Review №1

As a Mother of 4, I absolutely love Kid to Kid! They always have a rather large selection of high quality, gently used clothing. They carry all of my favorite brands like Gap, Zara, Old Navy, Target and lots more.

Review №2

I had some very nice toys to sell. My daughter is an only child and was very gentle with her toys. These were Disney, Doc McStuffins, Melissa and Doug, Fisher Price, Littlest Pet Shop and more all in great condition and organized (included some pics). They told us they had a 2 box limit when we showed up. We called earlier and no one bothered to mention it and they werent apologetic for the misunderstanding. I decided to not sell to them. I then sold a bunch on Facebook same day and am donating the rest.

Review №3

Great store!I refuse to buy my kids expensive clothes because they run through them. We went to Kid to Kid to just looked Around and came with a bag full of clothes. We spent around $70 but we got 4 pairs of jeans, 2 winter coats, a jacket and even a couple books.All the clothes are in great condition and good brands. Will definitely be coming back to shop some more.

Review №4

Cute place. Good selection. Very clean. With four kids, I go there often!

Review №5

Love this store! We bought 3 Halloween costumes that look great and all under $30. I hate spending money on Halloween, but kid to kid makes it doable.

Review №6

Love this place! I sell and buy clothes all the time and save so much! Find unique stuff that you can’t find anymore in stores. All the clothes are gently or nearly used.

Review №7

One of the best Kid to Kids in Utah! Amazing selection of Zara clothes whenever I go

Review №8

I love coming in here and buying gently used books for my kids. They also have really great prices for gently used clothing.

Review №9

Love this place! Have found many gems for great prices! Love coming here!!

Review №10

Lehi/American Fork location is organized and easy to find things. I was able to quickly get in and out with all the school uniforms my daughter will need this school year for a fraction of the cost of brand new.

Review №11

This place is a hidden gem. You can get some nice brands (things like Nike, Gap, Columbia, Adidas) at super low prices. You have to sort through tons of ok stuff to get to the good stuff but it’s worth it! I would recommend to anyone searching for kids clothes on a budget. I also just discovered they have maternity clothes too which is awesome!

Review №12

Love kid to kid store. It’s a great place to get money for my kiddos’ clothing. It’s perfect!

Review №13

Love Kid to Kid! Found exactly what I was looking for to complete my daughters Halloween costume!

Review №14

Love going to THIS kid to kid. Very clean organized store, with great inventory

Review №15

Love this location. They always have nice clothes and books! All the employees are extremely nice!

Review №16

My mother took me to this location when I was a kid and now Im shopping there for my daughter. Theres always a wide variety of stuff. I love their sales the most. Their store is cramped and bursting with stuff which makes it a little harder to enjoy shopping there. They have a small play room for kids, a fitting room, and a bathroom. I wish they had a changing table or something instead theres just a changing mat available. All in all it youre needing a good deal on clothes, shoes, and jackets, give this place a try. Ive found practically new Nike shoes for my girl at a fraction of the cost. Really hoping the rumors are true and that a Provo location will open soon.

Review №17

We Always love our experience at all the local Kid to Kids! 😀 We always find way more than what we go in for! Great kids stuff for great prices!

Review №18

Everyone that works at the American Fork Kid-to-kid are always so friendly and helpful!

Review №19

I always find what I’m looking for at a great price and good quality at the store!

Review №20

Always find cute brand name clothes for my littles.

Review №21

Love this place! Great quality, great prices, great service :)

Review №22

Love this location, always find great outfits for my little ones and save a lot of money shopping here !!

Review №23

This store is so fun! I love selling my old stuff and getting me things for all my kids!!!

Review №24

I love Kid to Kid. They have great stuff at great prices. I have truly found some real gems here.

Review №25

I always shop here first when my kids need new clothes.

Review №26

Daughter wanted to Christmas shop for a friend. She found 1 of 2 things she wanted.Isles are close together. Somewhat busy on a Saturday. They are well stocked.

