20 Past 4 & More
3500 N Clinton St, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, United States
20 Past 4 & More
Review №1

Very rude to people who live out of state. One of the employees was talking loudly about me and said b!tch are you retarded because I was face timing someone who was about to send me money to make a very good sale! WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!

Review №2

All the employees are cool and usually pretty helpful. Never had a bad experience here. This location is pretty large and has a wide selection of products so you’ll almost always find what you need.

Review №3

Highly recommend just because of the very kind people whom work there. I had a wonderful experience. Plus had a few great conversations with the employees. Thank you for all your help, because I had no clue. Lol

Review №4

Great place for those hard to find items. Cool shirts, posters, jewelry, and tattoo equipment. Not to mention all the other accessories they have there. Just a cool laid back atmosphere with some cool items at decent prices.

Review №5

I go here for all of my tattoo supplies and the quality of the supplies is outstanding and the service is awesome

Review №6

These people are great. Thanks for being a business, 20 past 4. Even tho Covid is tearing thru this world. They allowed me to smile and have fun. Thanks guys. You rock.

Review №7

Wish I could give a zero star rating! I have been coming here for years and just received the worst service! Woman was absolutely snooty, snobby, and rude. Over the entire quarantine I have come in and used my boyfriends credit card with NO issues. I drove all the way from new haven as usual to make a $100 purchase and was suddenly told that I cannot use it without a matching ID. I have never had this issue and was completely disappointed with the service.

Review №8

Everyone is always super nice and helpful. Interesting new pieces all the time. Last time I was in I was able to do all the birthday shopping I had planned right there! I got a The Scream poster, found a glass pipe that was the guy The Screamer to match! I was so excited to give that gift. Always love coming in, and I love the punch card system!! They know their customers!!

Review №9

My girlfriend and I came to Fort Wayne yesterday just to spend the day there and enjoy the day when we found this shop. Walking in the have such a wide variety of glass. I had no idea what kind of pipe I wanted but the lady behind the counter was nice, extremely knowledgeable, we figured out what type of pipe I wanted. Had a great experience there love the military and college student discount. Will defiantly be back anytime we visit Fort Wayne.

Review №10

When entering your Clinton St. store on Sat. 1/12/2019 a young man informed that I was parked in a fire lane.( that was covered with snow) Along with the other four employees not doing anything, not a customer in the place. Just like to say... I guess thats a show of the times. Great customer service.

Review №11

We have shopped here, almost exclusively, for the past 7 years because they are super nice, give student and military discounts, almost always have exactly what we are looking for, and did I mention how friendly and pleasant the staff is? Yes, I did. It is worth repeating. Best store of its kind in a 100 mile radius. If you found them to be rude, I will almost guarantee it was your attitude that caused it.

Review №12

I love going in here and looking around. They have so much fun stuff to look at. Most of the staff are very friendly and attentive. There is one lady in there thats always rude and in a hurry. Youll know who she is. Lol

Review №13

Friendly, polite and very helpful staff. I always get fast service and all my questions are answered and Im given helpful suggestions as far as the best products available. All around great shop.

Review №14

Very friendly n knowledgeable workers here.Great customer service very pleased with the help I recieived..I will definitely be returning .

Review №15

Thanks for being a part of the UNS family! You all rock!

Review №16

Amazing service from the employees. They assist you as fast as they can. They all are amazing to talk to and answering your questions.

Review №17

The staff could be friendlier. They all act like they are doing us a favor for helping. The inventory is great though and prices are fair.

Review №18

Love this place. Always have what Im looking for and a very kind and helpful staff, which is a big plus for me.

