Pure Addiction Diesel Performance
1458 NE 25th Ave Suite 160, Hillsboro, OR 97124, United States
Pure Addiction Diesel Performance
Review №1

We were in the process of purchasing a used diesel truck to pull our new travel trailer. Both Gil and Keith were very patient, kind and willing to answer our many questions. They helped us avoid a serious issue with a truck.They completed the inspection on the one we purchased today and it came through with flying colors. We will continue to use Pure Addiction for future service. They do a great job and they are very professional. We highly recommend them! Thank you guys!

Review №2

The pipe for the intercooler on my 2014 F350 diesel recently blew on my way to an appointment and luckily I was close to Pure Addiction Diesels shop. I limped in with my truck and they were able to quickly diagnose and repair my truck in less than an hour and sent me on my way. These guys are truly awesome and focused on providing great customer service! I will definitely use them for any future work on my truck.

Review №3

Took my truck in for diagnostics when they called me the employee said he was reading from the technicians typed analysis. He rattled off a few things but when he got to the left front hub and bearings he said they were shot and needed to be replaced and it was chirping because the caliper shroud was rubbing the disc. I then let him know that all of that had been replaced 1 week before I came to them. So it cost me $205 for nothing but a big fat LIE. My regular mechanic was shocked because he installed the hub and bearings and recommended them for work on the motor. I dont trust anything they say .dont waste your time or money.

Review №4

Recommended here by a friend for work on my truck. It’s the scariest thing taking your vehicle for work as you never know what that person will do to it and you hope it comes out better. Theyre not cheap, but I’ll pay a little more for a piece of mind today than down the line in expensive repairs due to cheap mechanics. I don’t regret going here one build. They stand behind their work and are very professional. Thank you!

Review №5

They did a great job on my sons truck.

Review №6

I wont take my business anywhere else! This place is 5 ⭐ all day long! Fast, friendly, excellent pricing and the list goes on! If you get a cheaper quote from somewhere else... Youll regret it! Thanks Pure Addiction!

Review №7

First class through and through. Went above and beyond for me. Transparent, fluent, and exceptional in service and supply.All you could hope for in a mechanics and parts shop. Life long client here now.

Review №8

Absolutely the best customer service I have ever experienced! Cant say enough about the quality of workmanship they put into my 03 Duramax, they do an amazing job and stand behind it as well. Very please, thank you Keith and crew!

Review №9

Honest people who do high quality work. Trust them with any of my diesel needs.

Review №10

Great experience, bought a used truck and they did a full inspection and we discussed the pros and cons of each fix/ improvement and $$. Very satisfied with the service and the end product. Thanks!

Review №11

Excellent place great mechanics

Review №12

These guys are awesome. Very knowledgeable. Thank you for fixing my truck!

Review №13

2012 ram 3500 6.7 6sp manual, took truck to them had a code on truck, would not pull my 43ft 5th wheel with the power I wanted, they fix the code and put a tow tune on and this thing pulls like a beast, great service, would recommend to anyone, in and out same day.

Review №14

This place hands down is the best diesel shop around . Not only are they very reasonably priced, but they go above and beyond with their work. I HIGHLY recommend this shop to anyone in need of some work or some upgrades for your rig. Keith is a very patient and knowledgeable individual when it comes to any questions you might have. He also provides the best customer services I have ever experienced in the industry.

Review №15

My husband rick brought out 2011 ram in to get a tuner put in the truck. Absolutely love these guys their quotes are right on and they don’t try to up sell you into stuff you don’t need. Actually they down sold me. The turn around time was great just 24 hours. They have a really cool looking show room and their quality of customer service and workmanship is something to be acknowledged. This is the kind of shop I wish all shops would be like.

Review №16

I am very happy with the work from pure addiction and one stop trans.I just picked up 40 ft travel trailer from Kalispell MT.My truck pulled up down the steep grades like dream.

Review №17

My 2003 LB7 needed new injectors, also installed an Air Dog lift pump. Keith and his team did a flawless job! Very Happy with the performance of my truck! This is the place to go for having work done on your truck. Thanks again!

Review №18

Best shop Ive been to to date. Pressure free service with very reasonable prices and accurate quotes. Would trust them with anything on my truck.

