14250 Culver Drive Suite #E, Irvine, CA 92604, United States
Review №1

You want some Fancy Boba options or Ethiopian coffee or express bar? This is the place to be!!! Its quite good! I give it 5 out of 5!

Review №2

This is my third time going and this time I had to bring some friends with me because I couldn’t stop talking about it! They all tried it and loved it!! One of my friends finished her drinks in like 5 minutes!! I recommend the Phoenix milk tea with boba!! Will be going back but the line gets really long so you should head there early!!

Review №3

Fantastic milk tea. The Rising Phoenix with boba was delicious. Just be prepared for a long line and likely a 15-30 minute wait.

Review №4

First time trying Orobae, this place surprised me with their drinks and outstanding customer service. Typically, I get a Thai tea but unfortunately they were out. The cashier assisted me in finding a drink that’s similar in sweetness like Thai tea which rarely happens at boba places and I’ve been to many. On top of that once I got my drink the server asked me to try the tea just to make sure I liked my new drink selection. Definitely coming back!

Review №5

Amazing boba place. Line was pretty long but was expecting that. They do have a recommendation drink so definitely ask them about that. Forget the name.

Review №6

Started with a curiosity on how a place could have such a huge line even on a Tuesday afternoon, and now I understand. This place is amazing, the staff is incredibly friendly and personable and the TEA!!! You can taste the difference between the generic scrub tier milk tea that taste the same everywhere and Orobae tea. Every sip you can taste the beautiful harmony between the tea leaves and the sweetness. Like a graceful dance between lovers where the ballroom is your mouth. It’s honestly hard to describe, just go there yourself and try the majesty that is this place.

Review №7

Is the line worth it? 30 mins wait but once ordered its quick for your drinks to come out. My drink was too sweet but that was my fault... Id definitely recommend 3 and under for sweetness if you dont like it sweet likt that. Regular ice is not much ice in there. Consider extra ice if its hot out. Overall, very great strong tea favor. Not like those other places thats watered down or extra milk in there

Review №8

PogRising Phoenix Oolong Milk Tea with BOBA sweetness 2

Review №9

Their service is really great, if youre a 1st time customer, they will ask you to try the drink and will adjust it if you dont like the way it was. The drinks are amazing, you can choose sugar levels 1-5, ice levels, the tea is very tasty. This is the tea shop I enjoy the most tea favors. The line kind of long because it worth it.

Review №10

Exceptional customer service! Staff was so knowledgeable and had great suggestions! They added more sweetness to my drink after I tasted it, gladly with no problem. We waited 30 minutes in line but it is so worth the great tasting drinks and very nice staff!

Review №11

Ive been here a couple of times and the drinks here are really good!! Like the rising Phoenix one and a couple of others as well. The staffs here are really nice and answers any questions you have. Due to COVID you have to wait outside but the drinks come out quickly.

Review №12

New to this place but quite a discovery! Best thing is that the milk teas are not overly sweet and definitely focused on TEA. Rising Phoenix definitely my favorite.

Review №13

Very impressed by the customer service. Ordered the Rising Phoenix Oolong Milk Tea and the manager ensured the drink was to my liking before I left.Perfect tea!

Review №14

The new Rising Phoenix Oolong tea has a very distinct taste that is a perfect mixture of milk and oolong. Customer service is very prompt and friendly, even going out of their way to check for our enjoyment when we receive the tea.The line always seems long but did not take much time to get to ordering. Its definitely worth the wait.

