Walmart Supercenter
7016 GB Alford Hwy, Holly Springs, NC 27540, United States
Walmart Supercenter
Review №1

Pretty rude greeters and customer service. Found it odd they particularly harassed me over not wearing a mask while my partner was able to walk in fine with no issue.

Review №2

The shelves were a little Fuller then lately. I dont know if empty is The New Normal. But this Walmart is getting better to fill the shelves

Review №3

I have been a long time customer of this location. I typically like Walmart because of their low prices and convenience. My recent experience with this location was that the employees on the floor, restocking items were fully blocking aisles on busy Saturday morning. They never acknowledge you or try to clear a path for you. The online shoppers do the same thing. I understand that they are just doing their job trying to fill orders, but be aware of customers around you and be mindful that your carts might be blocking their ability to reach items. It would be nice if they could leave the cart outside of the aisle and go get what they need. This is what I do when stores are busy. In contrast, I did have a great experience at checkout with a friendly, efficient cashier.

Review №4

Walmart is the cheapest place to get stuff. Doesn’t mean it’s the most athletically pleasing to go to. I would say go to target to feel like a person.

Review №5

I love walmart however yall need to get it together. The shoppers suck..

Review №6

This store was really clean and seemed very well kept and stocked. It was set up like one near my house which made it easy to find what I wanted. I did self check and the person was right there to assist if people needed it.

Review №7

Its basically like any other Walmart but amazing deals!

Review №8

I have never been taken better care of at a Pharmacy. The Pharmacists are knowledgeable, caring, decent human beings and the staff always goes over and above. I cannot recommend them enough. I also shop here and all of the front end staff and Customer Service workers have always been very nice as well.

Review №9

For this visit, I was shopping for some rabbit items. I found a small bunny in my backyard. They had timothy hay and goats milk but no small animall nursing bottles.

Review №10

Typical Walmart but refused to look in storage for 2 cases of stockings I wanted to purchase. If it wasnt on shelf they was out as far as they were concerned.

Review №11

This is one of the best Walmart around. Its clean and the people are friendly and the employees seem much happier than some of the other Walmarts around

Review №12

I mean, its Walmart. The parking lot smells, theres people of questionable morals and ethics abound, and theres only one register open even if theres a line 30 deep waiting for the 4 self checkout registers.BUT... Youll probably find what youre looking with ease. That is, unless youre looking for replacement bulbs for your car... Theyre always suspiciously out of stock of the one you need.

Review №13

I’ve found it to be clean and well stocked. I prefer going here over the one in Apex.

Review №14

Was completely out of milk, bare shelves, around 7:30 PM tonight. And could NOT pick up my order either. No Miracle Whip on shelves. Walmart should do much better than this.

Review №15

Self checkout machines are terrible and the associate will treat you like a theif if it goes off even reviewing camera film over the machine. FYI I didnt steal anything, machines are just terrible.

Review №16

The Walmart itself is okay, the pharmacy is amazing, but the online pickup is a nightmare. There have been times where I was scheduled to pick something up one day, and it’s not ready until the next. Or I’ll arrive to pick up my order at the scheduled pick up time, check in, wait thirty minutes, then someone finally comes to tell me my pickup won’t be ready for another hour. They’ve given me room temperature milk, room temperature salmon, a bag of severely bruised apples, and an onion that was already rotting inside. The people are all very friendly and I’m sure their job is stressful so I am usually very understanding about this, but the last straw was definitely being given food items that needed to be refrigerated that had been left out and gotten warm. I also can’t be entirely certain so take this with a grain of salt, but I was followed on social media about ten minutes after I picked up my groceries once by a person who I believe was the one who loaded my groceries into my car. If you have access to a woman’s personal info like name or contact through your job, you shouldn’t then use that info to find her online. Like I said, I’m not completely sure about this, but even had this incident not happened I still do not recommend ordering online from this Walmart.

Review №17

I’ve worked in OGP (online pickup) for a different location, and I can say with full confidence that there is just no reason for pieces of someone’s order to be forgotten about and not given to them. Every time I’ve done OGP through this location they ALWAYS forget to give me something from my order. The most recent offense was me not getting my $16 cat litter and not realizing until it was too late to even get a refund for it. People do online pickup for a reason, and it’s extremely inconvenient when pieces are missing. Would give 0 stars if I could.

Review №18

What can you say. Its a walmart. That being said, I prefer to this Walmart to the other ones in the area because the fruits and vegetables here tend to be really good and more fresh.

