2116 N Roan St, Johnson City, TN 37601, United States
Review №1

I havent been in a books a million in over a decade as my local one closed as a kid so this was a nice surprise on a road trip. It was just as great as I remembered

Review №2

The vibe of this bookstore was awesome, and it has quickly become my favorite. It has everything you could ever want from B&N, but it doesnt feel as snooty. I also love that the in-store Cafe takes gift cards from the bookstore, unlike the Starbucks inside B&N. That always annoyed me.

Review №3

I bought a book today. Lots of sections and selections 😁 Great experience 🙂

Review №4

Staff is friendly, great selection. Honestly if you need to pick up a book, no reason not to check it out

Review №5

Don’t go late, last half hour focus is on cleaning and closing, not the customers. Went in at 8:35 pm and chairs already up for coffee area. Tried to call family outside for coffee order but could hardly hear due to the very noisy vacuum cleaner being used by the front cashier. Coffee barista took order and we paid and waited. But, a few minutes later we tried to order another coffee drink and register was closed out. Had to get front cashier off vacuum to ring it up; however, she forgot to tell barista so coffee wasn’t fixed. Eventually made. Drinks were good, front cashier pleasant. They sure were on time to make announcement and pull front register at 9:00:01. Must have planned to leave by 5 minutes after? Lesson: go early or go elsewhere.

Review №6

Great place friendly staff slightly overpriced Vareity great can find great gifts for everyone

Review №7

Awesome bookstore, reminds me of borders, great drinks at the cafe, huge selection of books and collectibles.

Review №8

The stores very nice have a great selection of books.

Review №9

Always a great selection. Friendly employees.

Review №10

The staff was SUPER nice and helped me find the item I was looking to buy. Wish I could have stayed longer but it was near closing time. Will definitely be back.

Review №11

Great coffee at Joe Muggs

Review №12

Love this place. Always friendly staff. Great place to find different things.

Review №13

Not cheap but the stuff is so cute, perfect for finding gifts for people! I always find something I want in this store.

Review №14

Daughter found the book she wanted. Very helpful staff

Review №15

Just dont EVER sign up for the three magazines for three months free trial. To cancel you have to go through a sadistic robo phone tree that goes on for all eternity. Dont believe that electronic lady; you are never almost there. To get a better idea of what Im talking about, read the Steven King short story The Jaunt.

Review №16

So much to choose from, and definitely a better selection then B&N. More welcoming as well.

Review №17

Great bookstore with a decent new book selection. Staff is always great

Review №18

Huge selection, extremely helpfull staff. We go nearly everyday, even if we dont buy anything. We just enjoy the store

Review №19

J found some awesome gifts here for my family....

Review №20

Tons of books as well as a few other items good place for bookworms!!

Review №21

Staff is very knowledgeable of their inventory

Review №22

Great selection and excellent bargain book section.

Review №23

They were close to closing but everyone was still very helpful and very cheerful.

Review №24

Got a copy of breakfast of champions by Kurt Vonnegut. Good deals. Friendly staff. :-)

Review №25

I would highly recommend this place, they have pretty good tea, The books are a bit costly, But they are new so that makes sense. The employees are very helpful and easy to talk to. My only complaint is that the CDs arent organized.They also have free wifi. Come here if you want to relax and do some work.

Review №26

This is a very nice book store with a wide variety of things to read. There should be something for everyone!

Review №27

Excellent Peppermint Mocha. Abby helped me make sure I had my BAM card I thought it had already expired! Wonderful customer service!

Review №28

My daughter and I love going in here! We can browse for waaaaaaaay too long! I like their selection of Christian items, like a mini Christian book store in there! :-)

Review №29

Went to get a 2020 calendar and they were all 50% off. Good selection left to choose from. Got a coffee while I was there, it was really good as always. Plenty of book and magazines to choose from for your reading enjoyment. Check it out if your in the market for a good book, quiet place, and great coffee drinks. You might find that its the missing place youve been looking for just to get away and enjoy!

Review №30

I can almost always find what Im looking for here and they have a great selection of kids books too! Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Review №31

Love this book store so many choices to choose from.

Review №32

Didnt have even one book on the subject I was looking to research. Not to say they didnt have anything but...

Review №33

Good customer service. Always have what I am looking for.

Review №34

Terrible. Like getting kicked in the teeth for simply trying to check out.

Review №35

Enjoyed every visit here. Also the book i purchased.Coffee is good.

Review №36

I love this store, theres a little something for everyone.

