Windshield Paramedic
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Windshield Paramedic

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Got me right in to repair my windshield. Exceptional work. Highly recommend great people wonderful customers service.

Review №2

Really went above and beyond! Best customer service ever!!!

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Great experience with these guys. Very professional and willing to go the extra mile for you. Price is great as well. Thanks Chris.

Review №4

Clean well maintained facility, quick and quality service. Professional and knowledgeable staff, good people and good coffee. Extremely satisfied with my experience.

Review №5

Customer service is top notch. From a chip to a hole windshield replacement Chris can do it. Even found me aftermarket sunroof for my 2001 dodge sport that no one could get. Prices are good.

Review №6

Reasonable prices, did an awesome job putting new windshield in f-350. Thanks.

Review №7

My windshield was replaced quickly, and they answered my questions in a way that ensured I understood what I needed and what my options were. I appreciate their work and information.

Review №8

Fixed quick on time and efficiant

Review №9

Cheapest in Gillette. Very professional. Windshield and tint look great.

Review №10

Excellent job, service and price. I definitely recommend.

Review №11

Excellent service! They were on time and the workmanship was great! I highly recommend 👌

Review №12

Wonderful fast service. They took care of insurance coverage

Review №13

They do excellent work, I strongly recommend them.

Review №14

Incredibly friendly, fast service and very reasonably priced. Cant recommend enough.

Review №15

What a great family business. We were traveling on I-90 and had a few chips in the windshield. I found this business online and stopped in. They moved us to the front of the line and got us back on the road in less than an hour.

Review №16

Great service and very professional and willing to talk to the customer on issues if any

Review №17

Super fast and friendly and the cheapest place in town. Had no problems and would do all my business with them.

Review №18

Fast and efficient. They were polite.. I would recommend them and will be taking any one of my vehicles there next time Im need a window repaired or replaced

Review №19

Great people. Great service. Great quality work. Every time Ive gotten a chip in my windshield, they were always able to get me right in to get it fixed!

Review №20

Very nice owner, I was traveling from out of town with a bad (cold front) storm moving in. Took a rock from a semi that caused a quarter to half dollar star. With the impending snow, ice and defrost, I was worried it would quickly crack and spread over an expensive windshield. Called his business and he fit me in even though he was only there to meet a customer to pick their car up. In and out in a half hour and it hasnt cracked. Very appreciative!

Review №21

Chris and Angel were very professional and accommodating! They arranged an appointment that fit in perfectly with my schedule, dropped me off while my windshield was repaired AND brought my truck to me when they completed the work requested. I have never had that level of service. We should all take note from them. They went above and beyond, I highly recommend them!

Review №22

You will not find a more competent family run business. They are phenomenal at what they do and incredibly well priced. They are not out to retire off of one customer like many other places in town.

Review №23

Great customer service and focus! Met me at my convenience and my timing. My windshield chip looked like it was shot by a BB gun. I work in Gillette, but live out of town. Windshield chip repair usually takes less than 30 minutes. I called the nationally known chip repair place that starts with an N and they were always booked, and expected me to cater to them. After my third call and more of their BS, I said forget em. I called Chris, the Windshield Paramedic, and he fixed me up in less than a half hour. I highly recommend him and his excellent customer service. Give this guy your business. You wont regret it.

Review №24

Great service. Even with all the business from the recent hailstorm, they got my car in quickly and it turned out great. Awesome value!

Review №25

Great service

Review №26

Our RVs windshield began to pop out just after passing Gillette during our trip home to Minnesota. We got in touch with Chris and he had it reinstalled lightning fast! He was friendly and we had a great time speaking with him as he completed the work. I highly recommend Windshield Paramedic!

Review №27

They did well, friendly.

Review №28

I guarantee you aren’t going to find a better family owned company who puts the customer first. They have always been honest and committed to providing top notch service. It’s always handled in a timely manner with smiles on their faces. Windshields aren’t the only thing they offer as I have also recently had a bed liner sprayed in. They not only have the option to come to you but they have an awesome new building just off of HWY 59. The service from the Rogge family cannot be beat. The only disappointment you’ll have is not going to them.Dan Smith(Forever a Windshield Paramedic customer)

Review №29

Great knowledgeable service. Helped with insurance papers, quick replacement. Thank you

Review №30

Great place, quick and very very friendly! Any work you need done should be done here!

Review №31

Best price in town and were friendly and efficient.

Review №32

We got a chip 30 miles out of town. We pulled up to his place and 20 min later pulled out all fixed. Very friendly and fast. Thank you so much.