Review №19

I have never been in a shop like this. I went in and asked them about something I had seen on many chronic pain support groups (kratom). The guys were awesome, answered all my questions, but then informed me this was not available in Indiana. Continued walking around store came across another product (CBS edibles) and once again, guys were great in answering questions but after I found there was a possibility of it making a drug test positive I moved on. Looked at their vape juices and while they had a variety, nothing I wanted to try. As we moved to the checkout they had a whole corner of books on growing marijuana and recipes with marijuana.... being an out of stater, I asked it it was legal in Indiana, and told no. Well as we made our purchase, I saw boxes of whippet sitting on their shelves, I turned to my husband and said I hadnt seen whippet some in 20 years..... all of the sudden this lady with brown hair comes up rudely and tells me they are whipped cream canisters (yes I know technically they are but no one believes a shop like that sells whipped cream makers) she said Ive asked too many questions in the store and if I asked more I needed to leave. Not only did she embarrass me but I am angry that the guys helping me were so nice and answered all questions professionally and educated me on all aspects of every part of their inventories. I will never step foot in their store and after talking to the people in the next store we went to like theirs I met someone else with same experience with Lady with the same description. I dont know what this ladys problem was because I feel people working in retail should answer questions and this lady made me feel I was doing something wrong. The guys there deserve an A plus the lady there doesnt deserve to be in a kind of service industry. And if by chance shes the owner then I have to say I dont know how shes going to keep the doors open. Do not go there if you have any questions. You will be humiliated.

Review №20

Amazing Clinton St. Store! Incense. Vape supplies. Vape kits. Glassware. Clothing. Hats. Everything you could possibly need and a lot you dont need but youll want! Great staff.

Review №21

Lets face it you know what youre shopping here for this is the best place in town to get it serviced is great and theyve been growing its awesome to see good work guys Ill see ya!

Review №22

The employees seem to care more about covering the stores ass than about helping their customers. Every employee Ive run into there has carded me walking in the door, but Ive only had one who ever offered me assistance without my prompting. After many trips and hundreds of dollars spent there, I learn that said employee was let go, and I will not be back.Furthermore, management seems to think that its acceptable to insult their customers in their online reviews.

Review №23

If I could give less than one star itd hit the nail on the head. The chick with the green hair was extremely condescending and rude as hell. I was asking her simple questions because I didnt know the difference between THC and CBD. She made me feel like an idiot. The customer service here is horrible. Would not recommend coming here.

Review №24

Fun toys. Some really cool workers and some not so much

Review №25

Awesome store! more smoking pipes than Ive ever seen i. one place. everything you need in one place

Review №26

Do not go to this store total rip-off will lie to you to get you to buy thingsyou do not need. The Man Behind the Counter sold me a tool that he claims to work forG pen in which it did not work at all. I told the manager and all they did was say I can sell you something half off she wouldnt even look at the cameras and totally her employees side. The way she talked to me she like it was routine like they do this all the time.BEWARE

Review №27

They know their stuff!

Review №28

Great staff that was very helpful and knowledgeable for first time buyers. Laid back atmosphere and good selection of items.

Review №29

DO NOT SHOP AT THIS STORE!!!! my husband and I went in to purchase some fun items on our date night. we hadnt thought much about the environment or nature of the business. we were simply out to enhance our holiday cheer. long story short the staff accused us of being some kind of law enforcement. half way thru ringing up our transactions my husband asked a question about the variety of the items we were going to buy suddenly the Wully mammoth behind the register inferred we were law enforcement and refused to sell us anything except the body jewelry. needless to say it took everything in his power for my husband not to go t-rex on the mammoth because he doesnt take kindly to being called a cop. I escorted my husband out of the building before the mammoth had any chance to do it himself. Im pretty sure on the way out there was chatter about them calling law enforcement on not shop at this store they have no business doing business and as you can read all the other negative reviews our case is not an exception it just seems to be the norm. shop at your own risk because they may call the cops.

Review №30

They have great pipes and cigars here. One stop shop for any smoking needs.

Review №31

Great place to find smoking accessories and vape juice incense . Throwback clothing piercing accessories. Tattoo inks And more

Review №32

The individuals that took care of me were very kind and accommodating. Ill go out of way to purchase any of my smoking accessories through them.

Review №33

Workers always super welcoming when I visit. Plenty of selection for jewelry and glass pieces, also.

Review №34

Nice people. Clean atmosphere. Kind of expensive though.

Review №35

The staff is friendly helpful...very informative. Reminds me of the stores back in the day. Yeah

Review №36

Is what it is .... what what ......o yea smoke ....there cool trust me

Review №37

Always a warm welcome and no BS upselling more than you need.

Review №38

Great staff and wide variety of products. Definite must stop for all your vaping/smoking needs!

Review №39

Awesome selection of everything, I definitely had a great experience here.

