are great, helpful, selections are plentiful, prices are hard to beat. But everytime I go I leave with much more than I came for. Definitely my go to store.

Review №22

Every time I go to Total wine I find what I’m looking for and the staff is able to help me find whatever I cannot. I found my favorite wine of all time here due to a tasting they were hosting years ago. I still travel here even though I’m no longer in the area just to buy that wine. They have everything you can think of for your event so I definitely recommend everyone go if you’re on the fence.

Review №23

The best selection of anything liquor related in Maryland.

Review №24

Excellent selection of items. Also able to special order products as well 🙂

Review №25

I wish this place was closer but so worth the drive! Immense options and outstanding customer service!

Review №26

Best selection in the area as well as top quality employees that help you with every need. This is definitely a place Ill keep giving my business too!!

Review №27

I hate to admit it, but I can literally spend well over an hour just looking around. You kinda get lost, because the store is overwhelming with variety, all neatly categorized on each aisle. The staff is super friendly and helpful. I dont really need to go to a liquor store, because Total Wine and More has all that I need and more.

Review №28

Rented a keg and tap for a party, but the tap was busted. For as much as the deposits on kegs/accessories are, you’d think you’d make sure the taps are usable first

Review №29

They want you to tip their workers now. Youd think a successful business like total wine could afford to pay their own staff properly or be smart enough to factor wages into their prices (newsflash: they can and they do factor it in) yet now they are guilting their customers into tipping staff. Shame on you total wine of laurel. This is the last time Im shopping here.

Review №30

Great service and selection. They are a great store with tons to choose from. Couldnt find my scotch then they pointed me to the case and held it for me while I continued to shop.

Review №31

They seem to handle the weekend crowds pretty well. Wish the aisles were a bit wider though.

Review №32

Great location. Ive been to quite a few Total Wines but this one is the best. Staff are really kind and helpful.

Review №33

Had a great experience, prices are good and selection amazing. They give you samples of new products which are helpful. This place is perfect to stock up on everything. The store is nicely stock and convenient. The only thing they really need to improve on is customer service. Not expecting a 5 star service but management needs to look into the morale of the employees that make things happen for this nice store on a daily basis.

Review №34

Outstanding selection. Standout experience with EVERY isle having a friendly, knowledgeable staff member with great advice on selecting products. Good prices and exceptional value. Fairly quick checkout.

Review №35

Its a nice place, but depending on what youre there for it can be kind of pricey. The wine that I drink is worth the trip, but the liquor I find cheaper elsewhere.

Review №36

Staff at the entrance were welcoming and helpful. Found what I wanted quickly. One if the cashiers when I asked if she was open said she was waiting for a customer to come back whod forgotten an item !?

Review №37

Love this place. If you cant find it here probably wont find it anywhere.

Review №38

Everything that you want! Chilean wine the best!

Review №39

Large variety. Helpful staff

Review №40

The Laurel Total Wine store is worth the hours drive I make to get there. The selection of wines, etc., is outstanding, but it is the exceptional staff that makes the difference. Just recently, a gentleman, Damani, went out of his way to assist me with an order.

Review №41

This is my go to store for wine and other alcohol. I dont go very often anymore as I personally quit drinking several years ago but I still come for gifts a few times a year. I love the huge selection Im always able to find something unique and new plus the old favorites. My partner likes seacrets rum (from ocean city) and this is one of very few places that keeps it as well.

Review №42

All of the employees at Total Wine are knowledgeable, and some are extremely knowledgeable. They have many many items you will not find elsewhere. Except Oskar Blues Old Chub. The distributor is no longer bringing it to Southeast Virginia and I have to drive across state lines to get it.

Review №43

Best spot in town for any bottle you need. The staff is also well versed in knowing brands and types when you are looking for something in particular. The customer service experience is superb and the recommendations the staff gives have not failed me yet. I absolutely love this place.

Review №44

Found SuperShe VodkaIncredible selections of anything you need

Review №45

Great selection, great prices and an always helpful staff. Worth the trip if youre in the area

Review №46

This is the ultimate liquor store and I am so glad it is too close to home!! I come here for the wine obviously but they literally have everything under the sun to purchase here in terms of alcohol. The wine I think is extremely reasonably priced while the beer can be more average in pricing. I normally go to pick up a couple bottles of $3 wine with the occasional more expensive bottles and while it can be hard to find them some times I would say there is a huge selection of options and if you use the app, you will surely find what youre looking for. Their beer selection is expansive, I like to go for the German brews and all the Yuengling options. The lines can be a little long...just by the amount of time it takes to go through each person. Overall, if youre close enough I recommend making this your one stop shop!

Review №47

I’ve been always been a huge fan of this store. Their selection of beers have always been outstanding. After having not been there for a few months, I was a little disappointed by the new layout of the beer selection. It is a lot more crammed, and seemingly unorganized. While I still respect the amount of local craft beer they offer, I think it needs help in the ways of organizing.

