Earnhardt Auto Body Shop
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Earnhardt Auto Body Shop
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I had a full body paint restoration on my black 2006 Dodge Charger R/T and Mike Adams and his team did an outstanding job that more than exceeded my very high standards for excellence. They kept me informed throughout the entire process. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for perfection! Thank you for the great and exceptional work. TN.

Review №2

I hope you never need a collision center but if you do WILLIAM IS YOUR GUY! Start to finish William and the shop offered on time, professional service. William answered all my questions, followed up with phone calls in a timely manner and worked with my schedule. The body shop did a great job with my vehicle and it looks new again! If I’m ever unlucky enough to need a body shop again, THIS WILL BE THE ONLY PLACE I CALL AND IM ASKING FOR WILLIAM!

Review №3

I like Earnhardt but Ive reached out to phillip my advisor and asked for updates and I have had to call to get them. He has yet to call or text me with an update.

Review №4

They quickly did the look over for my insurance and deemed it a total loss quickly so I could get back on the road.

Review №5

Great service, on-time delivery, and the final invoice came out to be lower than the quote. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an auto body shop in the area.

Review №6

I got my car fixed here recently. Phillip was very helpful, honest and helped my car get a terrific makeover at a reasonable expense out of my pocket. I highly recommend this place.

Review №7

Will never do business there again.. not only was my paint wrong color when got my car back BUT when I got my car back from them fixing the paint. My windshield had a crack in it which I know for fact wasnt there when I took it in... Good thing I have full coverage and glass coverage. His though he agreed that the paint booth would do that... would not fix it. I wouldnt recommend that place if nobody

Review №8

This is a great place to get your car fixed ...I you like to get $50.00 dollars off give them RO.1423727 and you get it off.....

Review №9

Great work, well knowledgeable mechanics.

Review №10

We have brought several of our cars here through the years and I have never had a complaint. We have always been handled very professionally and the work was done well. Most recently was a repair on my 2017 Honda Pilot. Brought the car in Monday and picked it up on Wed. I needed a front bumper replaced and I had some other parts I had purchased and asked them to install for me. At pick up my car looked fantastic and the other parts I had were installed and work great. I would go to no other body shop. These guys are the best in my book.

Review №11

My fiance got hit and we didnt have high expectations of our caravan being the same again, after hearing horror stories from friends about other shops and because of other mechanics that made it difficult to trust a mechanic again, we kind of expected a fight, thats another story...We met with Phillip, he was kind, up front and honest. He said three weeks, they were on time. We asked for a ball park estimate, he nailed it. My insurance was being a pain, he helped me handle it. Phil kept us up to date with the progress of the repairs and made me feel confident in my decision to go to Earnhardt.Well, when we picked it up I was amazed, they had to replace practically the whole passenger side. The paint color was EXACT. The body was impeccable, and the drive was as good as new, really!Phillip and his team changed my idea of how this kind of thing is supposed to be handled. The change was still in the cupholder, the gas tank was still full. The only thing my fiance can complain about is not having anything to complain about :)Tex should be darn proud of the crew hes got working down there, and, this aint No Bull.p.s. Thanks for the referral Steven.

Review №12

I called this shop yesterday and was told to come by for a Free Written Estimate today without an appointment. I showed up today and Larry would not give me a free estimate, asked me to e-mail my other estimates to him and wanted me to make an appointment for Monday. I got upset and called the shop to speak to him, he wasnt available so I expressed my frustrations to the receptionist and then Larry sent me an e-mail stating that I should go elsewhere. Im very disappointed in this shop and the way I was treated by FORD. I will complain further up the chain as Im so upset that customers can be told one thing and then when we show up, we are told something different. Maybe they need to train their receptionist better because I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER FORD if I have to deal with people who treat me like this. Unacceptable.

Review №13

Treated me great and did a great job on my truck. They were also very timely

Review №14

My car was fixed and out of there really really fast! They didnt try to BS me, dealt with insurance, and even did a little complementary repair for free. Front desk assistant was incredibly friendly and kind. Repair guys area little awkward, but they did a good job 😊

Review №15

Always great customer service!!

