Caffi Brothers Body Shop
500 S Dixie Hwy, Hollywood, FL 33020, United States
Caffi Brothers Body Shop
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Amazing work done to my vehicle! had a scuff on the right side of the bumper, my car is colored white and the scuff was a brownish color. After taking it to Caffis brothers body shop, they did such a wonderful job, you cannot even tell that the car was ever hit. Completely satisfied with their service and beyond happy with the outcome. Will 1000% recommend

Review №2

I am very satisfied with the paint job and fix of my right door. Someone hit my door in a parking garage and didnt leave anything. Unfortunately it was up to me to get it fixed. Caffi brothers body shop has fixed my brother in laws car a year ago and I’m so glad I came to them. The office doesn’t even smell like paint or workers it smells amazing!. It’s so presentable and clean, I knew I was in good hands!

Review №3

This is the place for expert body work and painting. I went there all the way from PA to have Caffi work on my 2010 Chevy Tahoe. They are a family business that does business with honesty and integrity. They replaced two fenders, a door skin, addressed surface rust, painted both sides as well as front and rear bumpers - all on time, and at a price that was fair with no hidden charges or add-ons. Their shop and customer waiting area and restroom are SPOTLESS! Caffi met and exceeded all my expectations. Thank you!

Review №4

Great local body shop that explained everything that needed to be done to my car. I was advised to that it was open to a supplement because there might be more damages underneath my car. They went above and beyond to repairing the car in a timely manner and was completely professional and helpful with any questions i had.

Review №5

They did a great job on my Lexus! The price was the best quote, the work was clean, and the car was finished after 2 weeks and 2 days(promised after 2 weeks). Im removing 1 star due to the extra 2 days it took them to finish the car....If not for that I would give them 5 stars. The customer service was great as well.

Review №6

Second time I am here. I loved the entire service and great communication from employees. Car was beyond my expectations!

Review №7

Have found THE go to location for any auto body repair I or my family needs. Completely transformed my 2002 Lexus IS, its paint was peeling and rusting and it had dents and small hits all over the place. They not only offered the best price but the fastest turn around time and they did not disappoint! The paint job is crisp and shiny with no tear drops or mistakes anywhere and it has no dents or bumps anymore, I could not be happier. The car was also done before the time they had given me and it was clean inside and outside, an extra service I did not expect but truly makes a difference. Management communicated with me all along the way and it was such a seamless process, communication and customer service is definitely a priority for them which I truly appreciate. Look no further if you are in need for any service, you will not be disappointed!

Review №8

STAY AWAY! If I could I would give 0 stars they will quote you one price then not complete the job until you pay more money. BEWARE and stay clear away!

Review №9

More communication is needed by the Receptionist and the Appraiser.The work was excellent

Review №10

Great service and work at a fair price!

Review №11

Besides this being a family business, I’ve been coming here for so many years. Even after the fire I’ve gone to them. The staff is so sweet and very descriptive on what needs to be done on my car and why I’m being charged for that amount. I feel very confident each time I have an accident that I can rely on this business to fix my car. I am very excited for the upcoming opening of this business, I have recommended every one to come here and they’ve been super satisfied and spread it to other customers!

Review №12

They fixed and matched the color to perfection

Review №13

Hi my name Is Micheal,I’m a client of caffi brothers body shop since I was younger. I bring my children’s cars to get updated and fixed. This shop uses the best paint and leaves my car looking brand new and looking amazing!. Because they do such a great job each time I recommend them to all my friends and workers who’ve had car accidents !

Review №14

Dear fellow viewers,I wanted to take my time to write this review for this beautiful family that opened up their business once again. I am a glue to when it comes to cars hitting me. I’ve had every time of accident, fender bender, bumper fallout, and paint peel. This business has everything you need for your car, and when it’s time to take it to the dealership it looks brand new!. I am grateful to have met this family business 15 years ago! I refer everyone to them my cousin, brother, sister and even close friends. They all end up satisfied and spread the word of who they are like I did! Thank you Caffi brothers !!!

Review №15

This place is joke they should work something else besides body shop. They did a terrible job and when I complained the women that work there told me why you want it too detail. And finally the manager agree to redo the job but not perfect.

