The Fresh Market
718 Commons Dr, Geneva, IL 60134, United States
The Fresh Market
Review №1

On the website or the app look for the weekly sales and features. For us it’s the deals on meat, usually chicken, beef or pork that keep us coming back. Above average produce too. Odd stuff like purple cauliflower And exotic fruits can be found. The store is a bit of an upscale gourmet grocery.

Review №2

Curbside service is the Best. Instacart staff are top notch. Thank you for all your hard work doing my shopping for me:)

Review №3

Really good sales on beautiful items. Thursdays $5 for the big pizza and pecan coated fish. Amazing huge tomahawk steaks on sale on the weekends sometimes. Incredible cannolis and other baked goods and some are a good price. Very polite and very friendly people in the bakery and the meat department. Tons of fun apothecary candy. Wonderful store. Great location. So convenient and so hospitable and such a beautiful atmosphere.

Review №4

What happened to your triple chocolate cupcake? It was my favorite thing ever and I have not seen it for awhile. Tried the peanut butter, Oreo and carrot cake and was beyond disappointed with them all. Please bring back the triple chocolate or tell me a good recipe to make my own!

Review №5

This was our favorite place to buy Christmas candies to put in the Christmas stockings. Easter candies in the Easter baskets for my nieces & nephews & cousins. The coffee beans small tasty so many to choose from. So, you can serve yourself out of the barrels. They have coffee grinders that say Non-Flavored or Flavored then my sister showed me how to use the grinder. They were the only ones who sold Dukes Mayonnaise. In the center of the market is a deli and they make foods, sells meats, pre- made salads etc. Its a unique place to shop at. Then my sister found another location in Wilmette,IL closer to us here in Chicago. I love this Market

Review №6

I like this small store, because they have a good lineup of cheeses. The Adams Reserve Cheese, is my favorite, and its really delicious. The sales people are friendly, and very helpful! They also have a great candy section. And at different times of the year, this store also sells gorgeous orchid plants.

Review №7

Love the look and feel of this place. Can be expensive but well worth it for special items. Meat and deli are top notch as is the cheese. You wont buy your beer there.. :)

Review №8

This store has VERY high standards for quality and freshness. The staff was friendly and approachable. Tons of unique items that you can find in other stores. Loved this visit!

Review №9

Great store, friendly staff and good selection of specialty items. Love their chicken dinner and prices for antibiotic free chicken.

Review №10

Perfect place, the best food, super people:)

Review №11

Store is great, shopping there as an Instacarter is stressful due to very poor signal in the store. Lady in the deli could use some cheering up.

Review №12

I was amazed at the friendly and helpful people employed by this place! And the high quality of the products as well! It truly is a FRESH market!!! Keep up the great work!

Review №13

Sunday Night SpecialRotisserie Chicken, 1 lbs sides x2 and cornbread for $12.99

Review №14

I love this place! Their food is great, its clean and their hot bar is amazing.Their products have very good quality. I recommended it!

Review №15

Great products. Amazing meat counter, great pies, and produce is top notch.

Review №16

Always friendly and well stocked. Excellent meat, produce, and bakery. Its a great community grocery store.

Review №17

Meats section tends to get mismanaged. Customers pile up and get served out of order. They need to install numbers to ensure first-in-first-served. Saw a number of people giving up the waiting, including myself, out of frustration.

Review №18

I love the the fact that its called the The Fresh Market... you ask me why? Thats simple its because its the freshest Market around come shop here people!

Review №19

Always have fresh produce and meats.

Review №20

The food is good at Fresh Market usually. The service is okay. Some of the attitudes if the other shoppers can be off putting. At times I feel judged. The prices can be hefty.

Review №21

Good place to get the food your looking for. Went at a busy time but no problems. Workers were friendly and helpful, other customers were polite. Beware the parking lot at this location though. Its a bit of a busy beast to get in and out of.

Review №22

Love this store, best of all things upper end grocery, they feed me weekly, wonderful dinner packages you can cook.

Review №23

Nice store. Very expensive though.

Review №24

Love The Fresh Market for the prices, but people are so nice there! As simple as it sounds, doing the quarter exchange for the shopping cart makes everyone kinder and more conscientious!

Review №25

Love shopping here. Adam and Dwight in the meat department, along with the others, are very accommodating and helpful. Sorry to see Gary, the Manager, retire as he was always on the floor helping and assisting. Im sure the new manager is as well, but I havent met yet. I usually buy the dinner meal deal for four every week ; such a bargain. We also have enjoyed different products the plan has introduced us to we otherwise never would have tried. Love the produce department. We find the meal kits very convenient and use them often. Pleased to see the selection of these has increased. A very pleasant, productive shopping experience.

Review №26

This store just took my breath away when I walked in .... the Produce Department looked like a picture from a world class magazine. Fabulous and fresh. Pride shows and whoever did this should be rewarded (Does he also work in meat department?).Congratulations !!!

Review №27

This store is the best, Laura who is the manager, has elevated this Fresh Market location service to the best. She is very helpful, and accommodating.Luv to shop here!! thank you Laura, and all those who are working during this uncertain time!

