100 Grand Hill Pl, Holly Springs, NC 27540, United States
Review №1

We used the app to convey we were on our way to pick up our order on a Saturday morning and the store associate handed us our bag of items the moment we pulled into the parking space, we were very impressed!

Review №2

Many helpful store associates at this Target. It is clean and organized. As with many retailers online items from Target may be cheaper price online than price at Target store. They do price match but it’s our responsibility to check. The Target app helps a lot with scanning each item you want to purchase to see if there is a lower price available. FYI Target does not recycle their plastic bags.

Review №3

Merchandise selection is really good. The store layout allows for easy flow in locating what you want. Store has always been clean and organized.

Review №4

I dont have a target where I live so I always appreciate when I find one.... this ones nice to, the shaded parking is something I always appreciate especially on a hot day. The store was nice and organized I came early not much traffic in and out with the things I needed. Thanks 🤙

Review №5

I rate this Target with No stars however you have to apply some stars in order to leave a comment on experience, not fair because they don’t deserve the 1 star!!! I went to the target in Holly springs on Sunday as soon as the store opened, three people were ahead of me and was greeted friendly, crazy for me to assume one I entered, I would be greeted with the same excitement, unfortunately not, the greeter did not speak to me and he was standing with a manager of the store playing around .... Great example from the leadership Team...One person experience can be changed just because of your reaction. Completely disappointed in this location. So I will take my business elsewhere!

Review №6

Still trying to decide if I like this target. The staff are helpful but they don’t stock a lot of the things I like. It’s probably just because of COVID or that the area is still growing. I don’t blame the store for that at all.

Review №7

They don’t have a good drive up system. The Apex and Morrisville drive up service is much better

Review №8

This Target location at Holly Springs is very neat, clean and bright.They have nice categories of varieties.The workers at this location are nice, friendly and helpful.They know what they are doing, they don’t give the customers hard time.Today We were at this Target to return a wrong size Pants, the lady was nice and returned it without asking anything.

Review №9

Clean and nice but literally dont carry anything other than iPhone cases. For no other phones.

Review №10

Extremely kind workers, looked everywhere to help me find something and even though it’s sold out I just had to leave a good review for the effort they put in.

Review №11

I was so excited to make my registry here! But every box that has been delivered has been absolutely destroyed. It makes for an unpleasant surprise when this time is supposed to be exciting.

Review №12

Nice, clean store. It gets VERY busy during the holiday shopping season. Sales staff are nice and helpful, supervisors not as much. Do tend to watch checkout clerks as they sometimes fail to wrap glassware and package jewelry correctly.

Review №13

I made an online order and was sent a message that the order was ready for pick up. When I got to the store they didnt have the product and my card was already charged. No product and traveled quite a ways to get to the store. I didnt even get a follow up email stating the order was canceled or will be canceled.

Review №14

I really want to like this store. It is the closest Target to my house, and I love Target. It is in a good strip of shops and restaurants. The staff seem to be trying hard and hire local people. The store is in good order. With that said, the store has problems from start to finish. The parking lot is a bummer. The first lane is a trap that is not connected to the rest of the lot, and the front entrance is as far away from the rest of the parking lot as they could put it. They dont have parking near the front for online orders like the rest of the target stores. The bathrooms were a war zone and as dirty as Ive ever seen a Target bathroom. They have limited furniture stocked in the store. The womens clothes were hung up wrinkled. The check out lines are always long, dont have enough cashiers, and there are no self check out stations. I prefer to drive to the Apex store just because it is more pleasant.

Review №15

Fast, friendly customer service.

