Mobile Home Depot
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Mobile Home Depot
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Staff is qualified and experienced in the mobile home needs and what works best.

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When you buy Windows for Mobile Home Depot make sure you check to make sure that they sealed the windows cuz I just bought 26 windows for Mobile Home Depot and out of the 26 11 of them werent sealed so now they want me to go ahead and silicone the windows I wouldnt buy a window for Mobile Home Depot if they paid me to buy Windows from them right now and they dont want to give you no kind of remedy to it will give you a free silicone no money back no well pay you for doing it nothing nothing and they dont even care that Im upset about it go somewhere else and buy your windows

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Ive shopped Mobile Home Depot over the years. Today I went to look at their Front Doors and Storm doors. They have a good selection with a variety of sizing structures at a good price.. The staff there is knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you.

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Buy cheap products & get what you pay for. Bad experience. Never again will I shop there! ( 1 star is being generous.)

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Very helpful. Replaced an old bathtub with a shower enclosure. Turned out fantastic. I recommend this place. They know what theyre doing. : )

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If you have to get a part, you are going to pay over retail for it...I only go here if Im getting a part for someone... with their money not mine.You can always look at what you want, and get it cheaper somewhere else...I know it may be convenient for those of you that need something g in an emergency,But I will shop online and get free shopping and it will be cheaper..They seem to be the only ones in town so this is where you have to go to get these kinds of Parts unless you go into Tampa.Sorry guys... I call them as I see them

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Nice helpful staff and great selection for mobile/manufactured home owners.

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The help is great. Very friendly and helpful

Review №9

They are really not the friendly bunch you would expect from a business that is dying. And if you have to order something expect to get lie to about how long it will take they dont care that they are holding up your money

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I have bad experience in the store, and now I am going to Tampa at a place called Marathon Services Inc.. I purchased windows there and one screen was bad, they sent it back to replace, over two months and I’m still waiting for my screen, they did not have a clue when that screen was coming in. The attitude was they didn’t care.I went in recently to buy a door but the doors they have wasn’t what I was looking for, sticking to the subject and the door I did need he didn’t even try to help me with a door that would work. But yeah he knows a contractor that can put the door in for us bad taste.

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Very helpful, so you get the right stuff

Review №12

No longer giving militay discounts, maybe they should take the Support Our Troops sign down. I will now only purchase what I have to buy from here as products like tape, spray adhesives, excetera can be bought cheaper anywhere else.

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Good good friendly service from the count of people

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Searched every where for plumbing parts, they went right to the part I needed and the price was shocking low, like to thank my Hero

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They have the know how and always have what I need. Great customer service. Amazing place.

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It was fantastic everybody that works there is very nice and help

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Excellent service, very helpful staff

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I have never been disappointed with this place. They know their stuff and theyve got whatever you need to do it. And now they stay open past noon on Saturdays which is convenient.

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I have a cabin cruiser boat, so most inside parts are interchangeable with mobile homes and RVs. I needed a part for my head sink and found this place. The guys were super friendly and knew exactly the part I needed, even though it was over 30 years old. It was very inexpensive as well. Had I purchased the part form West Marine, it would have cost me triple in price.

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Go nowhere else IF you have a manufactured not refer to your home as a mobile that claim IF there are wheels involved.

Review №21

You can find great items fir your mobile home or RV!!

Review №22

Every body helpful and knowledgeable.They could ask if you need help, instead of you having to ask for help...did ask when first walked in...

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Good selection of parts but honestly the staff could use a few lessons in professionalism with customers. They make you feel like you are bothering them when you ask questions.

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One-Stop shopping for everything you need for a mobile home

Review №25

Found what we wanted

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Awesome store for mobile homes. They will give you advice and all of their products are for mobile homes of all ages. Anytime I need a specific part, I go there before I go to Home Depot or Lowes.

Review №27

When I returned some windows for a credit on August 3rd the shorter man with short salt and pepper hair and around 50 years was very RUDE! He was the same to us also when we purchased the windows. He needs to learn some customer service! You are going to loose a lot of business because of him. Someone needs to speak to him. On the other hand, the young man was very helpful and knows his work. Will now purchase from Alumflo.

