Dollar Tree
2636 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville, NC 28303, United States
Dollar Tree
Review №1

Employees were friendly! Best dollar tree because the selection is great. Found everything I needed and more.

Review №2

Love how Dollar Tree is giving more options at a great price!They have big canvases, bigger sized products, and varieties of cosmetics!

Review №3

This is my favorite Dollar Tree in the area. Always nicely organized and clean. Has an amazing selection of items.

Review №4

This is by far the best Dollar Tree I have found around has an excellent arts and crafts and homeschooling area and it is always clean and neat. The people are very polite and nice too!

Review №5

Staff is helpful. Large selection of things to choose from. Store location is excellent and spacious store.

Review №6

Dollar Tree is hot. No AC working. Bathrooms are filthy and the store is filthy. Only 2 cashiers at 1 pm on FridayLines were horrible.

Review №7

I like the huge variety of products. The only complaint is that the craft section is always scarce. All the good stuff is gone. I think they need to have more stock in the arts and crafts section.

Review №8

A good place to find deals. BUT BE AWARE! it is no longer EVERYTHING for a dollar. They have added items for$2, $3, $4, $5, and up. Very unpleasant surprise.

Review №9

Shelves were bare. But I know ots not dollar trees fault . Still the best one

Review №10

This is my favorite Dollar Tree in Fayetteville, NC. Its the biggest one and its always well supplied.

Review №11

Clean store, the employees are friendly and helpful. Would have given it a 5 stars but it seems like it is no longer a Dollar Tree they have added items that are up to $5.00s now, wasnt to happy about that part.

Review №12

Nice,🙂 more items know for 5 dollars ect,head phones dog beds,pillows 5dollars

Review №13

Beautiful spacious store ! A lot inventory! Very clean and great atmosphere 👍👍

Review №14

Empty shelves everywhere. I hate that they have things for three and $5 and theyre not even worth it. I bought a rug thinking it was a runner and when I got home I found out it was only 3 ft long waste of $5. Also paid for bread and for some reason that bag didnt make it into my cart its not in my car it was not in the card I make sure that was empty and it didnt get home so they must have kept my bag but they charged me for it.

Review №15

This Store Has Its Perks. All Stores Do. Its a DOLLAR Store Not Louis Vuitton. The Workers Do Their Best to Please Every Customer Even the Rude and Obnoxious Ones. I Would Give This Store 5...FIVE STARS because They Did the Unexpected. They Have Been with Us Before, During and Theyre Gonna Be There After the Pandemic. I Love Dollar Tree and Wouldnt Have It Any Other Way.

Review №16

Like usual missing a lot of items I didnt get what I went for

Review №17

This is a great little store for finding a bit of everything and are more convenient than trudging through a large grocery store or paying the high prices of convenience stores. Sometimes I go with a list of needs, other times I can run in and out when I need something on the fly. The store employees are always helpful and stay busy at keeping the store stocked. I didnt used to be a patron of this store until I moved near the location on Lobelia Rd in Vass, but now Im in there quite often.

Review №18

Really great place to go grocery shopping only wish they had more choices on the food like gallons of milk

Review №19

They have a new 5$ part in the store.. not bad

Review №20

I love this dollar tree because it has a great selection on almost anything. I rarely get to shop here bc it’s on the opposite side of town from me. Well today I went in to look around. Found some stuff like usual. My cashier refused my services bc I wasn’t wearing a mask. Mind you we are NOT in a pandemic anymore. Other line was long so I went back to his line. He looked up at me bc I still didn’t put my mask on yet. Had to set my stuff down first. I called and spoke with the manager. Good thing she was nice, I asked if the cashiers were allowed to refuse my services. She said yes and that we could go to the manager line. I feel like no offense that the cashiers should not be given that authority. That’s management and or the owners right. The cashier had on these long rainbow nails and big antique women earrings. If anything he shouldn’t be allowed to dress like that for work! I don’t know wheat this worlds coming to but everyone’s got there morals and beliefs all back words. It’s sickening and sad.

Review №21

Very neat and great cashier!!!

Review №22

Too many ignorant slobs working at this location. They need better quality staff, cleanliness dealt with & stock put on the shelves rather than piling up in the rear of the building where no one can get to anything. Understandable that it’s a discount store with minimum wage staff quality, but this is just pathetic.

