Walmart Supercenter
4601 Ramsey St, Fayetteville, NC 28311, United States
Walmart Supercenter
Review №1

It was a productive visit. I went to buy a airbed and I found the one in the picture. Very good quality. I got help from a staff as I wasnt sure where to find it. The store was clean and the self check out process went smoothly. It was a good buy and Im very happy with my purchase and I love the bed. Very sturdy with a self inflated pump. I also purchased the sheet set from Walmart a while back

Review №2

It was nice to shop but most registers were not open and lines are long. Its easier to go to food lion and be in and out with associates showing you which line is open.

Review №3

In a time when all people want to do is complain and malign people and businesses in reviews, I want to commend one Associate by the name of Britney at the Ramsey Street location. Wow! did she impress me with her great customer service. She greeted me and noticed I looked like I was searching for something and offered to help me. She helped me locate my 2qt. Crock Pot and did it all with a warm smile and no effort. She really loved being at work and it showed. Shout out to Britney! Oh and by the way, it wasnt even her department, but she helped me anyway. What an exceptional employee!

Review №4

I usually don’t shop Walmart, but curbside services were not available at other local stores while I visited Fayetteville. Their curbside crew was awesome though and and I managed to avoid going in.

Review №5

I love the wax melts and candles here! They smell amazing, and they let me keep the plastic organizers instead of throwing them away!Good prices on necessities of course. Store and Grocery is clean and large self checkout.

Review №6

Ms Lisa at self check out was really friendly and helpful. She deserves all of the stars. A very beautiful lady whos age of(more than 60), does not hender her from her excellent customer service. Im originally from Lumberton NC and she made me feel like a local shopper.I enjoyed my shopping experience tonight!!

Review №7

The customer service here is bad. Employees arent personable. And when you have to go through the lines to check out with cash the cashiers are rude and dont speak. They barely acknowledge you at all. One of the girls who was a cashier pretty much threw my change at me. And didnt apologize. I hate having to go in there. Not a pleasant experience. Just drive to Target instead.

Review №8

Employees extremely nice the store absolutely beautiful and clean

Review №9

Very well managed, only complaint is that there are many people either not wearing masks, not mantaining social distancing, or not doing both at once.

Review №10

I love the Walmarts in the South. Such a better supply of items from food to sporting goods. The ppl are extremely curious and helpful.

Review №11

They don’t know how to answer the phone. Called every department to talk to someone called atleast 6times one person answered just to hang up.

Review №12

Just like I like it. Crowded but not too crowded. I was able to get in and out by using the express line.

Review №13

They does very good good from what I saw. Call them their staff works very hard and does a very good job.

Review №14

Pleasant and present employees to help at self checkout (I had 1 item).

Review №15

Grocery pickup was very fast, very friendly girl working and shes always super friendly and nice. I had a huge grocery order and they were loaded quickly, and brought out to be loaded within 2 minutes or less after I checked in.

Review №16

Wasnt too busy, but was able to get a checkout as soon as I got to the front. Be careful of the parking lot though as people will cut you off driving through parking spots while youre driving down the lane. Drive safe.

Review №17

Cant use cash on self checkout. One register open with 8 people in line. I asked an associate to open more registers and she said, not my department, and walked away. Next time Im going to Lion King.

Review №18

Fully stock found everything I needed being new too Fayetteville North Carolina

Review №19

If its policy to not checkout at the outdoor section then I understand. But I need clarification before I change this to 5 stars lol I wasnt able to checkout my Rotella oil and paper towels at the outdoor section. Please explain

Review №20

For the most part employees are nice here and a lot better than other walmarts in town.

Review №21

One stop for everything. Convenient parking. Health protocols in place. Service excellent. More than enough parking.

Review №22

As always Walmart has a lot of nice an reasonably priced items. Though, never enough help during peak periods. Scheduling is important. An I am sure their are older adults out their who are willing to work short shifts to fill that void. Even college kids. I understand it that they need to keep overhead down to make money. But there again there are plenty of older Americans that need a little bit of extra income that would gladly give them a few hours during peak periods and if people know that they can go into Walmart and get in and get out fast theyre more apt to go there I cant tell you how many times that I went to go to Walmart and sell how crowded they were and turned around and left and went someplace like Target or Kmart or some other store because or even Dollar general and family Dollar and certainly didnt get the quality but the fact that they were so crowded made me turn around and leave.I do like Walmart I choose to go to Walmart but sometimes thats one of the things that turns me to leave there and go to another store its because theyre so busy and I know Ill never get out

Review №23

Wonderful place for all your shopping needs;however, I guess because the store has to accommodate such a high traffic of consumers, I find that the store is frequently out of stock with certain staple items that I use. It also has discontinued items that my family loves. Lastly, prices has increased. I am an advid Walmart shopper inspite of for now.