Review №40

The name speaks for itself have a very large selection and good prices love their incense

Review №41

They got all your tobacco needs and more love ums

Review №42

Awesome staff, selection, & environment. Could not ask for better people!!

Review №43

Love this place. Always helpful and knowledgeable

Review №44

Always friendly and helpful employees.

Review №45

Dont know y anyone would rate this place less than 5 stars knowledgeable staff great products

Review №46

Great service, very knowledgeable! Love the VA discount!

Review №47

Can you do us all a favor and get rid of those Chinese hand warmers because theyre duds and you cant read anything on them because nothing is in English. Im assuming you shake them like you do all the rest of the hand warmers but since I cant read the package who knows?

Review №48

This is a great place to go they have neat stuff in there

Review №49

Got great service and all questions answered for vapors and dugouts

Review №50

Awesome employees. Always knowledgeable, and friendly.

Review №51

This place blows. I asked what (FLAVORS) of spice they carried.......THEY FING TOLD ME TO LEAVE AND NOT COME BACK. Trust me I didnt go back, I went to the location on Broadway. Screw them ppl, there down right nasty.

Review №52

Awsome crew. Knowledgeable and polite

Review №53

Its so nice to see your family grow. Youre arent just employees!!!

Review №54

Great place a lot bigger than I expected

Review №55

Large, store, helpful and friendly staff who are knowledgeable on their products.

Review №56

Awesome place friendly staff very helpful.

Review №57


Review №58

Excellent assortment, great atmosphere and plenty of helpful people.

Review №59

Great place to be awesome stuff inside cheap also..

Review №60

Great selection, wonderful customer service and a good time!

Review №61

I always find what Im looking for, and more usually!!

Review №62

The employees are super helpful and the selection is amazing.

Review №63

Love the entire stafff...always helpful

Review №64

Best place for all my needs.

Review №65

Best place for your smoking accessories!

Review №66

Great products and great staff

Review №67

They will help you find anything. Even when you dont know what youre looking for

Review №68

Awesome place for all your smoking needs

Review №69

I do drugs so I buy stuff from here that helps me do drugs they really do sell the best drug stuff here also Drugs!

Review №70

Clean well stocked n kind employees

Review №71

Very friendly and helpful staff.

Review №72

Great selection and decent prices.

Review №73

Nice people a little high priced on some things but they have it .

Review №74

Best local head stores in town

Review №75

Great selection for gifts and helpful staff

Review №76

I absolutely love this store and all of the staff except for this new girl they seem to have working she has absolutely got to be the rudest obnoxious arrogant person in any store Ive ever been in in my life blonde curly Q hair know-it-all knows nothing what shes talking about and is enough to make a person who goes in there two to three times a week never go back

Review №77

Nice visit, informative staff.

Review №78

Easy to find anything you need

Review №79

Lots of interesting things

Review №80

Too much water pipes, I expected to see a lot of variety of things.

Review №81

You guys need to put your hours on here thats my only complaint

Review №82

Recently expanded and updated, looking great

Review №83

Love this store, amazing people and great glass!!!

Review №84

Awesome store love the atmosphere

Review №85

Friendly to all customers and helpfully

Review №86

A lot of neat items

Review №87

Super helpful and knowledgeable staff

Review №88

Awesome products and variety

Review №89

Friendly staff, wide selection, going back for all my smoking needs.

Review №90

Very friendly and helpful staff

Review №91

Bigger than the other locations yet lacking some things.

Review №92

Friendly and helpful staff.

Review №93

Nice head shop!

Review №94

Great service at a good price.Fast too!!!!

Review №95

Very nice shop!

Review №96

Awesome and helpful staff

Review №97

Very knowledgeable staff

Review №98

All you want and 420 times more

Review №99

Anything and everything u can imagine and then some

Review №100

Cool place.

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  • Address:3500 N Clinton St, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 260-482-5959
  • Convenience store
  • Adult entertainment store
  • Tobacco shop
  • Glass blower
  • Glass shop
  • Herbal medicine store
  • Jewelry store
  • Novelty store
  • Poster store
  • T-shirt store
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–9PM
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  • Friday:9AM–10PM
  • Saturday:9AM–10PM
  • Sunday:9AM–10PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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