Review №16

The customer service is dreadful! I came into the store and spent $703 dollars and the cashier was so anxious to go home that she kept huffing and saying things towards me under her breath. She wouldn’t even let me put my number in for my redcard rewards/coupons. That I can just take my receipt home and scan it after. She was so rude that she stormed away from the counter after I was done paying. The manager looked concerned and asked the girl if she was okay. I even looked at the manager and said “clearly she’s not!” as a response. Not the way a frequent customer who spends a lot of money here should be treated! I’m so upset that I haven’t even left the parking lot yet just to write this review! Not sure what that cashiers issue was but her rudeness and side comments under her breath were completely uncalled for! No apology was given by the manager either. She just continued to make a face as if she was confused and did not even attempt to address this issue at all! Clearly she saw the rudeness first hand or else she wouldn’t have bothered to asked the cashier if she was ok.

Review №17

They had what I needed, very friendly and knowledgeable about the product

Review №18

Great courteous check out service

Review №19

Store is clean, employees friendly, cashiers efficient!!Management is top notch!!!

Review №20

Clean store with the nicest people working there.

Review №21

I cannot think of a single negative about this store and location. (Well, I do look forward to the days when the home decor sections have items in more colors than gray, gold and beige again, but thats a national Target issue...) Prices are reasonable, employees are always very nice, even the parking lot is clean.

Review №22

Liked this store a lot! It has a lot of options and is constantly restocked with the newest best items ever!! Please come here it awesome!!

Review №23

Management needs to be in the hands of true managers not some high school dropouts. Is the difference between this target and other target is very clear, lack of experience.

Review №24

Had the best customer service! especially tonight! without asking for help my cashier offered it and was so kind!! there employees are top notch to me! so thank you very much!!

Review №25

Just moved to this town. nice place.

Review №26

Well run . Lots of Ling term helpful employees. The store is always organized and clean. It has been si nice with Covid to get everything in one spot.

Review №27

Its clean but really I never like going to Target. getting out of the parking lot is horrible and I have gone to corporate over problems in the past

Review №28

The stores are clean, bright and well organized. Prices are good and target circle adds discounts. Target circle is still confusing; why do you have to add deals to the list (time consuming to look up) when you should be able to get the added discount by showing your target circle number.

Review №29

I love the cleanliness and the selections that are always offered. It’s very organized and easy to shop around. The management has always been courteous and helpful.

Review №30

Fast pick up. Super fast from order processing to bringing it out to my van.

Review №31

Not very happy with Target!! I had to wait in line outside just to get in to the store. Yes, I know we are in a huge Pandemic. The point is that other stores. Malls etc seem to be able to handle it better. Once in the store to pick up one item the line is wrapped around to the back of the store. So I just turned around and walked out. Please Target get it together.

Review №32

Every time I order from Target online and they have a bogo deal, one of the items is all of a sudden not available and it messes up the whole deal. It takes time to look online for the best deals and when Target doesnt deliver as promised, its a time waster.

Review №33

Everything was clean organized easy to find what we needed and quick checkout

Review №34

Love Love Love Holly Springs Target! They are the most polite group of employees in our area. They consistently go above and beyond in both the various departments and the cashier locations. If something has gone wrong, they always make it right. Whether that’s a credit, refund, exchange, or discount. We continue to shop here for the value, service, and selection.

Review №35

My parents bought a crib for our baby boy online. The crib delivered, unfortunately, had two defective pieces. I called the closest target and explained to them the issue. I spoke to a Ms. Teresa. She was quick and sooo helpful. My husband and I thought we were going to have to undo the pieces we already put together and haul the whole thing back. NOPE! Ms. Teresa told us to bring in the two defective pieces and she will swap them out! I got to the target and the pieces were already upfront ready to swap. No long wait, no hassle, nothing! Thank you Ms. Teresa and other guy that did the heavy lifting lol This is why I shop at target!

Review №36

👍 The online order pickup was very efficient and easy.👎 The front doorway of the store looks like is never cleaned.

Review №37

Easy and friendly service. PIckup was very quick.

Review №38

Jack was a major help. He showed outstanding customer service and made my shopping experience less stressful! Thank you Jack!

Review №39

Excellent customer service . They are willing make correction if the price on the shelf does not match the price on the register system . They are apologies to customer for the mistake . They are customer friendly . Over all, it a good place to shop for everyone .

