Five Below
3211 Peoples St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States
Five Below
Review №1

Love going to get fun t-shirts on the cheap to wear to work. Staff is very friendly and helpful, but the t-shirts arent sized correctly, so look at them before trusting the tag. Thats not the stores fault, I love 5 below!

Review №2

Good place to buy something quickly. In the budget you can buy many things.

Review №3

Always something for everyone to get. Bright and clean with music.There is a large section for candy, another for electronics, and makeup, and lots of odds and ends.Prices range from 50 cents (for example, a roll of toilet paper) to $5 for most everything else. Hence the name: Five Below.There are some things that cost more, but you have to work to find them.

Review №4

Always love this place! I got a shaw for $5 that looks great with my business attire. The electronic section is amazing.

Review №5

It was cool. Had a lot of miscellaneous stuff, stocking stuffers and inexpensive things. Good store to visit if visiting the strip mall.

Review №6

Lots of things here for all ages. They have clothes, shoes, toys, dog beds and clothes. Speakers, phone accessories as well as makeup and bathroom items. Even books! Great place with lots of variety! Nearly every thing is $5 or LESS, however they do have a $10 section. I spent $15 and got 2 SOFT flannel shirts and a pair of tye dye sweats!

Review №7

Its a little bit of a drive for us but toattly worth it every trip. Didnt really go looking for anything specific, but did leave with some really cool stuff. It was nice to get to the checkout and the total not be much for everything we bought. There is something for everyone. I recommend taking a trip just to check it out, you may fall in love with it just like I did.

Review №8

I dont think Ive ever been to a more awesome store in my life!! Lots of great stuff for less than $5!! Thank you Josey Rose for the introduction.

Review №9

Clean and neat store that was pretty much what I expected. Its similar to Everythings a Dollar but its $5 here instead, though some of the items are cheaper or more expensive depending on what your getting and/or the quality of it. They have some name brands, seemed to be mostly in the candy section, but they did have a lot of merchandise and accessories for Smart Phones, mainly for Apple products. One register open on a Sunday afternoon and there wasnt much of a wait. It was my first visit and I enjoyed it a lot more than your normal dollar store. They did have quite a bit of art supplies that were on the cheaper side and were actually pretty nice, not sure on the quality yet, but Ill update if necessary. From what I remember they had a couple different kinds of paint, markers, drawing pens, sketch pads, boards and stretch canvas,etc. This was honestly my favorite part of the store. Will probably go back at some point to see if the stock has changed much. If you havent been its definitely worth a visit.

Review №10

I love Five Below. I always buy more than what I go in there for. There is something for everyone in that store!

Review №11

This store is always neat and well stocked. I like this one the most out of the tricities options.

Review №12

I like 5 below. I think some stuff is over priced though. Some stuff is worth $1 and priced at $4. Some stuff that is $5 would be higher somewhere else. Totally understandable.

Review №13

Exactly what U wanted for Rocki Horror Picture Show

Review №14

I love this store!!! All the employees go out of their way to make you feel welcome. I would give them 10 stars if I could!

Review №15

This store was great... I got a lot of stuff some may say I didnt need this or that but I didnt ask there opinion...Just kidding.If you get a chance to go to one of these stores I would say GO...

Review №16

Seems to always be a bit hectic with a ton of people every time Im in here, but the employees handle it gracefully and are very kind, patient, and helpful. Stock seems to be consistently high and things are as organized as they can be for a store of this nature (which honestly I think is saying a lot for how hard the employees work, considering how many kids are in there). Really unique place to shop with very affordable prices.

Review №17

Love coming here to browse but always leave with lots of stuff.

Review №18

Great options! So many unique items.

Review №19

My Grandkids and I love five blow

Review №20

Good stuff cheap. A fun step up from a dollar store. My young teens love it. So does my wallet. 👍🏼

Review №21

Always the sweetest staff!! They are so kind. Always clean and organized. 🥰

Review №22

Had returns staff was very helpful and refunded money

Review №23

I love going here for Squashmellos. My girlfriend and I have started a collection. We love them lol

Review №24

Spent a little more money than I planned

Review №25

My grandson picked out so many cute and inexpensive things. Their return policy was easy peasy!

Review №26

The store was very clean & neat & they was nice to my sister & I when we couldnt find what we was looking for.

Review №27

Very clean and nice employees

Review №28

Awesome prices and this 5 amd below is much more spacious than the one in Kingsport, TN. Less of a stressful atmosphere.

Review №29

Huge store with great service and great products below $5.

