2605 Naples Ave SW, Iowa City, IA 52240, United States
Review №1

Always a great experience. Generally impressed at the amount of stock available/willingness to get it in quickly. Easy to purchase custom products as well. The countertop was just purchased and new cupboard doors are on order currently!

Review №2

Placed a small pick-up order because Lowes was out of stock. It was my first time using order pick-up here and I dont think I will again. Poor signage, and the pick-up area is as far as possible from the main entrance (opposite corner at the back of the store). Not great for people like me who use order pick-up services due to mobility issues. It wouldve been less walking to just get what I needed from the aisle. On the plus side, the order was pulled quickly and the employee was nice.

Review №3

Prices are great, just be careful of quality. You get what you pay for. If you ask for help it is often very good. You must ask, though, nobody will ever approach you.

Review №4

They usually have what our family needs. Today it was a lawn mower, but sometimes its electrical or plumbing supplies or paint or plants. Decorations always have a nice selection to choose from for holidays.

Review №5

The thing I really like about Menards is on the majority of stuff that I purchase from them seems to have three price points. It seems that when I am looking for something I can find a really inexpensive option that will get me by for the moment. I can also choose to get something a little better quality for a little more. Then there is what I call the commercial option. Meaning Im going to use it more and its needs to be quality. The employees are very knowledgeable and willing to help.

Review №6

Took awhile to find a person and product.When I did find a fella he was very knowledgeable.HATE THE 11% SCAM. If their going to give you a discount then do it instead of jumping through hoops to get Menards funny money.

Review №7

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! We bought supplies to build a privacy fence. After getting home and started building the fence, we realized the menards employee shorted us 100 pickets because he gave us a partial pallet thinking it was a full one. We later went back to the store and talked to the manager who then told us we were wrong and that they didn’t short us, even though we counted what we had and showed her our receipt showing how many we had originally purchased. She told us we were lying and that she didn’t believe we were shorted any pickets. She was very rude and terrible customer service. I will never be shopping here again if this is how customers are treated by a store manager!!

Review №8

Always one of the best places I like to shop when Im in town. Not only do they have great prices. They have many in store rebates going on all the time. Almost every time I go, Im getting something free. And you cant beat free. Hi, Im Dean with Reeves painting & maintenance. For over 20 years weve been Servicing the community with Menards materials. We give Menards five stars. Theyve been a 100% satisfaction for us. Especially on there 11% off in store rebates. So go check them out for your next project or just your everyday needs. From house cleaning supplies to everything you need for building your next home. Theyve got it all.

Review №9

Walked inside the store with no mask on for nearly 45 minutes. Made it to the checkout line to pay for our items and leave. Was told I had to pay for a mask or they wouldnt sell me anything. Sounds good. We have a $80,000 home improvement project going on and would be happy to spend it elsewhere. Iowa is an open state with no mask mandate. I will not darken the door to spend another dime at Menards.

Review №10

Welcome to Menards, where well give you 11% off if you save your receipt and send it via pony express to a PO box. Dont forget to include a long rebate form, 2 drops of crocodile blood, and a strand of hair from a coyote you find sitting in an oak tree.Seriously, its 2021. Either give a discount or dont. Dont play around with rebate games from the 1980s. We know you only do this because you know that most people dont send them in and therefore youre not actually giving a discount.John Menard is one of the greediest, anti-human, anti-environment men on the planet. Yes, please do your research and fact check me on that, you may be unpleasantly surprised. John, feel free to prove me wrong at any point. Cheers.

Review №11

The building materials so called manager Mike has very very poor customer service skills. He was very rude and disrespectful to my family and I. We bought a pole barn kit from there and they got the colors wrong but he tries everything in his power to make it our fault and not theres. He was very argumentative and did not even want to here what we had to say even though he was caught in his own lies. Menards in Iowa city used to be my favorite store but not any longer due to this act from the so called manager.if I could rate it a zero I would...

Review №12

If youre looking at their live flower selection, itd be definitely worth your time to leave Menards and continue down Hwy 1, towards Kalona. Maybe 10-15 minutes at most, but if you stop at the Amish family business on the left hand side, you can literally spend almost 2/3s less! Both places have the same exact Proven Winners brand, but the 49.99 baskets at Menards cost only 18 at Hwy 1 Discounts!

Review №13

Dont believe the web site. Just because the web site says they have a item in stock but in reality they dont. Happened to us twice.

