164 Grand Hill Pl, Holly Springs, NC 27540, United States
Review №1

Prices are a lot higher than shopping online but the selection available at one location is somewhat unbeatable. If you have the money to pay top dollar this is an excellent place to shop for all your crafting needs. Just dont expect to get much for your money as shopping online will yield you much more for the price.

Review №2

I love Michaels. I just wish they had more grab bags!

Review №3

Had an amazing experience in the framing department. It was quick and easy and made it as less stressful as it needed to be picking out frames for my water color art peace. Absolutely loved the customer service was amazing. A wonderful young lady helped me and she knew exactly what she was doing! #loveMichaelsframing!!!!

Review №4

Helpful staff. Great selection. So lucky to have one nearby!

Review №5

Corporate needs to hire more employees, the ones they have are wonderful but the store is clearly wildly understaffed. Huge props to the cashiers for doing as well as they are under the circumstances

Review №6

The staff here are exceptional. I lost my phone in/near the store. The entire staff & especially the mgr could not have been more helpful, searching for over an hour. Finally I found my phone (in the pkg lot!) I went inside & the mgr hugged me & wished me safe journey home. Thank you, ENTIRE STAFF. You are the absolute best ever!!! ♥️

Review №7

Good selection of crafts and decent sales as well as some good coupon options.

Review №8

The employees are very friendly helpful.This location has great deals.Well organized, clean.They have activities for adults and kids.Plenty of parking spaces available.

Review №9

I wish they have as the different kinds of paper that I could find in la panamericana in Colombia...

Review №10

Nice as always. Good place to go to grab some things for hobbies or just to look around.

Review №11

There was a long line that formed on the outside of the building. SOME people were practicing social distancing. The inside of the store was worse than the outside. The line forming in the direction of the back of the store. However those cashiers and the door greeter was excellent. The cashiers keep the line moving at a rapid pace. The door greeter was pleasant and getting people in and out quickly. Thank you Michaels for a pleasant visit. A++ customer service

Review №12

For sheer convenience, I havent found a better art supply store than Michaels. I can sometimes get better prices online, but if I need something right away, today, I know I can find it at one of my local Michaels stores.

Review №13

Bought two 27+40 movie poster frames for half price. The are awesome.

Review №14

Awesome deals the employees were super helpful. May be my best purchase yet :)

Review №15

Quick craft run

Review №16

Although they had a decent amount of merchandise, the customer service was horrible. There was no one to assist. There was only 1 girl on the floor and she was also the cashier. They need more people

Review №17

Didnt have what I wanted & normally use. I bought a different brand this time. Cashier was nice, but one of the girls out on the floor was a little on the rude side. I had a handheld basket sitting on the floor with my products in it as I was comparing colors & texture. My car keys & wallet was laying on the floor right next to it. An employee with a shopping cart watched as I was trying to get out of her way but she just walked on thru with her cart, nearly running over my keys, wallet & hands. She never bothered to say excuse me. Then a customer asked her where something was & the girl didnt act like she wanted to help the customer. She got on the walkie to ask the location but was just not as pleasant as she shouldve been, especially since the lady was very polite in asking for her help. I work in customer service myself, I understand being busy or having a bad moment or day. We just have to grin & bear it, fake that smile & happiness til time to clock out. Do the best you can no matter what. Make the customer happy.

Review №18

We waited to have some fabric cut but nobody answered the page after several trys so we put our purchases down and left! Very disappointed 😞

Review №19

Nice clean store and friendly staff. The point selection has been dwindling over the last few years, but still a decent selection on supplies.

Review №20

My experience here was awesome I felt like a little kid in a candy store! And the customer service here was amazing the girls there were very helpful and very friendly

Review №21

Clean store, professional employees, reasonable prices

Review №22

It was good going back to Michaels!

Review №23

Pleasant staff & not crowded. Prices are comparable to other chain craft stores.

Review №24

Nice and friendly people.

Review №25

Love this store! Staff is excellent

Review №26

This Michaels sure is neat and clean and very well organized!!😃😃😃This Amazing and Awesome and very incredible place has all of my art supplies and the Service here sure is great and amazing and awesome above and beyond!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Review №27

Lot of crafts and items good for kids _ all ages _ nice place to visit and shop too.