Review №37

Love the selection of books,

Review №38

Very nice visit, it was organized and staff was accommodating.

Review №39

They have everything that you could ever think of pretty affordable

Review №40

It was good. It took me a few minutes to find what I was looking for because they had moved stuff around. But it was good.

Review №41

Lovely staff and a cafe in the back. Very lax areas and you can sit and read

Review №42

Good store. Large amount of inventory. Employees knew the location of the items we were looking for.

Review №43

I usually buy books online because they are cheaper, but I decided to check out the 75% off overstock sale. I found books that i wanted to buy but just ended up waiting in a checkout line for 10 minutes without service. I ended up leaving the books behind, and I will continue to buy my books online.

Review №44

Somewhat overpriced but the people make up for it. Well stocked.

Review №45

My grandson just loves it there. We always find what he wants in toys. Great place.!

Review №46

I love this store. They have much more than just books. The prices are good and you can always find staff if assistance is needed.

Review №47

Always a great selection of books, and collectibles. Great experiences everytime I shop there!

Review №48

Great selection of books and other items. Everything from self-help to RPG gaming

Review №49

I dont usually go to B.A.M but when I do they almost always have what Im looking for.the staff are usually friendly and helpful.if youre looking for a particular book thats hard to find then I suggest B.A.M.

Review №50

Perfect place to let your mind wonder.

Review №51

I have no complaints. It has turned into more of a toy store since the last time Ive been, which has been some years, but I suppose that is how they are adapting in the age of Amazon.

Review №52

The staff is always friendly and helpful. Its clean and comfortable as a bookstore should be (bathrooms arent bad, as some competitors are just awful). The only reason Im doing 4 stars is because of their Pop Vinyl selection. My husband is really into them and their section is rather small, Ive been in other locations where the selection is twice or three times as large for stores of comparable size, it would be nice if they expanded that, but its really a small thing.

Review №53

I love this place. I usually buy used DVD,s here. Great prices.

Review №54

Very nice store

Review №55

Probably my favorite place to go, grab a coffee, and read a book or play a game! Their little in-store cafe has some of the best coffee Ive ever tasted! Highly recommend trying them out!

Review №56

Great selection, but the air felt very stuffy inside. It was too warm

Review №57

Love the book selection and the customer service. This place is very homely, a mix between barns & noble and a library. Although they recently changed their anime section and made it significantly smaller.

Review №58

Book as far as the eye can see

Review №59

Always friendly staff and amazing books

Review №60

Love BAM!!!! Highly recommended!! Great selection of books and reasonably!!!! Shop BAM!! Skip ol Amazon!

Review №61

I used to be able to walk in and find anything rather easily. On this trip the isles had no organization at all other than authors had most of their titles in one place, however authors were not in alphabetical order. I spend half an hour trying to figure out what kind of system they were using now and without asking for assistance it was impossible to navigate. Please reorganize.

Review №62

Great customer service.

Review №63

Had the book I was looking for online so I went in and it was even cheaper than advertised. I love all the bargains there too, I ended up buying more than the book I came in for. They also have used copies of some books and a great childrens selection.

Review №64

Books, books, everywhere so many books and so many options. I found a new series and was able to finish an old one. If you havent yet you should really start the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton. Shes a fantastic author and her books are addictive.

Review №65

Ill be honest with you, my daughter absolutely loves this place. However the reason I was here is because LifeWay stores closed and I was looking for a Bible. The selection was very good although Im a KJV fan and there werent very many of them to choose from. Service was good, no complaints on that, just didnt have a wide selection of what I was looking for. They were more than happy to order what I wanted but I wanted to be able to look at the Bible before I bought it.

Review №66

Big selection

Review №67

Great store, friendly staff, and very clean. Some items are a little pricey however theyre good quality items. Its 100% worth the money for items and time to explore the store. They have something for everyone!

Review №68

Good place.

Review №69

The best place ever

Review №70

My daughter loves this book store.

Review №71

Great staff, great selection. I purchased a book for my mother in law and they had it in stock and I also signed up for the books a million membership.

Review №72

Books A Million is a great place to go for new books. Not as expensive as Barnes and Noble and centrally located in Johnson City, Books A Million has a wide selection of not just books, but also CDs, DVDs, calendars, journals, and much much more. It has many different book series for kids and young teenagers at a reasonable price and if they don’t have it, they will order it for you. Marked with their 20+ year tenure at this location, they have an in store coffee shop as well, where you can have a small meeting place or just curl up with a book before you decide if you want to take it home with you or not. This bookstore put B and N to shame, because you don’t ya e to travel across town for quality!

