AAA - Automobile Club of Southern California
1450 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92835, United States
AAA - Automobile Club of Southern California
Review №1

Full service. Friendly service. Couldnt ask for better. Took some checks that an elderly relative received over a year ago because of the pandemic and had not gotten them to the bank. They took them and sent new ones. Also spent a good 30 minutes on the phone with a rep exploring discounts and other changes to reduce auto rates.

Review №2

Ive been there 5 times this year for Notary Sevices. Very Reasonable costs, depending your Membership Level, # of signitures. Highly efficient, polite, highly respectful. Height of Covid, less staff, longest waiting time, over an hour. Less now, but maybe depending time of day!!

Review №3

Right away greeted with fast and friendly service. Nice to see this place offers a variety of services to its members such as. Travel,life and auto services.also so convenient that they provide dmv services as well such as registration!! Which is a big plus!

Review №4

Got my real ID. No wait super clean and seriously we pay membership and they deliver. Money well spent. Now if they can just make accommodations for us 6’4 people and I would press for a 6th star. It’s all good.

Review №5

I went in this morning to straighten out my automatic pay method. The lady that was helping me was SUPER RUDE and very unhappy about her crappie, going nowhere job.I will be moving my Home, 3 Cars, EQ and life insurance tomorrow.

Review №6

I recommend Having a membership is very useful in any process with DMV as well as towing service and many more benefits.

Review №7

Staff was very friendly, courteous and professional. There was mistakes on the bill of sale I received, and they explained exactly what I needed to do to be able to finish my transfer of title paperwork. Minimal wait time as well

Review №8

Nice staff. Great service. Need to hire enough staff so that the bathrooms can be open for customers. If you just hire someone to clean the toilets and the bathrooms that would be no problem whatsoever. It said that you book a lender and dont have the convenience for your customers.

Review №9

Nice building, nice people, plenty of services for members including auto registration, travel, and notary without long lines

Review №10

Fast and easy experience. Worth the price of a membership if you hate dealing with the time the DMV takes.

Review №11

You guys did a good job down there. Much easier than going to the D M V.

Review №12

I been with them for 8 years its the best service ever

Review №13

Very good services and I paid renew my cars insurance for one more years.

Review №14

Very efficient! In and out less than 10 min for RealID!

Review №15

The Aaa in Fullerton has smelled like mildew for years. Im surprised the staff is consistently sick

Review №16

Service is always friendly and courteous and they are very helpful in all things - insurance and dmv.

Review №17

This AAA office in Whittier is definitely just as bad as going to the DMV. Long wait times to speak with someone, let alone trying to accomplish DMV related matters in a timely fashion.

Review №18

Good customer service. Fast.

Review №19

Nice people, always providing solutions... Specially with the DMV... Thanks a lot

Review №20

Super busy but we all have learned to be patient. Once your called everything is pretty smooth from there.

Review №21

One of my best investment is having a AAA membership. The service is consistently professional and friendly.

Review №22

Very good office which makes very busy and you have to wait in line for about 20 minutes.

Review №23

Amanda was Awesome she got me through a title change in no time at all. Thanks again!

Review №24

Great location! Always a short wait for service. Got my car registration tags in 5 minutes.

Review №25

A little busy but they were organized. They kept everything clean by wiping down tables and chairs. Had my issues taken care of very quickly.

Review №26

Way to Go! Dmv is no go!# yay for aaa***

Review №27

Organized, well staffed. Great service. A short wait sometimes.

Review №28

Helpful staff, great service. best place to do renewals.

Review №29

Excellent employee helped me with maps for a future trip. Only a 10 minute wait.

Review №30

I visited for the international driving permit. There was line but my turn came quick. The staffs was kind. I recommend here.

Review №31

It was great. excellent service 👌

Review №32

Went for travel arrangements. They were very helpful and gave us several options.

Review №33

DMV and and towing dept are the only good thing about this branch. The insurance team lacks simple communication and people skills. Would not recommend wasting your time through the insurance dept.

Review №34

Do not purchase a battery from AAA they apparently only have 3 yr warranty and only if your roadside is active I paid $200 for nothing I would have been better off getting it from auto zone I’m glad I did not renew my membership thank goodness my auto insurance has roadside. I repeat do not buy a battery go to auto zone they have life time warranty, AAA only lasted me two yes literally garbage!