Review №27

The employees are not helpful. You could hear them as they were going through peoples bags of clothes who were trying to sell them “Is this clothes cause all of this looks like garbage.” You get a pretty strong smell in the shoe corner. Not planning on going again.

Review №28

Love shopping here, great prices, great selection, and thrifting is the most sustainable way to shop.

Review №29

Lots of gently used clothes to choose from. I was very happy with the selection. One cant return sale items, but the prices are good, so thats not a big deal.

Review №30

This store is well run and is clean. Prices are good and I felt like the trade in value for clothes was decent.

Review №31

I have never been disappointed with the quality or price of clothes we’ve bought here, BUT, the space is so small and crowded that it’s not super fun to shop here. It’s tricky to get a stroller through the aisles and the toy section always feels especially dirty. Probably still the best place to get gently used kids clothes in the area.

Review №32

So kind and had what I needed!

Review №33

Independently owned so you cannot use uour membership here FYI. They have their own membership. Good selection, somewhat small albeit.

Review №34

I really enjoy getting clothes for my kids here. Theyre lightly used or new for cheap. The staff is also very nice and helpful.

Review №35

I love this place! Great kids clothes and toys for all ages and friendly staff😊 I will be coming here again!!

Review №36

Great clothes, good prices! More than you could ask for in selection! Its a little hard to go in there with kids now though because they cant touch the toys because of covid.

Review №37

The clothes here are on the verge of falling apart. The employees are not friendly. You’ll have better luck buying used children’s clothes at a regular thrift store, or on Fb. On and very, very overpriced for the quality you get. I can not believe how worn everything was. Oh and it stinks. The prior reviews are absolutely correct about this store. Not going back!😷

Review №38

Took clothes there over a week ago to be sold and they still havent gone thru them... was hoping to be able to use credit towards their sale today..

Review №39

The staff were super friendly and very helpful. My kids had a place to play and we got a pretty good deal on some items we needed and some just for fun. I took off one star bc they don’t have a changing table- just a pad on the floor in the bathroom.

Review №40

Goid prices, good quality. Just like new.

Review №41

They had a great range of clothing and toys. My baby will be born in September so I was so excited to find some winter items since my baby will be tiny in the winter months. I would fully recommend this place to anyone.

Review №42

Good finds all the time!

Review №43

Great location, kind employees

Review №44

Kid to Kid is my favorite store for kids clothes! It is so cheap and you are still getting quality/cute clothes! I rarely buy kids clothes anywhere else!

Review №45

My kids were playing with a big wheel trike, which was out on the floor when we got there. One of the employees too the trike from my children. She didnt say anything to any of the adults. My husband a few minutes later spoke to get saying that next time she should involve the parents and not just take things. The manager than gets upset with my husband for being mean to get employee. Then she wouldnt drop it. We said we had the right to disagree with the way her employee treated our child. We dropped it let to go and stood in line waiting to buy a very nice coat for it daughter. The manager than again attacked the both of us. We asked to b drop it. But the manager couldnt. So I said that we would buy the coat and leave. As were leaving she tells at us that its private property. I had no objections to leaving and had instigated it. They store then called the cops on us AFTER we were already in the car.

Review №46

The staff at this location are always very helpful! It’s a small store but usually stays pretty organized and not too crowded to find what you need.

Review №47

I think the concept of Kid to Kid is great. If I can give clothes that my child outgrew to a store where people can afford shop is great. However, the staff is incredibly rude! I’m not even going to use my energy writing about my terrible experience dropping clothes off. That’s all I’ve got to say. It’s hard to be a returning costumer when I’m treated so poorly!

Review №48

Amazing!! Nobody told me about this place and Im so happy I found it Im gonna have one spoiled little boy!! Love love love it ❤

Review №49

Personally pretty satisfied with this consignment store. It is a little small but I usually find quality items for a reasonable price. They stay fairly organized regardless of having such a small space, but do plan on searching a bit. I have been going to this location for several years and buy the majority of my childrens clothing here.I also know kid to kid donates a lot of items to the community which is a major reason I like to support this shop.