Review №48

Staff is always super knowledgeable and helpful. And theyre working pretty much all of the tills again so lines are almost non-existent. Its great!

Review №49

Great selection of wines and liquors. Awesome customer service.

Review №50

Everything is nearly spaced with great prices. You can get lost looking at the wide range of things available. Need help finding stuff? Well the stuff and tasters will help you put, that is unless your shy. If you are well the website tells you the exact isle every product is in!

Review №51

I go here all the time for my wine. I only go for sweet wine, sweet liqueur like kinky aloha, and coolers. I also go for angry orchard beer and mix with fireball. Staff is friendly and nice.

Review №52

They have anything you might want when it comes to liquor at a great price

Review №53

This place is amazing. Their selection of everything is excellent. The staff could not be any more friendly and helpful. The prices are incredible. If on your first visit to the store you catch yourself wondering, Why would I need a shopping cart?, get a shopping cart anyway when you enter. You will soon understand.

Review №54

Absolutely huge selection of bourbon. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Review №55

Accessible, huge. Bathrooms accessible and clean. Staff are knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. We found plenty of oddities, seasonal products, as well as everything we were looking for. There are baskets and carts.There are hanging signs at the ends of the aisles telling where items are, but its not too clear which aisle a sign is referring to because its aligned at the centers of the end caps. That is, even with labels I had to ask for some things.

Review №56

Many choices, knowledgeable staff to help with your choices; love the tastings; classes are great

Review №57

Great prices and outstanding selection of everything. All out of the large can Sapporo and the 16 year Lagavulin, but pretty satisfied otherwise.

Review №58

By far my go to place from. Ow on. They have everything under.the sun. Great people working there very knowledgeable and friendly

Review №59

Huge place always great prices . Lots of great help too

Review №60

Great prices and great service which is hard to find in todays world I had a question about wine and it was answered correctly and in a timely matter incredible experience

Review №61

Great selectionGreat pricesGreat staffIf this place doesn’t have the beer, wine or liquor you need, it probably doesn’t existThe staff is super helpful and will help you track down what you are looking for. The place is huge - so that’s helpful!Also- you can order online and pick up in store. Nice!

Review №62

Always a wonderful experience whenever I visit. The staff thier is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Review №63

This place has every alcoholic beverage you can think of and great customer service!

Review №64

Phenomenal selection! Even found Chilean Carmenere and Uruguayan Tannat in endless rows of every type of wine imaginable.

Review №65

Its a sanitized experience, for sure, and some people might not be into that. But curbside service is excellent: orders are always ready before the scheduled time, for no additional fee, and are genuinely contact-free.

Review №66

So lucky to live so close to this location. Cant rave enough about the service here. Its so easy to pre order or just call it to leave a bottle/case for on hold for any occasion. Staff here is great and very knowledgeable of all types of wine and beer .

Review №67

One of the best place to buy wine stored at the right temperature unlike some other liquor store that I visited

Review №68

Great customer service and a selection that is sure to meet needs of even the most particular of tastes.

Review №69

This was my first time in a Total Wine store. The place was immaculate, well organized, and the customer service was excellent. Cant wait for my next visit.

Review №70

Very nice location, there are so many options. The staff are helpful I felt like I was being offered assistance around every corner and it was during an extremely busy day. They offer tastings/samples at this location. I also took the time another time to do the carside pickup the employee verified my ID and was very nice. I did not have to wait long.

Review №71

Best selection hands down in the area, prices are great,wine tastings, customer service is excellent, whats not to love.

Review №72

This is the first time I have ever been to Total Wine here in Maryland. And the store was nice. Tons of wine and all the other goodies. I had been on a search for a wine that I had at a tasting. And while they didnt have it, the young lady at the counter told me to go to the wine expert they have. Her name was Kori. I was all for it, but someone named Karen stepped in and said she could help me, even though Kori was game to do so. I wish she had. I have no idea why Karen stepped in. She took me to the wines and pointed out all the sweet red. I said which one is the sweetest and she said oh, you can try Il Duca imperial cardinal red. I asked her if she liked it. She said she no longer drinks sweet red and she only buys them for the young people. So I just m stood there and looked at her. And looked at her and looked at her. She then pointed to another one and was like this one is sweet too. Then she started walking away as I picked up both. Because I was headed to Kori. Just because your name is Karen, doesnt mean you have to act like one. As I was going to find Kori, I came across this man in a white shirt like Kori and I walked over to him and I said, excuse me sir do you work in wine. He turned around and said yes maam I do, and you have to be careful with those, lift the flap in the basket up so they dont fall thru. He helped me with that. I asked him which one of these was best and he didnt even look at the other bottle. He said il duca. Then he picked up my bottle and said you have the right one. I said have you tasted it. He said yes, its a very sweet wine. That was all I needed to hear. I was like thank you so much for helping me. And I asked his name. He said Isaac. So Total wine you need to give Isaac a bonus or something and demote ole Karen! A wise person said, people will forget how you talked to them, but they never will forget how you made them feel. I will not forget how I was made to feel in your store, by Karen and by Isaac. And the wine was as good as Isaac made it seem. And Im glad he was there. He made a world of difference in my shopping experience. Shes the reason you lost 2 stars and hes the reason you got 3.

