Lucky Asian Mart
7819 Montvue rd NW, Center Ct Way, Knoxville, TN 37919, United States
Lucky Asian Mart
Review №1

Lots of great Asian products and Employees who help pick the right ingredients for what you are cooking up.

Review №2

Employees were nice. They have an awesome selection of items for a small location. Will definitely be back again.

Review №3

Great little market in a safe shopping center. We found many items we were looking for. Clean with lots of fresh meat and produce. 2 checkouts made the line move quickly. One of three Asian markets in the area, I would definitely recommend you check this out like we did.

Review №4

Has a great selection of Korean goods. Lots of varieties of rice. Lots of ingredients to make Korean foods. Korean snacks. Theres even an aisle of Korean home goods (ceramic cooking pots, portable gas burner, etc.). Also includes Korean produce in a small walk-in fridge in the back. Lots of freezers of Korean food. Korean noodles too. I didnt get to see everything since I had to get what I needed quickly.I bought a bucket of kimchi. It was fresh and only just getting ripe so I know I can get a lot out of the kimchi over time. Very reasonably priced for the amount of kimchi I was getting (a bucket at $20-ish). Good flavor.Really nice staff - speaks Korean. Parking situation is great. Huge parking lot for the strip mall that the market is in.My son was over the moon about the snacks I got which he missed after we moved to TN from Los Angeles. Will definitely come back.

Review №5

A bit cramped but great selection and super friendly staff

Review №6

My Dad went in for one specific thing and was directed right to it with friendly service.

Review №7

Every time we come here its always wonderful, the staff is always so nice and a mass selection of different Asian foods!

Review №8

Great selection of hard to find foods. Very helpful staff.

Review №9

Clean store. Well organized. Helpful staff.

Review №10

Friendly service and great selection of Korean products. Plenty of other Asian groceries as well.

Review №11

This is my favorite Korean grocery store in Tennessee. It is clean and they have everything you could possibly want from noodles to ice cream. Their kimchi is delicious too. I highly recommend this store. The owner is an incredibly nice woman who is very helpful when you cant find an item.

Review №12

Best place to shop in Knoxville for Japanese food items. Only place Ive been able to find Fukujinzuke to put on my curry!

Review №13

Very clean store. Very nice people that work in the store. Love this place.

Review №14

Friendliest, best food, fresh food. Can find all you need. Always busy but always clean.

Review №15

This shop is clean, has a wide selection, fair prices, and the owner is so so sweet.

Review №16

From Houston so Im used to Hmart and Seiwa and Daiso. They have smaller selection but plenty of the most popular items from those stores. Lots of ingredients to cook hot pot. Will be back.

Review №17

Great prices and very courteous staff :-D

Review №18

Everything youd want in a small footprint

Review №19

They have a very nice selection of ramen, snacks, candy, and fresh ingredients to make your own meals at home. The store is always clean and the staff have always been friendly to me. Just make sure you buy more then $5 worth of stuff, otherwise they cant take your card.

Review №20

Finally found an Asian mart since moving to TN. I am very happy sitting here snacking on my dried squid and drinking a beer. Great selection of all the things my mother cooked for me as a kid.

Review №21

Great place full of amazing finds. Wonderful assortment of food. The store was clean and organized very well. Will definitely be back.

Review №22

If youre looking for some Asian food in Knoxville then this quaint little place has got quite a bit considering its size

Review №23

Love this place, only wish there was one closer to my home. There is a market with more stuff closer, but everything here is cleaner and more fresh!

Review №24

We love this market. Great selection

Review №25

Shoes on display in a non operating fridge? Really?

Review №26

Had everything we were looking for that you cant find at regular grocery stores. Quick and easy process. Friendly staff. Highly recommended!

Review №27

So much to choose from. Alot of variety

Review №28

Love this mom and pop store. Its not as big as Sunrise but is very clean. If I cant find something at Sunrise, I an usually find it here.

Review №29

Best Asian market around Knoxville

Review №30

I have been shopping here for years and they have an amazing selection.

Review №31

Mediocre selection and void of the ground chili condiment that is a staple in most Asian markets. Prices for recognisable items are well above the typical market price. Poor product layout with like products displayed in many different shelf locations making the effort to locate what you want unessesarly difficult. The long single line of customers at the sole cashier seals the deal for a never again return here.

Review №32

Mask NAZIs

Review №33

Great place for korean food

Review №34

Look for these noodles at Lucky Asian Mart, their flavors will be absolutely satisfying!