Review №19

Who doesnt like wally world! Just about always have what you need.

Review №20

It is Walmart, so one way or another you will end up shopping here somehow. Dont expect big smiles or top notch customer service just the basics at fair prices.

Review №21

Pickup has been a nightmare!!! My grandson comes for the summer and my daughter instead of driving down, put a order in for me to pickup.. I have been waiting for an entire 31 days for a refund from an order they call a “ghost order” in which you do not receive a confirmation #. So I was told to reorder the groceries a bit over $179, And she did ! Called 1 800 Walmart and I was told the refund would be back on my card in 3 hours! It wasn’t! I called and was told this time I was misinformed it would be a week! Every week from that day to this, NO REFUND! So we both have called each week and each week I’ve been told Friday! 4 Fridays later! Horrible!! Horrible!! Still waiting!!

Review №22

It was goid. Well organizean. The self check out was a long line and the 2 cashiers were slow. They could use a few more people to get the customers out in a timely fashion...

Review №23

I’m leaving this review because of the kind woman who works in the front, next to the trading cards & sports cards section, Donna. From a person who spends 3-4 hours per day in different big box retailers, this woman is an absolute Dynamo at her job. Knowledgeable, kind, and effective - I just don’t normally see that in a big box employee unless it’s a manager. Donna is a keeper, please treat her right because she has the ability to make a customer’s entire week. She did that for me today

Review №24

A great place to shop for household and grocery shopping.

Review №25

Found a freezer in stock that i had been looking for and was on backorder through Amazon for months. Great price and they even held it for 24 hours for me to return with a large enough vehicle.

Review №26

Clean, stocked, people working and real cashiers working the lines! I hate self check out! I dont work for Walmart!

Review №27

Great selection along with staff helped me find several items

Review №28

Great customer service. I need my pickup order earlier than it would be available. The lady accommodated me with no hassel. Rather do there then my local Walmart.

Review №29

Found everything I needed, always great prices.

Review №30

Same old problem....out of stock, on order, on the truck hopefully Tonite, same old problem at Fiquay Varina store......

Review №31

Very good variety of items to choose from. Enjoyed my shopping experience there

Review №32

I have a running joke that if you want to experience Disney, just find the closest Walmart, in August, with a broken air conditioning system and hang out there for the day! Walmart is free to enter so Walmart is better than Disney. That have everything, I dont even know I want yet!!!

Review №33

Meh. Its a WalMart. Never much great stuff to say about em but they got stuff you need. Typical staff and such as you normally get.

Review №34

I havent set foot in this store since the COVID lockdowns began last year. However, I have been doing the grocery pickup very regularly. For the most part it has been wonderful. The only suggestion I would make is to avoid pickup times on weekends--especially afternoons. In the last few weeks Ive noticed my orders being delayed and too many customers showing up at the same time. They often dont have some of my requested items--especially produce--when I do Sunday pickups. This is never a problem if my pickup is during the week.

Review №35

Big store nice had it all

Review №36

Experience was good lot of happy customers and employees. I love the hollysprings store, I always find what I need.

Review №37

Its Walmart, almost always have what I need and really local to me.

Review №38

Great place to shop, clean, quick check out. Great variety easy to find items.

Review №39

Average coffee, slow service and dining area was unkempt.

Review №40

Its a pretty standard Walmart. Low prices moderately speaking and good customer service. But Ill just say this: a smile can bump up a rating from four to five stars.- Brandon Chase🕺Up and rising influencer🔎G.M. business critic and professional reviewer#️⃣ 55k views collectively on 60+ reviews in March 2021👀 Informed researcher of local businesses

Review №41

Its changed a lot over the 9 years since it opened. Went from a new kind of slightly upscale store with wider aisles, fish and a another low rent congested store with overworked gruff employees. Sad.

Review №42

Worst place ever. I felt like I was about to be mugged inside the store. Different type of people

Review №43

Meh, its a walmart.

Review №44

What can I say? Its just Walmart. 🤓

Review №45

Nobody answered the phone 📞, tried multiple times

Review №46

Older Walmart with tight aisles. Shelves were stocked adequately. The store was very busy and they had all the registers open.

Review №47

This Walmart is definitely one of the better ones in the immediate area.

Review №48

Ordered delivery from this store. Was to be delivered between 5-6pm. The delivery driver showed up at 5:15, an items hadn’t been picked yet. When they finally finished gathering items a half hour later the driver had left. We never got our groceries, and customer service says they have no idea where they are. Sounds like they ignored our order for another 2 hours until it was time to go home.