Review №23

Has a lot of good stuff!!!

Review №24

I love this location, really big store.

Review №25

Dont like the $3 and 5$ damage goods. Broken seams in pillow clases and stain cat/dogs beds. Ugly.

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Review №27

Good store. Very large.

Review №28

I enjoy shopping at the Dollar Tree because of its affordable prices. Also it is a great place to pick up practical things you use.

Review №29

Nice store but busy always

Review №30

Cashier was very pleasant & personable. The store seemed to be clean & fairly well stocked. They were out of several things but thats to be expected. Good shopping experience!

Review №31

Great variety of products and very good price

Review №32

The best and biggest dollar tree around!

Review №33

Love that I can get so many goodies here! I can get in and out super fast, but I always end up spending way more than a dollar.

Review №34

Everything in stock. Store was very chaotic. This was the first time I was in a dollar tree store and the line was almost to back of store. There were only 2 registers open and took 30 minutes to check out on a Friday evening. That’s ridiculous.

Review №35

This place has a lot of good things. We stopped by for last minute Valentines items and every register was open which speeded up check out.

Review №36

Love the workers and nice selection wish they bring back 1gallon bleach

Review №37

Amazing store and craft section. Very clean

Review №38

Great selection of items. Staff was very nice

Review №39

ThankYou SO MUCH

Review №40

Went to buy balloons for my sons birthday. The customer service was great even when there was an obnoxious customer.

Review №41

They always have what I need at the time I go there

Review №42

Nice, clean, organized, but lacking many items. But very big and spacious.

Review №43

Fun loading up on stocking stuffer goodies and candies!

Review №44

I enjoy visiting this store when Im the Fayetteville area.

Review №45

Friendly greeting and great customer service. Even had an enjoyable conversation with another customer.

Review №46

Great last minute stocking 🧦 stuffers

Review №47

Lots of empty shelves

Review №48

This location should be called Dollar Tree Department Store. They literally have EVERYTHING!!!

Review №49

Went in today and now you have to pay for the carts. Seriously?! I mean I get y’alls carts are probably getting stolen but is it that bad? Sadly I didn’t have change on me because in reality who carries change anymore. So I had to tote around my one year old and my basket full of things that I needed. I used to love this location but I think I’ll be going to Ramsey location instead.

Review №50

Always a great shopping trip here for what we need and want we didnt know we needed lol Couldnt give 5 stars just due to stocking issues, but I still prefer this store over any others in the Fayetteville area.

Review №51

Its so big and it mostly has everything i needed in one, everything is ONLY a dollar you should totally go its amazing I love this store!!!

Review №52

Polite employees

Review №53

Great places its really what you expect for a dollar tree tge only difference is that this one its bigger

Review №54

The baskets were filthy. If you plan on shopping in quantity. I suggest you take your own cart or bag.

Review №55

Busy but quick checkout

Review №56

Great selections at this friendly location!

Review №57

Super amazing place to get decent things for a deal! Ive found many name brand things here that come and go. The staff is very good. This store has a very large selection of items.

Review №58

Busy but quick check out

Review №59

The best Dollar Tree I’ve ever been to! We’ve already moved but I still haven’t found a Dollar Tree that compares to this one!

Review №60

I discovered this Dollar Tree today and was very impressed on not only the size of the store but the selection as well! It is a HUGE store with excellent inventory as well as very clean and organized!!!

Review №61

Nice variety.

Review №62

The dollar tree on Bragg Blvd it is the biggest store I like it because it is close by me. But when you go into any of the dollar tree stores they are short on workers, the stores look bad and never stocked up always saying its in the back we have not got it out or we dont have it. Today we went and you have to put a coin in the carts to use them. Its not just today its been like this for a long while. It would be great to see great stores you like to shop be clean and employees be kind. Um speaking for all of them.

Review №63

Love the store but never have items in stock and the shelves are always empty/barely stocked

Review №64

I love the dollar tree and this location is tops. They have the best seasonal stuff and year round basics. Everythings a dollar and super cool items show up everyday. Candles batteries and things like that . The snack zone is epic too. My favorite store in the area

Review №65

Huge!!! Great selection, wonderful employees, always love going to this store!

Review №66

This is my favorite dollar tree for glassware! Its the largest in the area and they have a great selection!!

