351 W Main St, Hendersonville, TN 37075, United States
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I went in for brake pad replacement and had a belt changed as well. The belt replacement turned out to be quite the adventure, but the manager Chris and everyone else in the garage was extremely professional and helpful. Chris went above and beyond to make sure everything was done properly. Thank you all for everything.

Review №2

Look I’m not one to write reviews but I have to. I made an appointment for 7:30AM as my current hectic schedule doesn’t allow for any other time. I arrived a few minutes early but waited in my car until 7:30. I walked in to find out the technician was running behind. This employee didn’t arrive until 8:25. This made the whole ordeal last an hour and a half. For an oil change. For the first customer of the day. No attempt to discount my final cost. When you mess up, you make it right. Midas didn’t even attempt to make it right. The gentleman working the desk was very nice, but a discount or honestly a complete refund would’ve been appropriate. Giving 4 stars because they did do a good job, but the timeliness was beyond unacceptable.

Review №3

I had my oil changed here in my Jeep. It has 130,000 miles on it. It rides better now than it did when I first bought it. I dont know what they did but I appreciate it. I will never go anywhere else or to anyone else. The service is great!! Thanks again Midas for everything!!.

Review №4

NO STARS!! Went in for a noisey loose muffler and was quoted $196 with tax for new muffler, labor, and parts included. When I picked it up. I was told they couldnt get the muffler so they just put up 2 hangers and charged me $154 with tax. I was in a hurry when i picked it up and did not review anything till later that evening.. I felt like I got taken advantage of. I got no new parts except 2 hangers and was charged only $30 less than what I expected to pay with a new muffler. I went in at the time they are suppose to open the next morning at 7:30 to get an explanation of the charges. Their mechanic was there but the GM was almost an hour late opening and less than helpful in explaining the charges. He seemed more mad about his mechanic talking to me before he got there.. I will say he did offer me a free oil change or $30 store credit but by that point I just want some of my $ refunded since I intend to never go back to them. I ended up having to contact someone higher up than him to get some kind of refund then after the district manager called and told him to give me a $65 refund he wanted to blame his mechanic. I ended up calling the district manager back to make sure this guy wasnt going to try to get the mechanic in some kind of trouble when he was the only helpful person available when they were suppose to be open for business. Shout out to the mechanic who I would definitely use if he didnt happen to work at this shop.

Review №5

The Manager was very polite, friendly and efficient. The service Tech was awesome. Besides the oil change, we had to have some repairs that ended up being very challenging. Each time he came into the office he had a big smile on his face.

Review №6

Great service. When a nearby Midas store was unable to take care of the service issue this store stepped up with great service and pleasant demeanor. Definitely on my list of places to go again for my next service issue.

Review №7

First I made a appointment go get my oil changed and when I get there I was waiting in line to be waited on next and the employee was telling the guy he was waiting on that supposedly one of the other employees had spent thousands of dollars on repairs for his sons truck so he had his young son in the shop working it off. That disturbed me because I dont want anyone that isnt trained and or certified to be doing anything to my car I dont care if it is a oil change then after several minutes of listening to this the employee asked me what I wanted and I told him I had a appointment to get a oil change he then said we are severely behind like a couple of hours so I left. What is the point in making a appointment if you have to wait 2 hrs? I went across the street to jiffy lube and was in and out in 15 minutes. Im glad it worked out the way it did because after hearing what I heard was enough for me. I just hope that the son doesnt get hurt and not being employed there could be bad.

Review №8

Caution: This place has a growing reputation of screwing their customers. The manager Christopher is a real head case. Too many other great places to go to in area to be wasting your time here.

Review №9

Went in to get a muffler fixed. Found a leak at the intake manifold. Then the switch needed to be replaced too. Did all 3 but had my car for 4 days. Now my car is not running right. When I put it in park and take it out of gear it cuts off. It never did that. Now they say I need a carburetor. Not getting it from Midas for $441 plus labor came up to over $700. So now I have to go buy my own carburetor and find someone to put it on. I spent $930 with Midas and not satisfied.