Review №49

I always go to this Walmart because close to our house and can get most of what I need. But today the cashier on number 1 told me to do self check out. I told her I can wait but this lady keep on exiting me to move at my line so I did. Now I’m at the self check out, the Walmart associate was rude at me. I was patiently waiting for my turn then he bump on me and instead of apologizing HE SAID I SHOULD BE WAITING!!!! Waiting for what. Not happy at all

Review №50

Ive had good experiences at this Walmart. All Associates have been nice, but I must say that most of my interactions have been with the Pharmacy and these people are the best in my book. They have always been helpful, kind and understanding. Ive not always had an easy time with Pharmacies and Pharmacists because of some of the medicines I have to take, but no one here has ever been anything but nice. I wish all pharmacies and their associates were this easy to deal with. (No I swear I dont work there, lol).

Review №51

First off the pickup was closed at 8, when it says online its open until 11 P.M. So I came back the next day and they sent me to the side of the building to pickup my order, saying that the tower wasnt working. As dusty and dirty as that tower was, maybe I should be glad it wasnt working. Just poor experience, all around

Review №52

I would highly recommend the deli here; but sometimes it takes a little while for them to help out customers; it is worth the wait though if the food is fresh. I usually get the hot wings with corn and mac n cheese or mashed potatoes. You also have to know what times the food is going to come out to get it fresh. Great prices at the deli and electronics section. However had a few bad experiences the last few times I have been in their electronics section with employees not being very helpful. Other wise this review would have been higher.

Review №53

Constantly out of inventory .. meat is awful..closed almost all regular checkouts to self checkout...service is horrible.. dont buy vegetables there due to old or starting to rot...

Review №54

Best Walmart Supercenter in my area. Clean, well organized and reasonable prices bring me back to this Walmart often.

Review №55

Nice clean store, nice layout, friendly staff.

Review №56

If you dont have any cashiers then just close the store! Shopping only to be met with a 40min line because everyone is being jammed into the self checkout is infuriating!

Review №57

Another walmart i guess. This one is clean and organized. Lots of employees at most times if you need help. I think is one of thr good ones.

Review №58

I truly love a late night quick trip to Walmart. I had an issue with employee knowledge. I asked where the coffee grinder was and the employee pulled out his phone which had slow internet and tried to find out. I finally asked where are hone goods and he pointed in a general direction.

Review №59

This store is a whole lot better than my local store

Review №60

Even though I had to walk a long way to sporting goods it was pretty good but they need fishing buckets and/fish string to let them seat in the water

Review №61

Its aisles are spaced nicely apartVery clean. Nice experience.

Review №62

If you want to do pickup for your groceries expect them to claim they are out of a lot of your items. But If you go inside and look for the items they claim to be out of stock you will find them. I confront them about this and the claim they couldn’t find it. If I don’t work there and find it then if you work there you should be capable of finding it. Employees are just lazy and don’t care to get all yours items. Not to mention if you order any produce they give you the oldest almost expired ones.

Review №63

One of the best walnarts I have been in.

Review №64

Best prices, product availability, friendly helpful staff - in the pharmacy, shipping store, as well as the food market. Only store in nearly 10 Sq miles that has isopropyl alcohol. Important beyond Covid-19 for medical devices. Wine, $1 less than anywhere in the county! Store is clean, cool, and constantly restocked. Thank you Supercenter! I do not or have not ever worked for Walmart. Further. I have received no compensation for my review. And, I just started buying their food a couple weeks ago. So, Im still new to all this. Have also hit their deli, and it is delicious and affordable for a retiree like me. Lots of parking, air conditioning, and thorough cleaning of each cart. Wow!

Review №65

This is our local Walmart. The employees here have been around for awhile and are always friendly. One negative is those preparing the pick up orders take over the lanes leaving shoppers with not space to shop.

Review №66

Had problems trying to get prescription from Wal-Mart.

Review №67

I’m standing at the sporting goods and it’s been 40 minutes and I also have gone to have help two times and a manager once. I’m still standing waiting. If customers need assistance with locked in shelf items, then have someone available to sell them.

Review №68

This Walmart seems to have a cleaner atmosphere than others Ive been to. However, Im not certain if the barely stocked shelves are due to the COVID-19 pandemic or if theyre having trouble getting stock for other reasons. I think its the latter simply because the shelves werent stocked that well way before the pandemic. Whatever the reason, its still my go to when I need something quickly.