Review №35

This is a difficult business, I think, to run in times of COVID-19, since so much of the work is necessarily face-to-face with clients. Auto Club has adapted, with procedures that keep staff and clients safer while promoting fast, efficient processing of your Auto Club needs.What they cant do anything about is the INSANE cost of registering an automobile in California. My rides a 1998 Honda, and it was $140 to renew the tags. But at least our roads are in great shape, so theres that, right? :0/

Review №36

This location has great customer service. Very friendly and not a long wait time!

Review №37

Fast, efficient service and friendly staff.

Review №38

NO STARS FOR YOU AAA.Sucked this time around, I went to pay for my bike tags and they asked me how I was going to pay so I said card, and the told me that I cant pay with my debit card that I have to pay with a credit card and to do that they would have to charge me an extra 2.5 percent of whatever the amount Im charging on it, and when I questioned that the clerk started to raise his voice at me, so I left and came back with cash, so not good, the inconvenience and the fact that on top of paying for the service they try undermine you and get mad if you push back, very disappointing, shame on you AAA

Review №39

A great alternative to visiting the DMV !!!

Review №40

Really nice group of people with here. They are serving is through Covid without all the chaos, just a little spacing and masks, and patience. You guys are great, thank you.

Review №41

Good service! Auto Club Membership Great! Courteous employees.

Review №42

Fast, efficient. Wait was less than 10 min. for DMV services, car registration.. this office is only AAA I go to

Review №43

This is my auto insurance! Premier!! I love it!!For the first time in my life i fell more secure and confidence than ever! Thank you AAA

Review №44

Quick service, short wait

Review №45

Very friendly staff, was able to register a car under my name then went to another desk where I added it to my insurance policy in a very short time. Both of the people that helped me were very friendly, wish I had got both their names. But anyway, would recommend this location. They also gave me a bottle of water and were on point with sanitation and whatnot.

Review №46

I have this even though I have roadside assistance thru insurance! I like the extra benefits 😏

Review №47

No lines. Walked right in and transacted my business in under 10 minutes.

Review №48

Its faster then DMV

Review №49

Came in for passport picture last week ... Camera just broke but they put me at front of line today! Thank you AAA, class act!

Review №50

I really appreciate their efforts to care for all of us. The check in and waiting area is outside. Lovely people. Service is great, easy and fast experience

Review №51

Great service. Well managed staff and store

Review №52

My AAA driver was the best! He took a look under my hood and saw that one of my hoses was not attached. He fixed it on the spot and even took it on a test drive.No need for a tow after all it was perfect.

Review №53

Another successful AAA stop! Came in at 430pm on a Friday. There were 3 people ahead of me being checked in. I came in for DMV service, transfer and duplicate title. I also had to purchase a membership for a family member. I was out in 30 minutes with everything completed. The customer service reps here always work efficiently, their helpful and friendly. I always have a pleasant experience and never feel like I waste time here.

Review №54

The lady and gentleman that helped me out were beyond helpful and professional. Couldnt have ask for better customer service.

Review №55

Having AAA is so good to have or to get as a gift for sone one who may not have road assistance. You will feel secure no matter where you go should you have car trouble. I always have a sense of security when traveling out of the area with AAA+

Review №56

First time joining AAA club. From the start staff there made me feel comfortable and thanks for Khai Nugyen who helped while working quickly and getting me set up with what was neated. He assured me and that is way this location is awesome.

Review №57

Excellent, super friendly, super fast first time joining first time in this location best decision made. After trying 4 times to register my new purchase mercedes benz at dmv online (which keep telling me I need to sign the ownership which I did but did not tell me next to the mileage also) I decision to join aaa do to there reputation being so great i was not disappointed in and out

Review №58

Service was great! Everything was done in 5 minutes, couldnt believe it! Specially when its about DMV stuff..

Review №59

Quick stop for passport photos

Review №60

Love the DMV service one can get there without having to go to DMV and wait in long lines.

Review №61

So poor with covid-19, had to stand outside nearly an hour and they blocked off sitting areas. Really poor service nowdays

Review №62

Kim was helpful and understanding!

Review №63

Good service 👍

Review №64

Very friendly helpful and Vivid aware and prepared

Review №65

Went here for DMV vehicle registration renewal and it was fast and easy!