Review №10

Friendly service and timely. thanks!

Review №11

Thank you manager Chris and team for fixing my Montero.. Im very happy with the results!

Review №12

I have been taking my cars and repair needs to this Midas for over 10 years and I always felt like they had fair pricing. The new management over the last year has drastically changed. Every time I take my vehicle for something that I think may be fairly simple or routine, they ALWAYS come back with high prices and that something else is wrong with my vehicle. They quote you $49.99 for a synthetic oil change but you end up paying almost $70.00 as they say the $49.99 didnt include labor. I had my check engine light come on last year and it cost me over $1000 to have it repaired. This last time I took it for another oil change and now apparently I need flushes on my vehicle and those equal to over $700. I feel like they are milking a cash cow or have some scam going. I will be taking my vehicles somewhere else going forward.

Review №13

The manager, Chris, is great.

Review №14

Scheduled an appt to get a conventional oil change for $24.99 but tech refused to sell anything less than synthetic. He told me my vehicle required synthetic (I usually get the blend) and it does not. He was extremely rude and ultimately refused to service my vehicle. I’ll take my business elsewhere. Wouldn’t recommend

Review №15

Consumer beware! Took my wifes Honda to get an oil change with free rotate. Also asked them to look at one of my tires because it keeps losing air. Took about an hour. Paid and was told good to go. Asked about the tire and they told me it didnt have a leak. Told them that is impossible because it leaks down to 20psi within 3 days. Asked if they rotated, they said no because it didnt need it. The front tires were starting to cup (indication of rotation being needed). Gave up and left. 4 days letter same tire was low again. Finally had time to take vehicle back. Called and the manager said no problem bring it back. They took vehicle in. About 30 minutes they came and told me they found nails in the other 3 tires (not the one leaking) and said 2 had nails in the sidewall, and need replaced. They could patch the other one for $40. Still did not find any problems with the initial tire that kept going down. He argued with me about the one tire for a few minutes and said that is the only good tire I have. Left and took vehicle to Discount Tire. They found the 2 tires that Midas wanted to replace did have small nails in the tread that they removed and were not deep enough to cause any problems or need patched. They patched the other tire with the nail and found the TPMS sensor on the original tire with the leak seal was bad. They replaced the seal. All this within 30 minutes and free of charge, except for having to pay for the rotate that Midas was supposed to do for free. Will NEVER go back to Midas!!

Review №16

Had my brakes replaced at Firestone Hendersonville less than 20k miles ago. Now the front brakes are already gone and cutting into my rotors. Called Firestone and was told that they were not under warranty. Spoke with Chris at Midas and he worked my truck in right away. Had to replace front brakes and rotors. He gave me a great deal and plus he gives a lifetime warranty on the brake pads! Yes, a LIFETIME warranty. Would definitely recommend this location to anyone!! Thanks Chris and Midas if Hendersonville!

Review №17

I was just expecting an oil change but Chris McCormick is the manager and he was so polite and courteous I forgot southern hospitality still existed well he suggested I do a snap approval to see if I could complete all my maintenance flushes at once for an unbelievable deal..Well it went through and my credit isnt great let me tell ya...He made my day ..I hope him and his crew will be there in the future if I have to return for anything...Thanks again Chris and crew.......

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Review №19

Very satisfied with the service here! Quick and efficient! Thanks, Chris, and your crew for your excellent work! Keep up the good work!