Review №40

I would have liked to have curb side pick up but did not see that as an option when I completed my order however I was delighted there was easy pick up and no waiting inside for my pick up.

Review №41

Normally this Target is fine. When I went to check out, there was a guy directing you to specific lanes. For some reason, he directed me to the Service Area. I had to wait for three people in front of me to return items. Meanwhile, all the normal lines were moving at a decent pace. All I had was a watch battery.

Review №42

Great service as I was checking out. Enjoy shopping at target.

Review №43

Thank you so much Target for providing the Drive Up Service. My mom is handicap and it’s hard for her to get out. With your service I order as many things as I can through the app and use the drive up option. The staff are away fast to car, and always friendly. Such a great service!!! Let’s me enjoy buying at Target even though I can’t get into the store at this time!

Review №44

Love the Target Drive Up service. They have 4 hours fulfill the order and its often much faster than that. No extra cost to use the service too. Team is always courteous. Thanks for all you do!

Review №45

Cute kids clothes and great selection of makeup. like the options of good quality brands.

Review №46

I always seem to find what I need and MORE on my visits to Target

Review №47

Did they online pickup. Very quick and easy. Simple to use online.

Review №48

Convienant prompt & efficent

Review №49

I enjoy the products offered and the ease of check out

Review №50

They had everything I needed and my cashier, Tandy, went above and beyond.

Review №51

I am going thru chemo treatments. While at your store on Friday, I suddenly became ill. Thankfully, I was on the aisle next to the mop buckets and was able to grab one. I was sick a couple of times while trying to get back to the front of the store. I stopped the employee that was watching over the checkout area and asked him for help. He got another team member (Garret?) to help me get thru the checkout lane. He loaded all of my items onto the belt, put them into the cart, got me a motorized cart and helped me out to my car. I don’t think I could have done that on my own and his assistance was greatly appreciated!!! Really. I was so embarrassed by the circumstances and he kept reassuring me that it was fine. He was so compassionate. Thank you!

Review №52

Beautiful, clean store with pleasant, professional service. Great app too. This will be my Target. +GoogleLocalGuide

Review №53

Ive been utilizing Target Drive-up the last few weeks due to COVID19 and being 8+months pregnant. Target app/online shows everything in stock (or not, so at least theres no guessing game if Ill get an item or not) and my order is ready within 4 hrs. Easy, convenient and still get my Target run fix, even if I cant go into the store in person! :)

Review №54

It couldn’t have been easier. The Target crew member was bringing our order out before we stopped the car! Amazing!

Review №55

This targetqkes you Happy the second you go in. It is very easy to find what you are looking for and qAlso the the staff is very nice.

Review №56

The Target at Holly Springs, NC is the BEST place in NC to shop! The employees are kind, helpful and welcoming! The store is clean! I’ve rarely waited in line (minus Black Friday but it that was fast too!) The shelves are always stocked with items that I’m looking for! The Starbucks inside of this Target is always on point! The employees are customer focused.In all fairness, the Target Starbucks in Cary has awesome customer service as well, but the Cary Target Store is no match for Holly Springs.) I’ve been in the area for 7 years and have shopped many times at Targets in Wake Forest, Cary, Garner, Apex, Raleigh, Morrisville and Dirty Durham and they don’t compare to Holly Springs! Holly Springs Target is my jam!

Review №57

Organized, neat, clean and tidy. Staff helpful and courteous. Good selection of goods, just what I’d expect from a well run Target store.

Review №58

Great Target location. Our family always shops here, especially when we need electronics or specific items. The staff and management is always helpful and fair. If we want to price match it is not a hassle. Our experiences here have been easy and helpful!

Review №59

Helpful employeesTarget always seems to have the most thoughtful and helpful employees. They are always ready to answer any and all questions I have. Even when I cant find what I am looking for they will search the store or online with me. I love Target employees.

