LKQ Pick Your Part - Fontana
15228 Boyle Ave, Fontana, CA 92337, United States
LKQ Pick Your Part - Fontana
Review โ„–1

Pretty good visit this time. LKQ as a whole is not on my favorite list every since theyve gotten rid of their rewards program (literally overnight) and increased their prices across the board at all locations ๐Ÿคฌ. Lines are not long here, but if you see something you want here dont wait too long if they are higher dollar or rarer vehicles.Dont forget to get the stock number or they wont let you check out now. You can find it online though, but you have to look at the vehicle on that specific locations site.

Review โ„–2

Good place to pull your own auto, truck and SUV parts when you find the right vehicle.

Review โ„–3

A total and complete disaster, I went to one yard to purchase a rear shock of or my car and they charged me $9.47 plus tax . Then I went to a second yard to purchase another one, and the cashier said that the price was $32.76 plus tax.I then called the corporate office and explained what the problem was, and all they did was give me the time around for almost four hours. Very frustrating situation to say the least.

Review โ„–4

Good prices and wide variety of vehicles and parts!

Review โ„–5

Found our arts athough the vehicle we wanted to find had been heaviy striped. Price was right.

Review โ„–6

This is by far the best location to me out of the bunch. It is well organized, the staff is friendly and not power-drunk. They treat you like you are a customer and not an inconvenience. I find some incredible deals every time I have driven the extra mile past 3 other lots, one being 5 mins from my home in Wilmington . It is worth the drive, trust me.

Review โ„–7

Quiet spot, not a lot of foot traffic and that can be a good thing. Selection is limited due to it being a smaller place but still had a good time removing things I needed.

Review โ„–8

Good prices good customer service

Review โ„–9

A plus is when one of the employees handed me an inventory of the vehicle that I was requesting. But the checkout guy said that the year between 99 and 2003 it should fit no problem. it didnโ€™t. I paid for the warranty and they redeem my money. Itโ€™s clean and organized. Iโ€™ll even take my kids for a picnic there.( โ— โ€ฟโ—  )

Review โ„–10

Do not seel your car here. They are thieves that pray on the public so trying to sell a volvo and oscar the inspector said it doesnt have original catylitc converter so knocks off 100 dollars from already a poor price offered for the car talks to Oscar the manager and gives same reasons theoretically original and after market converters must have same parts and materials especially because California is a very struct emissions state but they will point out anything to give you less money I will never come here to purchase parts nor sell a vehicle again

Review โ„–11

Close to any proximity in inland empire. Staff are very friendly.

Review โ„–12

This is the cleanest pick a part Ive been to in 20+ years. About half the yard is paved as well which is very nice.

Review โ„–13

Great selection of parts.

Review โ„–14

Love this ace and the employees are very helpful

Review โ„–15

Good place to get your used car/truck parts, 3$ entry fee, its a pretty big lot to look around and choose parts from cars and trucks, got my grill for my truck...there prices are pretty expensive but overall great place.

Review โ„–16

Its okay you dont have much to go on for price difference has pretty much almost the same but considering I did get the part cheaper than what listed for thats the guy behind the counter realized way too much for what they wanted

Review โ„–17

Today I bought a sunroof regulator and the cashier lady charge me for the regulator and for the glass but I didnt get the glass, I ask her that if she realized she is charging me for something that I didnt take and she said yes but she have to charge something cuz the part was to big for that price... I keep my receipt to prove it...

Review โ„–18

Canโ€™t get a live person on the phone

Review โ„–19

They have a pretty good selection of cars to choose from when looking for parts.

Review โ„–20

I was selling a vehicle to LKQ. I told them the documents I had they told me it was fine. They told me that they would be at the property at 8-10 am . After I called 3 times and they couldnโ€™t give me a real time what time they would show up. Finally at 12:04 the driver calls me and told me that he would be there in 10-15 mins. After all this they said that they couldnโ€™t buy my vehicle due to the paper bill of sale that I had. I wasted all of my Saturday morning on them. They are unprofessional and incompetent to do their job.

