Main Street Bagels
559 Main St, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States
Main Street Bagels
Review №1

Salmon with capers on top of fresh bagel. Like it! A central meeting spot in Grand Junction downtown. Service tends to be quick. Relaxed atmosphere

Review №2

Outstanding. I always stop in to Main Street Bagels whenever I have the chance. Recently I bought a gift card and accidentally left my credit card there. I didn’t notice that until a week later. I called them a week later. Jamie said they had it. !!!

Review №3

Excellent bagels. Soft interior, firm exterior, a good bagel

Review №4

Visited Grand Junction on our RV trip West. We had read about the Artist area downtown and wanted to view the sculptures and see the shops. Unfortunately, the day we visited it was BRUTAL cold with light rain. We braved the conditions and walked a bit but then saw the Main Street Bagels. Wife went in and grabbed two that were toasted and coated with stuff that was delicious. She added two cups of hot chocolate and we were in heaven. Went back the next day as the sky was clear and the temps hovered in the low 70s. Had two bagels, coated in cream cheese and some ice tea. Sat outside. This is a nice place, definitely a must visit if in the area.

Review №5

Best bagels in Western Colorado! They taste like a true East Coast bagel, chewy and delicious! Many sandwich options too, and great coffees and teas. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

Review №6

Great coffee, great bagel sandwiches, the best oatmeal Ive ever had at a breakfast place. Also great ambiance—the patio outside is a lovely little place to sit and enjoy Grand Junction.Even better, though, was their customer service. I left my phone here during a road trip. I was heartbroken as there are some sentimental photos on that phone. However, they found the phone, figured out a way to get in touch with my friend who told me where it was, and then SHIPPED IT to me in Seattle!As a result of their kindness, I still have my photos (not to mention my phone). They still havent even Venmo charged me as I requested for the shipping.Top-notch place.

Review №7

A great place to stop for bagels in Junction. Been going here for years.

Review №8

I have done a negative review here in the past. I did stop coming here for about a year. I do believe in general, businesss and people deserve a second chance. With that being said, I have been coming back to Main st Bagels for over a year. The service and food have been exceptional and the employees are very friendly. I am very happy to patronize this business and am thankful to be able to get a quality meal here. The ingredients are fresh and high quality. Thank you Main st Bagels for restoring my confidence in your business. I appreciate you all. I must have caught you all on a off day on my last review.

Review №9

Super cute spot! The live plants were absolutely lovely and the smoothies and pastries are delicious!

Review №10

Very charming bakery! Even some Vegan options. Love the big plant.

Review №11

The portions keep shrinking. Got a basic scramble and there was only egg on half the bagel.

Review №12

This place is great, everything you want in a bakery. We get a dozen bagels every week from their amazing selection (get there before lunch, they go fast!) and we love their sandwiches for lunch as well. Definitely a staple business here in Grand Junction. Lots of seating as well inside and out.

Review №13

Just wanted to give a shout-out to Main Street Bagels! We were passing through Grand Junction on our way to Meeker, Colorado. I ordered a SCRAMBAGEL+BACON and a cappuccino. Both were delicious.

Review №14

Super cute place with great food. Weve come here only a few times and have loved their food.The frappe wasnt great, it had this almost granny texture that wasnt great. Wasnt bad by any means though, drinks tasted fine.

Review №15

Amazing treat to find GREAT bagels in Grand Junction!

Review №16

Great place to grab a sandwich and a smoothie. The Turkey flats is my favorite. Great job baking those croissants.🥐🥐🥐

Review №17

Plenty of table space and good wifi. Best cinnamon bun ever.

Review №18

Best bagel sandwiches we had. I highly recommend it. Plus staff is super friendly 👌

Review №19

Ive been to a lot of local coffee shops that pale in comparison to Main Street Bagels! The atmosphere is great, the food and drinks have been amazing and the staff is so friendly. Definitely recommend you try this place out.

Review №20

They were very busy but still made tasty breakfast

Review №21

Best bagel Ive ever had. Panera bread could never

Review №22

Consistently quality food and drinks. I don’t go often but when I do I know it’s going to be tasty! Cozy atmosphere, lots of space and table space with friendly people. Prices are a little on the high side so things add up quick.