Review №20

This place from the get go was just not good. I asked for a full tune up and diagnostic look over to make sure nothing was wrong with my truck. It has 192k so need to make sure. I was told the price would be over $340!! for a four cylinder Ford Ranger?...Well I told them just forget it but would like the oil change...How much is that...I was told $50...Okay just do that then...So 4 hours later I go to pick up my truck and the bill is $265!! I asked for an oil change? He said no we changed the spark plugs and did oil change...I was floored I told them I just talked to them and said just an oil change! he didnt remember that. So whatever I paid the bill and asked for a reciept for the breakdown of costs and It was like $almost $60 for oil change and the rest of the $265 to replace 4 spark plugs not even new coils ! and as far as the check engine light I asked to check...Never did it, was told probably just a catalic converter not to worry about.Bottom line I was screwed out of over $200 and still didnt get the work I actually asked for. I would NOT recommed this place or will I return!...Just FYI

Review №21

I took my Porsche Cayenne in to have the 80K maintenance done. A spec check was done to see what all was needed. I was also quoted to have some brake work done. The manager (Chris) called me later to give me the run down of the cost, and said that if he could get the parts, hed have it done the same day. I knew it was late in the day and I was in no huge hurry (Plus they have an ADT alarm system) and I knew that my vehicle would be properly secured over night.I received my vehicle back the next; however, my significant, she drives it, and I have to ask her how it feels. She says that she doesnt have an complaints.Junior was the mechanic and he did an awesome job. Feel free to reach out with any other questions.

Review №22

We brought 2 of our vehicles here for a 9am appointment, both needing brakes/rotors, and a variety of other maintenance needs. They finished our vehicles in a timely manner, got our vehicles in promptly with no wait even though we were early for our appointment and the new manager (possibly owner?), Mike, was pleasant and friendly. I have been to several Midas locations over the years and was a regular patron of this location and was not aware of the ownership change, with that being said Midas still recommended various other services like any chain stores BUT Mike at Midas did not try to push the recommended services and did not try to use scare tactics to get us to buy the recommended services like coolant flushes etc. It was a definite five star experience and we will be returning to this location for our future vehicle repairs.

Review №23

I’m convinced the manager Chris writes his own reviews these people are crooks and will ruin your car and deny responsibility

Review №24

Everybody Chris is the manager that works the front desk always very polite very informative about everything that he can possibly help you out with great place to go would always suggest it

Review №25

Possibly the worst oil change experience I’ve ever had. The individuals working were incredibly rude. It took OVER an hour for them to change my oil which is absolutely ridiculous I have NEVER had to wait that long anywhere. When I was finally able to pay they said I needed $1500 worth of repairs which is funny considering my car was recently looked over by the mechanics at Honda and they never mentioned that. I will most definitely not be returning to any Midas locations.

Review №26

Pretty terrible customer service. Chris, the GM was distracted, staring at the computer screen the entire interaction, not listening to anything I was saying. So, of course none of the things i asked to be looked at were done, other than the actual brake pads.I had booked an appointment the day prior, which meant nothing. I had to wait 20 minutes to drop off my keys when I got there and I had to give all of the information again. Chris said the info doesnt pass over from their website?Covid protocol was awful, employees werent wearing masks, no hand sanitizer, no sanitized pens, etc.Car took 3 hours longer than i was told, and of course i had to be the to call and find out it was delayed over and over again. No communication on their end.Nothing about the visit was criminal or anything, but there wasnt one step in the process that was pleasant or terribly professional. I guess i just feel if you are spending a thousand dollars with a company they at least treat you well.Oh, and i received an email asking me to rate this experience on google, so i follow their link, type it all out...and it errors out and says cant be posted at this time lol. So i posted it to an alternative site they offered and came here.

Review №27

Very nice general manager and technicians

Review №28

I have been a repeat customer at this Midas for two years before my experience today. Now, I am never going back. I dropped my car off first thing this morning at 7:30 (when the store opens) for a routine oil change. I called around 11 or so since I had not heard anything and thought this was a reasonable amount of time for the car to be worked on. The manager told me they had been running behind today, but they were going to be getting to my car next, so it should be done soon. I receive a call at 1:15, assuming this is the call to tell me my car is ready to be picked up. I then find out not only had they not even touched my car (after it had been sitting there all morning) but now they are saying all 4 of my brake pads needed to be replaced as well at all of my cabin filters, totaling around $1,000. I told the manager that I just had my brakes replaced at their location back in March, and was now curious why they needed to be replaced again so quickly. He basically told me that he didn’t work there when they were originally replaced, so not only was he not responsible for this being done wrong the first time, but that I wasn’t a regular customer while he’s been working there so he felt no priority to assist me. Not only was the general manager rude to me, but he was also rude to my mother which is just flat out disrespectful. I returned at 5:15 to make sure my car was done (as he assured me multiple times it would be done today & I hadn’t spoken to him since the previous phone call) and it was still in the bay. I didn’t leave with my car until the shop closed at 6 PM. My car was in the shop the entire day for what was supposed to be a routine oil change. The new management change is absolutely horrible at this Midas location. I would NOT recommend anyone take their vehicle here as this is not a trustworthy business.