Review №15

Its taken me this long to see what this Boba tea thing is all about. The lines outside these tea shops are ALWAYS long. I had to know what I was missing. I could use some special powers.It was open-space ordering outdoors with plexiglass dividers and thorough disinfecting between each guest. There was about 5 people in front of me, so I was able to listen to what others were ordering (even with the 6ft gaps between each person) I wasnt able to hear any one specific favorite. Everyone ordered a good variety of what was on the menu, so that gave me the indication that everything was good. The line moved quickly. The menu was easy to understand as far as the different varieties of tea available. From the sweetness level to the ice level and the different flavor beads, but I remained undecided.I had overheard the gentleman behind the plexiglass deliver the news that they were out of the tapioca beads and did so with such professionalism. Rather than it coming off as bad news, he made a suggestion as to what other flavor would be great in its place.One after the other, this guy showed genuine hospitality to every guest. Ive done the whole restaurant thing, and there is a real difference between friendly (fake) and genuine. Its like the customer service phone voice that gets raised up about 3 pitches. everyone.By the time I made it to the front, they had been closed for almost an hour, yet never made an annoying announcement or cut off the line. I was really impressed by that. I was now seeing the face behind the voice I had been hearing. I peer in to the shop and notice the staff working like a well-oiled machine. When I stated that I was new to the whole boba concept, and needed some direction, there was real passion in his response. The level of product based knowledge was high as he shared a bit of background behind the tea itself. I requested his recommendation on what to order within the milk tea category. Having a preference toward more oaky notes, I ended up with the Roasted Oolong with coffee beads and the Pineapple Slush. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they do not accept cash at this time in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID. I applaud that.One can CLEARLY see that this place has a service standard that I truly wish everyone had. I was treated like family, despite being the only white girl in line. I was embraced and welcomed. Most businesses see dollar signs. This place simply wants to share the product they are proud of, and get paid too, of course.This wound up being much longer than I had planned. Wow.Thank you for such a pleasant experience! I will return.

Review №16

The most amazing boba place! The owner and everyone that works there are so nice! Always has a line though.

Review №17

This place is always crowded but their tea is mediocre. I am not sure what’s the hype here?

Review №18

Owner (Ken) makes the experience. The staff is extremely nice and knowledgeable about the menu. They seem very passionate about the business and Im always impressed with whatever tea I get. Other tea places it seems like normal boba shops, but this place is different. Try it out if you get a chance. Its pretty crowded most of the times I went, but it goes by quickly. :)

Review №19

Best tea Ive ever had you can feel the tea aromatically expand through your entire mouth. I took the picture a little late

Review №20

Their green milk tea is delicious! I can see why their is a big line. They also make you taste test before you pick up to make sure everything is up to your standards!

Review №21

We got boba square before we came here because boba squares bubble tea was so disappointing that we had to throw them away and get new ones.We got their Phoenix oolong milk tea and Assam milk tea both with boba. THEY WERE SO GOOD!!! The tea flavor was strong and fresh and the milk and tea ratio was perfect! The barista made sure we tried it before we leave so if it wasnt what we wanted, he could fix it for us. But honestly, it was perfect and we loved it! 10/10 would recommend!

Review №22

Excellent coffee. Cant wait to try their milk tea!

Review №23

Rising Phoenix milk tea with boba half ice sweetness level 2. Awesome 😎

Review №24

Amazing drinks and the boba is always hot and fresh. The staff are super friendly and always ensure the drinks are perfect. The only reason I gave the place 4 stars is because they are way understaffed. The line is always ridiculously long (for good reason… the drinks are better than anywhere else nearby) and they could probably do with 1-2 additional people taking orders.

Review №25

Asian men with black-rimmed glasses have a poor service attitude! I want to complain to him. We hope we can reconcile the disputes in the line in private, but this server wants us to fight and shouts loudly. He is an incompetent Server. If I were the boss, I must fire him and teach him how to be a man. How to respect guests

Review №26

Ive been here multiple times now, and loved it! If you like a tea-heavy flavor, this is a great place! Although they tend to have a long line, I think its worth the wait and the line usually moves pretty quickly. The owner is also well known for making sure that the drink tastes to your liking! I usually get the Rising Phoenix Milk Tea and the Gyokuro Green Milk Tea, and both are great drinks :)

Review №27

Frist time here when i searching on google maps.i liked a services of staffs here. Especially a guy in front of the store,he welcomed me very warmly and asked in great detail about the drinks i ordered.but the quality of the drink is just average.

Review №28

I had the buddha oolong milk tea boba. Its pretty authentic actually. The price is just too noble though.