Review №19

Took a visit to the area and ended up hearing about the shop and what it’s all about. I called the shop and immediately Keith began working the process and dates to squeeze in my LB7 Duramax for a EFI tune and the Dsp5 switch with the CTS 2 monitoring system. Not only did he knock it out of the park, they slammed the price down for me too. The friendly service and good work was great and easy to work with. I had a hiccup on the drive home and they went above and beyond to get to the solution and do a excellent job. Highly recommend giving Keith a call knowledge and customer service at its best!

Review №20

Great customer service. Very fast turn around. Fair prices. Very knowledgeable and informed crew. They stick by their work.Highly recommended.

Review №21

Manager, was rude and treats customers poorly. If you have any problems you will regret taking your rig there. OVERPRICED!!!

Review №22

Brought 2004 Ram in for new clutch. Friendly service, fair price, super turnaround time. Spoke with technician who did work, very knowledgeable and you can tell there’s pride in their work. Highly recommend this shop for your Diesel.

Review №23

Decided to wait a year after having Pure Addiction Diesel Performance replace my 03 Duramax injectors, some tweaks and maintenance stuff before posting. 10K Plus miles later Im very happy with their work. Truck is a joy to drive with a little extra HP. Thank you Keith Flaig for your recommendations and great service. Any questions about tweaks and maintenance ask Keith.

Review №24

Exceptional experts to work with. The team at Pure Addiction is very helpful and treat customers with respect. Legit knowledge and understanding, they don’t push products you don’t need.

Review №25

Kieth and the rest of the staff have been absolutely great to deal with! THIS is how a business should be operated!They provided and installed a new engine in my 2008 Superduty. They got it done on time, and stayed within the quoted price.I did have a small oil leak (warranty), and they were quick to jump on the issue. They towed my truck just to ensure it wasnt driven with possible low oil, and even washed the truck after the repairs were made.Theyve been 100% on top of communication. I can be difficult to get ahold of, as I also run a small business, but theyve left me detailed messages and answered my questions promptly.5 stars all day! Plus they had by far the best warranty in town on a new engine!

Review №26

I made an appointment to have my duramax diagnosed because of a service engine light. My appointment was on a Monday morning at 8. After almost 2 days I did not have my truck back do to the inability to diagnose. I called and said I needed my truck back and they said we need it longer. I said I can’t keep paying you hundreds of dollars for you to keep diagnosing. I picked my truck up at then end of 2 days, they said we think it may be fixed, it was not. I then took my truck to another repair shop that within 1 hour fixed the truck. I called pure addiction and asked for a refund, they said no refund but they would refund the money for the incorrect $12 dollar part they put in. I asked to talk to a manager or owner and they refused to let me speak to them.

Review №27

The employees were very helpful and explained to me all about diesel engines.This being the first diesel truck that Ive owned. They stayed late on a Friday night to finish so I would have It back to go to the mountains over the weekend.Great job!!

Review №28

Had alot of work done here and these guys absolutely stand behind their work. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade or otherwise have their diesel truck worked on. Great job guys and thank you!

Review №29

Exceeded all expectations. Great customer service, quality parts installed, competitive price, and got my truck back same day. I would recommend this shop to anyone and will return with any diesel related work in the future.

Review №30

I’ve heard great things about these guys and it goes to show. I took my 5.9 to these guys last week to have them install a Firepunk Comp Stage 1 trans and they did a phenomenal job. I also had them install a new rear main seal since the trans was going to be out and they went above and beyond to wipe down the oil around the area. Now that, is customer service. On top of that, they squeezed my truck into their already busy schedule and got it done within a day of me dropping it off. I live all the way in Battle Ground, WA and chose to go to these guys because I heard they do quality work and that’s exactly what I received. I highly recommend this shop to anyone looking to have quality work done to their truck.

Review №31

Travis is one of the best diesel mechanics I know and is super fair and friendly to all of his customers. His crew and staff are amazing as well! There is a reason they are growing as fast as they are. Thanks Travis! I highly recommend Pure addiction diesel!