Review №35

Quick and easy. Nice people

Review №36

I love this place. Great source for Korean/Asian grocery. They have a variety of products and great selection of fresh & frozen food. Its very clean and well organized. The owners are super nice!! If you dont find a particular item you want, just ask. They try to keep the store current and it might not be on the shelf any more. They will find you something similar/better or they will get it for you. Just come back again. :-)

Review №37

It is a cute little market. They have the little make it yourself treats that everyone likes to do, but they also have a lot of other really good food. Their ramen cups are not as expensive as regular grocery stores.

Review №38

Super friendly! Great place

Review №39

Great place to try new foods or stock up on Japanese and Korean sauces/condiments. Great selection of ramen.

Review №40

Great Mushrooms Varieties for Vegans

Review №41

Husband was in the Army stationed in Korea, I must say by far this is our go to store. Love it!

Review №42

Such a quaint little Asian mart. Considering their size, they have a wide selection of the most common items. Nice selection of fresh vegetables. VERY helpful and friendly staff. Would highly recommend.

Review №43

This place has some great imported products. But dont rely on them. They change their stock all the time. If you find something you really like it might not be there next time. Isle are tiny so dont bring a wheelchair, it wont fit. The produce is fresh but limited. Good tea choices.

Review №44

A very unique store with a variety of authentic Asian foods.

Review №45

Huge selection of products from a variety of countries, its clientele has expanded over the last few years and brings in people from all walks of life. It can be difficult to navigate if you cant read the packaging, but most of it is pretty easy to understand regardless. The selection is so big that you can spend 10 minutes trying to pick out a package of dried noodles. Many of the products are cheaper than can be bought at standard grocery stores that are exactly the same.

Review №46

Decent selection. Found some things that are usually hard to find. Good prices. Friendly cashier

Review №47

Awesome, mostly Korean, grocery store. Its small, but has a great selection. Clean and friendly.

Review №48

They helped me find the rice I needed!! Very helpful!

Review №49

Very good Asia grocery in town, especially Korea food. The bread you see when you enter is very good, soft and smells good. The Korea BBQ sauce are also very good. Use it you can make Korea style BBQ at home. I also like the kimchi they sold. I think that is home-made. The cashier (the young man) is always polite, enthusiastic and helpful.

Review №50

Nice selection. I wish there was kimchi in glass jars. The one in big plastic containers goes bad quite fast. Also quite pricey place to shop.

Review №51

The best selection for Japanese ingredients in Knoxville. A full array of high quality foods from East Asia. Well organized and fresh! My first choice in the area as an Asian grocery.

Review №52

Simply I like this store because they have good variation of asian glossaries. Especially for korean and Japanese.

Review №53

Great store. Very well stocked, and the owners/staff are extremely helpful, Great price on fresh produce too. Example, Napa cabbage half the price of grocery stores!

Review №54

Great kimchee just let it sit out on the counter to ferment a little longer if you like it more authentic tasting. I like to sit it out on the counter for a week then stick it in the fridge. I also suggest you bag it in atleast 5 bags for the smell

Review №55

Ran in to get seaweed for my at-home sushi attempt. First trip in, the entire store was neat and tidy and clean. The cashier lady was nice as well. I absolutely plan to come back here and do more Asian cooking just to explore the store a little more. I saw frozen tentacles in the frozen section, lol, and my lil American heart was momentarily shocked.

Review №56

It’s more like a Korean food store I would say.

Review №57

Everyone was super helpful to help me find things

Review №58

A lot of exotic choices to pick from. I personally loved their ramen and curry options. They also stock a variety of teas. Im not sure where else you can find octopus in the area, but if that kind of food is your thing, they got you covered.

Review №59

No restrooms for customers

Review №60

I love this place. I can find authentic Korean products here and make my favorite dishes at home!

Review №61

Perfect place to pick up the Korean foods that I need. Food is fresh and they have a good variety of options for Korean and other Asian foods.

Review №62

Lots of variety of goods. It only carries Korean and Japanese food, versus sunrise market who caries Indian and Hispanic food as well. The staff are friendly and quick.

Review №63

This is a great grocery store and the prices are fair. They have a great selection of frozen foods and a small section of produce that always looks good.

Review №64

I love this market. Its really convenient to my house and carries a wide variety of products. They have Mozart buns!!! Theres a lot of korean dry products and frozen. They even have premade bulgogi, japchae, kimchi, black bean sauce etc. In the refrigerator section.. everything is organized and so clean. The staff is always so kind too! I highly recommend Lucky!

Review №65

Nice selection of items. Though, they seem to be a bit more expensive than other Asian markets I have visited.

