Republic Frame & Axle Service, Inc
7500 E, Melton Rd, Gary, IN 46403, United States
Republic Frame & Axle Service, Inc
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Went in for a much needed wheel alignment, ended up needing tie rods too. They ordered the parts and car was ready next morning. Very happy with how it drives now. Front office is very friendly as well. Would recommend and do business here again.

Review №2

Great establishment friendly staff good service

Review №3

Theyve always provided great reliable service at an honest price. Wouldnt trust my work truck or anything else to a different shop besides this one.

Review №4

Did a horrible job on a front end alignment and failed to notice two broken axles and that was what he specialized in. The ppl that worked in the office were the best. I am calling BBB, because their negligence could have caused the life of my family had the tires come off and flipped the car. People of color BEWARE!!!

Review №5

The staff here and management tells you one thing and does another. Very unsatisfied with the service received. I now have to replace a tire because of poor towing, in which they told me they would replace for ruining it.

Review №6

Had them do an alignment on my 2019 450 super duty, now she drives like a dream

Review №7

Staff was friendly, and knowledgeable, cheap prices for used parts. Definitely recommend their service

Review №8

Great service and friendly staff if you need a tow or work done on your car this is the place to come. Nothing to big or to small they do it all

Review №9

Great job most people cant alignment on 24 rims or larger.But they can and do a good job

Review №10

I took my car in to get the brakes fixed. They said it would b ready that day but definitely the next day, it was 2 days. I picked my car up, a few miles down the road my shell started to make a clanking sound and my steering was off. My tire fell off! My lug nuts were must have been hand tightened. Obviously I called Republic Frame and Axle. I told them what happened. They would not take the blame and have my car towed back to their shop. I had my car towed to a reputable dealer. I paid 160 for the tow and 220 for a new rim. This place is a ripoff.

Review №11

Fast service and reasonable prices

Review №12

The BEST auto shop in the neighborhood!! High quality service and parts along with exceptional customer service.The ladies n the office and guys in the crew are always understanding and have always backed their work.

Review №13

Great experience, got my car in and out in a day. No extra fees. Great service.

Review №14

Went in for new alternator and left with a broken parking break. Gary said it wasn’t their fault and will look at it but I would have to pay. Seemed odd they wouldn’t listen to my concerns about what happened to my car in their possession and basically told me nothing they could do. Will be taking my car somewhere else.

Review №15

My truck broke down a few weeks ago and they came and gave me a tow exactly when they said theyd be there. They had me back on the road in no time at all! Thank you republic frame and axle! The mechanics and office staff were all very helpful and personable.

Review №16

I give them 3 because the ladies are awesome in the office.I talked to Gary.And i told him i needed a break line fixed and he tells me okay.I work at Amazon and i had to take off that day due to my breaks.Now i gave them my car at 8.30 am.Then at 4pm when all the other shops close at 5pm. He calls and say he is not touching it. i have cash willing to pay whatever the shop was going to cost .P.s another shop fixed them within 2 hours 150$ 2 lines.I wouldnt come hear

Review №17

I had a rack and pinion done on my car there and I love the work that they do. The prices are reasonable, facility is nice and clean, the receptionist is extremely organized and the staff is very knowledgeable. I recommend anyone to try them out.

Review №18

I am appalled by the services performed by this shop, in particular, with the technician Gary. I have never encountered a more disrespectful and incompetent mechanic in my life. Happy to waste time and money on misdiagnoses and when confronted about unaddressed issues he evades and finally resorts to cursing and yelling at paying customers.This kind of unprofessional behavior and the lack of quality repairs will hurt this business as time goes on.There is enough is going on right now without the added stress and completely dishonest work on top of everything, few have the extra money to throw away on useless and time-wasting repairs, only to be toldthat another diagnosis is needed. This shop needs to hire a competent technician, until then its a total scam, buyer beware!

Review №19

Gary is a GREAT GUY!! My truck was PULLED and then Oil Pan was damaged😠They put it back together within 2days and then price FAIR👍GOOD PEOPLE 2 DO BUSINESS WITH👍👍

Review №20

This technician named Gary has a serious issue with doing the job correctly and seems to be scamming people of money.If you are given the task To fix a car and are payed to fix a car based on your diagnosis and you give the car back to the customer still not fixed and claim the car needs a different diagnosis than that is a scamNot a reputable business.What a disappointment to the automotive tech industry. You give good people a bad name.