Review №28

Love the Fresh Market. The cake breads are Amazing and made freshly daily.

Review №29

The Service And The Food Is Very good. There Cooked Foods At There Deli Are Delicious.

Review №30

Great service. A little bit of everything. Some stuff can be a bit pricey.

Review №31

Love this store, always great service.

Review №32

Always fresh

Review №33

My happiness is always when I obtain goods at this store. Very beautiful with friendly, helpful employees and a nice selection of products!

Review №34

Omg they have the best pot roast ever!!!! In the ready meal section you should try also the sushi so good!!

Review №35

New staff members...didnt know where things were...but store manager was awesome!!!

Review №36

Wonderful produce

Review №37

Love the Waldorf chicken salad

Review №38

My happiness is always when I obtain goods at this store. Very beautiful with friendly, helpful employees and a nice selection of products!

Review №39

I love this store! Its a normal size store with great selections. Friendly employees, fresh baked good and awesome healthy food.

Review №40

Great for finding more unique products that may not be available in other stores.

Review №41

Great specials

Review №42

Love coming here for all my grocerie needs and great deals

Review №43

Love this store. Its not an everyday grocery store, but for me its like going on a field trip. I could spend a good hour everytime I go there. So many interesting unique things besides some hard to find foods. They have cards, candy, flowers, candles, wonderful coffee and bulk items. Bakery is small but tasty.Great deli and olive bar. Its beautifully decorated with soft lighting. Though it is pretty pricey.

Review №44

Nice people work there very helpful

Review №45

Ive never been here before and the store layout is awesome. In and out in less than 20 minutes.

Review №46

My happiness is always when I obtain goods at this store. Very beautiful with friendly, helpful employees and a nice selection of products!

Review №47

Good food, expensive.

Review №48

Ugh, this store is so unnecessary and I LOVE IT. Its better than Whole Foods to me. Its a grocery store but super fancy and I want to try everything they have. Excellent variety, their bakery feels criminal, prices are not that outrageous despite being specialty.

Review №49

Im so glad a co-worker told me about this place. I love going in for their weekly special $20.00 meal that feeds a family of four. Changes each week. Food here is always fresh and good. Its small and cozy inside unlike your typical grocery store feeling. Staff members are great if your looking for something and cant find it.

Review №50

My favorite market for meat. The butchers are professional and always helpful. Great quality of meats and produce. Creative weekly dinner ideas too

Review №51

Sadly, the Glen Ellyn store closed a month or so ago, and we were really missing The Fresh Market, so we drove to Geneva. So glad we did. This location is even nicer, and it was great to come home with those specialty meat and sea food items that we always shopped for.Wish it werent such a far drive, but well try to work it in once a month or so. And happy to see Debbie from the Glen Ellyn deli there!! What really puts The Fresh Market above other grocery stores is the friendly, helpful people.

Review №52

Alice was very helpful & kind. Great experience

Review №53

Love fresh market. they sell a gumbo and creole starter that I have only found in their store. I love their fresh fish, seafood and meat market. I miss the one that was in glen Ellyn. I guess Ill be making a monthly trek to Geneva (poor me, wink, wink).

Review №54

If you have never been to one of these you owe to yourself to find one. This is upscale shopping for fresh foods and produce. Quality and selection way above the big box stores. Staff is always friendly knowledgeable and most importantly easy to find. The old story of you get what you pay for holds true here, prices are reasonable for what they have to offer.

Review №55

Good selection. High quality. Not shy about their prices. Fun store.

Review №56

This place has all the fancy items you need for that gourmet recipe you found. They have some very interesting products and always offers fresh fish and meats. Their deli area has fresh sushi, salads, sandwiches, and all sorts of yummy stuff. The dilly cucumber salad is never a miss! so yummy!

Review №57

Honestly the store is good and clean but meat department person had a worst customer service, I always want my meat to be nicely clean cut and this guy stopped the person who was helping me and said blunt NO to be as his saw was not ready..... really if I am paying top $$$ for your product then at least I want the some service from you.It made us really really mad 😡

Review №58

My first time visiting the store. Its definitely catered towards an upper lifestyle as it focuses on healthy and organic foods. As such, the store is relatively expensive and some products can be found elsewhere (such as Marianos) at a lower price. With that said, I have to admit their crab cakes are amazing, restaurant quality.

Review №59

Excellent food for healthy living, but its quite expensive so have a list of what you want before you go. Due to the overhyped virus scare, also expect long wait times.

Review №60

Very nice store. We really enjoy their little big meals.

Review №61

I do like to shop at The Fresh Market occasionally as they have a variety of fine cheeses and deli meats and they do well with gourmet desserts. I have not always enjoyed their prepared deli items as they have looked better than they tasted. Prices, of course, for regular grocery items are often outlandish, so, with big box groceries nearby, I only get specific items at the market. Parking lot is a bit cramped and you must be vigilant with shoppers crossing in front of you

Review №62

The variety in the meat and seafood was amazing!