Review №16

I am a costumer that has been coming to Caffi Brothers for many years. It is the only body shop I would recommend to anyone to fix their car. They are honest, straightforward and explain to you what will done with your car. If anyones ever had an issue with them its because your a customer whos trying to find cheap way out of the price. Caffi Brothers doesnt put a high price unless its really bad damage and needs to be entirely fixed. They are professional and know what their doing. I recommend every one to come here.

Review №17

Hello,I had my fenders painted here and no other shop knew how to approach to painting them. I have a 2019 Mini Cooper JCW and I wanted the plastic textured fenders gloss deep black. They completed it very quickly and with great quality. The customer service was amazing and very attentive to detail when it comes to the final painting and clear applications. I will keep coming back to this shop as I dont know any other shop that could do this amount of work and with such great quality. Will definitely recommend to my friends and family. If you are reading this review, do no hesitate and go with these guys compared to other body shops near the area locally within Miami.Thankyou,G.G.

Review №18

I went to Caffi Brothers because I had rust holes developing on the roof of my Expedition and my brother-in-law had some work done a few years back and was very satisified.I took it there to see if I should repair it or buy a new car. I spoke with Luis the manager and he explained how he would cut out the rust and weld in new metal instead of doing what several other body shops offered to do, which was to slap some Bondo on it, sand it down and paint it. That type of repair would likely only last 6 months to a year and was basically just covering up the problem instead of doing it right and removing the rust cancer spots.The estimate was very fair to fix the rust holes, the rust around the windshield, and paint the roof and the hood which was peeling. Since the estimate was reasonable and the roof repair work would last me for years to come, I decided to replace the rear bumper cover and fix the front left fender which had some minor previous damage, and get it all fixed while it was in the shop.I checked up on the car while it was being repaired and I was shown the cut out squares of rust that were removed from the roof, so I know the work was being done right and I was not being misled.My Expedition now looks great with a roof that will last a long time, and the front repaired and the new rear bumper cover makes it look almost like a new car again and I am comfortable knowing that I can keep it for a few more years.I cant recommend this repair shop enough. The price was fair, the service was good, and the car looks good as new. Thank you Luis and Caffi Brothers.Frank D.

Review №19

I got hit in the right front fender of my 2012 Toyota Highlander. They had a great price to repair, so we chose them. The did great on the fender, but when I pointed out that they didnt repair the part of the bumper that was hit, they shrugged and said that theyd have to paint the whole bumper. Instead they just put a little dab of paint there to try and hide it. I was under the impression that theyd repair all of the damage, not just what was the cheapest! The inside of my car was filthy and smelled like paint when I got it back as well.

Review №20

I had to replace my driverside doors mirror. I actually bought the mirror online myself and they put it in for me in less than 5 minutes. $30. Everywhere else I checked wanted to charge me $50 and up for that. It looks good as new

Review №21

I’ve had about 3 accidents and I’ve been recommended by my co workers to come here to get my car fixed for an affordable price!. I was so grateful to be greeted so kindly!

Review №22

Well known body shop that frequently catches fire and burns to the ground. There was a lot of smoke and I could hardly breathe. Very unfortunate.

Review №23

Brought my truck to them to have a dent fixed in my door. My truck has a tough lining on that part of the door. I verified that the quote included that and it would be put on. He insured me that it would. They got the truck done in 3 days which was great. I got there and noticed that they didnt put it on. I happened to be moving to the other side of the state that same day so was annoyed that they didnt do it and I would have to have it done by someone else. He said hed take $50 off for not doing it. When I asked if thats how much it would cost me to have it done, he said, no, more like $100. Then when looking at the finish job, I noticed dimples in the repair from air bubbles in the bondo. I pointed them out and he didnt seem to care. Told me I could buff them out. So now I have a sub-par finished repair that I have to have someone else fix. Annoyed to say the least. Even more annoyed that he didnt seam to care in the least.

Review №24

Very good and honest service,very professional

Review №25

I am pleased with the attention, from the gentleman Bismar Acevedo, a great host 👍

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