Review №14

Dear Google, thanks for asking me how Menards was. I took it out to dinner. We shared some laughs but overall it seemed a little melancholy and didnt say much. Chin up, Menards. Itll be ok.

Review №15

Great store when I know what I need and they carry it. Favorite department is their lumber yard. However, customer service is a little hit or miss. Some employees are very helpful and knowledgeable, while others... not so much.

Review №16

Menards is an amazing place! If you need something, they got it... stuff you didnt know you needed when you went in... they got it! Either way... you arent leaving empty handed.

Review №17

I honestly dont know why we keep going back to this menards....might need to change locations and see if there is a better store near us. I remember when the employees used to know thier jobs and used to be helpful and treat customers with respect. The store manager Amanda has been helpful and respectful and has always tried to make things right for that we are thankful for. Today we bought a bundle of lumber and the kid they had load it for us admitted he has never loaded anything on to a trailer. He gouged a piece of the trailer wood and loosened 2 of the floor boards on the trailer. Amanda the store manager called someone to come up with a forklift and move the stack of wood so she could take pictures of the damage and send it in to thier insurance. They really need to hire people with skills and knowledge and not just anyone.

Review №18

A good clean store. Good prices with a good selection to get exactly what you need. The employees are the only disappointment. They seem like just robots stocking shelves.

Review №19

The idea that this store and the employees are “dedicated to service and qualify “ is a complete joke. The only thing they are dedicated to is selling low quality power tools, crooked and twisted lumber, and other misc junk for 11% back, by rude, unhelpful, and lazy employees. There is a reason Lowe’s is always full. For me personally I am going to go the extra distance to go to Home Depot in Cedar Rapids. I would do just about anything to not go to this store again.

Review №20

Always a good experience over all. Handicap accessibility is good and theres always someone around thats happy to be helpful!

Review №21

I worked at Menards for 4 years, and it was a pretty good job. I worked with great people and I made a lot of friends, and I also learned a lot about Windows and Doors and building materials in general, that I then used to improve my home. They are a great source for random length yellow birch and Maple boards.

Review №22

My review is directly because of the department manager Beth in cabinets. Knowledgeable. Knew her product lines and computer design through and through. Helped make a frustrating anxiety inducing purchase totally pleasant. Menards Iowa City is lucky to have her.

Review №23

Super nice employees I called there before I made the trip 40 minutes from my house they had exactly what I wanted and took the time to look to make sure they had it. They also put a Hold sign and put it where I could find it. Great customer service BIG THANKS!!

Review №24

Needed a new bifold door. Color matched perfectly!

Review №25

Great prices on cheap equipment. But they also have great prices on quality equipment too. Over all great shopping experiences! Best selection in Iowa City!

Review №26

Pretty good store. They usually have most of what you need

Review №27

Id feel a lot better if they would cease making everyone hide their faces while shopping at this store. It is detrimental to society. It is time to end the mask requirement.

Review №28

Rude employees, rude customer service.Not a single employee said hello to my wife and me.Take your money elsewhere...

Review №29

Accidentally forgot my Mask. I was charged 44 Cents. They should give it as a courtesy when you shop for 100s of dollars. Menards should learn from Lowes, Target and Hyvee.

Review №30

Mask mandate needs to leave, but, love this place! Very helpful staff!

Review №31

Clean, neat store - super nice staff - well stocked store and great variety of merchandise

Review №32

Very rude service by a select few in the lumberyard others were good along with the people inside. Just happen to get the select few that are rude every time and we are over it!

Review №33

Lots of helpful cheerful employees.

Review №34

The children agree that the staff all seemed very rude. There was not much ease in getting assistance from the staff. The staff seemed to be very uninterested in the customers. Very unpleasant. The cashier was not very friendly. The whole experience was not one i want to experience anytime soon.

Review №35

Excellent service. Friendly employees. Quality products. Fair prices. What more can you ask ?

Review №36

Huge selection, relatively helpful staff. Seems to be easier to get help from people here than some of the other big box stores. Generally have everything you need.

Review №37

It was a pleasant trip to Menards. Help was right there when needed and employee took time without rushing. Overall great place to shop.

Review №38

Bought home equipments or tools here.And some other stuffs. 👍😊

Review №39

Very nice and professional

Review №40

Fully service of home improvement store.