Review №63

This is home for me💚 we moved 6 years ago and I miss shipping here more than anything else! Great to be back for the holidays 🥰

Review №64

I love The Fresh Market. Its a nice and unique place to pick up meats or deli or bakery items. Its got a quaint friendly atmosphere. Nice people working there too.😊

Review №65

Excellent cuts of meat, fish, chicken and pork. You will pay a little bit more than average but the quality is well worth it. We just got some of the biggest grilling shrimp Ive ever seen around here!

Review №66

Great service and quality vegetables

Review №67

Staff is so friendly and personable. Store is clean. Kudos!

Review №68

One of my favorite places to shop for groceries. They have plenty of organic food, lots of fresh produce, and very friendly service.

Review №69

High quality grocery store. Focus on organics and healthy foods. Smaller store means smaller selections, but will have a bit of everything you need. Their produce and butcher are top notch.

Review №70

Great place with friendly people and good product. Why three stars? I have to go to Jewel to get some things I need. Nothing low carb like bread. Lunch meat limited. Great on artisan cheese but limited on sliced cheese.

Review №71

Our go to grocery store. Good veggies for a good price. Excellent frozen meals too.

Review №72

Having worked at a grocery store through college I appreciate the customer service we get at Fresh Market in Geneva. Jaden in particular today even despite the busy day made checkout quick and friendly.

Review №73

Love this store for all the unique things you can find. Excellent meat and deli counter and bakery and amazing cheese selections

Review №74

Love this place. The employees are always friendly and helpful.Their products were of high quality and prices were very reasonable.Recommended.

Review №75

Great cold craft beer selection...i think they get their meat from Reams

Review №76

High quality. Great selection for things you just cant get anywhere else (I found juniper berries there after looking all over). EXPENSIVE! (but you get what you pay for).

Review №77

Beautiful grocery shop that is impeccably cleaned. Staff are very friendly and kind and the store has a large selection of products to offer.

Review №78

I love the fresh market. They have things you cant find at regular grocery stores and the meat is great.

Review №79

I always have good experience in this location, employees are very friendly and helpful. This store is very clean and well organized.

Review №80

Do Not Go To This Store. If you like quality food you will have to buy more than you planned. Ok prices are more than other large chains but the selection, quality and freshness ... uh la la.

Review №81

They had fresh Turmeric root!!! Great quality products with fair prices, nice atmosphere but not too sure about the dim lighting...Also not a large choice of Kombucha brands :( Still the best grocer Ive found since moving back from Colorado

Review №82

Love the BLTA sandwicu and tea my favor8te order and soup!

Review №83

Only place I shop for my meat, fish, vegetables +fruit! All free range chicken, grass fed beef,fish excellent! Fruit + Vegetablesall outstanding!

Review №84

Their prices their produce selection I can always find a great deal while saving some money

Review №85

Great selection of produce. Lots of organic options. The olive bar is excellent. We come here for the pasture fed eggs.

Review №86

Love the selection, variety and overall vibe of this place. Can be considered expensive, but usually everything is good-to-great quality, with potted flowers being my only (negative issue, which can happen when bought from a food store).

Review №87

Nice store, filled with healthier options and fresh produce. Prices are a little high but worth it, staff is friendly.

Review №88

Nice store, but way too expensive. Can get comparable quality and variety elsewhere for a lot less money. Will only go there when sale items are a good value.

Review №89

Love shopping here. Customer service is great and prices are decent.

Review №90

They stock the best products! I highly recommend shopping here.

Review №91

The best grocery store. Everything always fresh delicious

Review №92

Nice local feel market with superior meat department

Review №93

The store is amazing.The items are of high quality and prices are affordable and reasonable.

Review №94

We recently purchased a meatloaf ready made from their meat department. $7.99 each. We returned the product after my husband and I become very ill the night before being up all night in the bathroom(you can guess the rest). My husband didnt have any problems returning it but, when the manager was called to approve the return (no CS desk you have to go through check out)he had no explanation nor offered an apology. My husband told him he needed to test the meat as it was contaminated but, received no response? Really you are a high end gourmet grocery store and nothing? Wont be shopping here again. Going back to Whole Foods. An apology would have gone a long way.

Review №95

Great deli items and good food but super pricey.

Review №96

I love the fresh market. Yes, its expensive, but its such a pleasant place to shop at! The layout of the store is quite simply dandy, the employees are friendly and helpful, and its still slightly less expensive than whole foods with a tastier spread of fresh seafoods and meats.Just because something is labelled organic does not indicate quality, hence while Ill take the sashimi grade tuna steaks, extra gigantic shrimp, chicken thighs and jumbo scallops from here over whole foods any day. And they have purple cauliflower!Plus, their freshly baked breads are simply phenomenal... so chewy and delicious. Ive struggled to find a bakery anywhere around here that comes even close to this level of quality.

Review №97


Review №98

Always fun to look around and see whats new.

Review №99

Clean store. Quality food. A great butcher shop that has custom cut meats for me on many occasions.

Review №100

Expensive, but good food. Really good deals on flowers.

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  • Address:718 Commons Dr, Geneva, IL 60134, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 630-845-4095
  • Grocery store
  • Supermarket
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–9PM
  • Thursday:8AM–9PM
  • Friday:8AM–9PM
  • Saturday:8AM–9PM
  • Sunday:8AM–9PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Organic products:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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