Review №28

Loved this store! Neat. Clean. Plenty of Christmas and Fall decor. Limited Halloween stuff.

Review №29

The staff at this store is amazing. They were packed and were still offering great service.

Review №30

Clean fully stock i love shoppibg hollysprings micheals

Review №31

Always fun to check out the new items.

Review №32

Great selection of seasonal merchandise. Use the app for coupons and the rewards program for the best benefits!

Review №33

They always take my money. Also my fiancée is addicted to Michael’s. I think we give more of our money to Michael’s than we do to our landlord. It’s not healthy

Review №34

Best store👍

Review №35

Used to be my favorite place, especially with my granddaughter finding new projects. Associates the day I visited were extremely rude and not helpful. Not sure of the reason but itll make want of going back a little more hesitant.

Review №36

Very pleasant associates. Not crowded at all.

Review №37

Over-priced and to be the Christmas season they did not have enough cashiers. An incredibly long wait in line.

Review №38

Nice chasm n organized

Review №39

A variety of Christmas decor availableThe store smelled like cinnamon and Christmas cheer. I was looking for flowers and I found what I was looking for and it was 40% off. Whoo hoo! The staff was also helpful.

Review №40

Found everything we needed for holiday decorating. Service was very efficient despite being very busy.

Review №41

The sale was fantastic....I could have spent the whole day there!

Review №42

Theyre really well set up

Review №43

Everyone is polite and very helpful. If they dont have something you need, they will order it for you.

Review №44

Crowded and long lines on my visit. Not enough cashiers to handle the day.

Review №45

Good variety of products, reasonably priced. Lots of good clearances.

Review №46

They have the stuff.good luck tracking someone down to help you find it, but its in there

Review №47

I bought quite a bit this shopping trip because there were lots of good coupons. They had everything I wanted. This is one of my favorite places to shop.

Review №48

I needed something very specific and an employee went above and beyond to assist me in finding it.

Review №49

Awful customer service experience.

Review №50

They always have what Im looking for and have great prices!

Review №51

Love, love, love Michaels. Great selection, good prices, great customer rewards, teacher discount, whats not to love?!

Review №52

Large selection of arts and crafts items. Easy parking. This location in particular is in the middle of a very nice shopping center. FYI get your coupons together before you go!

Review №53

Has a good range of what a craft person needs for their next project, though Id suggest trying dollar stores for what you need, and going here second, for the prices are a bit high for the product.

Review №54

Im in an art class, and this place is awesome! I always find what I need, whether that be material for sewing or pencils for drawing or acrylics for painting. Its really easy to find everything I need, since the place is so organized

Review №55

Friendly staff!

Review №56

Best art supplies store ever

Review №57

I had to stop in to get a threading needle and red thread. There was a very helpful assistant who could tell I looked clueless, as I dont go to craft stores often. He saw me, and flagged me down from a distance. Very helpful and showed me exactly what I needed. Also picked up a home decoration that my fiance loved. Checkout team was working hard and got all the patrons out quick. Great job!

Review №58

I am a vendor here.The staff work really hard to help each and every customer and to keep the shelves stocked.Just a great atmosphere. Love it.

Review №59

Nice selection of yarn but limited knitting needle selection

Review №60

I think its bad business to not open a door 2 minutes early for waiting customers in the rain just saying

Review №61

Clean, organized, helpful staff.

Review №62

I really like this store as a whole! Occasionally, you find the one employee who should not be customer facing. That and the exorbitant custom framing pricing is whats keeping it from five stars. All other facets of the store are great. Typically, we can find what were looking for without much problem. Layout stays pretty consistent for easy in/ easy out shopping.

Review №63

Staff is very friendly and helpful 🙂.

Review №64

Wonderful place. Friendly staff.

Review №65

Found what we were looking for. Seed Beads, Clasp, Dotted/Bullet Journal, bracelet thread, and many more future project ideas. The Holly Springs store is small Michaels store and most things., but not everything. Worth a visit to fuel those crafting ideas from Flowers, to Planners, to Jewelry, to Paint, Yarn, Patterns, stencils and templates. I think you find what you need.