Review №30

Good store, products were stocked reasonably, some things not available. Definitely check them out!

Review №31

Love this store! Many things to choose from plus its mainly 5$ or below especially their perfumes and,love,love these!😉

Review №32

Amazing deals on all your favorites.

Review №33

Great prices! Picked up several much needed items Ive been looking for. Friendly service.

Review №34

This is a wonderful store for bargain items for kids. Nothing to expensive. Nice bargains. If you are looking for prizes in a competition or games, this would be a wonderful place to check.

Review №35

Called once, was hung up on. Called again, said they couldnt hear me (I had just made phone calls to other stores and all could hear me fine). Another associated answers and when I ask if they have the product, instead of looking in the store he was standing in, said I dont know. Have you looked online? I was calling to see if that particular store had it in stock. He could have at least taken 2 minutes and looked. No problem, I will buy somewhere else.

Review №36

Some good stuff for 5 bucks

Review №37

Cheap and full of great gadgets

Review №38

Weird candy and toys. I love this place as much as my kids.

Review №39

Love this store. Prices range from $1 to $10.

Review №40

So much to choose from. Can enjoy all the unique merchandise. Employees soo helpful. Really enjoy going there

Review №41

Best place ever! Even on a budget

Review №42

Nice place to shop at. They have great things at that store

Review №43

Definitely my favorite store right now. Great gifts for all! Especially kids!

Review №44

Has a little bit of everything for 5 n below

Review №45

Good prices decent quality.

Review №46

Name speaks for itself. Tight budget no problem, like odds n ins they got them or just a fun inexpensive place let the kids learn how to manage 10 bucks

Review №47

Love this store. Cheap, with great items

Review №48

Pretty cute place, several great deals.

Review №49

Bristol store has a much larger variety of products.

Review №50

Enjoyed been there, the employees has nice.

Review №51

They have a lot of variety for $5 or below. Theres anything from toys that fly clothes all kinds of different things its unbelievable everything that they do have for that price. The store is laid out well so you can find things fairly easy. And the people are helpful if you asked

Review №52

So much stuff its hard to see it all in one trip! The place is literally packed with neat stuff everywhere you look. If you like sparkles and glitter oh, this is a great place for you. I have found gel pens phone chargers makeup facial cleansers tons of candy and many other good items in the store. Staff are friendly and helpful, and dont go out of their way to avoid you.

Review №53

My boys love it there . One is 4 the other 11 so it has a good variety of things for all ages.

Review №54

I used a basket and the cashier didnt take it and clean it! She told me to put it back by the door with the others! It just takes a few seconds to at least spray it down. I dont have covid but what if I did!

Review №55

Excellent place to buy great gifts at a reasonable price!

Review №56

I have been to three different five below store in three different states. This store is well organized and well stocked. I was looking for several items I had found on the stores website. The associates were all busy and could only point me in a general direction. I never did find the items I was looking for. If I was not looking for one thing I would probably come back to this store to wander around and look.

Review №57

Affordable. Always clean and neat. The employees are great. Friendly and helpful...

Review №58

I always find something I want

Review №59

Went there today, the cashier was really sweet and the store was clean and it was easy to find everything I needed :)

Review №60

Love this store! Wish we had one in our area. I have been to one in Jacksonville, Florida and Johnsonville, Tennessee and both had quite a varied inventory. Love the home decor and storage options available. Especially great for young people or the young at heart!The prices cant be beat!

Review №61

They have a lot more stuff now then before. Great place to shop for birthday, Christmas and other special occasions.

Review №62

Went to see if we could find some wedding items and thinking outside of the box we found some things that can be dual purpose. I love this store. And it makes decorating a new space fun...

Review №63

Love the unique stuff u can find

Review №64

So many great things for under $5! The kids love this store as well just as much. Tons of candy to pick from. Great service. Fun store.

Review №65

Love this place friendly and great crew members. Great place to go do some shopping for presents. You can find about anything you may need in there and more.💞💞💞💗💗💗🎁🎁🎁

Review №66

Always a cool place to shop

Review №67

Five Below in Johnson City is amazing! Great experience everytime. The shelves are always stocked and new items are always on display. This is a great store for any age but especially if you are looking for preteen or teen gifts!!

Review №68

The store was great like always but something I bought did not ring up for the correct price so I had to go back and wait in line to get it fixed. Besides that it was very clean and stocked well. They have got a lot of new stuff in witch is great.

Review №69

My only complaint is that 99% of the stuff in the store is $5 so theres not allot of stuff for the below part of $5Below.