Review №50

Tons of stuff at great prices. Easy to sell them your stuff too. Only problem is the store is a little crowded - they put a ton in a small space. But its kept fairly clean and organized.

Review №51

This place may not be the biggest but it is packed full of great items and lots of really great deals can be found. We bought a few things that we didnt even know existed and wanted. Lots of clothes and other items.

Review №52

Had great selection found exactly what I was looking for for a great deal. Friendly and helpful staff

Review №53

Great experience, great discounts, fabulous clothes!!!

Review №54

The store is smaller than other Kid to Kids, but for me, the staff is what gave this place a 1 star for me. I say this with some apprehension because Im not one to ever use race as an excuse (my husband and I are both Native American), but it seemed that we were treated differently because of the color of our skin. When we walked in to donate (it was our first time donating), the worker started giving us a really hard time because we brought our donations in a trash bag and not in a basket (a policy that had been implemented literally days before our visit). She gave us the hardest time and was so rude to us about this BRAND NEW POLICY. We apologized for not having a basket - this being our first time to this location and also our first time ever donating. She very apprehensively gave us an empty basket that hey had behind the counter with a one time card. Im not mad because of us not following their policies. They have them in place to make their job easier. But this lady was incredibly rude and demeaning to us about it. What makes me feel like it was a form of racism (micro-racism at the least) is that a white lady walked in about 10 minutes later with her stuff in a bag and the SAME EMPLOYEE looked at her and kindly asked Do you need a basket? Here you go without explaining the new policy, giving her a hard time, or being rude and demeaning. I left insulted and heated. Its not the first time Ive experienced this level of racism (yes, there are levels... Its not all radical), but I know the signs. And the only difference between us and that other mom was the color of our skin. I will never be visiting this Kid to Kid again.

Review №55

I love this place. It is insanely hard to organize thrift stores in general because of the diversity of the stock. So the effort to keep a thrift store just for children clean and easy to find items is almost herculean. There is just so many little things kids need and then grow out of just as quickly. Thank goodness stores like this exist. You can find everything you need and not pay the prices big department stores overcharge.

Review №56

This location has become an absolute joke. Their selection is minimal, the store is a mess, and it takes upwards of an hour to sell stuff. I feel like two years ago the selection was much better and I never waited more than 20 or 30 minutes tops to sell my things.

Review №57

An associate took a toy from my 5yr old daughter without informing us as the parents. I very kindly asked the associate to address me or my wife as the parent. The manager at the time with blonde hair and glasses chose to be rude and say that I needed to be nice to her employee. It then led to her being even more rude to us by not letting it go. She kept badgering the both of us several times and blaming us for the toy being on the floor. She then refused to sell a coat to my wife which then led to her being very upset with the manager. They then choose to call the cops on us. This is very stressful for the both of us and takes time out of our day to deal with this situation and for my children ages 5 and 2. Very upsetting and very disappointing customer service by these people. Will not be coming back for any reason and will be informing friends and family about the situation..

Review №58

The store is very stinky...the attitude of the employees is just as stinky. Love selling our kids clothes here but not sure if we want to go back because of the attitudes the employees have.

Review №59

My favorite one stop shop for childrens clothes! Whenever I need to buy the next size up for my children, I can get a good amount for great prices and discounts on top of that :)

Review №60

Huge selection of kids clothes. Its a smaller size store, but they have a wide variety of things. Just have to look ALL over, including up on top of the shelving. They didnt have what I was looking for, but the selection changes frequently, so its always worth a look. Friendly staff, decent prices for a consignment store.

Review №61

Pricing is a little crazy. Some of the stuff you can get brand new at the store for what a used item is being priced at here. While others are priced much lower and more reasonable. Just depends on how much you have to spend I suppose.