Review №29

The waiting line on Friday night was terrible and there were even quarrels. The milk tea taste is not strong enough, with a sour taste. I dont know if the milk tea material was Spoiled. This experience was terrible, anyway, I am gonna not get back again. Very disappointed

Review №30

Quite possibly one of the best bubble tea places. Actually, this place transcends bubble tea. While most other places have teas that taste like nothing more than sugar water, this place takes their teas can actually TASTE the tea. With knowledgeable and friendly staff, you can learn more about their teas and their process. I highly recommend this gem. There is usually a line but dont let that deter you, it is worth the wait!

Review №31

This place is AMAZING!! The staff are very kind and helpful and the tea is fresh and tastes magnificent! We can change it whenever we want and if we are trying a new tea, they say to wait and see if it’s perfect! It’s a little pricey, but its totally worth it! I highly recommend.

Review №32

Great service. Have come here twice and each time, the person handing drinks to each customer asked if they are willing to taste it to ensure they were satisfied with their order. I was given a warning that the full sweet Thai tea is actually really sweet. The person that handled my drink ensured me they would be willing to make it less sweet if needed. Its the small things that make a good experience become a great one.

Review №33

Ordered the Mango Alisen Oolong with boba and the Gyokuro Green Milk Tea. My son loves the Mango tea, and the green milk tea is normal.

Review №34

Truly No-fail ! Hard to give 5 considering their reputation and wait time... hmmm

Review №35

I like that you can really taste the tea in their milk tea. The boba is also good! Definitely recommend!

Review №36

If youre all about the tea, then give orobae a try.the workers ate knowledgeable, and the line moves at a steady clip while upholding their quality standards. Your only regret is that you cant try all the drinks during one trip.

Review №37

Finally tried this place and it did not disappoint! Exceptional customer service and if it’s your first time there, they encourage you to try what you ordered before you leave, to make sure it’s to your satisfaction. I had Rising Phoenix, level 2 sweetness, regular ice, large size. It’s not often that I get impressed with milk tea (either tea is too sugary or too milky or bitterly strong etc.) but Orobae hits the right spot. My first sip and the flavor and aroma of Oolong hit my senses right way. Subtle, smooth and textured in flavor, just the way I like it. I went around 3:30PM on a weekday and there was already a line. Worth the wait though.

Review №38

The rising phoenix is so good!! By far the best milk tea Ive had and the workers are very kind. 10/10

Review №39

Super kind and engaging staff with great drink quality. A bit overpriced for the portions they give but the drinks are good enough that i keep coming back.

Review №40

Probably the best tea spot in Irvine hands down.

Review №41

I was asked to taste a drink. It was not quite sweet enough. They instead making a new one by remaking a new drink. I felt a bit uncomfortable, however I got a drink to my satisfaction.

Review №42

I like the fact that you get to choose your sugar level... the Thai tea was perfect

Review №43

Really high quality tea and boba, the owner couple has lots of knowledge about their tea and are very welcoming. My favorite is the Rising Phoenix milk tea, it tastes really similar to the the milk tea in Chun shui tang in Taichung, who is the OG of boba tea. This will be our go to boba place in Irvine.

Review №44

Outstanding customer service - love it, and will go again!

Review №45

My favorite Boba place. The cashier gave me an insane sales pitch.

Review №46

It is the best boba place ever recommend imperial tai tea.

Review №47

This place is hands down the most authentic for the depth in flavor of milk bubble tea! I cant get over the taste! I recommend the Roasted Oolong or Rising Phoenix at half sweetness.Customer service is phenomenal, Covid procedures being taken, lineups can take up to 10 mins but totally worth the wait 👌🏼

Review №48

If you ask for a recommendation they do a great job of walking you through the explanations of their teas.

Review №49

Best milk tea anywhere (judging off of rising phoenix and black jade). The line is always long so be prepared for a wait. Its also definitely on the pricey side.

Review №50

Excellent customer service and the Phoenix rising oolong milk tea is so good. It’s definitely worth the wait and the price is also reasonable. Love 🥰

Review №51

Phoenix tea here is amazing. The owner is rrally knowledgeable about the different items on his menu. The wait may look long, but it goes by fast. Highly recommend checking this spot out

Review №52

Great boba place. Very reasonable pricing and highly recommend rising phenoix oolong milk tea. Fantastic!