Review №24

I use to give this store 5 stars, but lately theyve been HORRIBLE! Chaos when picking up groceries, waiting 20-25 minutes for someone to FIND my car and the employees now have the worse attitudes. I wouldnt recommend this store any longer and thats sad.

Review №25

Clean x why is it not where paper products? FOUND starbucks in check out line. good move .love produce. need more help

Review №26

I only rated it one star just to leave a comment…. I hate this Walmart Pick up and delivery……I placed an order for 4pm-5pm got an email at 4:30 saying it was delayed called them at 6:30 to check on it they said we was about to call you we just found out!!! How??? And you prepare the order??? 🤔 not knowing that I already received an email hours prior then exposed them then they tried to blame it on the driver canceling.. a bunch of bs….and this happened several times!!! Unprofessional!!!

Review №27

Store was very clean and organized. They will gladly provide a mask and hand sanitizer for anyone entering the store. Grocery and clothing areas were well stocked. Staff attentive to answer any questions.

Review №28

Customer service was very helpful. I really dont shop very often due to the over abundance of people

Review №29

Nice and clean..rude workers but thats not necessarily Walmarts fault. Enjoyed the store. Definitely set up different than any other Walmart Ive been in!

Review №30

As much as people joke about Walmart people it is still your one stop shop for everything you need. You just need to be patient when youre checking out the lines and the waits tend to be a little long if you show up during their peak shoping hours. You just need to know those hours of the one you shop at in your area and avoid those times if your in a hurry.

Review №31

This store has, hands down, the worst customer service. I have been screwed over by their pick up and delivery department time and time again with no improvement on their customer service or communication. After a year of hoping they would improve, I will no longer be shopping at this location -- no matter the additional cost.

Review №32

They have a better variety of clothes than most

Review №33

Was suprised how well the store was stocked an the employees were nice an helpful .

Review №34

Whatever... Standard Wal Mart experience. The employees dont want to be there and are not helpful. Self checkout is credit only now, and only one full service register open. Multiple ailses blocked by unattended stocking pallets.Oh well... Average prices for a random selection of junk u set one roof.

Review №35

Extremely disappointing self-service registers are great but they only have generally one or two with a person at the register to bring your groceries up this is no way to run a store Walmart needs to learn better

Review №36

Good selection of mideastern groceries. Halal meat is avsilable if you are looking for it. Friendly atmosphere.

Review №37

Nice store, limited grocery...not a supercenter. Truck friendly.

Review №38

They tied the end of the American flag to a pole above their entrance. Not only is it offensive, but Fayetteville houses the the greater FT. Bragg community. Truly insulting, please fix ASAP..... 27FEB21.

Review №39

Walmart has everything. You can pay a bill, get your nails done and go grocery shopping in the same store. They have toys medicine and beauty supplies. Plus much more ...

Review №40

Its pretty busy but has great prices.

Review №41

Experience was horrible had to wait in a line of seven people. The store manager had cut light off twice before allowing people to check out. Waited over thirty five minutes before getting able to check out. Policy rules need to be changed. Courtesy needs to be shown..

Review №42

Pick up has been helpful for me and my super busy schedule… Especially today when I had to take my cat to the vet…I was happyto be able to just sit in the pickup spot, get my pick up order within five minutes, and go quickly

Review №43

I went through the pharmacy drive through and the tech was AMAZING. She assisted me with getting the steepest discount on my prescription. I could tell she genuinely cared and enjoyed helping me.

Review №44

One employee at the money center is shameful.

Review №45

Cheap prices I enjoy to shop when they have clearance sales

Review №46

I just love the fact that everything you need is one store..The workers are eager to help with whatever you need..

Review №47

It was a semi-nice place and had most of what we needed but it wasnt the cleanest and was out of stock oj some things. Aside from that it is a good place.

Review №48

I cant bring myself to give Walmart, as a corporation, five stars, and the rude, general lack of common curtisy from other customers is concerning, but this location is a good one! The staff is great, polite, and helpful. I mostly do pick up orders these days, and they are always on top of it and make sure Ive seen the substitutions.

Review №49

Better looking then most Ive been to.

Review №50

I ordered a car battery online at the Gillis hill location and they canceled it due to item being out of stock, so I ordered again at Ramsey st location as I really needed this battery before I take the car out of town. I also wanted to have the headlight restoration package done as this is an older vehicle and needs some TLC.When I got to Ramsey st auto center I asked the guy in the shop where to park because once I turn the car off it wont start again..I parked in front of the bay as he asked and went inside to sign for the battery. Inside I explained that I had purchased a battery online and needed it installed. He directed me to the front of the store and said the tower had my order. This Walmart does not use a tower and refers everyone to customer svc.At cust sec they informed me that batteries for auto had to be picked up at the auto center. Frustrated I went back to the auto center and told again I had to go to the tower. I finally told the guy you guys dont have a tower here at This store. A big sign says go to customer svc and they had sent me back to you. I asked for the headlight restoration package and was to it wouldnt happen today because it was too close to closing. The battery fiasco had already gone on longer than 30 min and they still cannot locate the battery I purchased nor the order even when I gave order number.I finally told the guy to just go ahead and sell me another battery ad I had to havenit or the cat wasnt going to move now that it was shut off. I told him I would go to my local Walmart for the restoration package for the headlights. I wont be going back to this crowded jungle of a store if I can help it.

