Dollar Tree
3101 W Market St Ste 200, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States
Dollar Tree
Review №1

They were busy restocking between customers and managing well.

Review №2

Great store!!! They always have what Im looking for!! And the employees there are awesome!!! Highly recommend going here for all your basic needs!!!

Review №3

Wish they had more variety in Hair Barretts they dont have they the for the plastic clip ins but always amazing customer service

Review №4

The Dollar Tree on W. Market has always been helpful and courteous. They usually have a good selection also. I have neve and had an issue with the staff or products. I have recommended this store to many people and will continue to do so.

Review №5

Typical Dollar Tree with plenty of stock and long lines. Seems like every time I go there are 15 people in line and one cashier. But hey its cheap and I guess thats how they keep it that way. The cashier is usually very nice and the line moves fast enough so for me its worth the wait. They put seasonal stuff out way in advance and when its gone its not replaced so make sure and get it early or youll pay more for that same thing elsewhere. Parking is good and the store is nice and clean. I deducted one star for the long lines, Happy shopping!

Review №6

This is a nice store. They sell a lot, so there are boxes in various states of unloading, but the employees are so nice and friendly.They will help you find items, blow up balloons, and say nice things sincerely.The store also offers a chance to donate to veteran familys for Christmas 🎄.Kids love this store, there is always something interesting to buy. I recommend that you stop by.

Review №7

The Johnson City stores are far, far better than the Kingsport stores. If you are a crafter in Sullivan Co. try the JC stores.

Review №8

I had an amazing visit. I shopped till I dropped. I found the cutest things for my creative projects. The Cashier was quick, efficient, & very sweet.

Review №9

Carla the cashier has an attitude with even the manager in front of all customers Ticha was an disgrace to what customer service stands for !! We spend a lot of money at Dollar Tree I’ve never been treated more rude Carla needs to find. New job ! Manager was nice as she could be while Carla yelled at her ! Horrible experience wouldn’t recommend anyone to shop there ! Needs new cashiers !

Review №10

Very nice associate today. Not always a pleasant experience, so today was refreshing

Review №11

Its ok not bad . Staff is really kind especially to children . They always have what we are looking for in a pinch.

Review №12

It is a fun place to shop for small items.

Review №13

Friendly staff, but NO INVENTORY at any location.

Review №14

Budget-Friendly prices, staffs additude could be improved.

Review №15

Love going to the dollar tree. Staff is always friendly my kids love going there to buy a few toys and treats

Review №16

The employees were only concerned with how fast they could get out of there. This should never be going on in front of customers! Worst customer service experience ever 😳! Thats a NO-NO in business. Who trained them? And the manager was just as bad & as loud as the black headed hourly clerk!

Review №17

Im use to the Dollar Trees out in Arizona. The ones here dont have nearly as much merchandise.

Review №18

Terrible customer service, the manager won’t even tell me her names. It’s very rude and unprofessional to speak to customers rudely like she did me. All because her associate was headed to lunch and I happened to come in her lane. I have no idea she was headed to lunch, plus the lines were backed up and store traffic was heavy. This store manager has no business dealing with customers, or dealing in this field of job. Very rude and unprofessional

Review №19

This Dollar Tree seems to be my favorite lol they always seem to have more stuff and more of different variety of things.. And its a plus to have amazing kids that love going to the dollar tree lol

Review №20

Wonderful as always, and spending stayed on budget finally.

Review №21

A nice place to go for just about anything. Theres some things that they dont have but overall I have always enjoyed the Store.

Review №22

They have great cards for 2 for $1. Even by relative. Great place to buy them.

Review №23

The associates are always helpful and friendly. Great little store.. We will be back.

Review №24

Went in to get AA batteries, and came home with new dinner ware

Review №25

Love my Dollar Tree. I always leave with more then I went for

Review №26

Even though we didnt find one product we were looking for, we did find a lot of bargains and plenty of seasonal decorations at an excellent price.

Review №27

Great place 2save on needed items, crafts, or bags and bows.

Review №28

Sallys Beauty: Great products. Credit cards now available

Review №29

I can always find different things there.

Review №30

Could have been better stocked

Review №31

Dollar tree in walmart shopping center has some kind of ladder that is so dangerous you can not sit upon them. It would be dangerous if you climbed up on one I mean if you cant sit on it it would be extremely dangerous to climb it. Buyer beware. And the cashier is so hateful its Unbieleavable.

Review №32

We found everything we were looking for and at great prices.

Review №33

This location used to be very good, however, in the past few months it has gone very much downhill. The items that I purchased routinely have been empty holes on the shelves for weeks!!! When I inquire, the it will be in on next delivery is just a song and dance!!! I made my LAST visit there today!!! I would highly suggest thought be given to a management change???

Review №34

Plenty of Valentines left.!easter starting to roll out... clean and friendly

Review №35

The store was clean and not very busy. The cashier was pretty quick at scanning the items, so the line moved fast.

Review №36

The so called assitint mannger Cindy there was other customers in the store other then my family we were waiting in line my mom is hearing impaired and she was being loud and Cindy yelled out of nowhere from e other line do I need to call the police and said we was making raker and causing .she yelled at Me and my dad and was making us and staring at us we have witnesses people was recording her she was telling very poor management

Review №37

I love to stop and shop at this store. I drive out of my way to shop here and always get great service. Everyone is always busy and the store is always stocked. The management team at this store apparently cares about how the store looks and works hard to make sure the customers are taken care of.

Review №38

This place is great during holidays to pick up gift bags and other assorted gift wrapping items.

Review №39

Nice people clean store

Review №40

I love this place. Its always clean, well stocked and has a great selection. Im ALWAYS pleasantly surprised to find so many wonderful items to buy for $1.00!