Review №60

Love the clothes! Full outfit from target:)

Review №61

In and out easily usually, but style of clothing is more for younger girls. Get the necessities and baby clothes here

Review №62

This is such a great target to visit! There’s always quite a few people working at all hours plus they’re always very nice and happy to help you. Drive up pickup is very speedy and efficient and I’ve never had a bad experience.

Review №63

The store personnel were waiting for me to pull up in mask and gloves and they were extremely polite, respectful and accommodating. Wonderful experience. Thank you Target!

Review №64

The convenience of going online to order and pick up with ease was great! The website is very easy to navigate. I was looking for a certain toy for my nephew and the site should which store had in stock.

Review №65

There were only three check out lines open. I was in one of them, the lady turned her light off and said that she was closed. Had to go to another line and wait another 15 minutes.

Review №66

Staff has always been friendly. Lines move quickly. Nice selection in every department Ive visited. Locals here love it, as the place is always packed.

Review №67

It was so easy to pick up items during this busy holiday season. I was greeted immediately and received my order fast. The area was organized, well staffed and made for a great shopping experience! Thank you to the team at Target in Holly Springs, NC.

Review №68

Had a couple of things i was looking for. Except for some chocolate chip scones. Overall a clean store and friendly staff.

Review №69

Me and my family have never had any problems whatsoever, while today we had purchased and Nintendo Switch game (The store being almost an hour from our house) me and my family came home very excited to play it but we never found it in our bags. After checking the car we decided to take the receipt back and drive the hour to get the game back. Took us 4 tries to get somebody on the phone. Finally we did and they were very helpful. We were able to get the game back with no charge, everyone was very helpful and respectful. I decided to give 5stars because everyone wss helpful and kind.

Review №70

First time ordering on line. The service was awesome.

Review №71

Yesterday afternoon I was having difficulty finding a product I periodically buy in this store. I saw your employee, VANESSA, busily involved in other work, if she knew where to find it. She immediately and very graciously helped me check various aisles, often referring to her handheld data device. When I told her I was sorry for interrupting her other work, she emphatically and cheerily assured me that I was more important. It was a very pleasant experience and I strongly feel she should be especially commended!

Review №72

This is a great Target. Went here today which is probably the busiest shopping day of the year (Saturday before Christmas). Checkout lines were long but the staff had it organized so everyone flowed through one line to the next available cashier. This way the line moved fast.The staff here is consistently helpful and friendly and Ive never had issues with returns, checking out, online orders, anything. Great job to the staff and those that train them.

Review №73

Just left and had a cashier named Brian. I have had a tough few days after a loss in the family. Brian made me genuinely smile and provided such friendly service. Congrats target on your compassionate rockstar of an employee.

Review №74

Great quality products!

Review №75

Target is a great place to shop. Its clean and cheerful, and the sales associates are helpful and friendly. The assortment of products is wide and of high quality.

Review №76

Always excellent customer service. Highly recommend drive-up pickup. Super convenient.

Review №77

The guy directing people to cashiers needs a new profession. Isn’t observant whatsoever and demands people get back in the line if you step away for a moment to get candy for your child.

Review №78

The store it is so clean and tidy! It is modern and sleek!The staff are always courteous and willing to help! This is my favorite shop!Really great selection of everything from clothes/shoes, home decor and groceries!

Review №79

The store is laid out so well, employees are friendly and helpful and the prices are the best around!!

Review №80

I went into this location last week and had an issue with a cashier. I did the survey, explaining the situation. I wasnt really expecting a response, just wanting the store to be aware of the issue. I quickly received a response from the assistant manager, Adam Fowler. He was very apologetic and assured me the situation will be handled. He has went above and beyond to assure not only I was happy, but my two little girls were happy. He sent them a package with goodies and a hand written card. They were so excited to find they had a surprise in the mail. This is the best customer service I have ever experienced.

Review №81

This a typical Target in regards to layout and cleanliness. But they desperately need some self checkout lanes!This is near where I work so I usually end up here during my lunch hour. Getting through quickly is always a gamble because you dont know if the person in front of you in line with two items is going to spend ten minutes arguing over the price. (This had happened to me the let three times Ive been there)Ive also never seen them enforce the 15 items or less rule in the express lane, so thats not even a guarantee that you can get in and out quickly.

