Smart & Final Extra!
6882 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, United States
Smart & Final Extra!
Review №1

Very nice and clean store, cleaned after every customer service at the cashier, also you can find anything you need

Review №2

They have everything here any other grocery store has. Prices are competitive, and the customer service is exceptional. Very much a neighborhood feel to this store.

Review №3

Trash can at the entrance is always overflowing and there’s almost never carts in the cart corral; they don’t take very good care of their front end. The cashier girls are very rude, along with Nic, the manager who isn’t very helpful or friendly. John and Marco are good cashiers though, but overall this is a S&F to skip over and I’ll be shopping at their other locations.

Review №4

Nice selection of fruits and vegetables. Priced right. Some times amazing specials on meat and name brand products.

Review №5

I always get tongue-tied and end up calling it Fart & Smile... its one of two neighborhood grocery stores; both of which are neck and neck when it comes to value and selection -- and helpful staff always ready to help one find what one needs. Best of all, its never too crowded. (Then again Im used to the crowded stores back in Los Angeles.)

Review №6

Best prices, quality food. I love every First Street product I buy.

Review №7

One of my favorite grocery stores!! Ilove their organic produce and i found my favorite frozen vegetables there last night!! They have a nice mix of regular brands and their own brands. Oh and i like their bins of nuts and seeds and stuff sold by the pound. I get my pine nuts there! I can get as little or as much as i need at one time. They also have nice grocery bags..they are big.

Review №8

Shelves were stocked.

Review №9

Not crowded. Fast friendly service

Review №10

It is clean and the people are friendly. When it comes to some of their food under First Street brand the flavor is bland, so I dont recommend it. Sometimes there produce is also over-ripe so cautious is advised. Other than that, the store is stocked with a good variety of items.

Review №11

Its been a while since I have been in this store. I see a lot has changed, not just because of the pandemic, items moved-not worried about that, BUT the cleanliness of the store and the kindness of the employees.The only thing that was different, the coolness of the store, it was a lot more warmer than normal.Thank you to all employees. Without the employees my family would not have this dinner tonight.THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU.

Review №12

Clean and well organized. Not crazy busy, which is nice.

Review №13

Good store, nice people.

Review №14

Nice and clean environment

Review №15

We love it here! Youre in; youre out. They observe COVID safety protocols, and the prices are low!

Review №16

Excellent selection of fruits and vegetables at very reasonable prices. Most of the stuff is fresh and sweet. Would highly recommend.

Review №17

This store is always so low on some many products and its always freezing in the store on goldenwest and edinger wont be back and lots of products are expired becareful to check the dates on everything you buy and prices are to high wont be back always disappointed at this store wont be back

Review №18

We love Smart and Final. We are a family of four and this place has good prices on bulk items.

Review №19

Worthwhile visiting this store. Will go back.

Review №20

Very good customer service very helpful. I gave Four Star because getting good, friendly employee to help. Hope it doesnt change.

Review №21

Very good

Review №22

We were very impressed with our recent visit to smart and final.We were expecting cleaning supplies and ladders but instead we found a clean and well kept grocery store. Plenty of bulk items including coffee by the pound. They have a wonderful produce section. Their freezer section carries anything and everything you might imagine. And the they have great deals on beer and alcohol.

Review №23

Grateful it is so close.

Review №24

Always a great selection and affordable prices. Service was fast and courteous!

Review №25

They are great for certain things. Went there for folded paper towels. They are doing a good job @ social distancing and disinfection.

Review №26

Terrible lines all the time! And their prices are not good especially having the grocery outlet and the 99 cent store around!

Review №27

Waaaaay too long lines continuing even after months intothe Covid 19 quarantine. They have no system to expedite lines or ADDING a 10 items or less checkstand! Customers do not want to wait 30 min for 2 items.

Review №28

Excellent had everything we needed

Review №29

I have been coming to Smart & Final for over two decades even though I have a club membership. There are times when I want to avoid the long lines of the warehouse stores and its convenient. Its like a grocery store but they have several bulk items. Youve got the best of both worlds.They dont replace the club stores but have a place when Im shopping. The people at my Smart & Final (HB)are courteous and helpful and usually open another register if the lines are longer. The isle are neat and they have a large selection. If youre doing a party or event they have all the condiments and other things you might need.Again they dont replace the club stores but are easy to get in and out of and there is no membership!

Review №30

This Smart & Final makes me batty. They do not keep their shelves or freezers stocked. If you ask an associate about something their answer is, Did you see it? No? Then were out of it Got no idea when or if it will come back. I depend on them to have what I need consistently. I usually drive out of my area to another S&F that is better stocked. I wish I had today.

Review №31

Smart and final always has the freshest produce, best selection of all types of food and the best prices! The roasted three lb. Chickens are the juiciest around. I am a good cook, but I cant even make them as well. 😁 Thanks smart and final!

Review №32

Fair prices, good prices on coffee which is what I went for.

Review №33

If you cant make it to Costco, Smart and Final is a close second.

Review №34

Employees are always friendly and helpful. There are good deals often, and the store is kept clean. Lots of product selection, too, and I enjoy getting a mix of bulk products as well as non-bulk. Great store!

Review №35

Great, for what I needed.

Review №36

Produce looks good. The freezers and shelves well stocked. The workers are friendly. Meat looks good as well. Bulk sizes if you need them throughout the store

Review №37

Unfortunately in this store, there are very rude cashiers who give bad service to the client who haunted your products. The cashier called Mariana is a lady with a bad way to attend the client. Her name is Mariana. Very bad service.