Review №41

Love the stuff you get for $1!!!

Review №42

Obviously good prices but a little under staffed at times.

Review №43

The Dollar Tree is always where I go before I do any real grocery shopping. The prices are fabulous and you can find some awesome stuff there! Especially seasonal decorations. I recommend going at the beginning of the month because that seems to be when the most name brand items are in.

Review №44

The staff there was courteous and very helpful!!!

Review №45

Good stuff cheap. Helps when you are on a budget.

Review №46

I absolutely love the dollar tree but they need a shoppers anonymous for those like me who spend hundreds at a time lol. No joke i could open my own dollar tree! The one in Johnson City has a bigger selection than greeneville!

Review №47

Very very friendly staff and tons of merchandise on the sales floor, Ive always found stuff I needed and some stuff that really surprised me. Their frozen food selection is amazing as well. You can tell the managment works so hard to make the place a well organized store! Gained a frequent shopper outa me.

Review №48

I got flashed

Review №49

Myself and two friends came in to purchase several things that were needed, but ended up leaving them at the register after the extremely rude and extremely disrespectful employee verbally insulted us. We visited on the afternoon of September 17th, the West Market Street location next to Walmart. After being followed by a male employee who wasnt discreet at all about watching us shop, we ignored him and brought our stuff to the register to pay for our items. My friend joked about being followed and mentioned that it was a shame that the employees felt they needed to watch people so closely in the first place. The skinny girl at the register loudly agreed and in other words accused us of the same thing. We were calm and polite even though she was being so rude but the woman continued with her rude comments and accusations so we left our things at the register and I will never return and I will make sure that everyone knows how rude the employees are at this location. I do plan to contact management if nothing is done about this.

Review №50

Very busy. Clean.

Review №51

The cashier was taking their sweet time chatting while the customer line backed up down the aisle until three customers walked out.

Review №52

Cashier was nodding off in the middle of scanning merchandise.... drugs?

Review №53

Clean, well organized and the staff is very friendly

Review №54

Really reasonable prices for all sorts of items

Review №55

Would get five stars, but they did not have Christmas decoration flags

Review №56

Great service and great experience

Review №57

Great store lil slow on the check out lines other than that love this store

Review №58

I like the variety of items this store offers, it has a great seasonal section. My only real complaint is the store never seems to have enough help. There is usually only one cashier open and the line is pretty long.

Review №59


Review №60

Always love going to this location. Always well stocked, friendly staff and clean store.

Review №61

Come In and bought a few grocery items before pay day and the girl at the register rung my bread up first I get out to my car go to put the groceries in the car and realized the bread wasnt in the bags I went in not even one minute after walking out and asked about my bread and the girl acted like she had no clue where the hell my bread was? Its only a dollar thats not the issue what the issue is that your employees are stealing from your customers. Its baffles me. The girl had very short hair.

Review №62

The staff members are very friendly and helpful at this store. I would drive past the other locations (and have) to shop here. Good job.

Review №63

There is a very sexy and smart cashier named Alyssa. Shes the best!

Review №64

Great place to shop for Christmas decorations. Gift ideas. Cards. Food

Review №65

Love this place. Very friendly and good selections

Review №66

Employees were friendly and helpful

Review №67

Air freshners no good, for car. Its a great store

Review №68

Nice store. Convenient. Lots of stores around

Review №69

I love this store!! Cute decorating supplies and other house hold stuff for really cheap!!! Clean store too!!

Review №70

Very helpful . Willing to accommodate.

Review №71

Easy to find exactly what I needed at a price he cant be but theres always a line for some reason

Review №72

Its close to home and everything is $1 or less. Whats not to like about that? The employees are helpful and the isles are tidy.

Review №73

Youre the only dollar store I will ever shop at.

Review №74

Kids toys break very quickly. But I still really like the prices!

Review №75

Nice people. Lot of stuff to choose from for one dollor. Wow

Review №76

Cool place but this branch doesnt have as much stuff as other branches

Review №77

Great place for party goods and other things you may be hunting for

Review №78

The workers were all very nice & polite

Review №79

Theres only so much you can get. But good customer assistance.

Review №80

Not a bad place but need more employees to run the registers.

Review №81

Friendly staff and great items. Love this place!

Review №82

Everything is$1.00. Comes in very handy when you live on a buget

Review №83

Its just one of the smaller sized stores but its still got great,values

Review №84

I was very much excited with the service and care of the Cashier.

Review №85

They have all kinds of cool stuff!

Review №86

Great prices, good products and helpful staff.

Review №87

Clean store. Easy to shop. Friendly checkout.

Review №88

Awesome place great stuff and its only 1 dollar.

Review №89

It was a very nice visit at the store I encourage others to go

Review №90

Love this place! They have a Big selection of everything!

Review №91

Everything is a dollar and everyone is nice. Cant beat it.

Review №92

Love shopping here. Great staff.

Review №93

I always find what Im looking for...The Manager was very nice...She was working very hard... She wasnt to busy to help....

Review №94

Very nice layout and friendly staff, very clean too!!

Review №95

Great deals! Clean and well stocked store

Review №96

Great place to pick up a few things

Review №97

If you are stuffing stockings or throwing a party, this is how to do it on a budget. Love it!

Review №98

As some price friendly service

Review №99

Workers are so pleasent and very willing to help .

Review №100

Can find things at a great price.

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  • Address:3101 W Market St Ste 200, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 423-549-6049
  • Craft store
  • Dollar store
  • Discount store
  • Grocery store
  • Home goods store
  • Kitchen supply store
  • Party store
  • School supply store
  • Toy store
  • Variety store
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–10PM
  • Thursday:8AM–10PM
  • Friday:8AM–10PM
  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–10PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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