Review №16

Seems like a well ran body shop. Attitude is very dule with customer interactions though.

Review №17

Very easy and nice people.

Review №18

I recently took in my Ford Mustang to your body shop on 1301 N Colorado St. and had the worst experience ever. Larry Newell was never transparent with pricing and was trying to force me to pay these imaginary fees that he would claim I should pay and when I started saying that I wanted to take my car he would not give me my car key until I asked him a fifth time and he had someone take it out and said that the fees were not there anymore, hence he was taking advantage of me. I have never been treated so horrible and had a man speak to me so rudely for me to get to the point of having to ask for my crashed vehicle back and drive it off his lot since I no longer wanted to tolerate doing business with Larry Newell. I put myself in an unsafe situation do to this Ford employees lack of professionalism. I then took my vehicle to Calliber Collision where I was treated like a customer should. I find it difficult ever doing business with Ford again.

Review №19

The manager tried to go above and beyond to make it right! Had to many problems to list!

Review №20

Very pleased with the service Earnhardts Body did on my wrecked Tacoma. They finished it earlier than expected even though the front and the rear was damaged (I got sammiched!) but were great with communication on how it was going, coordinating with the insurance companies, and any issues that came up as they were fixing it.The paint matches perfectly, drives straight and true, no creaks, rattles, or whistles, and it was cleaned up nicely before I picked it up.Really appreciate the great job Phillip and the crew did for me.

Review №21

Very bad experience, again from them. Paint was all chipping off front bumper and hood from their 1st paint job, so i brought it back for them to look at it and redo it. Was told the paint rep has to look at it. It was either bad paint or bad prep. When that finally happened i was told the rep wouldnt cover the hood, but would the bumper because the clear coat was also coming off. So, the Shop Manager Mike said if i paid his painter $200 in extra cash, hed have him also paint the hood and blend in the fenders. I also had them do some other work at the same time. So after breaking a part on my ignition system, and keeping my car for another half week from the original 1 week he said it would take, which extended my rental car bill by $175.00, instead of being $300, it was$475, and my original estimate that Mike gave me of $1373 went up to $1601.00, plus the $200 in cash, so instead of everything costing about $1700 it now cost me about $2200, AND the paint is already chipping off the bumper and hood after only 4 months!! No one has even contacted about the bad review from the Earnhardt network. Unbelievably bad service and quality.

Review №22

I am very irritated. I dropped my car off with 2,196 miles and it was returned to me with 2,509 miles on it. The invoice incorrectly shows that my mileage out was the same as my mileage in-2,196. It took them over a week to fix minor scratches because of a rear end. Everyday they would call me and extend it by one day, and now I think they were lying about the parts just so they could continue to drive it. 300 miles is ridiculous. I will be calling the auto body in the morning and I expect to be shown confirmation of when they ordered the parts, when the parts were received, and reimbursement for the miles that were added to my car. I will never go here again.

Review №23

Great customer service, and quality work.

Review №24

I went in to get a Estimate Philip ordered the parts and I asked for more work to be done such as painting all my doors to match the panels he told me no he would not do the work find someone else and he would return the part That he ordered for my car Philip Moore was very rude and very unprofessional I feel like I should reach out to the owner of the Earnhardt collision Center and express my opinion

Review №25

Mike and his crew have been great up front and honest. Taking care of me everytime I needed work to be done. Props to Devin guy knows his stuff. I have had custom work done and done well, not common in a Collison center. Thank guys..

Review №26

I was going to put this long description as to what happen but plain and simple, the job was done incorrectly, staind interior seats, door would not lock, tail light didnt work, and they didnt seal my trunk correctly so water entered with ease, and the rear bumper was incorrectly mounted causing damage. When I asked the to have it looked at the shop manager made it seem like I was at fault and belittled my family and myself.

Review №27

Excellent customer service. Could not have been more impressed!