Review №23

Great bagel sandwiches! The place is nice too, and a great downtown location.

Review №24

These bagels are to die for. They have so many options and they tasted great! The staff was super friendly. Highly recommend going to this place at least once or every morning!

Review №25

Great atmosphere and inside dining area. Fair prices and quick service. Highly recommend the New Yorker!

Review №26

Great bagel shop with delicious bagels and really yummy smoothies. We came here twice for breakfast and had a really pleasant experience. The staff were friendly and the food came quickly. I had the oatmeal one of the days which was great. Lots of seating space. Worth a visit for breakfast.

Review №27

A classic! Amazing bagels, breakfast and lunch, coffee drinks, art, working remote from a coffee-house, and probably the best corner for people-watching in Grand Junction.

Review №28

Amazing spot for breakfast, quality muffins, bagels, and smoothies. The salads are great for a hearty breakfast as well. Be sure to try the super vitality smoothie! Also, try to come in early for the blueberry chocolate chip muffin before it sells out. The restaurant has a lot of seating spread out for both a quiet morning with a book or family breakfast.

Review №29

Very clean friendly and prompt. Excellent service.

Review №30

Not the best bagels I’ve had - overproofed, and the basic scramble with added bacon cheddar and tomato was bland - when higher quality ingredients are used that combination usually is very flavorful

Review №31

So happy some one else from the east coast made it out to GJ so I can get a proper bagel in the morning.

Review №32

Great coffee choices. Cinnamon rolls are the BEST!

Review №33

Love this artsy bagel cafe and bakery! Plenty of seating and free WiFi, art on display and for purchase. Grabbed a palisade peach cinnamon roll, they always have fresh and seasonal treats. Also have an outside patio

Review №34

This place has great bagels but what draws us in are the cinnamon rolls. Last time we were in town they had a raspberry cream cheese cinnamon that was phenomenal. For the week prior to coming down we had been looking forward to that raspberry cinnamon roll but unfortunately it was not their current specialty flavor. If you know Grand Junction, Palisade is a short drive away and known for their peaches and they are some of the best peaches youll ever have. Well the specialty flavor is peach right now since they are in season. They look amazing. Havent had a chance to eat them yet as the family is still sleeping but Im told theyre amazing and knowing how great the rest of the products are, I trust theyll be as good as the raspberry. Ill update when we eat them.These peach cinnamon rolls are as fabulous as the raspberry, might even love them more. They were soft and chewy, not over baked and dry like some bakeries. There was two of us, we bought 4 and they were gone within a couple of hours. The traditional cinnamon rolls ate great too...but their specialty flavors are where its at!

Review №35

Wonderful. Our bagel sandwich was delicious. Sat outside in plaza. Place was packed, yet service was quick. Didnt like my Americano. But otherwise perfect.

Review №36

A parmesan bagel to die for!!! Get the scrambagel with onions, cheddar, and ham on a parm bagel. You will be 0 years old after eating it.

Review №37

Wonderful bagels with unique tasty options, beautiful atmosphere, dont forget to check out the bank safe!

Review №38

Very nice and peaceful. Great food.

Review №39

We got the 13 bagels with the artichoke and crunchy veggie smear and shared them with friends and family the morning after a wedding. Perfect end to a weekend wedding everyone loved them!

Review №40

Incredible bagels and scones!! A great menu selection. Nice seating area outside and lots of inside seating as well!

Review №41

Great menu items, sandwiches, paninnis, soup, granila, drinks, coffee. Service was great as was food

Review №42

Hand made deli sandwiches. Always fresh. Friendly staff, good food.

Review №43

This place is the best! It smells amazing, has a really amiable staff, does fast service even when theyre swamped sometimes. Cant wait to come back and try more of their baked goods. Great atmosphere as well.The lemon berry scone is to die for!

Review №44

Beautiful Main Street enjoyed walking along and looking at everything.

Review №45

Amazing bakery with so many options to choose from youll want to go back several times!

Review №46

I have no respect for a business that neglects the policies to enable customers to use the phone TO GIVE THEM BUSINESS. Your loss.

Review №47

Go here! The bagels are good, the schmear is good, the cookies (even the vegan) are good and the scones are too. That said, we didnt even try it all, but we wanted to. We got so excited to go again we went on Sunday, but sadly they were closed.