Review №41

There is almost always something on sale that i didnt go there for, but im a sucker for a good deal

Review №42

Always have what I need at a fair price, and helpful staff. Covid rules there are excellent - and have been since before it was the normal thing to do - and I feel safe when shopping there

Review №43

We went to buy a build your own garage. The ad said it was this price in the ad. But when we went to order it the price was higher. I think we should of gotten it for the price of what the ad said. That is false advertising.

Review №44

Fast friendly help with excellent recommendations for installations. Also 11% weekly is awesome.

Review №45

It was an okay trip. There were a lot of associates around but none of them were really interacting with customers. I was looking for some specific things but didnt really feel as if I could ask them for help. I find more helpful service at other hardware stores.

Review №46

Absolutely loved Rachel very friendly did a great job already booked another appointment with her 100% will go back

Review №47

Staff helpful. Only found one item In stock, came home and ordered online.

Review №48

Good place to get everything u need for the job to get done

Review №49

Normally Menards is just above so-so. But today we visited the Cabinetry Center and spent time with Beth and I completely changed my mind. She worked our incomplete information and gave us a working estimate on our kitchen upgrade and sent us away with plenty to think about. She, and Menards for hiring her, changed my opinion completely! A+!

Review №50

Not one straight board, Nightmare if you need lumber. Even premium lumber Not so premium. Try home depot

Review №51

Had everything I needed. Never can find someone to help. Several employees walk by you and do not ask if they can get someone. Finally found a worker and he was great and helpful.

Review №52

Starting to get pricey anymore but still the best deal in town

Review №53

Great place! Wide variety of things for the home, store is well organized, staff is helpful and kind, prices are good. Their online pick up is straightforward as well (driver around to lumber yard).

Review №54

Check out was great, a cashier opened up a lane so I didnt have to wait. No one close by with out having to go searching to answer questions about storm doors so figured it out myself.

Review №55

Great place! Although abit strict with wearing mask😁

Review №56

Wont let you shop without masks. Walked out and went to Lowes and signed up for my Lowes card that gives a 5 % discount on EVERYTHING. Much better tha the mail in hassle at Menards. Menards too quality is trash compared to Lowes and HD.

Review №57

Well stocked. Friendly professional associates.

Review №58

Menards is awesome! I could probably be there for hours.

Review №59

Bad parking lot has recently been resurfaced but still has an extremely difficult entrance. Go past the first entrance towards the outside entrance and it is much easier. Some of the departments have people that have been working there a long time, know what theyre talking about and are very helpful. As usual at most Menards, you have to sort through a lot of lumber to find a few good pieces. Be sure to ask to have straps cut on bundles as they get quite upset if you do it yourself. This store recently had a major reset and now mimics the floor plan of a lot of the newer stores

Review №60

My advice dont buy anything from these big chain retailers they dont stand behind anything they sell anymore buy from a local shop that services and sells they can take care of you if it doesnt work when new not this have to deal with the manufacturer if they wont stand by its quality dont buy it

Review №61

Bought some wood and then had to go in the back of the store to pick it up in my car. Told by the entrance person who checked my order that I could find my items in bay 1 which was right around the corner. There is no bay 1 around the corner. Went all the way down to the last bay and asked an employee who said drive around the corner and your item will be up the stairs. Drove around the corner of building 23 i believe and went up the stairs. Looked for a good 10 minutes and finally found my item! Not a good experience!

Review №62

Great store with all of your hardware needs. Employees seem knowledgeable to help me find what I am looking for usually which is a plus. Drive in back lot is nice too.

Review №63

Ridiculous price for delivery in town. Saved lots of money getting a u-haul and doing it myself.

Review №64

Have always considered Menards my go to store.My husband used to call a trip to Menards our date.If you need it, Menards probably has it!

Review №65

This is a good place to find cheap tools, hardware, and assorted project materials, and they usually have much better lumber than Lowes. I was happy to see them improve/expand their store pickup options, but check EVERY SINGLE ITEM before you drive off unless you dont mind another trip there to fix it. Theyve gotten 2 of my last 5 pickup orders incorrect, so minus 2/5 stars. Lowes might try to give me a POS chunk of lumber more often than not, but at least they pick the right size/color of the items I ordered.

Review №66

My dad and I got a water tank and we took it out of the box with it broke. Dad called them and they went above and beyond having a guy drive it to us and even opened it to check and make sure it was not broke. I would say to shop there over other stores.

Review №67

Good place to go, if you need stuff for your home

Review №68

Nice store. More cashiers than most. Very clean.