Review №51

Calm and quiet. Sunday morning is the time to shop.

Review №52

They should shut down completely for another year and send staff to customer service classes/seminars. The customer service is abysmal. I have traveled around the world and been to some countries where the street merchants service was better. The attitude is as if we disturbing them by coming in. As if we bothering them. Let me be clear. It’s not all staff members. And if manager can’t recognize those individuals, then that’s the beginning of the problem. I’m in the customer service business abs if my employees is not performing proper customer etiquettes, then I’m sending them home without pay.I won’t know if changes are made or this is addressed cause I’m not going back. And for those that say “So what”, imagine if others felt the same and took business elsewhere.

Review №53

I have shopped at this WalMart since 2017. We buy most of our food and household goods from here. We both use the pharmacy for our prescriptions and other in stock medical supplies. We have received excellent service from them! The Manager took the time to help me in produce. I was very impressed with him taking the time to help me. Everyone is so helpful and polite. Its a joy to shop there every week. Thank you for being our go to place in Fayetteville!!!

Review №54

I love this place just wish they had better selection of merchandise

Review №55

You are able to find most of everything you need at Walmart

Review №56

The lady at the money center was very helpful very nice... pleasant

Review №57

Self check out line was long at first, but it goes really fast. They have associates directing to which register to go to, it makes it a faster and easier process

Review №58

Very spacious and full of various items

Review №59

I had 3 items, 1 item was cosmetic the other 2 were food the cashier refused to ring up these 2 items. When I have seen items that were not cosmetic rang there on several occasions.

Review №60

Robbed. Siphoned. Shot me in the spine.Astronaut and 68 PURPLE HEARTS ROBBED.HOLLYWOOD B ROBBED MY INCOME.THANKS.

Review №61

We got a fish license and the man that sold it to us was very informative and friendly. I appreciate the good service.

Review №62

Very little help. Good luck getting razorblades. Everything is locked up and you have to find someone to unlock them.

Review №63

Clean, brightly lit and more selection than any other walmart nearby

Review №64

Who decided it was a good idea to rearrange the store during a pandemic?! Terrible idea. I can understand why they’ve been out of a lot on the grocery side, but cosmetics is a mess. They went backwards 25 years with this tiny messy section. Got rid of many brands and shelf space. Locked up the razors like they’re made of gold. Small amount of choices on even pregnancy tests. They put a register there, but it’s never open! Completely pointless. Skibo Walmart looks better now despite all the issues there.

Review №65

Great when its not too busy

Review №66

Like all Walmarts, it had everything I was looking for scattered throughout the store. If it were not for the Walmart app Id still be in the store searching. Mask required for entry but people take their masks off once out of site of employees.

Review №67

The store is poorly organized. It was hard to find products. The ailes and shelves are messy and half stocked. I purchased some groceries and I found mold on a hot sauce bottle after I returned from the store.

Review №68

I understand people want to go home, but I had at least 30 mins until they closed and I had 3 different employees letting me know they were closing as I was grabbing my stuff.

Review №69

Well I must fist say that the store itself is for the most part clean as well as the facilities and parking lot. This walmart is much like others Ive visited where the loss prevention staff blatantly and obviously follows myself and family around the store. I dont judge anyone but we are,I think anyway😒 normal middle class people so I really cant wrap my noggin around why? From the moment we enter to check out theyre up our rear further than any doctor has ever been. This feels a lot like wayyyy off base profiling and stereotyping. Although Im not sure which stereotype we fit,I think they need better training and less leash to run wild on. Js

Review №70

Terrible customer service. They lock up all of the needed items and it takes 20 minutes to find someone to unlock it.

Review №71

Nothing on the shelves. no one in the store is friendly. There wa a meeting in the middle of the store between a supervisor and a worker they were talking loudly arguing.. I dont need to hear that while I am shopping trying to find what isnt on the shelves.

Review №72

Not the best selections. Crowded and lines at checkout. I shop here when I have to get my dog and cat food here. Pure Balance is their brand. Thinking of doing delivery.

Review №73

It was very big and had a very wide selection, I really recommend the Walmart brand watermelon candy slices, they were really good.

Review №74

Walmart is the place to shop for everything that I need from food to close to houses products great products great prices

Review №75

Cleanest and well organized WalMart I ever seen.

