Sunshine Natural Foods
128 SW H St, Grants Pass, OR 97526, United States
Sunshine Natural Foods
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The worst. ; rude; arrogant; super high priced; commercial, pseudo natural food ; the lowest grade Ive ever seen produce; terrible cooking undercooked seaweed undercooked everything: Worst natural food store Ive ever been to, and its been that way as long as I can remember. They dont even sell bread or bagels or wheat crackers only those plastic shiny rice things in the plastic cellophane containers. The only bread they sell is Frozen--nothing fresh,... nothing local. The complete opposite of Sundance natural foods in Eugene which is fantastic.

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Review №3

Dank wraps like I would make but better. Love this place!

Review №4

I was able to quickly find my product and pay for it. Sooo easy and efficient!

Review №5

Amazingly friendly staff with all my favorite natural foods. I love supporting local too!

Review №6

When I get low on my vitamins and supplies, I like to go in and do it all at once. Sunshine always has a very good variety and supply of most brands, and I feel like the owners choose very reputable brands that are well tested. This is important to me, a health store that provides trusted as well as researched items and food.

Review №7

This is my new favorite store. The staff is friendly and helpful. My husbands colitis has almost resolved within a day using the two recommended products.

Review №8

Ive always felt welcome here and the fresh food is the bomb

Review №9

If you want a hot meal (or a cold sandwhich), some healthfood groceries, and your vitamins and supplements, you can get them all in this one spot! Its been my go-to for years.

Review №10

Fast, efficient service. Always know where to locate items and always very pleasant. I’ve traveled to Grants Pass from Eagle Point for several years because of their wide variety of fresh, whole food supplements......and the smoothie/fresh veggie drinks ❤️

Review №11

All three stars are for their products and food. Love everything they carry. I have since moved out of the area but when I lived in Grants Pass I tried to eat there as much as I could stand. But, Rob, the owner, was so very rude to me every-time I went in, and it made me feel so awful. I have no idea why he was rude to me as everyone seemed to like him in town. I have always been respectable towards him and came in with nothing but a smile and maybe a couple questions. My parents loved this place as well and they have always gotten along with him so this surprised all of us. He was always short with me and seemed to be bothered even by just my presence in the store. Because I loved their food so much, I remember trying to go in when he wasn’t there just so I didnt have to feel tension. Even times I would drive by in hopes of him not being there, and in realizing he was I would go somewhere else. I do not know if anyone else has had this experience with him? Anyways, the food and products and even the rest of the staff should be a 5 star review.

Review №12

A very good~ no~ excellent experience!! Dylan is one of my favorite employees. I really appreciate when he can help me. Hes very knowledgeable and shares the info freely. Personable too! An asset to the business thats for sure!

Review №13

Ive been hearing about Sunshine Natural Foods for years. I finally went in and they helped me with information that I needed to make the right choice. Everyone in there is very nice and the food looked and smelled good also. Ill be coming back for sure.

Review №14

We really appreciate Rob taking time to answer our questions. We feel we bought 2 excellent products. Sunshine is so unique and high quality. The clerk who first helped us and who completed our transaction was very friendly, nice, and helpful, too.

Review №15

Great service from knowledgeable staff! And curbside pick-up couldnt be easier. Highly recommend Sunshine Natural Foods. I buy all my needed supplements there, and have for many years.

Review №16

They had just what I needed, hand rub cbd and it works great.I recommend Sunshine for your cbd products.I also like the cbd oil it has worked wellfor my arthritis.

Review №17

A great find for lunch on my way to Medford. The food bar was great!

Review №18

Very good prices and helpful knowledgeable staff to help you with selecting an herbal supplement. The buffet is always fresh, soup salads bread granola created in their kitchen. Great blended concoctions &smoothies & tea. I meet there for little cozy luncheons with friends.

Review №19

Due to the pandemic I can no longer make my own salad at the salad bar, which I truly miss! Im looking forward to that feature of my favorite lunch place coming back when this crazy time is over.

Review №20

Sunshine is a regular stop on my shopping trips to buy their amazing chicken!!