Review №29

I made an appointment to get a routine oil change and tire rotation at 9:30 this morning. Dropped the car off and got a call back around 2pm. They said my brake pads were completely worn down to the metal and I urgently needed to replace them as well as the rotors (totaling out around $550). I declined and took the car to another mechaic down the road for a second opinion. It turns out the brake pads are completely fine and nowhere near needing to be replaced. Midas also didn’t rotate my tires, and now I’m unsure if they even changed my oil. Don’t let their cheap coupons draw you in. Dishonest mechanics that must be hurting for money. I will not be returning to Midas for my car service needs.

Review №30

Super friendly staff! I brought my car in with brake problems and was told it was my master cylinder. They said they had to order one and could get the part the next day. Well, lo and behold, they called around and got the part that same day and were done with my car in just a few hours!! Super helpful!!!

Review №31

Good place to get serviced

Review №32

Was quoted a price of $1,200 to make repairs to my truck...which I thought was outlandish...but went ahead with fhe project...was ASSURED multiple times that,the quote would be my final cost...went in to pick it up and was charged an additional $368.00,when I questioned them about concerns and frustrations were not addressed..not only that,but my when I go over bumps in the road,the back of my truck makes loud noises....I guess its the professional muffler work I had you want work done there...have your quote written in blood and the conversation Videotaped or they will deny it.....Told the manager that I would be contacting the Corp.Office of Midas about my issues and was told ..Good luck with that...we own this building and I couldnt care less...Good stuff.......UPDATE....went back and talked to the Manager/Owner and staff and they made repairs to my non-functioning muffler situation....was pleased with the repairs made....We agreed that there was a misunderstanding about what work needed to be done and the cost associated with that....

Review №33

I went to Midas on a Friday with an appointment at 4:30 to get my oil changed. When I arrived the manager told me they were running behind and there would be a wait. I told him I was fine with waiting. After waiting 30 minutes he was ready to service my car, but when he saw that it was a Toyota he couldnot sevice my car because he didnt have the necessary tools. My car was parked right outside the front big glass window. He could see me get out the car. Knew it was mine. But never noticed it was a Toyota! He never asked me what type of car I was needing serviced when I scheduled the appt or after I arrived. He offered me another appt the next day.I arrived the next day for my appointment and again was told he was running behind schedule. I accepted this slightly frustrating news. Then maybe 15 minutes later he tells me there is no way he will have time to service my car today! After I had come back a SECOND TIME! I told him I was leaving out of town the next day and really needed my oil changed. He starts telling me the reason for having to turn me away is because an employee did not show up for work that day. I feel I should have been notified before even coming in for my appointment. I was not offered any type of compensation or even a compromise to come back later. I was loyal to Midas...i could have gone most anywhere and obtained an oil change on the following day, but I decided to honor my commitment with Midas...even though I was not offered any incentive to come back. I was really hoping with the new management that Midas would provide much better service but unfortunately I was wrong. I am NEVER going back. The manager sure didnt seem to care if I did or not. He was a very friendly and personable guy. But seems to have poor management skills and did not do anything to compensate me for my time or loyalty or need for service. Nor did he offer me any incentive to come back! I wasted my time, my gas and the opportunity to get my oil changed anywhere else that day due to it being 5pm when he declined to service my car. Im extremely dissatisfied and will discourage everyone to avoid going to Midas in Hendersonville. Totally unreliable and unprofessional.