Review №48

Well it seemed to be the only coffee available on this Saturday at midday. Coffee was good no issues. Local coffee shops close way to early on Saturdays, this is just feedback. In would seem 4 winds is probably the only one later after 4pm

Review №49

Very impressed! Had a perfectly toasted Garlic bagel with Garlic/Herb schmear. All of the staff were very friendly and helpful and did a great job cleaning and promoting COVID precautions. Ill definitely keep going back there!

Review №50

The food was excellent and the prices were reasonable.

Review №51

What a fun place for lunch! Great threads, bagels, salads and more.

Review №52

This place is great! Friendly service and a huge selection. Stopped by on a Saturday morning and the line was out the door, but we still got out food quickly.

Review №53

Been here plenty of times. I figure its time to leave a review! Everything is made fresh in house and amazing. If you leave here disappointed perhaps you are just a sad individual and should seek help. The Lox is my favorite!

Review №54

Very cute, great bagels, nice staff.

Review №55

Main Street Bagels is a Grand Junction institution! We bring every out-of-town visitor here and swing by ourselves whenever we get the chance. The parmesan bagel is my absolute favorite but Ive never once had a bad meal there. The atmosphere is chill with walls full of local artwork for sale, the menu is fairly priced and amazing. If you live in the valley and havent been there yet I cant recommend them enough!

Review №56

I love this place! Great food and service. My dad says they have good coffee too. They have a scrameg sandwich which I loved !

Review №57

Great local business! The jalapeno bagel is a must try-fast and friendly service.Cant wait to go back ☺

Review №58

So much more than bagels! Great sandwich options and bakery selection in addition to bagels. Appreciate the local feel in the downtown mix.

Review №59

Always love Main St. Bagels! Fantastic bagels, great drinks, energetic staff.

Review №60

Got a New York bagel with tomato, lox, capers, red onions, schmear on an everything. Really good! Best over any Ive had in Utah.

Review №61

Very pleased that I can get a gluten-free bagel here!!

Review №62

Main Street bagels is everything you want in a classic breakfast option in a small town.The staff is very courteous and personal. They do a great job of fulfilling orders quickly. The facilities are clean and well-maintained.There are also plenty of seating options even with Covid. The breakfast sandwiches are just wonderful. Lots of bagel options. in addition, there are some great drink options and smoothies.I highly recommend this be your regular breakfast spot, or if you are passing through the area this is the place to stop.Cheers!

Review №63

Great atmosphere. Very good good food. Friendly staff and it smells a.azing when you walk in.

Review №64

Great place for Bagels and coffee.

Review №65

$35 for a fancy croissant and bagel with two fruit drinks seems steep to me and the woman got our order wrong, not impressed

Review №66

Nice place great food, decent price....

Review №67

Great bagel breakfast sandwich!

Review №68

This is one of my favorite places with fast, friendly employees. I decided to buy a loaf of their sourdough bread on my last visit. The slicer had its way with the loaf (the last loaf too!). They refunded the purchase, with many apologies, and let me take the poor loaf home. Poor thing (wink). It made me grin and I HAD to share.

Review №69

Their bagels are amazing, always delicious and the people are nice, I love their outside patio and their spacious indoor rooms. It’s a cozy place.

Review №70

Great selection and great food!

Review №71

Main Street Bagels is one of my favorite places downtown. Im currently pregnant and my body is picky with everything I eat, but getting a plain bagel with the very berry schmear hits the spot every time!!!! Also, the harvest apple cinnamon rolls are fantastic. Today they were really busy, so an employee walked through the line giving everyone free chocolate chip cookies- this nice gesture made my day! Love coming here.

Review №72

It was our first visit and definitely not our last! Yum!

Review №73

Delicious lox!Highly recommend in grand junction

Review №74

Staple for the Grand Junction area. The service is swell and the food is great.Treat yourself to bagels or some of the best cinnamon rolls in town!

Review №75

Probably my favorite coffee shop in downtown. The pastries are always delicious, staff is always friendly, and the coffee is so satisfying. I also love the chai, polar express hot cocoa, and sandwiches. The Tabeguache Turkey is my go-to, soooooo yummy.Pic is the Cuban Cremoso ❤️

Review №76

Today was my first time at Main Street Bagels and I was blown away, the seating inside was amazing, the food and drinks were great, and the service was perfect. I couldnt ask for more, I highly recommend and I will make an effort to come here more often.