Review №53

This was my unsweetened rising phoenix. I was really surprised he how strong the tea was and will definitely be coming back to try their osmanthus oolong and other teas sans milk. Im truthfully not a boba fan but tried some of my boyfriends and found it to be the best boba Ive had. ⠀⠀My boyfriend had his at half sweetened but I still felt it was pretty sweet for me. I also bought their gyokuro milk tea to save for tomorrow, but Im pretty excited for it. Customer service was amazing and tea was great!

Review №54

Has been great like always!

Review №55

Excellent service and high quality milk tea.

Review №56

Their Rising Phoenix Oolonge tea is really good. Try it with level 4 sweetness. It is perfect. You can taste different levels flavors in every sip

Review №57

Wow wow wow. The depth of the flavor of the tea, especially the oolong tea is just exceptional. Can’t praise the quality of the drinks enough!

Review №58

Great tea with great customer service

Review №59

Outdoor ordering and pick up setting for covid pandemic. line was super long even before the shop opened. also they didn’t have the rising phoenix which was a bummer. they said because the shipment of leaves they got from taiwan “didn’t meet their quality requirements.” still sad but overall the tea was good and bobas tasty.

Review №60

Has an authentic taste. High quality compared to other local milk tea shops. Very Good, Very Delicious.

Review №61

Yum! My favorite is Rising Phoenix with boba. I usually get level 2 sweetness on a scale of 1-5 and that is good enough for me. The bobas are soft & chewy with the perfect sweetness. You can really taste a great tea flavor in their Rising Phoenix - not just milk & sugar in many other boba places that you cant even taste the tea most of the time. Orobae is probably my favorite boba place in Irvine.

Review №62

When I went, the lines were really long, so we were super excited. Turns out, it was way over hyped. The tea flavor was so weak, and everything tasted watery. Boba was chewy and nice hence the two stars, but it wasnt anything special compared to any other shop.

Review №63

Awesome tea with awesome service. No joke, they will happily redo your drink to your satisfaction.

Review №64

Always a great place to get fantastic drinks. During these pandemic times just have your drinks in mind so you can order quickly and the lines will be faster. Its only those who wait till the last minute to decide what to drink that makes the wait longer.

Review №65

Tbh the customer service is 5 star but the flavor is definitely over rated... a bit disappointed. Boba is not chewy enough either.

Review №66

Legitimately the customer service with the best tea I have ever ordered from anywhere forever. 17 stars.

Review №67

Great tea drinks

Review №68

The taste of the tea is very deep.

Review №69

Having been here multiple times since they first opened, I can confidently say that this is among the best boba shops in Irvine. Sometimes theres a bit of a wait, but its nothing too long. Staff are also extremely friendly, and really go out of their way to ensure that you are satisfied with your experience. Ordering experiences pre-pandemic and during the pandemic have also been great.The drinks here have never let me down. High-quality tea paired up with boba pearls with amazing texture and flavor justify the price, no matter which drink Ive ordered.

Review №70

YOOOOOOOOO. So I finally got to try some of this on a lucky day FIRST TIME EVER! Yes, there is always a line, but there are days when you can get lucky with no line! I got the rising phoenix oolong milk tea, half ice, #4 sweetness and it was perrrrrfect! I love their motto about making adjustments to your drink! I also got a thai tea which was amazing! They freshly brew your drinks and the flavor is amazing! I love the no ice option too! The two at the front were super amazing too! I think one was the owner? Definitely going back for more!!

Review №71

Top 3 boba milk tea at Irvine.Recommended.

Review №72

Best boba i’ve ever had! definitely pricey, but totally worth every penny. the tea is very good quality and the tapioca is very soft and chewy. also, the service is great! staff is very helpful and friendly. can’t wait to go back!

Review №73

The owner is really into his tea. Its fun to hear him talk about his teas and how he gets all of it and how he then breaks down the tea to do his brewing. Some of the teas he stops serving until he gets the flavor he is looking for just right.

Review №74

Yummy boba. Always a line, come early before lunch time and opening time. The owners and workers spray down before entering the store and check temperatures, good on the owners and the workers diligence. Always get their phoenix milk tea with boba half sweet. Worth waiting for and trying other flavors too.