Review №69

I Loveshopping at our Walmart here in Sanford,NCEverytime I shop I find everything I went for and more.The employees are always Sweet and willing to help find something if you cant find it yourself.Thank you and keep up the good work👍😁

Review №70

WalMart supercenter of holly like any other WalMart...

Review №71

Shelves are pretty empty. Hard to find everyday items. Not a fan of Walmart but not much of a selection of grocery stores in this area. Always feel that they have the agenda that you buy what they have or leave. Not customer friendly.

Review №72

Way too many people not wearing masks, or wearing them down on their chins, including EMPLOYEES. We left, went to Target.

Review №73

This is absolutely the biggest Walmart I have ever been in! It was great with great prices!

Review №74

Latoya the store manager had very good customer service skills she was real helpful with getting a ice cream maker.And I am thankful

Review №75

Its walmart. Enough said.

Review №76

Friendly and knowledgeable staff makes this ordinary Walmart very nice to shop in.

Review №77

It sucked a little less than other WalMarts Ive visited.

Review №78

This is the cleanest, nicest Wal Mart in North Carolina. The produce is better than the HT next door. Everyone is nice. Seen the same people working here for years.

Review №79

Great racing and atmosphere.

Review №80

Will not answer their phone when you call and if they do answer you will be put on hold for 3hrs or hung up on several times.

Review №81

I love getting my cakes done by Ky-era in the bakery. They always come out exceptional and you can tell she loves what she does. She always has a great attitude and is always ready to help. I was getting deli meat and no one would come to the counter, she stopped what she was doing and immediately came to service me ! She’s so nice and attentive and gives off such good energy. She even helped me locate an item I was looking for on the Walmart app and told me the exact aisle to get my item. She offered to walk me to it, but I knew she was busy running back and forth.

Review №82

Lots of empty space in summer and lawn and garden sections. No ammo in stock and lack of actual cashiers

Review №83

So much stuff. Some broken. Helpful people.

Review №84

This Walmart is very large, well light, clean and arranged with wide variety of products at discounted prices.

Review №85

Its a good big Walmart but its not so clean. I prefer going to the one in apex its a little bit better

Review №86

It sucked no mens jeans shorts anywhere to be found.

Review №87

Wal-Mart is what it is. Ive never really been able to tell the difference from one store to another, which I guess can be looked at as good or bad. In this case, I guess its good because expectations are not very high as it is. I find what I need almost every time I do shop here though.

Review №88

Busy during the weekend. I hope they return to 24 hours like is was before.

Review №89

This use to be the best walmart to shop. Today I picked up some sandwich meat that was outdated ( last month). Then while at the checkout picked up my fav of candy bars, and it was also out dated. 👎👎👎

Review №90

Good store. Its a Walmart🤷

Review №91

One aisle open. Second aisle closed while I was standing in it.

Review №92

Had to wait 1hour and 30 minutes to get my pickup order........

Review №93

I needed help in the meat department this afternoon (between 1:30 - 2:30) and could not find a single employee. I had to ask someone in the bakery to help me find what I needed. By the time she had finished helping me the meat department employee had came back eating a bag of chips and playing on his phone like he owned the place. This is not the first time something like this has happened. Is there no disciplinary actions taken for lazy employees?

Review №94

This was a good visit. Many items I was looking for was out, but I got many others I needed.Get this.... They opened another check out line because the line was long....woo-hoo!Why cant we pay cash at your self checkout anymore? Youre dragging us toward

Review №95

Couldnt find what I needed, too big, indifferent employees. Ugh.

Review №96

Great food, fast takeout.

Review №97

This was our first online grocery order with Walmart and it was so easy, from placing the order to the pick up. Everything was explained, in easy to understand instructions. Substitutions (I allowed. You can opt out) were sent to me ahead of time to review. I was asked about them at pick up, and the item that wouldnt work for me was returned by the employee on the spot. I didnt have to bother with a trip into the store to process the return. So simple.

Review №98

Never have stock of grocery items, why are they always out of everything?!!?

Review №99

They accepted payment for $320.00 of groceries for delivery, less than five miles away. It should have been delivered over three hours ago at the time of this review, and this wouldn’t be as big of an issue if customer service actually made any attempt to remedy, or even receive calls. We’re attempting to quarantine to protect an at-risk newborn, and instead we’re blowing budget on reduced income, and are about to risk contracting/transferring COVID so we don’t run out of baby essentials. Unless something changes, this is theft.

Review №100

Walmart... Nothing special, but it works for certain things!

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