Review №21

I took my car in about a week and a half ago because it was making a winding noise. On the paperwork front desk lady wrote down reason for visit.. loud winding noise. I was told I would be contacted that day for a evaluation. It was day 3 before I finally received a call back. Guy named Gary said bad news, the noise is the transmission. Oh boy right.. have to do what I have to do though. He said he can get one installed for $1,200. Go ahead and do it I said. I didnt question what I thought was his expertise. Itll take about a week which I completely understood. He calls me when fixed and said all set. I return to pick up my car just to find out my car is making the same exact loud winding noise. I picked up after closing so wasnt able to talk to anyone. Whats worse is it was shifting gears really hard which it did not before at all. It feels like its going to break down everytime I drive it. I called back next day and talked to Gary. I told him nothing has been resolved and car is worse. He said he wasnt told about a noise prior to work even though I spoke to him directly about it. Now he said it was drive shaft. I said I paid $1,200 to not have my issue resolved and my car is driving worse. He give me the run around for several days and said there is nothing he can do about it! I asked if I could speak to the owner and he said he would an then get back to me. He never did even after calling him several times. Finally today I called once again. Again he said there was nothing he can do! I am positive he never even spoke to owner. After a brief heated discussion he said and I quote, I dont give a F*** and F*** you! Not only will I never go back but I have already posted my experience to a community website. I will continue to go on every review site I know and leave a review of what exactly happened. Please take my advice. Their reviews are pretty good overall but have recently gone downhill in a big way. I hope mine makes them hurt even more.

Review №22

Good, friendly local business. Have now used them several times for a variety of services & repairs on our cars with no issues and this is now my shop of choice in the area! Great value, good people, designated front desk to keep things organized & on-time, and good honest work!

Review №23

Went to get alignment but need caster and camber parts but he adjusted the toe said it was off 2 inches off never adjust a toe without alignment and when I left It was terrible couldnt drive past 30 and truck was swerving, but I tried again after getting the problem fixed so then go get full aligned took it back but still wasnt correct will be taking it to another shop with alignment machine...They are nice people peoples customer rep.

Review №24

Great customer service they were about to close and still took good care of me, I was lucky to catch a flat right in front of this business, the guy in there (pretty blue eyes) was wonderful!

Review №25

Nice people

Review №26

We are working in Indiana and from another state. We needed to get a front end alignment on our truck. Called up this company, and we would highly recommend them, very nice office staff and they did a great job!Thanks guys!!

Review №27

Other than waiting in the front for 15,20 minutes it ok. Their a lil expensive too.

Review №28

They do good work on your vehicle

Review №29

Prices are great. Outstanding customer service and they never tell you something is wrong if its not. Excellent service on my car.

Review №30

Best place to take any vehicles

Review №31

Really nice employees. Rose makes you feel welcomed. Very friendly & guys are very helpful. Reasonable prices!

Review №32

Very business oriented

Review №33

Republic frame & axle good mechanics but way too expensive!!!

Review №34

Old school shop dealt with them 30 plus years

Review №35

Great mechanics and HONEST Ppl Great Prices!!!!

Review №36

Place was awsome great service and staff would recommend them to anyone thanks again

Review №37

Great service! Ive been using them for years and I havent been disappointed in their work!

Review №38

I hit a pothole and thought I had done a lot of damage to my car. They told me I only had a bent rim and needed an alignment. Work was done within an hour and the staff is kind, funny and honest. I have always had a good experience with Republic. Thanks Dan Ill be back but hopefully not too soon 😁😁.