Review №66

Nice staff and nice selection of food drinks and ingredients. Usually cone here for ingredients for stuff like curry, seafood, sushi, etc. Again staff was super friendly and i would reccomend for anyone looking for harder to find asian cuisine ingredients.

Review №67

Good selection of Korean and Japanese goodies! Really cool place for unique foods.

Review №68

Love this place. AND it doesnt smell like fish.

Review №69

Good variety, and always fresh and clean.

Review №70

I really like this place when Im looking for ingredients that my local store doesnt have

Review №71

Great choices in Asian food, especially Korean and Japanese. Try visiting them on Friday nights around 5-6pm for fresh pastries from Mozart bakery and fresh produce.

Review №72

Friendly service and great selection! Ill have to keep coming back until Ive tried everything once or twice.

Review №73

They have a lot of specific items we love and are always friendly to us. Super cute handmade hats too!

Review №74

The owner is very nice. Most common Korean brands are here. Homemade Kimchi and sides avalable. They do have imported pork belly and beef. The prices are reasonable, some items may be cheaper at other places but its worth the convenience of a one stop shop for preparing Korean food. I am knowledgeable of Korean cuisine and products, lived in Korea over 3 years.

Review №75

Very nice Korean market with all the necessities for delicious dishes.

Review №76

I love this market! I go here about once a month to get Asian snacks that we cant get anywhere near our house.

Review №77

Great store small isles. Way toooooo small

Review №78

Love the selection and prices are reasonable. Love their radish kimchee.!!

Review №79

Very nice and helpful people here. Also a large selection of goods from Asian drinks to Asian food. Seaweed aalad is the best.

Review №80

This place us great if you love oriental food and items

Review №81

Ckean... organized...good prices . Friendly knowledgeable staff. Shelves have English translations

Review №82

I really love this place. Great selection of different asian food products, in particular Korean. They also have a selection of some of those hard to find fruits and vegetables needed for asian cuisine. The also carry cuts of meats that are not common in your average butcher shop that you might need for certain dishes like oxtail. The staff are friendly and always greet you with a smile. I have to say that asian snack foods are a guilty pleasure of mine and they have a large selection. If you want to try something new and delicious, grab a bag of green tea KitKats.

Review №83

Amazing selection of Asian food. Go on Thursday evening to catch the Mozart bakery delivery. They even have the bread to make brick toast (thick slice of white toast drizzled with condensed milk then toasted under the broiler, basically creme brûlée type treat). The chestnut bread is always a hit during the holidays. They have all the staples like Korean bbq sauce, fresh vegetables, and frozen dumplings and frozen meats. The people that work there are always very nice. Would drop by more often if I hadnt moved to Chattanooga.

Review №84

Love the variety of foods as well as the prices, the shop keeps are very nice and will help you find what you are looking for.

Review №85

Very good food, weekday lunch meals are very reasonably priced. Service is quite good.

Review №86

A place to shop for authentic Asian food. The couple who run the business are very polite and friendly.

Review №87

First time in this store. Found it to be very well stocked,clean and friendly atmosphere. Went in for Sushi rice and came out with that along with fresh ready to eat bok choy Kimchi which I always wanted to try (its very good, not too spicy as I thought it would be), some potato starch (which I have looked for everywhere and couldnt find), and a lovely ceramic rice bowl. I will shop here again for my Asian products.Cashier woman was very pleasant.

Review №88

Wonderful place, great people.

Review №89

Love shopping here. They always have what I cant find anywhere else.

Review №90

Nice variety of Korean, Japanese products. Very nice owner

Review №91

Great asian market. Lots and lots of noodles.

Review №92

Great place! Wide selection of Korean and Japanese goodies and the owners are great people!

Review №93

Great store, good variety of mushrooms and tea.

Review №94

Great place. Wide selection of oriental foods.

Review №95

Great grocery store! Always a great selection

Review №96

Nice clean and well organized store with friendly employees. We found what we needed easily.

Review №97

Best place to get ingredients for real korean cooking

Review №98

Quality small store WITH huge variety. Super service. Best kept secret in local Asian grocery scene.

Review №99

Very clean and great prices. Friendly staff.

Review №100

They will have everything that you need and I will ever want

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  • Address:7819 Montvue rd NW, Center Ct Way, Knoxville, TN 37919, United States
  • Phone:+1 865-670-9957
  • Asian grocery store
  • Grocery store
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–7PM
  • Thursday:11AM–7PM
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:11AM–7PM
  • Sunday:11AM–7PM
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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