Review №66

Knowledge, definitely health conscious and when i fell in their parking lot they did everything to make sure i was okGood people

Review №67

Very understanding. Took care of my dmv needs right away. Very thankful

Review №68

Saw a sign that stated, restrooms are closed.Found this odd.I inquired if someone need a fast quick stop what would be available.I was told they would need to go to Ralphs Grocery, .5 mile down the road.Found this to be inappropriate. If a male had to water the plants, do it outside the entrance. Deal with the police later.IF A WOMAN had a need, where is she going to do a quick stop. There is none.Brought this up to some activists. They have said they will pay a few visits as a member.My comment was what is the purpose. They said courts provide money in judgements.Think AAA needs to rethink their policy. Yeah, AAA has attornies but these activists are pretty consistent in winning judgements.AAA, time to open restrooms for your members.Restrooms are open on aircraft, HOME DEPOT, grocery stores, no reason why you cant. You just dont want to pay a person to cleanup the restrooms.I smell a lawsuit brewing, in the future.

Review №69

The notary person was not very helpful. Had to ask for supervisor to get him to do his job right.

Review №70

Service is excellent!

Review №71

Convenient location. Friendly staff.

Review №72

Got my international drivers license there

Review №73

The best! Service ever! Cute employees!

Review №74

Because this is the location I do everything. And I cant give roadside service a rating. I have no choice but to give the 1 star rating here... I called to help a homeless couple out by using my AAA for a quick tow off private property. But when I spoke to the call service agent. She said it cant be down for free because the vehicle is not going to a place of business to be fixed or a residency. I said hello did you not hear me. The couple is homeless! Im just trying to help them out so their car doesnt get towed. Because if it does they have to pay to get their car back. That will leave them with less money to get the car fixed! She said sorry its considered a courtesy tow so its not covered. So sad AAA shes it this way. I have paid for over 2 years of service. And have never used AAA for anything. Now when I try to use the service to help a couple out in need. Im told sorry cant do it. Bad way to do business, so very sad.

Review №75

Great service & great price

Review №76

The staff was very nice and helpful 👍

Review №77

Rare customer service here‼️🌞

Review №78

I wanted to thank Yuri Fierros for excellent customer service. Yuri went above and beyond helping my mother with her tags and other Complicated matters. Its nice to see true Professionals that care about other people..

Review №79

Easy and Fast...even with social distancing.

Review №80

This location your can see it write from right off the street. The have a parking lot. You can only do something that DMV allows them to do. They has travel agents there to help you with all of your traveling need. They have maps and tricks. You van buys book of places to go.

Review №81

Easy system to get in and get things done. Thanks!

Review №82

Shoutout to AAA for these awesome maps for my kids on our road trip. What a great learning tool! And your AAA service is awesome; had to get my car towed this week. They had a tow truck out in 15 minutes at midnight!

Review №83

. I highly recommend this location fast process great quality on customer service

Review №84

Very fast in and out

Review №85

Prompt service

Review №86

Always friendly at this office.

Review №87

Convenient, quick and helpful

Review №88

Taking my car here for 8 years and it has passed every time. Now the guy calls out spacers on my O2 sensors and fails me. Ill bet if I was Mexican my car would have passed!

Review №89

Worked around covid19 great dealing with them fast service

Review №90

Nothing better in my opinion then being a AAA customer. Cannot say enough about the services they supply. Maps, replacing lost or stolen Handicap cards on the spot, also sent me the new edition of the drivers DMV book! Always quality Service! Thank you AAA!

Review №91

Great customer service

Review №92

Was on hold for 35 minutes. Locked my keys in the car. Finally texted 2 people to call for me and within min they called me. Aaa guy just showed up . 35 minutes ahead of the estimated arrival time. So waiting out my car for only 15 minutes... thank u brea towing service.. second time in 3 weeks they came to get me back in my car. So 5 star on that end... I’m happy now

Review №93

I only had to wait 20 minutes. It was great!

Review №94

So quick and easy. No long lines! It was great!

Review №95

Fast and good service

Review №96

Everyone is always so friendly.

Review №97

I love this place. Always a good experience.

Review №98

These people are very helpful and most of their services are reasonably priced. Ive had roadside assistance coverage for many years, and they always help out even when Im not the driver.

Review №99

Nice and helpful

Review №100

So helpful! Stopped in with a complex transfer of ownership on my late father-in-laws vehicle. The woman who helped me was so knowledgeable and helped me quickly and efficiently! So glad theres an alternative to the long wait at theDMV!

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