Review โ„–21

Bring your tools, anything you need to repair your vehicle, from doors, fenders, bumpers, or mechanical parts engines, transmissions, or electrical, sensors etc, great customer service

Review โ„–22

They had every thing i was looking for and the cashier shes a hottie guys need to go again soon .

Review โ„–23

Need shaded areas

Review โ„–24

Best location hands-down unemployed today even helped my friend gave him a Band-Aid because he was bleeding all over the place

Review โ„–25

Its a small yard compared to the others but its well organized and made it easier to find the car I was looking for.

Review โ„–26

Had lots of fun everyone here was courteous

Review โ„–27

Too much you need to pay por old parts, I think other yunk cars has better prices

Review โ„–28

You take part off your self

Review โ„–29

Good cervice๐Ÿ‘

Review โ„–30

Friendly and professional staff, great prices.

Review โ„–31

Pretty much this place is self service in the fullest term. If there were self checkouts there would be no need for employees. I attempted to bring my transmission jack in the yard to make the process easier but was not allowed due to policy. Understandable. Once I removed the transmission I took it to the counter and paid for it and requested help to load onto my vehicle but again they said they could not help because of policy. I have always received help at other LKQs but this one is I guess in a league of its own. Good thing I found a good samiritan around the lot to help me out. Perhaps he could run the place better.

Review โ„–32

Very nice

Review โ„–33

Excellent place I will go through and recommend it to anyone

Review โ„–34

Good stuff

Review โ„–35

They change inventory often here. Always some good finds and good prices

Review โ„–36

The yard was cleaner than most of the Pick-A-Part I just didnt find my part other than that a good location

Review โ„–37

Do not sell your car made a appointment yesterday so they can pick up my car today waited 8 hours and no one came when they finally came guy who came and picked it up said he couldnโ€™t take it and didnโ€™t want to do his job he didnโ€™t say nothing and just left and then called to see what was going on and they told me they couldnโ€™t do nothing about it ๐Ÿ‘Ždo not sell your car here

Review โ„–38

Most horrible service! From going to the junk yard and calling the place for questions. We went all the way to the junk yard to ask about what we need and they didnโ€™t want to tell us nothing! Gave us a number to call and we call and the lady and she was so rude! Wouldnโ€™t even let us talk. Donโ€™t bother with this place. Would give it 0 stars if I could.

Review โ„–39

Good plaace personal frienly and clean inside on card be im recomende at all tks

Review โ„–40

Donโ€™t take your vehicle here to sell, theyโ€™ll tell you you need a bill of sale on top of your title and when you get one theyโ€™ll accuse you of forging the paperwork yourself.Oscar letโ€™s his prejudice come before customer service.๐Ÿง๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ Iโ€™ll take my business elsewhere.

Review โ„–41

They give as beutiful service thanks

Review โ„–42

Always friendly staff an good part selection

Review โ„–43

Very helpful staff.. didnt know they had a app. It just shows that when people love what they do they pass on helpful tips.

Review โ„–44

Good place to get cash for your car.. took 20 to get the whole thing done.. easy and fast..

Review โ„–45

Great people. Great help

Review โ„–46

Affordable prices the guys working there very respectful,very clean place. Thats amazing how one person keep all the yard clean keep the good work everybodyI love it ๐Ÿ’•

Review โ„–47

Everyone was nice and helpful. It was not crowded and there was plenty of parking close by. The cashier was very polite.

Review โ„–48

Good place to find your car parts, but I didnt get mine today.

Review โ„–49

They must be short staffed. I waited a while for someone to come to the cashiers window so I could check out. At least I got most of what I came for. Saved hundreds vs buying new or used! Online.

Review โ„–50

Good place and good price

Review โ„–51

Prices are a bit high for my taste for parts but its worth a look if you need something from their inventory.

Review โ„–52

Its about as organized as it can be as a junk yard, the row numbers are somewhat marked so you can find the row and your vehicle youre looking for easy enough

Review โ„–53


Review โ„–54

Prices Prices going up a lot Use Radiator $51no warranty And you gotta pull You self Come on guys you guys Need to be Reasonable If you wanna buy something you better check the price 1st

Review โ„–55

A Small junk yard but great employees though best service.