Review №28

I take my car on around march to do some body job they suppose change one of my taillight and they did after I take my car I saw some round spots on the taillight I have to call them back and thay say they will REPLACE after call them they call me back sayin they GOT THE NEW TAILIGHT I take my car back to REPLACE BUT MY surprise was the they only wax the taillight even when they told me they buy a new one so Iam very disappoint

Review №29

Great service and they did a great job on my car

Review №30

Best experience I couldve had being that my car needed care. Joe is the guy to see and I would never go elsewhere period.

Review №31

Service and repair of my explorer was awesome

Review №32

Review of Earnhardt Auto Body:Took my vehicle after the front end had gotten damaged on highway during June 2012. The bumper, fan, condenser, and radiator had to all be replaced. I bought a brand new Ford from them so I thought I would give them a shot. I was told some parts would be aftermarket and some genuine GM parts. The vehicle was repaired and presented to me in the afternoon by Mike Adams. All looked good and I drove off. Upon getting 5 or so miles away, my vehicle began overheating. I noticed the temperature was fluctuating. I called and complained. Mike Adams told me to bring it back. I was furious. He refunded my $250 deductible. I had to leave it there again as the day was practically over and they could not fix my vehicle AGAIN until the next day. I get called to come back and I was told the mechanic forgot to put a new fuse back in, which is why it was overheating. Not a good first experience at all.Fast forward to April of 2014. I noticed coolant leaking on my garage floor periodically. After removing the bumper and headlight, I noticed that the mechanic who used the old upper radiator hose and clamp from before the wreck, did not seed the hose all the way onto the new radiator. The clamp was not up either. I know the clamp did not move as it was hard for me to adjust it at all. There was about a 1/8 inch gap from where the hose should have been pushed all the way up. I fixed it and all was good. I never called them at all.Around April/May my fan began grumbling and making all sorts of weird sounds. I call to complain about how now it has only been 22 months since the repair and I’ve run into 2 issues that Earnhardt Auto Body either caused or was associated with. I spoke to Mike Adams who apologized and wanted to make it right for me. After pondering it, I agreed to bring the vehicle in for inspection. Mike stated it was the main fan motor that went bad. The part was only warranted for 12 months or 12K miles. My first fan motor was going strong with almost 80K miles on it. Now this one goes bad after 15K miles or so? Really? Seems like they used low quality parts.So Mike could have told me the warranty was up and I was out of luck, but he offered to fix it with free labor as long as I paid for the new part. I was not happy, but I agreed. Now just because he was helping me out does not mean that I should accept or be provided with low quality work. Well that’s exactly what I got. Mike thought I could wait for the vehicle, but then his mechanic must have low experience as Mike said he was having trouble getting it out and told me to come back and he hoped it would be ready around 1pm. I needed to arrange a ride so since it was then 2:30pm I decide to call and check up. How convenient that the vehicle just so happened to be finished when I called. When were they going to call me? Wow.So I think my nightmare is over. I pay and take off. I immediately noticed that once idling there would be a loud clicking sound coming from under the passenger side glove box. I call Mike the next day and he tells me to bring it back AGAIN!I refuse to bring my vehicle back to them and I still have the odd sound occurring in my vehicle. They seem to cause and break more things while fixing other issues. Today I inspected their work and noticed that they scraped my bumper’s paint off while I assume they tried to take a short cut in removing the headlight before removing the bumper. I also have a gap between the bottom of my headlight and bumper. Again shows lack of experience. Now I have a odd sound, scratched bumper, and gap. I want everyone to know my experience so you can avoid poor workmanship. BEWARE AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Review №33

These people were very friendly & helpful during a difficult time!

Review №34

These guys do stellar work. They may not be the fastest, but it is worth the final product.

Review №35

Super Friendly, great paint work, like it never happened!

Review №36

Customer service was horrible. Employees were not helpful and were very rude. I will never come back here for any services I have for my brand new Toyota.

Review №37

Has been working with Larry. And the service was good prompt and well done.

Review №38

Had my fusion repaired and aside from the usually difficulty with State Farm I am very pleased with the outcome of my vehicle repair experience.

Review №39

Terrible they lied about all the repairs on my truck

Review №40

Larry will get you all setup

Review №41

Never again.

Review №42

AAA approved

Review №43

Stellar service!!!!

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