Mills Auto Parts
4200 Adams Center Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46806, United States
Mills Auto Parts
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They helped me as soon as I walked through the door. They did not have what I was looking for and actually call another place to see if they did!! Kind, friendly and knowledgeable. 5 stars

Review №2

I was blown away by the caliber of service and selection on my most recent visit. In my opinion, Mills is the premium salvage yard in the Fort Wayne area. Their inventory system is worth every dollar paid to implement. I cant wait to take my tool bag on another nature walk.🙂

Review №3

It is great place to work for the owners and other employees are friendly actually it is like working with your family i have working there for 18 years and wouldnt change a thing they treat there employees like family and if you need anything personal or otherwise they will be the first ones to step up and help i would recommend this wonderful company to anyone looking for a job that loves being around cars and to anyone looking for parts i give them 5 stars

Review №4

I love this place they have what you need in used parts highly recommend it at fair price.

Review №5

Mills helped me find seats for a 2003 vehicle. They were so helpful and professional. Thank you so much! Highly recommend this company!

Review №6

People here wasnt very helpful at all let us remove parts then wanted to charge brand new prices for used stuff. I honestly feel like they owe me 2 hours of labor for removing a sunroof that I know that sold and made money on

Review №7

Jim Mills is very knowledgeable and all their associates they know what theyre talking about and theyll know what fits your car the best Ive dealt with Jim for very long time and his father before him on purchasing Auto parts at a very good price

Review №8

Hit a deer yesterday, got the new (used) parts today. They gave me a great deal. They have a customer for life and I will definitely b sending all the business their way that I can. The system they have established in their yard is awesome, never seen anything like that.

Review №9

Best salvage yard in town! Love the concrete lot. They were very helpful in resolving an issue with an engine I bought there.

Review №10

Let me tell you this; if you wanna get what you need go see these guys. Whats even better is, unlike most places today, when you have a problem with these guys they make it right and you cant ask for anything more than that. Thank you Mills Auto Parts. We appreciate you doing business with us and we will continue to do business with you as long as we are open!

Review №11

Called them for a tire rim that is hard to come by. They confirmed the rim was in stock. The following morning they called and said the rim was ready to pick up. We picked it up and though we had forgotten to bring the damaged rim for the core fee, the clerk said we had six months to bring it in to get the cash back. If I come across another tough part to find Ill call them first.

Review №12

Won’t sell me a connector to my fan because they want me to buy a whole new radiator fan from them. I was going to buy both but decided to get the connector since I could get it brand new for the same price. They knew that so when I called them back to get the connector they said they couldn’t do that for me and that I have too by both of them from them. Should have just told them I needed the connector. They could have just cut the connector off with a wire cutter and charged me for it. But apparently they don’t want my business. They’d rather scam you and make you buy parts you don’t need.

Review №13

Way better than buying retail, and I didnt have to hunt through vehicles for a possibility that they had the part.

Review №14

Great place to get your auto parts from and if you need a little assistance with finding the right part for your vehicle there are plenty of family-orientated workers working around the clock to help

Review №15

Needed a new rack for my car these guys had it in stock and it was only $60 not a bad deal retail new theyre about $200.

Review №16

Great junk yard. Lots of cars.If you call ahead, they will pull the part for you and have it at the counter when you show up.

Review №17

Great customer service. Pick up an engine for my nephews truck. That he didnt check the oil ever. Called Jim told him to pull for me. The next day it was ready for me to pickup.Installed a window in my truck. I will NOT go to the other place down the road. That charges you to go in and look around.Mills knows what they have.

Review №18

These guys help me get a part for my van it was quick and easy and the price was better than some even online. But what made it so good is he went out of his way to made sure I got the right electrical connectors just in case the one I was replacing is fried. When I went to replace it sure enough it was fried. He didn’t have to do that but they save me almost an hour driving. Great service highly recommend lots of products. Five stars for sure.

Review №19

I work here and its the best job ive had and the boss jim treats us really ngood

Review №20

Always been a good experience going to this auto salvage. Its literally if they dont have your part they can get it. This place goes beyond to help the customer.

Review №21

Good place for parts!

Review №22

I’ve been going here for years. Love this place.

Review №23

Aways great service. I have purchased a car from them. They have helped me and other family with several parts. I have had them do work on my car as well. Recently got a great set of used tires at a super price! Great family owned and operated business.