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Always have everything you need for your mobile home!!

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Very helpful staff and they had everything I needed at a reasonable price.

Review №30

Very bad customer service

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Well Ive bought things here multiple times and didnt have a problem,bt this week I purchased a door and get it home and find out its the wrong one,go back and low and behold they inspect it and find its damaged,we never touched it or inspected it and they loaded it,so now I have to fight them to exchange it for the correct size,customer service is b/s we never touched it so how can we damage it.J.w.

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Love doing business there!

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Bought a water heater here, the sales guy obviously dont know anything about water heaters, I told him what I needed, he said it would work, had to take it back because it was the wrong one, they charged a 20% restocking fee! How is that even legal??besides that they are way overpriced! Then they didnt even want to give back the taxes I paid on it!! I dont recommend this dump to anyone!

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They had exactly what I needed and offered other great ideas

Review №35

They did have a good selection of the parts I was looking for for. Prices on some stuff seemed to be high.

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Very helpful staff and almost always have those parts you need for manufactured homes

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Joey very helpful, will be returning for additional purchases, thank you

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Cool store they have alot of stock or can get it very friendly

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I have shopped here many times for supplies to repair my mobile home. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

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Helpful staff. If they dont have it they will order it.

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Good place to go for those coach owners

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AVOID THIS STORE AT ALL COSTWICKED RETURN POLICY YOU OPEN IT YOU PAYDONT EXPECT YOUR MONEY BACK WHEN THE STUFF IS NOT IN THE ORIGINAL PACKAGEHE WILL TELL YOU THAT IS NOT THE CASE BUT DON BELIEVE A WORDOWNER SEEMS TO ENJOY JOKES ABOUT WOMEN GETING RAPEDOwner will tell you that you can return all of the products but dont expect you get your money back.When you ask him before you purchase something he will tell you can bring it back anytime but when you bring something back you will find out that it needs to be originally packed!!!!Lowes does not have such a wickedfor a return, item cannot be open and the owner will find every excuse not to refund your hard earned money,Appears to be a redneck that makes sexist jokes about women getting raped with some of his regular customers. Faced with the allegation he is a liar of the worst kind he will have a hard time to defend himself.

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Very friendly very knowledgeable and only one dick in the group

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Very pleasant and helpful.

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Good stop for mobile home parts and service

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Great place for your mobile home needs.

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Lots of merchandise. Great customer service and good prices​.

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Excellent staff, very helpful. They had more products than I expected.

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Always had great advice and products

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Im very disappointed in the way mobile home Depot runs their company. They have different prices at different locations. I bought a window for around 69 dollars at their largo location and the same window was 30 dollars cheaper at some of their other locations. Ill choose to do business at other mobile home suppliers who dont have such a price difference from store to store.

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Great place for mobile home repair

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I was in the store on 12/22/15 to see if they had a window pane for my home.As with most trips i left with out what i needed,only this time i asked if they knew someone that could install the glass.The manager gave me 3 cards of handymen that could do the job.I called all three and got only one response and that was after i waited 2 days and texted this one and told him i was going to the store to complain.I got a rude message back insulting me personally.I went to the store today 12/23/15 and had the text with me and the manager would not look at it and even said he would keep giving these 3 cards out to customers.If you shop there be very careful because they have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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Friendly staff. Has plenty of windows + doors and probably anything to replace what you need for your mobile home.

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They don’t refund even though it’s printed on the receipt they do.Rude and insulting.

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Expert information and they have what you need!

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Almost everything I need for my mobile home

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Even though they do not have everything for your mobile home they gladly come with suggestions where you can find what youre looking for

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Awesome place for Mobile Home parts

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Great people

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Excellent service.

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It is a place you can depend on

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Everything need for your mobile home

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Anything you need for a mobile home

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Has everything you need

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Lots of variety in home trailer repair items, new or used.

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SAle help see: and good.

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