Review №32

I took my LB7 duramax to Pure Addiction this last August, after I had 3 injectors that gave out as well as a fuel pressure regulator. While it was in the shop to get 8 new injectors and a fuel pressure regulator, I had the guys install EFI Live on the truck. They also discovered that 6/8 of my glow plugs were bad. They replaced those as well.The truck flat out rips now after the repairs and the EFI Live! I am beyond happy with the work that was performed. Definitely will be back if I have any major issues in the future.Good job Keith and crew.

Review №33

Theyve saved us at least twice now with emergency repairs on our work truck. So happy with their quick service and knowledge, we wouldnt go anywhere else!

Review №34

Had my 6.0 HG job done here a couple months ago. Truck is running great and Travis and the guys were awesomeness to deal with. Top notch shop to work with. Glad we finally have a good local diesel mechanic to deal with. Price was right as well.

Review №35

No BS, fair prices and good clean service work completed on time.

Review №36

Came in with a rush emergency, non running truck while on a road trip from out of town. They diagnosed and repaired truck, working on weekend. Got me done and out of there fast. I will definitely be coming back!

Review №37

I have a 2007 Chevy Duramax 2500hd classic And I need in my transmission rebuilt I brought My truck to pure addiction and had him rebuild my transmission I have a 700 hp Duramax and I’ve had my transmission more than a year I haven’t had that transmission go into limp mode once or kick or slip a gear the transmission shifts so smooth you won’t even notice if you’re not listening to it By far one of the best service For auto or diesel trucks whatever you wanna call it I highly recommend them it’s worth for the price it’s worth it because the quality work so good you’ll thank yourself and you won’t feel sorry

Review №38

Came in today on Friday... for the first time ever because I’ve heard great things about them and they did not disappoint... These guys are legit.. brought my truck in and had it back same day running and ready to go.

Review №39

Management is Garbage! Would not recommend this shop.

Review №40

Just had my 94 Dodge Ram Cummins 12-valve in for a transmission build, KDP fix, fuel plate install and 3K spring install. Very professional shop, definitely worth the drive down from the Seattle area. I will absolutely use them in the future for any upgrades or major services.

Review №41

My exhaust pipe broke off at the weld up near the turbo on my 99 Dodge Ram 2500. Pure Addiction happened to have one on hand from a kit that they did not use. They had originally put the exhaust on my truck and did not make me pay for the part, just the labor. They then were able to squeeze me in to get it replaced at a time that they are extremely busy. They are my go to for all my diesel repairs and this is one of the reasons why. They could have charged me for the part and I would not have had a problem with that but they took care of a customer that had a problem that never should have occurred. Will continue to get my business in the future.

Review №42

Always excellent working with these guys! They are always fair and honest and I appreciate the quality and great service.

Review №43

Not worth the time

Review №44

Pure Addiction Diesel has competent and knowledgeable staff who are able and willing to help you maintain and/or modify your diesel pick-up.

Review №45

Had to wait longer than I expected due to a small miscommunication, but the guys behind the counter were great - they did what they could to expedite things and kept me informed throughout. Ill definitely be going back when its time to get more work done.

Review №46

Great service very satisfied good people, thanks Kevin Gruenefeldt

Review №47

Knowledgeable staff, fantastic service, great products. Cannot go wrong!

Review №48

Best place in town to have work done on your diesel truck.

Review №49

My truck is running great, thanks for your help/service. All the people that have known of your shop have had nothing bad to say, only positive praise. Its great to see people take pride in their work/business.This post was five stars but i dropped it down after my interaction in 2019 with gill. Still a good shop but you want to talk to the owner Travis or employee all star Kieth. Kieth and Travis will take the time/energy to answer your questions or send you in the right direction. Gill on the other hand will be a disappointing interaction, he gives you the impression that he is not interested in taking in your business or referring you in a helpful direction. Not the five star service you would normally get here or expect. I wanted to bring my truck back to them since I have gotten my delete and chip/tuning done with them. I recently got into a accident and needed my truck inspected and fixed. When i called gill told me I couldnt bring my truck out there and he wasnt interested helping me. He literally said pure addiction didnt know anyone at all that could possibly help.I was able to call back and get help from Travis.Thanks,Thanks again,Devon Andrade