Review №24

Stand behind their parts, go out of their way to please the costumer! Really appreciate their costumer service & attitudes

Review №25

Bought a Rebuilt salvage 07 GT500 from Jim off eBay for $25,000. Jim assured me it was repaired properly 100% to spec. He assured me no check engine lights or other issues.I paid $500 to have it transported to my state. As it was being unloaded I could see the check. Engine light on. Then looking underneath it I noticed it had two completely different versions of struts, one a coil over and the other a factory GT strut (unacceptable and totally unsafe). Jim apologized and sent me the other coilovers which I had to pay to have installed. The check engine I had to pay to have repaired. It was the intake he put on. It was incompatible with the $1000 tune on the car so I had to replace it at my expense. I forgot to mention the AC! He sent it completely uncharged. I paid to have the system charged and a day later the pressure lines blew off. Jim never assembled the AC with the factory retaining clips. I had to get clips and then have it charged once again (at my expense). The system didnt hold the charge so I had it charged for a third time with a sealant which now lasted three years. Oh and the brake lights, yes from the impact the original owner must have pressed so hard on the brake that he bent the rod thus the brake light button no longer engauges. I had to place a glued spacer to have brake lights. The high beams dont work at all.. No windshield washers, I learned that the hard way and now have a scratch across the glass from a dry wipe..Lastly now over 4 years later Im still plagued with electrical issues that existed the day it was delivered. At 3500 RPMs all electric cuts out. Hopefully this week Ill finally have that fixed. I cant tell you how many mechanic hours I have in on this car. I cant even sell it because its just not right. It looks good though. That part Jim got right.Buyer beware! If he can, he will. Especially if its not a local deal. Obviously after I had paid him $25k and $500 for transport I was pretty stuck with it. Also, being salvage there is never a warranty. I had to take him at his word and his word was mud.Please protect yourself and do business with someone else. It was a very hard lesson that I learned.Talk about being put through the Mill!

Review №26

Nice, waiting on a part.

Review №27

Easy to get what you need!

Review №28

Staff at front counter not very knowledgeable about cars tried getting a Dana straight axle but they had no clue what I was even talking about said they didnt have any in the yard after I had been out there and identified eight of them that would have worked if its not cut and dry on the computer screen right in front of them they not going to know what youre talkin about ask for a high pinion Dana 30 first one looked at me like I grew a second head pointed me to somebody else and he was just as oblivious as the first one

Review №29

Good place to go if they have what you need. Many times prices are close to that of new. Last time I called about a steel 16 rim $50 here $60 new from auto store next day. I enjoy coming here but the prices are scary

Review №30

Very friendly and helpful

Review №31

Been doing business with them for many years... great family owned and operated business. Always have the selection needed for those random parts.. not to mention they can get you anything in a short time.

Review №32

Ive bought a few random truck parts from Brandon. Great guy who always gets me what I need even if I dont have a part number handy. Ill be doing business with them in the future. Im not even in the area and they will still sell & ship me parts.

Review №33

I called when my truck broke down ordered my alternator on a Friday said it wouldnt be on until Wed. Got it on Monday! Was super happy had my truck running 2 hrs later! Five star shout out to you mills

Review №34

I saved tons of money going to Mills.

Review №35

Great people with a large selection of parts. They will do what they can to get you going.

Review №36

Great selection; needed Jeep parts...hardly ANYONE around including Daeger had any... Mills has it if you need it. Old school style... old school wisdom... good people that are easy to work with.They are always busy! That must mean they are doing something right.

Review №37

Always friendly. Usually have the parts I need

Review №38

I went to get a windshield they had on hold for me that they would call when they can put it on. No call. So I called took my car there from 9-1 got called the new windshield some how got broke. So I still have a cracked windshield. Attempted to get me another but the cost was different like maybe they shouldn’t have let it sit so long or the day I called they should’ve given it to me instead of suggesting they’ll keep it till they can install. And shouldn’t charge people until after the service is COMPLETE NOT BROKEN

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Review №40

I have bought used auto parts from this yard for a number of years and I have never had a bad experience. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Most of the cars in the yard are parked on concrete so you wont get muddy shoes if it is wet.

Review №41

Awesome parts and reasonable!

Review №42

Looked at price online for 02 malibu window motor which stated $30. Drove to get it and was told price was $50. I would of had to pull the part myself and pay more than what is listed on their own website. Place is an absolute joke for a business. Dont waste your time with them honoring any price what so ever.

Review №43

Was told one price and when arrived was charged another price. Drove 2 hours to pickup part. Once I got it home my mechanic found a bolt that was sheered off. I immediately called the shop and was told I could return for a 20percent restocking fee. They kept telling me the part was good. An engine head that I have to take to a machine shop to drill and tap a bolt is not good. That is a damaged part. They would not help with machine shop costs. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Review №44

Service was prompt reasonable price for my junk car.

Review №45

Very nice family owned business people are very friendly and helpful

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Review №47

Large selection, courteous staff I recommend Mills for yr needs

Review №48

Very rude hung up on me did not help me with a part i needed and said we will call u back two days ago a waist of money and time dont go there ....