Review №75

Warm Green Tea with tapioca, Nice!!!!!! Great customer service, polite employees..

Review №76

Met the owner, Ken, and the guys super passionate milk tea and also super friendly! Gave me great suggestions on what I should get and to say the least it was great! You really get to taste the depth of the teas! Will definitely come back!

Review №77

The Raising Phoenix Oolong tea is the best. Great tea and boba is always perfect, not too hard, not too soft. I like how their quality is very consistent! I have to ask for less ice at almost every other boba places, but Orobaes normal ice level is just right. If you ask for less ice, your drink might be a little warmer than you expect.

Review №78

Line can be kinda long, but so worth the wait. The staff are all so nice, especially the owner.

Review №79

Good drinks and excellent customer service. Little bit on the pricey side.

Review №80

The texture of the boba is on point; definitely the best I’ve had in Irvine. Tea is authentic and flavorful. Only complaint is the high price point. I got a large drink with boba and the total was close to $7, which is a lot. I can’t say I’ll go back all the time, but I’m glad to have found a place with the perfect boba texture.

Review №81

Always worth the wait! Best tea around

Review №82

Probably the best tea in the area. As a lay person, it feels like each of their teas is more dynamic than the offerings at the typical boba shop. The defining feature here is the ability of the person handling the orders to describe and explain all the different flavors on offer. That level of service makes it feel like a premium experience. Echos of Portland in the food culture here. The boba is fresh to the point of being warm. Not overly sweet though. Its a bit more pricey than the typical boba shop but it feels like youre getting that proportionate premium experience.Biggest downsides would be the reliable line. They work through it pretty quickly but there is a wait. Its also important to dial in your sweetness. Fortunately theyre generous about reworking the drink i you dont like it. Rising pheonix is great. The Honey Gyuro is my current jam. Red jade is a bit more subtle than Omomos offering and I prefer this version.

Review №83

Fantastic service and the tea is good too!

Review №84

Really good tea. They import their tea from Taiwan and you can tell the quality of their tea is really high. Boba is just the right amount of chewiness and softness. Definitely worth the wait since there is always a line.

Review №85

Always a long line but the drinks are good. Wish they would fix their drink carrier, doesnt seem to fit very well.

Review №86

HIGH QUALITY tea masterfully crafted and very reasonably priced. Owner has a great taste for interior design and most importantly the drinks. Highly recommended!

Review №87

Excellent staff and delicious, high quality tea. It never disappoints!

Review №88

Great tea. Girl who took my order really pin pointed my craving when I asked here what was good.

Review №89

Loved their milk tea

Review №90

The pork cutlet bowl is not freshly made. I can taste the difference. And they gave me miso soup instead udon, which I ordered. Not the beat experience.

Review №91

Amazing and amazing.

Review №92

All I know is that Bella Arellano is a fantastic employee. 5 stars for her excellent service and for the drinks

Review №93

One of the best boba places Ive been to. Rising Phoenix is my favorite

Review №94

Best roasted oolong milk tea Ive ever had. Their milk teas taste very high quality in general. The Boba is also sweet, but not too sweet and texture is perfectly chewy. They do take a while to make the drinks so be prepared to wait 20+ mins after you order.

Review №95

Rising phoenix milk tea is my favorite tea, hands down. This is the only tea place I go to on a regular basis.

Review №96

Simply one of the best tasting and most authentic tea houses in OC, hands down. On par with Soma.

Review №97

Exceptional quality in every cup. truly lives up to the name.

Review №98

There have been A LOT of boba places opening in Irvine lately but, this place excels when it comes to the strength of the tea used. They brew the tea fresh for each cup which helps with the quality of the tea. Their rising Phoenix (oolong milk tea) and gyokuro Green milk tea are amazing. I went with a 3/5 sweetness for both. I take my drinks on the less sweet side so if you like it more sweet definitely go with a full sweet drink.

Review №99

The best tea with the best service!!!

Review №100

One of the best Taiwanese speciality tea place in OC!

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  • Takeout:Yes
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  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
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