Review №21

Amazing foods to purchase and make at home or enjoy in their cozy restaurant without the hassles. Great soups, delicious salad bar, yummy rice and beans, tasty sandwiches, refreshing kumbutcha, ginger beer and other fine drinks and food.Knowledgable staff in all vitamin needs they have never stirred me wrong. I always get great suggestions with awesome results. Look for vegan capsules. Customer service is always awesome and very professional.They sell items in bulk too pet food, spices. Refill water jugs or get fresh peanut butter. They have smart chickens for sale and worth every penny.Free birthday shake and earn money as you spend to purchase your next item you need.They also sell personal hygiene, toiletry, juicers and aroma items too.I love Sunshine they have our Health in mind. Great business. Thank you staff.

Review №22

Great place for organic fruit and veggies. Good food and all of the employees are very knowledgeable and helpful. I prefer Sunshine Natural Foods than any other organic store.

Review №23

Love the place - local downtown market with awesome food, stuff, and groceries too!

Review №24

The folks who work here are real helpful without the feeling of being pushy. I bought a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread and it was good. The salad bar looks interesting with healthy items to choose from. I have not tried that yet but it is on my list of things to do.Here is an addition to my previous post. I had a real yummy soup at the salad bar. I cant remember its name but it had garbanzos and sweet potatoes in it. Or maybe it was a winter squash and not sweet taters, I am not sure anymore but it was good. With the soup the customer was allowed a piece of bread. It was wheat bread. Would be cool if they offered a piece of gluten-free bread with the soup as an alternative.

Review №25

I am so grateful that we have a place like this in grants pass. I personally don’t usually shop here unless I’m shopping clearance items, or have a coupon because I feel it’s a bit overpriced. However, the customer service here is really good and the food is so yummy. All organic. The smoothies are refreshing and flavorful. I love the salad bar and the scratch made soups.

Review №26

I appreciate the fresh produce and thoughtfully curated selection of grocery items. I like learning about new products and also picking up long time favorites.

Review №27

This store is fantastic! The staff are very helpful and approach you when you walk in to see how they can help. Any questions you may have about their products are easily answered. They are full and knowledge and can find the product that fits your needs best. Their food is pretty tasty too!

Review №28

I love to go to Sunshine, as it is any time a very positive experience. Everybody is friendly & knowledgeable. I love the classical music & the perfect, delicious lunches. It is very important for me to know a store I can trust. Their Granola is the best Ive ever tasted. The quality of the food is very good & the prices are priceless.

Review №29

Healthy and delicious food, smoothies, and snacks. I love Sunshine!!!

Review №30

Overpriced and rude service. Prefer farmers market for better prices and friendly service

Review №31

I was invited to lunch but had no idea on what Sunshine was at first. I walked in and the atmosphere was that of a small store but I didnt know they were also a café and nutrition market of the sort. Im sold and hooked on their salad bar, sweet treats, vitamins and other offerings. Great service, great product and great atmosphere. Thanks for all that you offer the community!

Review №32

This is one of the greatest natural foods and medicines stores Im aware of. Ive been coming here since I was a wee child, and while the produce isnt always the best, they carry the staples...along with an excellent salad bar, cafe with soups, wraps, and salads, wonderful fresh juices, and many medicines and vitamins and such, sigh an extremely knowledgeable stay that can get you to what you need.

Review №33

I like Green Earth Medicinals (Its Clinically Formulated) and I have not found this anywhere else at a brick and mortar store locally. This is a great local store to buy vitamins, minerals and stuff. Fresh salad bar, soups, sandwiches made to order. Kombucha on tap and the store always smells yummy- too! 🌞

Review №34

The place to go if you want the best organic salad & soup at lunch. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly! I go there 2-3 times a week for all my organics. Love them!

Review №35

Sunshine is loaded with sunshine - friendly, helpful staff - even the other customers are helpful and friendly, sharing their healing experiences freely. They sell a large variety of supplements and natural foods at reasonable prices. I was glad to see cultured foods, seeds to sprout, and my favorite, locally made rice cakes! The storefront is itself is so welcoming - like an old-fashioned drug store in any small town many years ago. But there are NO drugs inside - just healthy food and supplements.

Review №36

Sunshine has fast food that is healthy, wholesome, and delicious. I mostly eat a salad that I make myself from the salad bar. It only takes a minute or less to make. Lots of yummy choices but I tend to eat the same salad over and over because it is so delicious and satisfying. Ive tried making the same thing at home but it never is as good as what I get at Sunshine. I also buy nutritional supplements there. The staff is very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.

Review №37

I cant comment on their food since Ive never eaten there but I can say the staff are quick to answer any question you might have about nutrition and their variety of vitamins and supplements. Parking is convenient both on the street and to the west side of the building.