Review №62

Kid to Kid is the best. Great deals for gently used, very cute, stylish clothes for little ones. Love the deals on books too!

Review №63

Good little second hand kids store. You can buy or sell. They have clothes, shoes, baby items and maternity clothes. The selection can be good or slim depending on the size you are looking for. They have good sales every once in a while and we have found some cute stuff here.

Review №64

Great customer service here. Again, they r busy but also willing to stop what theyre doing to be friendly and help you find things. Although... sometimes a little toddler girl is running around (assuming managers daughter) which I actually think could be a cute, beneficial thing for the store... but this girl is a bit too much and is either possessive of the toys she is playing with or follows u around selling u things (this might be a cute & beneficial thing if she took it down a notch).

Review №65

So I must say this is my favorite Kid to Kid location! I have shopped several of the locations in Utah (and out of Utah for that matter) and this one is awesome! I brought 3 bags of clothes to sell and I honestly planned to leave it and try to put some stuff on hold because I thought it would take them forever to buy it but they had it done before I was even done shopping! I found the CUTEST clothes! I even got a shirt for me from the maternity section! I love this store!

Review №66

The employees went out of their way to help me find a specific piece. It was not an easy to find thing and they were able to produce several options. Although the store is cramped, they make good use of their space by featuring seasonal and popular items up front. Overall, a great experience!

Review №67

I love selling our old kids clothes and being able to purchase used clothes. This is a smaller Kid to Kid store and doesnt always have the selection others have. Also for that reason, they are very selective about what they purchase. Not necessarily a bad thing, but other stores might be able to purchase more of your clothes if you want to dejunk. Staff has always been friendly.

Review №68

The staff was really nice but the store was incredibly messy. Clothes and shoes were stacked in piles of shoved on racks, and the prices were quite high for a consignment store. They need a reduction in inventory, possibly by rotating some clothes and things out so that customers can get through the store without walking on inventory.

Review №69

I’m still trying to figure out how I can be the only customer in the store and it taking an hour and a half to sell a small box of clothes... I’ve sold at other locations previously with several people in line in front of me and I have never waited this long.

Review №70

Definitely go in to sell on a weekday! I have tried a few times on the weekend and the wait time was too long ( you have to stay in-store during your buy). I went at 11 on a weekday and there was no wait! Kid to Kid is great for those items that you wont necessarily find at thrift stores in good condition- 2 piece toddler jammies, water shoes, etc.

Review №71

They paid a fair amount for my clothes and they always have cute clothes to buy!

Review №72

I was pretty unimpressed with both the quality and cleanliness of the store, as well as the customer service.There was murchadise strewn absolutely everywhere, and everything was so messy and disorganized.And I was surprised that the clothes were priced so high. (You can get a cute brand new shirt from Carters for $5, and most of the clothes here were around that price, or more.)I decided to buy one pair of jeans, and as I went to the checkout counter, the two employees stood there talking to each other for a good minute or two. And then when one girl finally came to ring me up, she continued talking with her coworker behind her and not saying a word to me. Very strange, and honestly really bad customer service.Maybe they were having an off day, and maybe things are usually better than that...? I hope so.

Review №73

Gently used items for way cheap, and they usually give you a better deal than you expect. The store is cramped, and the sizes arent always in exactly the right place, but I can forgive that for the level of service I always receive.

Review №74

21 weeks pregnant and as college students having our first child, we have been SEARCHING for a good consignment store. Found them today. We are so EXCITED!The girls that were working were so nice to us! We are so coming back next weekend!

Review №75

Extremely disappointed in todays experience. I showed up with enough time before the buying cut off. Well before the stores closing time as well. I walked in and was informed immediately that they were done buying for the day. I explained to the young lady behind the counter that I had just driven from a significant distance in the middle of a snowstorm. I didnt have that much stuff and I would have been fine if they didnt even buy anything. But they were not friendly, they didnt apologize, and they were absolutely not helpful. This was definitely not good customer service. I understand that they may not have been able to accommodate me, but they couldve been a little bit nicer about it. Or even slightly sympathetic. I am disappointed and wont be returning to this location. I recognize that my personal business makes no difference to them. Nor do they particularly care about my review. Its just too bad really.