Review №66

My wife made give thisa 5 star rating.

Review №67

This particular store is a bit small, but the staff is always very friendly and helpful. Given the size of the store, sometimes you cant find the basics. Make sure to bring your coupons and save some serious cash!!

Review №68

Has everything I needed and pleasant staff.

Review №69

Fun place with a lot of different crafts.

Review №70

Good prices. Quick service

Review №71

They have a great selection. Sometimes its hard to find the price on items, they had issues with some of their price checkers in the store and have one that I saw working currently. Otherwise, I love to shop here. The staff is always friendly and super helpful.

Review №72

Always something to be found. Crafts, baskets, Christmas decorations, frames. Great app with good coupons. Lots of gift cards also!

Review №73

Great store for arts and craft

Review №74

Great place to get art supplies and ideas for projects.

Review №75

Love to shop here. Do not like being followed. Update: Management got the memo to stop following minorities around the store. My visits are more frequent again! Thanks for listening.

Review №76

Expensive! But everything is good quality

Review №77

This place is awesome. There is so much stuff. Every isle Im like, hey look at this.

Review №78

Great location!

Review №79

Clean and neat. I got a cute kitchen sign there!

Review №80

I love this Michaels!! The people that work there are always so helpful and kind!! Theyre also very knowledgeable about their merchandise. Anytime I have questions they are always ready to help.

Review №81

The store has a large variety of crafting supplies. I attended a Michaels great pumpkin event and it was awesome. Very clean store and the associates were helpful.

Review №82

Love that I can get whatever I need here. But hate the coupon/sale game they play... would be nice if they just reduced prices

Review №83

Great place to get lost in ideas. My sister loved shopping at a location in VA, and I now see why.

Review №84

Huge inventory. Good prices.

Review №85

They are so nice in this store always trying to help me get the best deal with my coupons. I wish there were more people on the floor to help customers but they are helpful at the register.

Review №86

Love this store. They had a great variety of craft supplies and I got really inspired walking around in there.

Review №87

Staff was extremely helpful finding the right items I needed. Every store is different and it would have taken me forever to find where certain items were. Store was very clean and the employees were very polite.

Review №88

They have all sorts of interesting craft things for sale!

Review №89

I used pay on line and pick up in store. The process was super easy!

Review №90

Great craft store. Paint section needs more products though.

Review №91

The staff at this store is so great - very helpful & pleasant!

Review №92

I wish they had a feedback link on the receipt like a lot of stores have nowadays. If they did, perhaps the staff would be more friendly. The two employees I interacted with were very short and rude with me. One i asked where something was and she acted like how dare I stop her for something? The lady who rung me up acted the same way when I politely asked about my coupon not working.

Review №93

On the smaller side from other Michaels that Ive been in. Other than that, pretty good selection still. The younger cashiers could use some customer service training. One coming off shift literally told the one coming on shift, Youre about to hate your life. Im sorry that customers buying things in your store for Christmas is such a burden on you.

Review №94

Very nice employees, clean store, and good sales. Some items are on the pricer side though.

Review №95

They were understaffed with only one at the register and the other working took a little longer than expected to. Some one called out, left them stranded..not sure where upper management was, but they should be very proud of of their workers to run it as they did.Over all, great store.. always has stuff to give me the next project ideas. They also have a military discount. Im grateful for that. ( Fixed income and all that jazz) I definitely dont hesitate going there for birthday gifts and project logistics.

Review №96

Great store for crafts items and many other things. Clean and well organized

Review №97

So many different crafts and fun stuff to buy and make I love this store!

Review №98

It has most all the crafty things I am looking for.

Review №99

The archaic return policies of this store remind me why Amazon is taking over the world.. Also there are never enough check out average wait time is over 6 minutes I have found... Much of the reason I go to brick and mortar anymore is to be able to ask some basic questions of the people that work there.. At this store there was never anybody walking around and if so they have no knowledge of the inventory

Review №100

Michaels is kinda like Chick-fil-A; they always have great staff who are ready and willing to help you. Keep up the great work guys/gals.

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  • Phone:+1 919-552-4730
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