Review №69

Just a quick trip for ice prob.

Review №70

I just want to put in an extremely good word for an employee that blessed me by his honesty. A few weeks back I was in the thick of moving, and had a lot on my mind… It wasn’t until I had drove 20 minutes home till I realized I had left my wallet, in my cart, in the parking lot. I quickly drove back to Menards hoping and praying that no one had found it. But when I got there my wallet was gone! I talked to a very kind and understanding lady at the returns counter and she radioed over to the checkouts… One of the employees had found it out in the cart while he was bringing carts in… It was returned to me without anything missing or tampered with! God bless that honest employee! I don’t think he’ll ever know how much stress he saved me in a stressful time in my life!

Review №71

Too many rules here. Over the top mask enforcement policy. A small demonstration of communism. Only 2 stars here. They used to be 5 star but sadly those days are gone.

Review №72

Clean, organized.

Review №73

Clean, organized & fair prices. Glad to see 11% off is every week now. Must wear masks to shop.

Review №74

Iowa city Menards workers dont help much. There are a few people that do help. No one in yard helps load.

Review №75

Always find what I need.

Review №76

Ordered shingles for the new porch. Paid the $115 delivery fee. We get it and the ridge cap was a different color. They sent them back and corrected it but wouldnt deliver. So we went to pick it up when it came in and they wouldnt release it because we didnt have a pick up number. After dealing with C.S. for 30 mins. and finally locating a manager we were finally able to get the pick up number we needed. Go to the door to pick it up and after over an hour they could only find half of it and had to reorder only to have to drive all the way back to pick up the other half. Wont be shopping here anymore!

Review №77

Excellent assistance!

Review №78

Great place to shop for house hold items

Review №79

Always some one there who can help. I found really nice cutting board oil here. Really happy

Review №80

Everyone was nice, courteous and had some great deals. Went there 3 times for different things and different stores.

Review №81

Great store to shop. Excellant staff

Review №82

Only place I saw that was price gouging beginning of covid-19 ridiculous not too mention the cheap cheap products they sell stay away from this red business!!

Review №83

Great place

Review №84

Great service and selection + prices👍👍👍

Review №85

Mask Nazis working the register, wouldnt ring me up because my mask wasnt over my nose.

Review №86

They have an order pending for us. The girls at the cash registers were very sweet and helpful to us.

Review №87

Its Menards, nothing special or different from any other store, though it is usually harder to find an employee on the floor that you can ask for help finding something, not a big deal though, everything is pretty well laid out and easy enough to find if you take some time. Other then that no complaints.

Review №88

Good place

Review №89

Great place! My husbands favorite store.

Review №90

Its Menards. Big box home improvement. Good deals. Frequent sales.

Review №91

Needed a electric cart, only one available was marked needs to charge.. had to go all over to find a hard to find item

Review №92

It is a Menards like all others, very big, well stocked, reasonably priced. Helpful associates also.

Review №93

It was just fine. Clean and people were very friendly.

Review №94

Mind blowing selection only rivaled by the traders of Catan

Review №95

I used to always be very impressed by this store. Went here a lot for years and they have a lot of great stuff. Very disappointed and upset about the ridiculous exclusion of kids from their store right now when they are the least vulnerable. I guess they dont care about losing business when people have to turn around and go home because of their made up rule that no expert ever recommended

Review №96

Had exactly what I was looking for and upon inquiring was pointed right to it.

Review №97

Got what we wanted, very little wait at check out!

Review №98

Turning into unpleasant place to visit and spend money. Menards use to be more professional. Now you walk in so call security sitting on the fence with headphones in his ears so unprofessional. Instead of greeting their customers (which they are your paycheck) you just walk buy not even hello instead you are hearing him rapping. Why Menards allow this kind of behavior? Beats me . Good thing theres Lowes, Home depot etc. Shame

Review №99

Its the grown mans candi store... I never seem to leave without spending atleast $100. They are pretty good there, very knowledgeable in plumbing department if you get the right guy.

Review №100

Always great

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  • Address:2605 Naples Ave SW, Iowa City, IA 52240, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 319-358-9708
  • Building materials store
  • Home improvement store
  • Building materials supplier
  • Hardware store
  • Lumber store
  • Plumbing supply store
  • Tool rental service
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–9PM
  • Thursday:6AM–9PM
  • Friday:8AM–8PM
  • Saturday:6AM–9PM
  • Sunday:6AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Assembly service:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
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