Review №33

Very professional even joked around with the guy who was doing the repair. Would recommend to other people if they needed their own windshield replaced.Did one hell of a job

Review №34

I was parked downtown, and someone from Windshield Paramedic was working on the windshield of a truck that was parked next to me. He worked on it while someone watched, and he had the truck door all the way open while he worked, blocking me from backing up. He saw me get in the car, turn it on, and turn on my lights. Even when he went to the other side of the car, he did not shut the door. I had to wait about 15 minutes just to leave because he was blocking me.

Review №35

Very professional. Didnt take long at all, both very nice people! Did a fantastic job on my Monte Carlo. Definitely recommend Windshield Paramedic!

Review №36

Got our car in pretty quick to replace the windshield and the rear glass after a hail storm. Pretty good service and decent price.

Review №37

They did an awesome job and done quick!

Review №38

Chris and Angel did a great jobwe had 4 windshields and a door window replaced with fast and friendly efficient service

Review №39

After striking a deer while travelling through Wyoming, Chris was eager to help and provide useful advice to get my family safely back on the road.

Review №40

Came through in a crisis thank you

Review №41

Best prices guaranteed. Fast turnaround

Review №42

Friendly and fast. Amazing service!

Review №43

Best in Gillette. Fixed the gasket that another place screwed up.

Review №44

Chris has done great for me multiple times replacing windshields. Thanks Chris

Review №45

Great job great price

Review №46

Best prices in town

Review №47

I honestly cannot praise Chris enough. We were on a road trip from Indiana to California and hit a bird late on a Sunday passing through Wyoming. Chris came and picked our car up and repaired the windshield at 7pm on a Sunday, saving my wife and I from having to drive 4 hours to Montana with a very dangerous windshield.

Review №48

I can not describe how terrible my experience was at Windshield Paramedic, but I am going to try so no one else has to suffer like I did. I had my windshield replaced by this company and it was not properly done. The foam that goes under the windshield to prevent vibration and engine noise was incorrectly placed under my windshield. It was uneven when the car was returned to me. Part of it was under the windshield and part of it was inside the car on my dash. I called to let them know and was rudely told that it was like this when I brought it to them. This is impossible due to the fact that this car has only been owned by myself and my mother. She never had the windshield replaced and niether did I so this was factory. Later that afternoon the man called me back and said he could come look at it next week and I told him he needed to look at it sooner because I had already paid him $328.00 and it was not done properly. He came to my place of work and asked for my keys. He was outside for less than 10 minutes before he came back in, placed my keys on the counter, and announced it was fixed. I immediately went outside to check it out. He had taken some sort of tool and jammed the foam under my windshield unevenly. It looked worse than it did before. He also left dirt and fingerprints all ove my windshield. I called again and let him know I was still very unhappy and explained why. He said he would order some more foam and fix it correctly. When the foam came in he came and attempted once more to fix the problem. This time he used adhesive to stick the foam to my dash instead of under the windshield where it belongs. I let him know it was still not satisfactory and he told me that if I drove it I would get used to it. He told me I am the only customer that has ever complained about his work. He admitted that the only way to fix it to my standards was to take the window off and place the foam where it belongs before setting the window back on it. He said that he did not want to do this because chances are that the glass would bust and I would have to buy another window if that happened even though this was his mistake. He also finally admitted that my vehicle was not like this when I brought it to him. He was extremely rude and told me I should think about it and let him know in a week. In the meantime I took my vehicle to another repair shop in town and asked them to take a look. The looked for 30 seconds before asking me if the Windshield Paramedic did this. Funny how I was told no one had ever complained about his work when this company told me they could tell it was his work and that they saw a lot of this type of stuff from him. They also found a spot inside my car where it had been cut by the blade when my windshield was being removed. They said they could fix it correctly but there was a chance I would have to buy a whole new windshield if the glass broke. I called the Windshield Paramedic and let them know how unhappy I was and asked them to refund my money so I could get it fixed properly. The man was rude to me and hung up on me. I can not describe how upset I am. I would not ever reccommend this company to anyone.

Review №49

Fast, friendly, highly competent and knowledgeable. Whether working with a claim or not Chris is the guy to call.

Review №50

Fast and friendly service!!

Review №51

Exactly service!

Review №52

I can not say enough good about Chris and his people, after a Bird strike destroyed our windshield 1300 miles from home, he met us took the truck and repaired it while we ate lunch, and returned to us fixed at our hotel, he even helped contacting my insurance company, thanks again Chris

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