Review №49

Location can be a bit of a stretch to get to though the staff is rather manageable and the quality of the products are often cleaner than what you would expect for a salvage yard. The price is a lot more pocket-friendly for the parts and they will at least attempt to try and help locate any of the parts you may need that they dont have in their inventory.

Review №50

Gave me a great price on an engine. Bent the dipstick putting it in my truck, but I was able to replace it.

Review №51

Great local auto parts place. Ive only been going there since 1974 LOL

Review №52

Prices are kind of high but they seem to always have what you need and the prosses is fast and clean they are very helpful

Review №53

Can take your own parts off if you want.

Review №54

They had the part we needed at a reasonable price, friendly service.

Review №55

Great place to get used auto parts. I have used them for years and found them to be quite reasonable in price and easy to work with. I have seen the other reviews and I must say that as long as you are clear what you ask for, they have been very fair with me.

Review №56

Good parts, reasonably priced, do a lot of business with them, never had an issue

Review №57

Awesome service and great prices

Review №58

Great service. Above and beyond.

Review №59

Bought engine, mirrors, and other parts from Mills Auto Parts. Great service, friendly employees. Thanks for the great service and best prices.

Review №60

Easy to work with and huge selection.The vehicles are grouped together well and organized in isles.

Review №61

They still have older stuff from the 80s here a few 70s too enjoyed checking it out

Review №62

Took me an hour to get here and just as they were closing they were kind enough to let me get the part I needed at the last min.. Great customer service

Review №63

Very easy and straight forward to deal with.

Review №64

Always have gotten a fair deal on all the parts I have bought from them. Can even take your own part of and it is cheaper that way.

Review №65

Come see us and how we can take care of all your auto parts needs. New and used.

Review №66

My visit to Mills Auto Parts was handled in a friendly and very helpful way. They helped me get the parts I needed also found me parts they didnt have.

Review №67

Good ptices. Quick service.

Review №68

Great service, friendly employees, low prices and very helpful. Thank you so much.

Review №69

Great Customer Service helped me find the part i needed and even gave me a hassle free experince when the part I recieved was faulty and gave me a replacement.

Review №70

Was there about 15 years ago and swore I would never go back because of the rude service... fast forward 15 year thought what the heck Ill try them again and quess what there still very rude... NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

Review №71

Complete snakes in the grass. Sold us a part that didnt work. Had it tested at parts store 3 times. Didnt even offer a full exchange! Rude and snotty employees. Ill let the car rot before Id go back there for another part!

Review №72

Great place Jim always ready to help 👍

Review №73

They have about any part for you vehicle you may need. Excellent service and affordable

Review №74

Best place to get your parts very helpful

Review №75

Change prices on a part multiple times. When I called one time is was 100 then next time was 75 then my girlfriend called and they said 125. She was told her card was getting charged 75 for the part because thats what they told me previously. Then we check the account and they charged 107. For a core she was never told about at all. This is not good business ways.

Review №76

Find here parts that need good service

Review №77

Great people really honest worked with me in a bad situation. Highly highly recommended.

Review №78

Called ahead and they had our part ready for pick up. 28 years doing business with you

Review №79

Mills sold me a part that didnt even test, rushed it off a car just for a freaking sale. they need to close down soooooo pissed. tested part b4 we put on and advance auto said it wouldnt even fire up. wat a great joke. ASS HOLES. the one stare is not for me if so add a negative in front.

Review №80

Lots of stuff to look for and pretty helpful staff!!

Review №81

The guys that work here are great, friendly, and very helpful. Its a great place to get used car parts from, as long as they have what youre looking for.

Review №82

Dont go there, called for a steering knuckle and told me he can get one for 300. i can buy a new one for 100. place is a joke

Review №83

I LOVE that place always frendly and helpful

Review №84

Great pricing friendly people.

Review №85

Sold me a bad transmission, only worked for about a week. I couldnt get my money back bc I didnt return in 3 days of purchase (what it took to get old one took out and bad one put in). Horrible!

Review №86

Great prices and great service

Review №87

Good concept, just takes to long for completion.

Review №88

Great people that do great work at a great price!

Review №89

Fast friendly and good people

Review №90

Good place to buy parts..

Review №91

Mills auto parts is a joke. I called last week to price a 3400 used engine and I was quoted at $650 I called today 6/24/2014 and was quoted at $1200 USED and would have to be ordered from another yard. This place is a RIP OFF if you let them!! Sorry not me!!

Review №92

We will see, I ordered a wheel from them, it should be in on Wednesday.

Review №93

Could have done better business with a homeless man. So unprofessional.

Review №94

Always strive for great customer service.

Review №95

Good parts place and reasonable prices

Review №96

Had just what I wanted and worked with me on pricing

Review №97

Always have what I need.

Review №98

Always have what I need

Review №99

Got what I went after at a reasonable price

Review №100

Overpriced but theyre always helpful

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