Review №38

They have a Great selection of organic herbs, and essential oils that I am so happy to have found! Will be going back for all my soap making needs. Wonderful Friendly staff members greeted me, and showed me to the product I did not even know they carried! Not to mention the aroma of their deli kept my stomach growling! next time i with stop in for a healthy bite to eat!

Review №39

Rob Pells Sunshine Natural Foods is a fantastic establishment filled with an incredibly knowledgeable staff who go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Whether you are looking for the best natural supplements or are looking for an incredibly healthy meal, Sunshine has you covered. So, go in with your health questions and you will find answers and products that will have you on your way to feeling better!

Review №40

First time in the store and I found it to be small but it had what I was looking for. Perishables like nuts and chia were refrigerated, nice to see. Some staff was very helpful, one spoke so softly I had to ask for repeats. I thought the prices on the food rather high, but have heard its quite good.I think these people would be able to handle a much larger facility with bulk bins and more selections in produce and dry packaging. I will absolutely go back.

Review №41

Well stocked. Good spot for natural foods. Smells like freshly baked granola. Yum.

Review №42

My favorite salad bar!!! If I ever forget my lunch for work or I am looking to splurge on some good, healthy food Sunshine is my go to!!! Love this place and the super friendly staff.

Review №43

Excellent locally owned store and cafe. The salad & soup bar is fantastic and the juices from the juice bar are hand-crafted to each order. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful about the supplements (best selection in town) and the organic produce selection is great and always fresh!

Review №44

The owner was very polite. Good all natural foods

Review №45

Knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff. Great variety of supplements with very competitive pricing. The owner, Rob, knows just as much or more about supplement uses as does my naturalpathic doctorFantastic soup and salad bar and freshly squeezed juices made to order.Good selection of gluten free items, especially breads.5 star (*****) fresh made hummus !!!!Best local eggs in Grants Pass

Review №46

I got a hummus wrap and my husband got a turkey wrap. They were much bigger than expected and packed full of veggies. If Im ever back in Grants Pass, Ill be back!

Review №47

Great store.. Helpful & knowledgeable staff. Can usually get what I need unless its on order or not yet an item Sunshine carries.. Good prices and rewards program.

Review №48

I love the quality of selections available you dont get overwhelmed by the choices but are offered perhaps the best choices of product & value (they did the work for you in pre-selection & stocking). The environment is just right, the quaintness of the simple, clean and comfortable location and size of the store, the fact that the staff is familiar, helpful and kind, the owner is often working, hes no frills, honest, hard working and simply dedicated. Its a quality establishment and worthy of its loyal clients. I wouldnt want to see it change in any way.

Review №49

Excellent source of good food, including fresh squeezed juice to order, salad bar, soup, and premade pastries. The store stocks only the best highest quality products so one does not have to spend extra time shopping around everywhere else. Fabulous customer service, typically. I wish I had known about this place earlier.

Review №50

This is where I snag my vegan-friendly meals when Im doing a long commute through Grants Pass. I like it because its close to the main road, but it gives me a chance to stretch my legs and look at interesting items on the shelves. The bathroom is small and nothing special, though. If they improved that, it would certainly increase the quality of the rest stop factor, imo.

Review №51

Ive been a vegetarian since 1969 and Ive watched the entire evolution of the natural foods industry, so I know what Im talking about when I say that Sunshine Natural Foods is an excellent little store. What it lacks in square foot, it makes up for in carrying only high quality products. Their produce is organic and consistently good quality. It has a wonderful selection of the best supplements to choose from and is the first place that I go, whenever I want or need information about a particular supplement because Rob, the owner is so knowledgeable. The staff are always friendly and helpful making the shopping experience an enjoyable, personal one. Best Little Natural Foods Market in town!

Review №52

Great natural food selection and a plethora of things that are for the greater purpose in life. Taking care of yourself is the key ingredient for a healthy successful lifestyle.

Review №53

Everything healthy and maybe some not so much, this place is quaint, well stocked with herbal supplements and even has a salad bar. Lots of local, homemade goodies, and a place to sit and eat it. Everything a health conscious person is looking for in a local health food market.