Review №38

It is a great store I always get a case of Rockstar here. Always in stock. Nice helpful associates I enjoy going down every isle to see if anything is new . Great packaged meat selection. Also for the hard to find corned beef brisket they have it!

Review №39

Smart & Final is an awesome place to shop

Review №40

This place is awesome! I do 90% of my shopping here except for some specialty items. All of their personnel are extremely friendly and helpful.

Review №41

Nice S&F, but I wish there were some smaller amounts like shredded iceberg lettuce. Only available in a very large bag. Cream cheese not available with onions and chives? Not very much in frozen food cases for vegetarians, other than frozen vegetables. Morningside farms products very limited. No soy sausage patties, and you should carry the family size as it us the best priced in other stores. No cheese taquitos and other frozen no meat items. I usually only go to S&F because you swish cheese is awesome.

Review №42

Great service and good prices.

Review №43

Clean, well stocked, and prices are good.

Review №44

Always a super friendly staff!! Sometimes the customers are incapable of putting their own carts away, which is inconsiderate...but thats true of any grocery store. The staff are always willing to help find stuff or place custom orders. We love this place!

Review №45

Always very clean and great prices on hard-to-find items. Fast and friendly check out. Yeah

Review №46

Unfriendly cashiers although its easy in and out.

Review №47

Clean store. Very fresh fruits and vegetables. Love the stores brand.

Review №48

Great place for meat deals. The pricing and quality is good and they have a good selection of items that any family can use.

Review №49

Lots of parking. Easy access. Nice big store

Review №50

Womens bathroom was filthy...nasty. If this is the level of cleanliness what is it like where food is prepared??? Checker was but not well trained...sad to see her struggle. Prices seem to be getting higher every month...hard to justify this store instead of Costco.

Review №51

Always find what im looking for here. Great location and the entire family can pick out anything they are looking for.

Review №52

Huge money savings and it’s all that I need! I wish they had more convenient location to come, but it’s still a great place and no crazyness like in Costco!

Review №53

The staff is very helpful. The process ate good and NO LONG LINES!

Review №54

Always such friendly and helpful service. Great prices.

Review №55

Great Company, Great Team Members, always enjoy my shopping experience at any of your many stores.RM

Review №56

Their prices are ridiculous .Went there for bulk items, none in the bend. Wanted to buy deli cold cuts, the refrigerated display was at room temperature. Im surprised the health department hasnt shut them down.

Review №57

Has good savings and weekly specials. Best prices ive seen on meats, dry goods such as flower seeds and rice, and pre packaged foods. Clean store and helpfull staff as well

Review №58

In the month of July you can get the best apricot there.

Review №59

Store is clean & well stocked. Good prices. Huge produce section.

Review №60

When they asked about it I wrongly pressed havent been there and I had been there and its a nice place yes clean and organized works for quick shopping not the vegetables though but its really good

Review №61

Fast check out.

Review №62

They are relentlessly helpful and when I was stuck in a wheelchair they helped me through the store to get food I could cook easily. Plus, they carry Peerless coffee (go Oakland!)I prefer this store to VOns/CVS/Ralphs/Albertsons by far.

Review №63

Staff is very helpful. Clean store inside and out plenty of checkouts open

Review №64

Everything I need and then some

Review №65

Good selection, everything in stock and friendly employees who know where items are.

Review №66

Awesome place...friendly customer service and since my husbands works in that area...I can shop while he works! 🤗🤗🤗🤗😘👌

Review №67

Convenient, good produce, and love their large juicy rotisserie chickens!

Review №68

Great selection and price

Review №69

Not always the highest quality, but cant argue the good prices.

Review №70

Good place to shop for all your needs

Review №71

Always like Smart and Final when we come to CA...we have moved out of stores in Utah :(

Review №72

Good deals 👍

Review №73

Good selection, more than a regular S&F.

Review №74

Your now $1 more on 6 ideas I buy from you. Ralphs is cheaper. Ive been going to your store for years. Sorry no more

Review №75

Quick and easy

Review №76

I always find good buys in this clean and bright store, which never seems to be very crowded.

Review №77

Found everything I needed.No hassles.

Review №78

Great service and baked chicken was delicious

Review №79

Great place to shop

Review №80

Friendly service, and some good savings.

Review №81

Its convenient sometimes

Review №82

Show up early for specials, since they do tend to run out.

Review №83

Great cusromer service...

Review №84

Good neighborhood grocery store.

Review №85

Great place for bulk shopping

Review №86

Clean, stocked, variety, in & out fast.

Review №87

All brands you are looking for mostly available.Brands b

Review №88

Its smart & final.

Review №89

The produce is amazing!!!

Review №90

Cashier was falling asleepOtherwise ok😕

Review №91

When you dont want to go to Costco.

Review №92

Clean, friendly. Less than a half- mile

Review №93

Horrible employees

Review №94

Quality food at low low prices!

Review №95

Quick in and out.

Review №96

Good price for groceries

Review №97

Just another overpriced grocery store.

Review №98

Great store

Review №99

Not crowded as the others

Review №100

Love the place

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:6882 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 714-842-4637
  • Grocery store
  • Discount supermarket
  • Grocery delivery service
  • Produce market
  • Supermarket
  • Warehouse store
  • Wholesale grocer
  • Wholesaler
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–10PM
  • Thursday:6AM–10PM
  • Friday:6AM–10PM
  • Saturday:6AM–10PM
  • Sunday:6AM–10PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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