Review №73

The girl working was very helpful to my son who was looking for a specific book. She took the time to try and find it in the store and even made a recommendation when they didnt have what he was looking for. Its unfortunately rare these days to find an employee that goes above the minimum requirements of their job and especially to help a kid.

Review №74

Staff was friendly and helpful. They helped me find books and made some great recommendations. The store was very clean and they have a wide selection of new and used books at awesome prices.

Review №75

I love the selection here and the starbucks. However the employees here are not friendly at to anybody I know. They treat us as if we are gonna rob the place or like we are beneath them. Yes I do have a few friends that are homeless, Some are just broke and struggling but not one of us comes in there with the intention of shoplifting. And I really dont appreciate being treated like a criminal

Review №76

Loved this place! Wish we had them in Ohio. Buy two get one free deals were great. Enjoyed some amazing clearance items. Coffee bar rocked. Grab your java and make it a day! You will want to linger.

Review №77

I love booksamillion, it always has something I find worth reading even if it wasnt the book i first went for. The employees are friendly and helpful, plus the store is always nice, clean, and well organized.

Review №78


Review №79

Sweet cashier & a amazing sale on books.

Review №80

Love how lively and kind the staff are. The store has a homey vibe to it and it never fails to keep you coming back. The books are actually affordable unlike some other places in town.

Review №81

Had everything I needed and I got a coffee in the same place will be going back!

Review №82

Great bookstore vibe

Review №83

The clerk was very helpful and friendly.

Review №84

We go to get frozen hot chocolate.....the guy didnt put whip cream on it or ask if we wanted it. We asked for cocoa powder to sprinkle on top that usually sits on bar for customers to use and only had cinnamon out that was a mess and hadnt been cleaned up. We asked for cocoa and he said they were out . Disappointing when you go for this special drink with the kiddos

Review №85

I absolutely love Books-A-Million. I could spend hours browsing the shelves. They have books that Im going to read to further my classical works education, as well as further my international relations/political science education.

Review №86

Went in to get a Christmas card at the time. It seemed the selection was very poor compared to in the past. However did pick up a small gift while waiting in line. So it evened out.I dont shop here much anymore. I used to be a poker player and there selection was great back in the day. Today it is weak. Same with computer books. So I order books thru Amazon.I dont frequent here much anymore.

Review №87

Awesome, tons of collectibles, pops, and of course about any book you can think of.

Review №88

They always have interesting things. I could spend hours lost here

Review №89

Very nice bookstore

Review №90

Excellent excellent excellent service I rate this it four stars for the fact of its authenticity when I say that I mean lack of its no longer a bookstore where you go to enjoy a good read or find a book you desire its a place that TV has directed you to go and all you find here is vampire diaries things of that nature or corporate push button books whatever happened to Dantes inferno and you know the Odyssey a good copy of the iliad or Bible thats not genre related become a thrift store for those who want to look sophisticated but I forgot how and what sophistication is

Review №91

Great inventory although I find the membership business model a bit odd.

Review №92

Nice selection with a helpful staff. I slayed the whole front end when some cracked out angry guy walked past the front of the building screaming loud enough we heard him through the windows say, yea i bet youre at f**kin target and I was like that gone be me if my wife dont get done at target soon and everyone died. It was a great experience. Love bam

Review №93

Great place, friendly staff.

Review №94

I love this book store. Its usually pretty quiet. Its got chairs and coffee and a huge selection of books. The nerdy/trendy paraphernalia also sings to my nerdy/trendy soul. Pusheen, Star Wars, Dr. Who - whatever is popular and quaint - they have the t-shirts, mugs, and plush toys to amuse and delight.My only complaint - the chairs arent really super comfortable and the atmosphere looks like a mega box store (which, to be fair, it is.)

Review №95

Had an issue with making a return. Staff went above and beyond to help with the return and with finding specific items.

Review №96

Love hanging out in this place!

Review №97

Was trying to locate a item, without luck I did happen to see a lady walking by and ask her if I could ask her a question, she stops and you can clearly tell she was not happy to do so, she huffs and says quickly Im on the phone, NO thank you I said as she gets another employee to help me(was ok to make him stop doing what he was working on!) So Scott thank you for your help! I will NOT be returning to this location again!

Review №98

Good shopping experience and I found the book I was looking for even though it was not something main stream.

Review №99

Need a good book to read this is the place...

Review №100

A very organized and welcoming store from the first moment you walk in! They have a good selection of books and gifts. Staff is helpful.

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