Review №54

Im from out of state and called to see if they make wraps to order because Im allergic to carrots. They said yes so we went in 10 minutes later. I ordered an egg salad no carrot. I forgot to say Im allergic. Halfway through eating my wrap I noticed instead of shredded carrots the staff put chunked carrots into the egg salad. When my friend told him he said, sorry, I saw the no carrots but thought it was only a preference like most people. If you have any allergies I would suggest you go elsewhere.

Review №55

Sunshine carries top brand vitamins at competitive prices. They also have a great salad bar, bulk honey, Kombucha on tap, and carry a product line called Cell Food that I love!Staff is well informed and friendly.

Review №56

I loved this place. Would recommend going❤

Review №57

Love this store! Especially that they started carrying microgreens/shoots--super yummy! And theyre deli restaurant inside--theres always something delicious cooking that makes your mouth water. Supplements galore & knowledgeable staff to help you with them as well as ordering things youre looking for. Great place to get all your health food needs, especially those nutrient dense microgreens/shoots (sunflower & peas).

Review №58

Knowledgeable and courteous staff can help with a variety of questions. They are my go to in town. They set me up with some lung and sinus herbs that have helped immensely.

Review №59

We had a wonderful vegan soup,+ rice and beans. Its cozy and quaint and its easy to shop afterwards for extras. There were more vegetarian than vegan choices

Review №60

Great food! Everything was very fresh, and most of the staff was eager to answer my questions and help. I will most likely return with friends and or family who have not had this experience of quality fresh food and beverage that boosts and fuels you for the day

Review №61

Friendly and helpful. Great products.

Review №62

Best fresh health-food lunch buffet, juices, and soups in town. Excellent fresh produce for sale. Very comprehensive nutritionals and grocery inventory. Youll be glad you stopped. Buy a copy of Wellness Uprising book by owner, Rob Pell.

Review №63

Staff is friendly and helpful. I see people eating there and when I visited to buy some herbal supplement I checked out their menu but it didnt seem to have anything on it that I was interested in.

Review №64

They make their juice fresh and to my specifications one of the few places to get wheatgrass. Always have a smile on their face and very knowledgeable

Review №65

The most down-to-earth natural foods store Ive ever been to. They have the *best* salad bar Ive seen, and their smoothies taste awesome to beat.

Review №66

This is the place I go to for all of my supplements, and for my daughter as well. We both take a probiotic, hers is a chewable that she takes daily. The store is nicely displayed and the smell in there is great! Thank you Sunshine for providing a great staff and an abundance of healthy finds!

Review №67

Glad we have this place in Grants Pass. They can answer most questions and while the shop is small it has a very good selection and is well staffed. People generally smile and are helpful.

Review №68

I love the fact that I can go in any time of the day, and sales staff will stop what they are doing, and ask if they can help. It is so refreshing to see what very caring and knowledgeable staff you have on board. Your store is my very favorite!

Review №69

So lucky to have Sunshine Natural foods here in Grants Pass. Rob the owner is always there to help guide you and answer questions on youre health. Love to have lunch there or just a made to order green drink

Review №70

When I shop at Sunshine I get kind advice and answers to my questions. The products they recommend are effective. I used Chaparrel at their suggestion for a wart. It is gone now with no indications of coming back. When I questioned them about candida they gave me several good suggestions and showed me where to find things. Any time I come in here with a question they have good answers. Of course the lunch salad buffet is so delicious with the all organic foods to choose from. I just cannot choose so I take a little of everything.

Review №71

Been shopping here for years. The knowledge and products offered cant be found any other place in Grants Pass. If you have a question just ask.Youll never feel like a stranger, the service and atmosphere are great!

Review №72

Everytime I shop at Sunshine the store is well stocked and clean. Anytime I have a question about a product the staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. The carry quality brand vitamins and natural foods. Its also a great place to stop in for lunch. So glad we have a place like Sunshine in Grants Pass!

Review №73

Every item I have purchased there has been a good purchase because they, the owner and his staff, are well informed to help their clients make a right decision for their health issues.

Review №74

They have all the specialty items I love and need. Things I cant find at big supermarkets, organic bulk items, herbs and supplements to support health, treats, essential oils, organic produce, local fresh eggs, chipotle veganaise (a favorite of mine, always in stock). I bought an essential oil diffuser from them too. And their salad bar and smoothies are wonderful. The thing that really keeps me coming back is the rewards program. I get points every time I bring in my canvas bag, and for every purchase. I earned $25 to spend there just from buying the normal things I need!The staff is always amazingly attentive while still being low key, and there is an air of respect and acknowledgement among the small isles. One thing that really makes them stand out is that the staff is trained to be aware of the supplements and herbs and what they are helpful for, so that they can assist customers who come in needing help finding things for specific ailments. Superb!I will be a customer here as long as I am living in Southern Oregon. Thank you for what you do Sunshine!