Review №76

So irritated. I took two pair of almost brand new dance shoes. My daughter only used for 4 months and a cute ruffle skirt and got $7 in store credit. If i took the cash it was $5-$6. Theyll probably turn around and sell each shoe for $15. Donate your stuff else where or sell on facebook. THEN I bought some soccer shoes while I was there. They are in really good condition I paid $17 for them. But i get home and look online $19 for them brand new. Its not worth going through the mess to save $1-$2 for used stuff. I wont be using this location ever again.

Review №77

I was very impressed by this store! I have shopped many of the Kid to Kid stores, but this was the first time shopping at this store. The service was great, and they had a good selection of name brand clothes. I was helped By Ele who is the store owner, she was very kind and knowledgeable. I will definitely return!

Review №78

We had the opportunity to visit the American Fork Kid to Kid recently while in town for our grandchildren. We sold some clothes and took store credit to replace them. The process was fast and efficient and we got some great new items for their wardrobe. Love Kid to Kid.

Review №79

Helpful management, great place to find good deals on kidsm stuff.

Review №80

At this location my children are always able to find name brand clothing for a lot less than shopping at the name brand store.

Review №81

I usually like places like this but I didnt have a good experience. Ill change my rating of I see improvements in the following things. But first Ill explain what happened.I had extra items that were new because I had a baby shower and got some of the same items more than once. I didnt have gift receipts to return them so decided to sell them here thinking Id get a fair price (items were worth $20+). FYI I have pictures of items I took in order to sell and they had tags with PRICE ON THEM. I also took gently used baby clothes that I had.I got there and was told it would be a 1&half hour wait but I needed to stay in the store (or be back before the hour and a half ended... I wasnt told this when I was checking in... Found out later)I saw there was a lot of items to be reviewed so decided to go to the store next door and change my babys diaper. It was crowded in the kid to kid store and kids were all over the place. I expected that but I didnt want to bother anyone with my baby fussing.I changed my babys diaper and looked around the store then after an hour I went back to Kid to Kid. I noticed none of the bags before mine were touched and there were more bags. I lingered at the station where the employee was checking stuff.A few more people came in to sell their items and the employee informed them it would be a 2 hour wait but that they needed to stay in the store or come back before said time or theyd lose their spot.Here are the things that I believe should be changed in order to run things smoothly and to have customers get a DECENT experience:1. Since its a kids place I realize kids get into everything and want to play. Toys were scattered all over two aisles. None of the parents were picking up after their kids made it hard to shop and move around.2. There were tons of people today and I only saw TWO employees. They were doing the best they could but I could tell they were getting fustrated with long lines, noisy kids, and impatient customers. YOU NEED TO HIRE MORE PEOPLE! Or at least have drop offs. Other places Ive been to you can do that and that gives employees to help customers around the store, tidy up the place and help look for things. There was a point where the store was full of people and the two employees were inside the storage room. A few customers left because of that.It also created such a long wait because an employee would stop to help someone and leave the clothes or items to be sold untouched or barely looked through. Once theyd come back it would take forever for them to finish one bag.I saw a few mothers struggling with their babies and kids too because they didnt want to lose their spot in love they had to wait at the store. I had moments I was struggling too.I felt sorry for the customers AND employees!3. The things I sold were not sold at a fair price to me at all! This is the biggest thing I had an issue with. In total, I was offered $15 when I was at least expecting $25! I was going to argue but I had already waited more than 3 hours and my baby was ready to go home! I didnt want to be that angry customer so I decided I was going to write a review. The new items were sold for $1!!! I took back one of the items (baby bouncer that was worth $27.99 at the store I CHECKED!) The website says that theyd do 20% off the retail price. I was offered at the most $3.00 for it. Seriously... I didnt want to ask about the rest of the new items I brought (baby girl blankets with tags prices ranging from $5.99- 14.99) I had brand items as well.Hopefully they change because I like stores like this and Ive shopped at places like this where they have a lot of employees, cleaner environments, no long waits and fair prices.