Review №73

My go to place for alcohol. Employees are very knowledgeable & helpful, they have tastings almost daily.

Review №74

Recommend you make a shopping list. Candy store for adults w/25% alcohol 🍸

Review №75

They have a large variety of US and/or International wine, beer, and liquor available. You can shop inside, go online to order and do a pickup, or have it mailed to you. This place is huge! Great visit.

Review №76

Always great customer service. Always have what I need. Love the rewards program. 😊

Review №77

Absolutely love this place! They were extremely helpful when I came to purchase alcohol for my wedding and nicely let me return what we didnt use! Highly recommend #totalwine #wedding #AACounty

Review №78

Ideal place to shop drinks for your party.

Review №79

I like the idea of selling wine and delivery. Great Job! Delivered so fast!

Review №80

This visit was a curb side pickup. I checked in on the app and my items were at my car in less than 10 minutes. Always good service here. I use curbs ide when Im short on time and know exactly what I want.

Review №81

Im so happy theres a Total Wine not far from me!I normally go to my local Wine and Liquor store however what Im looking for at times, especially for a unique palate of various wines, I cant find it there so Total is my place to go.Their prices are affordable, they have a vast amount of wine and Spirits that I enjoy!Definitely a gift in Laurel

Review №82

Always busy. Difficult understanding the organization. They should have an app that helps you locate what your looking for!

Review №83

So glad they finally started selling Far Eastern Shore Wines. We asked them for at 5 yrs to carry their wines with no success. So we stop patronizing them until recently. The employees were friendly and service was good.

Review №84

Clean, staff very helpful! Check was quick considering how busy they were

Review №85

This place is the adult version of a candy store everything from wine to whiskey; beer to mixers; cigars and stemware. I absolutely love this place. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable. They carry kegs in the cooler. If you want it they should have it and if they dont they will order it for you. This place is definitely recommended.

Review №86

As my wife would say this is a wine Utopia. Its just a giant selection of just about every time you can imagine. If you like the the BJs and Costco of wine.They have at least two tasting areas which can cause a little backup if youre trying to get around; however its not too bad. The people working the tastings are doing an excellent job and are super friendly and helpful.They have an app that can help you easily locate which aisle your favorite wine may be located in. Still having trouble well you can cheat and order online and have it set for store pickup. Walk around for a few minutes and then go to the counter to pick it up 🙂🙂.We have found that local to us we would have to travel to two or three stores to find everything we can enjoy. By traveling just a few more miles down the road we can get everything we need from here.

Review №87

Best selection of non-alcoholic beer.

Review №88

Always a great selection. I even find all my rums from Barbados in there🥰

Review №89

Ok ok ok yaaaaas no more liquor stores for me...Im only coming here yes it was worth the 36 min drive...They have everything and what really got me is the employees they know where everything is located...Very friendly people...Kudos to Total Wines you got me for life now...Yo head on out to Laurel for some Total Wines & More🤷‍♀️😁🍷

Review №90

Always a Great Experience 🙂 Especially, when it comes to shopping for wine and bourbon. The customer service is Always Top Notch and the layout of the store is welcoming. Be sure to download the App. You can search the wine of choice and it will give you the aisle #. Its an Adult Toys•r•Us! 💕

Review №91

Love how knowledgeable the staff is and not afraid to actually answer questions. Went there from VA to find an item that is not sold in VA stores. Would definitely go back.

Review №92

I love this place, the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly

Review №93

Great place to shop. Prices are reasonable and service is outstanding

Review №94

Great prices super helpful staff you name it they got it.

Review №95

The staff are very helpful, I was looking for a particular wine and they knew exactly were to find it.

Review №96

Amazing store with largest selection of alcohol you can find. Amazing prices with samples available. Great staff with picks to explore new products for wine, spirits, and beer. Great for National, International, and Local brands. I love this place!!!

Review №97

Great selection. Ok prices. Id say prices are the same as anywhere else.

Review №98

Love the selection. Great place to wander through and discover new things.

Review №99

Super impressive & friendly place. One of the biggest and nicest have been to. Most impressed by the multiple types of Colombian aguardiente they had. (Not a ton, but impressive they had more than 3-4 types!)

Review №100

Social distance and all safety guidelines are being followed. Love coming to get our drinks here, specially now during lock down, prices are always reasonable.

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