Review №75

I love this place! The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. PLUS...when theyre making granola it smells heavenly!

Review №76

Its nice to have a reliable place to get a variety of things you cant get anywhere else. The staff is very friendly and helpful.I love Sunshine Natural Foods!

Review №77

The staff at Sunshine is very knowledgeable and so helpful. Quality of products can be trusted. The smell and the food is amazing. If you want to get healthy or stay healthy go to Sunshine!

Review №78

Sunshine Natural Foods is a bastion of good health. Everything from products to attitudes exudes a nurturing, caring concern. Friendly, helpful people with a purpose. Great music too!

Review №79

Great quality salad and sandwhich bar, organic natural,all good stuff but the store is very empty.

Review №80

Fresh made-to-order wraps and REAL smoothies (by far the best in town) prepared using excellent, high quality ingredients. great selection of supplements, natural health favorites and a fantastic overall focus on organics.

Review №81

Well stocked & smells great with fresh made granola.

Review №82

Great local health store. Amazing juices and a super healthy selection of soups and salad bar.

Review №83

Great service and lots of healthy things to choose from.

Review №84

Kind of pricey but good stuff and great selection

Review №85

Cute little place but no real inventory

Review №86

Favorite place to nourish my body and find great little treats. Beautiful salad bar!

Review №87

Thanks so much! My experience at Sunshine was out of this world!! Making our way from Vancouver down to the California/Mexico border was such an adventure filled with good times and some of the tastiest foods weve ever eaten. Being a strict vegan has often been difficult to accommodate while on the road though. The vegetarian restaurant that is inside Sunshine Natural Foods was exactly what I hope to find whenever Im looking for a great vegetarian meal. The salad bar had so many options, I think the diakon/makame salad was my favorite. Not knowing when wed come across another gem like this vegetarian restaurant, we ordered a few sandwichs to take on the road as well. I also have to mention the amazing vegan marble pound-cake that was so moist I almost didnt believe it was egg free, wow! They sure know how to do it right there at Sunshine!!Coming through Southern Oregon during its peak pollen season was an extra challenge, but thanks to the recommendation from Rob at Sunshine my hay-fever had begun to subside by the time we had finished lunch. :-)Thanks again, well be sure to come in whenever we pass fact Ill have to make sure our travel plans include a meal or two in Grants Pass!

Review №88

This is one of the few places I know I can count on for good healthy food. If you are vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian in particular this is a nice place to visit wether, on the go or for a sit down meal.

Review №89

Great options. Nice people. Receipts are slightly confusing.

Review №90

Great place to get a natural flu preventive. Knowledgeable about products. Great granola. Great herbal and food products. Great customer service. Great smiles.

Review №91

Always fantastic service, always fresh and delicious.. so many vegan chouces.. nice samples

Review №92

Good soup, and salad bar...Juice and smoothies are always great, and a good local spot to relax and enjoy some organic food choices..

Review №93

Love their organic lunch!! I love that I can go there & KNOW that I am getting quality & all organic, non-GMO & healthy good food! Great place to get wheat grass shots too! Great soups, salad fixins, & huge wraps!! Just wish the store was bigger & had even more choices!! LOVE SUNSHINE :)

Review №94

On my first visit to the store, it happened to be my birthday, and I was treated to a cup of soup with homemade bread and butter. I thoughtthat was a great way to treat a new customer.

Review №95

I wasnt thrilled but it was OK and the people were nice

Review №96

Great food/ juice/ smoothie options in their cafe and good selection in their grocery area as well.

Review №97

Grateful for all they offer. Whether I need last minute wax bags or jonesin for a juice or smoothie, (or a morning Yerba Mate), Sunshine is there :) Staff is nice and friendly, and I appreciate that they feel they can be themselves at work. No pretentiousness. Thanks Sunshine!

Review №98

Hard to find a better smoothie in town.

Review №99

I get all my stuff and sunshine theyre awesome they always have what I want or the order it

Review №100

They sell blends, but not individual herbs...and they dont really know their products....good if you dont know what your looking for but if you have any knowledge.....

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  • In-store shopping:Yes
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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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