Review №82

This location needs to be organized better. The shoes are all over the place. Honestly, I think they need to take in less donations/sales, or have a different place where they go through the items. It’s so messy and chaotic. The Lindon location was better before it closed down.

Review №83

Each seat is a car and they have a mini TV where the kids can watch a show while they get there hair cut. They work really well with children on the autism spectrum.

Review №84

When I walked into this Kid to Kid I was pounced on with customer service! Pricing was awesome and they were all so helpful! Great prices, great quality and quantity, and excellent service! What more do you need?? Nothing, this is the the place to shop!!

Review №85

I put an item on hold and couldnt make it back in to pick it up by closing. I called and asked if they could extend the hold until I could make it in the next day to pick the item up. They were so nice and let me do that with no questions asked. This is a great store with lots of selection. You wont be disappointed!

Review №86

Hmm its a good place to shop for secondhand clothes, but with how cheap clothes are in general it makes it difficult to buy used when new is only a few dollars more.

Review №87

This location has super nice gear and clothes for sale! Ive been in several times and never been disappointed! Love it!

Review №88

I love coming here for great prices on gently used clothes. Huge selection - I always find exactly what Im looking for here. Prices are good and they usually have good discounts to move merchandise.

Review №89

What a terrible place. Mostly terrible prices for a consignment shop. After 1 and a half hours waiting for my 6 items to be sold I finally gave up. The place is tiny. The workers are so so. I came on a Thursday morning.

Review №90

We love Kid to Kid! We are expecting a baby boy and stocked up on sleepers and little outfits here, and only for $30! They often have great BOGO and other deals.

Review №91

It’s an unorganized mess, smells like garbage right when you walk in the door and the workers take forever to go through your bags to buy things. I took 2 garbage bags in to buy and she quoted me 1 hour and I had to wait in the store...3 hours later she still hadn’t started on my bags! I’ve been going to this location for a while no I’m I’m fed up, it’s gone downhill recently and I will not be returning!

Review №92

My wife loves this store. Fun kid cloths for much less than new but they dont sell garbage which is nice.

Review №93

Great store to get clothes for kids. Some are gently used, but some are still brand new. Great prices and friendly staff.

Review №94

Its always total chaos at this location. You can barely walk because theres simply way too much stuff jammed into their tiny space. Employees are always frazzled and things get especially messy and slow if anyone is trying to sell back. I always leave feeling like I can barely breathe and I narrowly escaped with my life.

Review №95

I thought the selection was great! Prices were mostly good. Sometimes a little too much in my opinion. Check out line situation is a little confusing and stressful at times. Overall, I had a a decent experience!

Review №96

The people at Kid To Kid here in American Fork are so helpful. They took the time to make sure that I was happy with the clothes I found, and even bought some of the old clothes that no longer fit my son! So great, low prices, and always friendly!

Review №97

Terrible service, they make you stay in the store and won’t do drop offs. Also are always behind. Last time I went there, I sat there for 45 minutes to get 4 items checked and they sat there and talked to each other and sang along with music. They wouldn’t let me run an errand and come back. It’s always the same two workers everytime I go in and they don’t care about getting the customer in and out. Definitely will be taking my business elsewhere.

Review №98

I LOVE this Kid To Kid! They always have what I want, and things I didnt know I needed until I saw it here, and for such a good price. Its clean and the staff is friendly. Im a fan for sure!

Review №99

I can always find trendy clothes and shoes for prices I can afford 👍

Review №100

I always find so many adorable clothes! And the people are friendly too.