Review №77

Very tasy, good service. Covid concious

Review №78

Whether youre grabbing a coffee with a friend or munching on a bagel after a hike, Main Street Bagels has you covered. So good!

Review №79

I love this shop. The food is delicious, the staff are the friendliest people, and the store front and patio are great places to sit and relax.I try to visit every time Im in Old Town, and am never disappointed.To speak volumes about the staff, I took my dog to Old Town for a little walk about and she accidentally went into the store after a passing car scared her. They were very patient with her and kind about the entire debacle while she calmed down enough to exit the store.

Review №80

Delicious bagels!

Review №81

Great place with nice staff and cool atmosphere! Their Lax bagels are really good!

Review №82

A cute little downtown restaurant with great bagels and smoothies!

Review №83

Must visit when in downtown Grand Junction. The Chipotle Turkey was amazing, all the right flavors, sourdough bread was just right.

Review №84

When did the quality of Main Street go downhill? I ordered the bagel pack and the Parmesan bagels were just thrown in the bottom of the bag with the cream cheese??? They also looked burnt on top. The crunch bagels looked burnt also! This used to be the go to place.....what happened????

Review №85

Great place to eat. A little pricey, but worth it! They have gluten free offerings for just a little bit more, which is awesome if you have allergies. I do not know how Celiac friendly the store is; I have a wheat allergy that isnt impacted by small amounts of cross contamination, so I couldnt say for sure that it is or isnt safe.Expect at least some CC, though. They do bake a lot of their goods in-house.

Review №86

Pretty good. Had to go back to the counter three times before they got my sandwich correct. The bagel itself was tasty and fresh. Service was fairly quick for how busy they were.

Review №87

Hand made and fantastic. Just like its been for as long as I can remember. Grew up on these bagels, and every time I come back I come here for breakfast. There is nothing to compare to these out in Tennessee where I am now. Love the outside seating in the morning with a fresh bagel and the crisp morning air. This is a must stop place if in the area.

Review №88

Excellent sandwiches. Gluten free sesame bagel seemed too good to be gluten free! Very fresh vegetables in sandwiches. Nice outside tables with umbrellas around the fountain.

Review №89

Stopped by the shop for an early breakfast before going out on the trails and it was such a great experience. The bakery has a great vibe with local art for sale and the food was just perfect paired with some great hot coco. I had to take a few baked goods home with me especially their beautiful fresh sourdough. Already planning a trip back to the area and Main Street Bagels is on the top on my revisit list.

Review №90

Great bluegrass music Sat am

Review №91

Food once received was fairly average. Menu has some great options however after walking in to place orders for 3 people, the first three choices ordered off the main menu posted behind the counter they either didnt have or didnt carry anymore according to the young lady taking the orders. Items not carried shouldnt be featured on a menu (with understanding to things only temp not available or run out). Certainly wouldnt recommend Main Street Bagels to anyone if your fourth choice of item from the menu is what ends up being available.

Review №92

Recently went here at noon, and understandably they were low on bagels. So today on a Monday, I went at 7:45 AM, they were out of bagels!! My head is still spinning from the answer why, it made no sense. Can’t you make more? I will look elsewhere, and so should you.

Review №93

Spendy but delicious and worth it.

Review №94

Yummy! A little pricey. Definitely good food, good service.

Review №95

It was great as usual. The staff is incredibly friendly. State safe.

Review №96

Nice place their bagel are good. Coffee too. Wait staff is friendly and the same for a little bit now.But they have to clean a little bit more their back of the house. Especially the one we can see. If you decided to sit. If they are busy the echo are really bad !

Review №97

Not all food preparers wear masks over their noses. Food is acceptable. Def wont be returning until COVID is well under control.

Review №98

Excellent bagels and breakfast sandwiches. You can tell its made fresh to order and not microwaved. The spinach artichoke schmear is amazing.

Review №99

Great place to enjoy a great bagel and coffee I highly recommend it everyone

Review №100

Fantastic breakfast. Get the jalapeno scrambler!!!!

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  • Takeout:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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