Review №39

Went there because the emission place in Portage said that I failed and the guy there name Mr. Gary informed me that my car was fine after checking it and didnt try to beat me out of some money like others do and told me to go right back to another lane after filling out the repair form and I passed with flying colors, thanks again Mr. Gary, oh and by the way, he didnt ask for a dime

Review №40

Got used alternator. Had no problems with truck prior. Two days after lights flickering & idled high. Took truck back & lights were worse after they checked my truck again. They had an attitude & told me to just drive it untill it stop Not a first time customer. Highly disappointed Customer service is everything ☹️☹️

Review №41

Great place

Review №42

Nice office staff,guys are friendly,my boy Charlie works there

Review №43

Did alignment on motorhome. It was worse when they finished. Technician spilled a RED fluid in the motorhome on the carpet between driver and passenger seats, he tried to clean it up with paper towels and a cleaning spray. Ended up just rubbing it in, now Im left with a big red stain in my carpet. Called back to let them know that the alignment they did was not successful, got answering service because it was after hours. They never called me back. I feel like I was taken advantage of because I was just passing through town on vacation. If I was local, Id go in and raise hell. This business did not survive for 50 years by providing this type of service. Something must have changed and in my opinion they need a big course correction.

Review №44

Very nice folks, quick service and great to do business with. Definitely recommend them!

Review №45

The staff was so kind and endearing. We were traveling cross-country and they knew how ugent our small repair was and accommodated us as needed. Thankful we broke down in Little Gary, Indiana instead of anywhere else!

Review №46

They fixed my axles with no problem..very reliable.

Review №47

A garage in Gary Indiana with a local government contract tow service and impound yard. They were honest with their repair estimates. The staff, though beleaguered with having to deal with the underprivileged and seedier element in the impound business, did make some modest attempt to be polite. The building was dreary, but well kept in general for South Chicago and especially Gary Indiana.

Review №48

One of they best repair shops in nwi. Service is excellent from the time you walk in the door to the time you leave. The quality of work, the people at the front desk. Just a all around pleasant experience.I have recommended this place two family and friends.

Review №49

Great service and a very reasonable price. Repeat Customer

Review №50

Quality mechanical and body work at competitive prices.Used parts at good prices.This is a top quality family owned shop that will always have my familys business.

Review №51

1978 welded a reesehitch on my lifted 4X4 truck and today 2019 fixed a loose heat shield on my van. They are consistantly over the years a top quality shop and ask for GARY when you go in!!!!

Review №52

I enjoyed the service...Friendly and very courteous.

Review №53

I called this place about Axles several times the mechanic sounds reluctant to do any work at all especially on axles maybe they should change their name. The mechanic on the phone said we dont really get into rebuilding axles more of a brake and tire shop and reffered me to Lances Drive shaft .

Review №54

Very nice people great work

Review №55

Always helps my son out! They are always helpful and honest.

Review №56

These guys really helped us out of a bind. The brake lines on our motorhome corroded and ruptured while visiting the area, leaving us with almost no brakes. Despite the short notice they were able to look at it. They found the problem and fixed it (installed new brake lines). I felt the price they charged me was very reasonable.

Review №57

Total crooks. Get all of what you need from LKQ they give you parts and labor warranty, which means they paid for the part and it to be fixed on them. They have all prices from the low to the high.

Review №58

Very nice people. Very through. Very good work.

Review №59

Love the old ladies😂😊

Review №60

I love Republic Frame and Axle ! I trust them totally. Excellent all around.

Review №61

Quick fast service

Review №62

Great service nice people

Review №63

Good Service... Nice employees

Review №64

Great people..

Review №65

Great service.

Review №66

Looked for a rim everywhere couldnt find it. Republic had it...

Review №67

They broke key in ignition and offered to pay half. Really

Review №68

Great customer service, great mechanical, paint, and all round auto service

Review №69

Unnecessarily over priced.

Review №70

Experienced good service for any auto work

Review №71

Never have part you need most of the time..

Review №72

They are crooks! They have no integrity when it comes to business

Review №73

Pricey but good work

Review №74

Gary is the best

Review №75

Excellent, friendly service!

Review №76

Very good service.

Review №77

Best service and in Gary.

Review №78


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Nice people

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  • Address:7500 E, Melton Rd, Gary, IN 46403, United States
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  • Phone:+1 219-938-7040
  • Auto body shop
  • Auto repair shop
  • Auto radiator repair service
  • Auto wrecker
  • Car repair and maintenance
  • Mechanic
  • Tire shop
  • Towing service
  • Used auto parts store
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  • Wheel alignment service
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  • Tuesday:9AM–1PM
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  • Sunday:8AM–5PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Mechanic:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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