Review №50

I called these guys to get my cummins tuned spoke to someone there that was more then helpful. he told me a couple things to do before hand such as lift pump and sump the tank. i did these things then called back to set up a time to come in and tune my truck. i spoke to someone who then tried to convince me not to re tune my truck but instead to do their dyno event at woodburn coming up.. I then explained then why i felt it needed re tuned as the guys at ATP trucks had informed me that i needed more fuel to make more power. i asked if i could talk to the owner cause that is who i had been trying to contact the whole time. i didnt ever get a call back so i called the next day and finally got through to the owner which was overly rude and argued with me about why i wanted my truck tuned. pretty much spoke to me as if he did not want my money or to even listen to me talk right after bad mouthing another shop for having bad customer service and then hung up on me later in our conversation. I got off the phone feeling confused and shocked that i had to been spoken to that way by the owner of the shop which i had heard nothing but great things about. I will def make sure my friends and their trucks do not end up in this same situation by making the mistake of calling this shop.. Very unfortunate i was looking forward to doing business with these guys. If i could give negative stars i would do so. Sucks i have to give you a star at all

Review №51

I have been to many diesel mechanic shops and no doubt this is the most professional and reliable place to go to have your diesel vehicle well fixed.

Review №52

Great shop. Good work . They always take care of me

Review №53

Great place with talented people. Highly recommend using them

Review №54

Great shop and worth the drive from Battle Ground! They have done my EFI Live, Shift Kit, and purchased my upgraded turbo from them for my LBZ. They know what they are doing and will answer your questions.

Review №55

These guys are the best when it comes to diesel engine performance and transmissions, they also do suspensions . Quality parts and workmanship.

Review №56

Price matched the quote I was given. In and out in 7 hours just like I was told. Very professional shop.

Review №57

Good work tho a little slow at getting er done.

Review №58

Great place for performance mods. They stick by their work.

Review №59

My husband took his truck to pure addiction purley because he did not have the time to pht a upgraded fule pump on himself (he is a professional diesel technician). They installed it and it functions fine but the detail work was not done well, the lines and hoses were not tied up correctly, they were left to rub on the frame. Overall it did not look like a professional performance shop did the quality work that they advertised. Looks like a non professional did the work. My husband is now has to take time out of his busy work schecule to do the detailed finish work correctly. Not worth the money.

Review №60

I dont own a diesel but they got me a smoking deal on accessories. Highly recommend.

Review №61

Fine visit. Well informed, and friendly staff.

Review №62

Have brought my 2012 powerstroke to them a couple of times now and they always do amazing work at a very fair price with an amazing turn around time, i wouldnt recommend any other shop before pure addiction.

Review №63

Very helpful in guidance to build you truck, helpful whenever you need to decide, always friendly

Review №64

My dpf filter on my 2007 duramax was full and caused my truck to go into limp mode with no power. I use my truck for work everyday. I called Pure Addiction last night and they had a opening this morning at 8. So I brought it in and Travis and the guys got on it right away putting a whole new exaust on it and deleting the dpf. The truck now runs and drives amazing. If it wasnt for the guys here at Pure addiction diesel I would have lost a lot of down time and my customers would be upset. Thanks guys for all your hard work. Customer for life!

Review №65

Needed the dreaded full injector replacement on my 02 Duramax. These guys did it right, on time, and for what they said it would cost. Cant ask for much more than that. Glad to know I have a shop I can trust to take care of my truck.

Review №66

2001 F350 7.3 Super Duty has NEVER ran so good. Rebuilt transmission and some performance mods. Thanks guys nice job !!!!!!

Review №67

Fixed my 2004 Duramax. It was a pretty big job with some very difficult issues. Travis and his team stayed with it until the problem was resolved. I would have been out of luck and a bunch of money if I had to use my dealer. If you have a Diesel Truck, then this is the place to go.

Review №68

Awesome group of guys had my truck up and running in a day after several failed attempts by the ford dealership wont be taking my truck anywhere but here.

Review №69

Great work good service

Review №70

Great diesel repair shop! Check this place out.

Review №71

Great shop intelligent people with lots of know how

Review №72

Best shop in the area, great knowledge and no excuses, great people !!!

Review №73

Polite and friendly staff.

Review №74

Excellent mechanics, great service

Review №75

Great rates.

Review №76


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