Review №82

The holidays can be crazy but the Holly Springs Target hits the mark in good customer service. I want to recognize one young man in particular. His name is Eric and was my cashier. He was so friendly and professional. He was like that with each guest that went through his line. Making positive friendly small talk about an item they bought from chocolate covered pretzels to the gift i bought my nephew. I walked out of there feeling like i made a great gift choice and was filled with even more holiday spirit than i went in with. Thank you Eric and Target for employing amazing people like Eric.

Review №83

The online ordering and pickup was perfect! Staff was extremely helpful with their service in keeping a present secret from little kids. Great for busy moms trying to get shopping done!

Review №84

The cashier named Naryan was very helpful and patient to answer questions and find pricing, he made extra effort to ask the manager Adam to verify pricing. Adam was very nice to give me a discount on item not marked and helped me out with large items.

Review №85

I had 1 item and was at the register. Rude asian male employee pulled me away from the register and told me that I had to go to the back of the line. There were also only 2 registers open at a peak time of day for customers. I wouldve had to wait 15+ minutes just to get to the register. I just put the item back and left.

Review №86

Target uses deceptive practices. For the second time in less than a month, the sales prices posted on the aisle do not match what comes up on the register at the check out. Is this a way for the company to make more money--to lure people to the store for the supposed sale prices and then charging the original price at check out? As a former TV news reporter, I feel this would make a great news story.

Review №87

Dont get me wrong, I really like target but that is probably why Im disappointed with this one. This Target is probably the smallest Target Ive visited and is lacking in many areas. They try to be a super Target with groceries but this is soo lacking in foods and especially in fresh veg, fruits and meats. The rest of the store is also lacks clothing selection as they are so small. My suggestion is to build onto the store and increase the size to better accommodate.

Review №88

Inept and idiotic customer service

Review №89

Great selection and checkout lines run smoothly.

Review №90

The gentleman in the electronic section helped me out tremendously. Helped me get set up with my new switch lite and gave great game recommendations.

Review №91

Great clean with with excellent customer service. They are always well stocked and I end up finding more than what I was looking for =)

Review №92

It was fast and easy to pick up our online item. We will definitely use this service again!

Review №93

Great selection great service

Review №94

This is a very nice target with attentive staff over all as well as ample parking. There are not a ton of checkout lines but enough with the eager staff that works here to handle most long lines relatively quickly. They do so groceries here in addition to the standard target accoutrement

Review №95

Ordering online and picking up in stores was so simple and easy, plus I didnt get sucked in to buying a bunch of stuff I didnt need or want. This was such a great, easy, and fast experience.

Review №96

Great selection of products and 5% off with my Red Card. The employees at check out are always very friendly.

Review №97

Kerri, a manager?, was extremely helpful getting my app and red card tied together and ensuring we enjoyed all the savings we should

Review №98

Enjoyed my visit. The clerk, Andrew, was very friendly and helpful to me because I really couldnt figure out how to get rid of the junk I had installed that was causing the phone to be slow. Andrew fixed my phone so I could make calls and receive them, which was the main problem. Enjoyed talking with him about other things too. If I have any other questions I will call him.

Review №99

Great Target! I️ am here almost every week. Not as updated as the Target in Cary but the employees are always very helpful and friendly. It is clean and always well stocked and organized. I️ always leave with more than I️ came for! 😂

Review №100

I have always had excellent service at Target whether I am looking for something, returning something, or when I am going through checkout!

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  • Address:100 Grand Hill Pl, Holly Springs, NC 27540, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 919-762-3149
  • Baby store
  • Department store
  • Clothing store
  • Electronics store
  • Furniture store
  • Grocery store
  • Toy store
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–10PM
  • Thursday:8AM–10PM
  • Friday:8AM–10PM
  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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