Review №67

I would not shop here anymore, everyone was wearing mask, when i proceed to pay I notice 4 people without mask, I let cashier now she said they cant say anything to them, but in the door is the poster that is mask require, all cashiers and workers with mask, so why not let know those clients if they dont have a mask, not aloud to shop. This will be my last time shopping at Dollar Tree. They sell food in there how cant they aloud this.

Review №68

Friendly atmosphere, able to move around with ease. Able to find what i went in for and more. Love dollar tree stocked with so many different items.

Review №69

Cashier was not pleasant. Her customer relation skills need some work and her professionalism was lacking; however, should I expect anything more? After all you get what you pay for that also applies to service, obviously.

Review №70

This place was empty. It was almost like they were going out of business.

Review №71

Very crowded store and only two registers fully open. The idea of having to use quarters to get a shopping cart now days is a poor idea. The store does have a great variety of items. The cake I bought was on the stale side.

Review №72

The line was long and the cashiers was standing around talking to each other and they all told me they was closed I had to wait for 10mins on a long line with 1 item while they talk to each other

Review №73

Got everything we needed to clean up after the storm name brand cleaners cheaper than WallyWorld. And they helped us find the products we couldnt see. They asked us if we needed help instead of us having to hunt someone down to find the help we needed. Very polite and helpful great customer service.

Review №74

Where are the employees? Writing this as I stand at counter- no cashier to be seen after at least 5 minutes...and why are there never any carts here? Its a big store, but they need more carts and more help.

Review №75

Always go to this location. Huge store with so many choices. Dollar tree has become a significant part of our family budget and we are always shocked and pleased at how much we buy and save by shopping here.

Review №76

This is my go to store and in the past six months the decor has gone down..... there is trash all over the floor....L Carts all in the aisles in the front of the store...the floor is nasty....end caps have garbage on them and no products!!!! There were baskets full of products sitting by the balloon area..... This is unacceptable!!!! There is no reason why this store looks this horrible.....I gave this a two refunding because the cashiers are nice and somewhat friendly....

Review №77

By far the largest Dollar Tree in Fayetteville. Expansive selection of items. I always find what Im looking for.....and then some.😊

Review №78

Clean and pretty big dollar store. Only complaint is the atmosphere ... the feeling is like someone died in there. Very creepy

Review №79

I always love going to this store. Its Hugh and there is always something new to see... I go I. Expecting to spend a little and have to get more money before my trip is done ... Never a dull day shopping here ...

Review №80

I found everything I needed and more. The variety is wonderful at this location. I shop here because of that.

Review №81

This is my favorite Dollar Tree by far. It is a mega store and has everything. Take a quarter when you go. Theyve just changed over to a cart return system like Aldi grocery store does.

Review №82

Love that place. When they ran out of the jalapeno cheese. I like to have passed time Im coming in the store early. Lol and the person are so nice.and helpful keep up the good work😀😁

Review №83

Love the crafting items and household products. Good selection 👍

Review №84

That particular dollar tree I love. Very big.

Review №85

Dollar Tree has everything I need for a reasonable price show me to decorate my house for Christmas and any other holiday and events it has such a good variety of candy and lot of good variety of household needs

Review №86

Love the Dollar Tree!!! It is very convenient and love the variety of products they have!!!

Review №87

Large store with plenty of merchandise. Bathrooms available.

Review №88

Best dollar tree around!

Review №89

Biggest and best Dollar Tree Ive come across in North Carolina yet.

Review №90

Large Dollar Tree..usually has what I go for; check outs could have more staff.

Review №91

I mean its Dollar Tree. Everything is a DOLLAR!! Whats not to love??? I love this one on Bragg Blvd because I have a better variety!!

Review №92

Couldnt find any thank you items. Store was clean and orderly.

Review №93

This is the better of Dollar Trees in Fayetteville, it has alot more to offer. The cashiers are generally friendly.

Review №94

The best one dollar store every.

Review №95

Usually have what you need

Review №96

I love the prices...but they need to have more cashiers available.

Review №97

New sales clerk, Ayana, wasso polite, helpful and efficient. It was a pleasure being checked out by her. I wish her much continued success.

Review №98

Always a great place to go staff is the best always helpful

Review №99

Good shopping.

Review №100

I love shopping here but its hard for me being disabled. The isle are wide enough why not have the wheelchairs?

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  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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