Review №34

Worst service ever. We went 2 times and same guy at front desk name Cris I believe. Short chubby guy. The first time he left my hubby waiting for a while, just standing there. Maybe 10 minutes and then came out with my hubby to look at vehicle. And said bring it tomorrow morning. We took it a few days after.The same guy said leave it here. He said he called us but he didnt.So I called after 2 hours and he said come pick it up and that they couldnt work on it.When we go there in person, he said the mechanic cant work on it cause it has too many problems.

Review №35

Got hear at 3pm .. Its 5.04 an mechanic just started on breaks.. Because for 25- 30 min the counter guy was arguing with mechanic about days off. 1 girl how had an appointment at 4pm was told at 5.09pm that theyd have to come back another time. Just to rotate tires on a car...she waited an hour to be told to come back. I will tell every one the mechanic are good but to interrupt a. Job Holy shut now Im told the estate of 561 was for roters on back an pads Olny on back.. I told the guy roters on back an pads all around. Un f...n believable . DONT EVER COME HEAR EVEN IF DESPERATE TWO HOUR OUT OF MY DAY AN BACK TO NOTHING.

Review №36

Mechanic broke a part, then left or never really worked there to begin with. Stuck with a broken part.

Review №37

Hinsdale customer service beats a lot of local other service Personnel here and Im so happy that place exists

Review №38

Great people and. Good service

Review №39

Theyve had a management change and the new staff is excellent! The new manager took a look at my car and took me out and showed me the problem. He priced it very affordable and was done in a timely manner. Id recommend them to all my friends!

Review №40

Confident my alternator was shot during a holiday road trip. Went to this Midas location where they got my car in right away. I was in a hurry to get back on the road and suggested they just go ahead and swap the alternator. They insisted on doing a check first and let me know it was just a glitch and no need for a new alternator. Didnt charge me a thing. If I lived in the area, I would definitely go back to this location for future service. Fast friendly help.

Review №41

Was friendly,nice,and got oil changed in and out 30mins

Review №42

I dont understand these other reviews, I guess maybe because I called and made an appointment? When I brought my car in, the man behind the counter was polite and helpful. He spoke with me about the issues in car and gave me an accurate estimate. I asked him to have the mechanic drive my car and listen to the noise it was making.When I returned to the store, the mechanic actually came in and spoke with me about the car. He told me he drove it and it just needed to have the transmission flushed. Overall, he made my car run excellently. Couldnt be more satisfied.

Review №43

I had my ac fixed here these guys are polite and gets the job done fast with great pricing i found a new mechanic shop thanks to MIDAS ..

Review №44

Great fast friendly service

Review №45

Great service ! Efficient and reasonably priced ..we now have a new mechanic .. I WILL NEVER GO TO PEPBOYS AGAIN ! thanks to Robert our cars are running GREAT!!

Review №46

Went in 2 hours before they closed and was told that they couldnt CHECK my brakes. Really? Then I was told that they didnt do wheel alignments but the sign says tires, wheels and suspension...hmm. Either theyre EXTREMELY LAZY or something else that Id rather not say. So glad theyre not the only ones who can do vehicle services. Jerks!!

Review №47

I have been coming here for about 3 or 4 vehicles... I am grateful that they know me and treat me like family, which is why I continue coming and referring them to others!

Review №48

They are the worst place to have work done on your car ever. I had my rotors turned and they told me it was good to go. A week later my brakes couldnt make contact with the rotors because they were too thin. When I went back they said they knew I would be back. What the heck is that! They put me on the road endangered my life and knew it! Dont ever go here! I have lots of experience with vehicles I just didnt have time to do any of this myself at the time. In the end they replaces my rotors but then siezed up one of my calipers.

Review №49

Arrived for my appointment, they began work right away. New breaks in under an hour.

Review №50

I get my oil changes done here. Ken is professional and Im in and out in no time.

Review №51

Clerk not friendly at all

Review №52

Nice and clean

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