Review №70

This store is fun for all ages.I always enjoy my visits.

Review №71

Love 5 below! So much to choose from. Coolstore.

Review №72

Okay place to shop for kid stuff and gift exchange stocking stuffer items. Most things seemed to be priced at $5. Not so much below. Well lit and clean.

Review №73

Five Below has so many items to choose from. They even have washable masks for very good prices.

Review №74

My wife and kids love that place

Review №75

Five below is my & my girls favorite store because if its 5&below prices on Bluetooth phone accessories, clothing items, beauty, bed, & fitness accessories everyone definitely uses but didnt know were so affordable! We love this store!

Review №76

Got good stuff for cheap

Review №77

Very friendly and helpful staff. lots of awesome deals. More advanced than the dollar stores, better products, better floor plans, plenty of room to actually look around not all bunched up and crowded like most discount stores are and very well organized

Review №78

The Johnson City tn store was great! I ordered stuff online for my girls, the clothes and slippers were too big. So I called to see if they had smaller ones in stock, they did! The exchange was quick and easy. They were friendly and helpful and greated everyone who came in the door. Ill definitely be getting more Christmas presents here.

Review №79

Very nice store. Wide range of items for a good price. Employees were friendly and helpful. Will definitely go back.

Review №80

Store was clean and organized. Good social distancing.

Review №81

Better than Wal-Mart when looking for a gift. Great store. Cant leave with just one thing. Fast service and friendly staff. Clean store.

Review №82

Their art supplies are suprisingly good for the price and decor is great for budgets

Review №83

I always find a good bargain and great prices.Theres a wide variety to choose from in anything from food, clothing, housewares to seasonal items.The associates are friendly and professional.

Review №84

Love this place! Staff are so friendly and helpful plus so many great things for under $5! Cant go wrong!

Review №85

First time visiting this store but was pretty cool. Everything is $5 or below. Great place for christmas shopping with different items for everyone. Very clean and organized.

Review №86

I’m the silly person that lived just a few miles from a 5below and I never went so when we moved I thought I missed out going in to shop... BUT we came across this 5below and I was amazed! I had so much fun shopping throughout the store! They had a great variety & selection. The store was comfortable to be in it and the staff were very nice and respectful even when a family of 9 kids came in (into which they ran amuck) but the staff seemed to handle it well! I guess my only “critiques” are I do wish the beauty had more brands of cosmetics to choose from as well the little tables that were to display/store items like leggings, etc were empty so I’m not sure if that’s an issue created by employees, an issue created by an increase of traffic volume, or if it’s a supplier issue. At any rate the staff that I seen while there were very young, however they were helpful and courtesy. This place is awesome and I’m exited to go back! You just can not beat a good bargain especially the bargains with good quality! Recommend!

Review №87

Awesome store. Lots of cool stuff. Great place to shop with kids young or older. Highly recommend!!

Review №88

Five below in Johnson city is easily our favorite store. They have an enormous selection and a very friendly staff. Despite having a huge variety of items, the store is incredibly easy to navigate and always kept tidy. My four year old loves it because they always have a ton of cool stuff for her age and interests, at a price i can usually get her something every time we go!

Review №89

Wonderful selection and a great price.

Review №90

As per usual atmosphere of the new Johnson City location exceeded that of Kingsports. Employees were very helpful And they have the widest variety of selection for under $5. Great experience!

Review №91

I love this place! Everything is $5 & below. Something for everyone.

Review №92

Love this store and the prices.

Review №93

Tons of candy. Tons of older products.

Review №94

Really clean and nice workers

Review №95

A smorgasbord of cheap items!

Review №96

Its a neat store with a good variety of stuff for good prices. They have lots of quick gift ideas as well. However, alot of the store shelves were empty. I am going to guess I just picked the wrong day to go. I will be back soon to get a few things for kids birthdays and of course the holidays.

Review №97

Salesmen were rude

Review №98

Loved the store had ever thing we was looking for

Review №99

Nice store! Lots of nice stuff cheap. Really impressed with their pet carriers for only 5.00.

Review №100

Very cool. Like a dollar store but I think almost better for certain stuff. I’m decorating a very certain style in a room at my home and I felt this was a good place to check out.

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  • Address:3211 Peoples St, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 423-283-0131
  • Candy store
  • Variety store
  • Fashion accessories store
  • Gift shop
  • Toy store
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–9PM
  • Thursday:10AM–7PM
  • Friday:10AM–9PM
  • Saturday:10AM–9PM
  • Sunday:10AM–9PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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