Review โ„–56

Many kinds of vehicles not just imports but domestic. Prices r not what they use to be but are bad

Review โ„–57

This is my happy place...if u are havin a bad day... Get your tools and go have fun ...

Review โ„–58

Surprising well organized. The vehicle I was looking for was exactly where the website said it would be.

Review โ„–59

I will not use the word hate, but very strong dislike. Not very helpful at the front gate. Could not check for a car on the lot.

Review โ„–60

Helpful friendly service, fair pricing and a great app on their website to check inventory and location.

Review โ„–61

I saved alot money by coming to lkq really and they even have good prices for good parts!

Review โ„–62

The staff was very helpful and with great customer service ..they had a really good selection of SUVs and newer year trucks.. found everything my guy was looking for and then some

Review โ„–63

Easy to park. great parts cheap prices

Review โ„–64

Friendly staff, got the part I needed with no hassle.

Review โ„–65

The best customer service I have ever seen

Review โ„–66

Great selection of cars... prices are now way to high in all Lkq pull ur parts.

Review โ„–67

Went to riverside location yesterday after seeing a crossfire online show up and the car is 100% gone they say if itโ€™s posted online itโ€™s will be there but not true at all and even tho they have over 10 workers just walking around they canโ€™t check if the car is still there for u

Review โ„–68

Always clean and good inventory

Review โ„–69

Good parts, nice service, very friendly personal, good prices

Review โ„–70

Good place to go to get cheap parts

Review โ„–71

Let me save you some time, no oldies cars from 50s, 60s, 70s. More domestic and Imports sedans.

Review โ„–72

Nice werecking yard all late model cars

Review โ„–73

Save money and get cheap parts that you can install yourself.

Review โ„–74

Went to LKQ today and purchased some headlights for my boyfriends car and asked if they were not the right ones if we could return them and the cashier said that if we purchased a warranty then we could so as soon as we paid for them and got to the car and seen they werent the right ones we went back to return them and they only gave us back 1/3 of our money back but the cashier NEVER explained that we wouldnt get ALL OF OUR MONEY BACK so we will NEVER GO BACK THERE AGAIN!!!

Review โ„–75

Good place to find car parts.

Review โ„–76

Easy pushing cart compared to ontario

Review โ„–77

They have a lot of cars and most brands

Review โ„–78

The parts u need at a good price

Review โ„–79

Nice and clean, the best organacy.

Review โ„–80

It is a junk yard clean and well maintained

Review โ„–81

Dont have the 2007 sentra

Review โ„–82

Very easy and great prices for parts!

Review โ„–83

Service is really crappy nobody knows anything and they dont have change for $50

Review โ„–84

Not bad cars are gutted

Review โ„–85

They need to learn how to rotate the inventory more often. Every 3 months is way to long.

Review โ„–86

$3 to get inside andMost of the time they dont have the car or SUV parts your looking for..

Review โ„–87

Is ok for few models,but is not really too much variety of cars,depends the location

Review โ„–88

Wow it was great making a deal with them

Review โ„–89

Did not find the parts I wanted

Review โ„–90


Review โ„–91

Lots of car to pick from and thats the best

Review โ„–92

Bad experience after been a costumer for more then 15 years they treat me like if am trying to steal from them ... not cool last time i come to this place

Review โ„–93

Low inventory. Asked the guy at the gate before I went in if they had what I was looking for and he assured me that they had it. Not the case. They didnt even have a single vehicle of my make year or model and nothing interchangable either waste of time and entry fee.

Review โ„–94

Employees still ecu from Hondas and supervision will do nothing about it

Review โ„–95

Very organized and helpful!

Review โ„–96

Well organized and efficient.

Review โ„–97

Came here to change my glass its so fast

Review โ„–98

Made me wait 7 hours to pickup a car, do not sell your car to these people.

Review โ„–99

You could find some parts for your ๐Ÿš— or ๐Ÿšš

Review โ„–100

Find all ways the right part for any car.

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  • Address:15228 Boyle Ave, Fontana, CA 92337, United States
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  • Phone:+1 800-962-2277
  • Salvage yard
  • Auto parts store
  • Auto repair shop
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  • Recycling center
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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