Review №76

The employees are getting less helpful seems like they just dont want to be there

Review №77

This is a different and the very BEST Super Wal-Mart in Fayetteville. They have a unique and very large beer and wine section. They have a Subway sandwich shop vs. McDonalds and it is a very CLEAN STORE! The entire store has an OUTSTANDING Associate Team. The store is well stocked with the correct pricing and ALL of the self serve checkout machines were working. The employees at this store really care and you can see this throughout the entire store. My wife and I HIGHLY recommend this Super Wal-Mart and ONLY this location in Fayetteville NC.

Review №78

Very good Walmart, nice people nice employees.

Review №79

Was able to find what I needed and was able to check out quickly.

Review №80

You can expect this location to be out of stock for valuable items not to mention will keep only 1 lane open for grocery checkout

Review №81

Well stocked, friendly store associates. Need more staffed checkout lanes.

Review №82

Pshop online and in store and have only had one bad experience. Could have been a bad day fir the lady but all around shopping experience 5 stars regardless.

Review №83

Parked to where I could shop the Garden Center and not have to walk the whole store. Upon entering, staff was sitting in a recliner picking her nose. Had my hands full and was needing to checked out. She was not only unprofessional but rude. Told me noone was there to run register I had to go to front of store to check out. Was not a happy camper with the whole experience.

Review №84

Arrived to pick up a order to wait 30 mins while a entire parking lot was cleared and still no order 3 associates came to my car finally my order came not a simple sorry for you wait anything no type of common courtesy being that I’ve waited over a half hour when I arrived it was hardly a car in the parking lot every visit to this location is worse than the last

Review №85

Be careful if you place an order online from this location. Someone picked up my order and it hasnt been easy trying to rectify it. They wont answer the phone. Had to contact & was told the manager would contact me & I would be issued a refund. Im still waiting on that call & my refund. No one but myself should have been able to pick my order up. They need to get it together.

Review №86

Service is good, friendly staff

Review №87

Please walmart clean your belts at the registers..i handed the cashier ever item..she was annoyed but yuk...those belts...

Review №88

This location NEEDS better training for their Money Services counter. I am a property manager who runs several communities, a large percentage of my tenants use this location, and I am constantly getting calls from my tenants stating that this location is not accepting their system generated Paylease account numbers or that they made the payment and it is not showing in the system (Turns out it was put under the wrong account number and we have to pull the payment to the correct account, which is a headache that includes contacting the corporate office and yada yada).Today, I went to put a tenants payment onto their account for the first time on their behalf. I gave my ID, my tenants name, his address, and Paylease account number. The clerk told me at first, I can not find that account number, what is his phone number? I told her, I dont know. This should be the correct number, this was generated by the Paylease system and the only number put on the printout. She then told me You need to go to the leasing office and get the correct number. I told her, I am the property manager. I am making the payment the tenant gave me. That is the number I generated and save in the system for his account. Her associate standing by then told me, Thats wrong, Paylease numbers will only start with #8----, thats a phone number youre giving. I shrugged, said Ok, maybe I got it wrong, let me go get the data again. Thank you.When I came back, I had his name, address, phone number, and Paylease account number written on a piece of paper and I had a screen shot of the account number in our system to verify it was a Paylease account number not starting with an #8. I then asked, How do my tenants who do not have a phone number in the system pay their rent? The clerk who was standing by stated They have a phone number in the system, you just might not have it. I told her, that is impossible. I put their data into the system and generate or assign the Paylease number myself. If they dont give me a phone number, its not in the system ay all. The Paylease account number is what is generated with the instructions on how and where to pay and that is what I print out and give to them and that account number is what Paylease specifically states to use. Walmart needs to insure their employees have the correct information as this is a system used by a large percentage of people.So instead of looking at any resources or trying to pull up the account with the actual ACCOUNT number I put in front of them, they pulled it up with the tenants phone number, pretended to verify the information I gave them, and accepted my payment. I got my receipt, said Thank you and have a great day. I immediately contacted my regional manager on the way out to have her confirm the payment was made to the correct account. Guess what? IT WASNT. Why? Because that tenant owns several properties with us and his phone number is linked to all of them. They didnt actually verify the address or account number, they just submitted the payment.I actually really feel sorry for my tenants that have to do this on a monthly basis because the back and forth they have to go through when they have the correct information, is absurd. I have even on multiple occasions, had a tenant call me from the money services desk and have had the Money Services clerk tell me that the tenant and myself are giving them the wrong number. Then I have pretended to reset my system, assure them it should work now that it has been reset and then give them the same number very slowly and it somehow works.

Review №89

They are always out items needs to improve their stock crew to keep up with the customer service

Review №90

Love this place to.thay know me well and my Service Dog too.I choose not to wear a mask, and I go about my Business and shop and look around. Have fun .

Review №91

My personal favorite one stop shop. I can get food, deodorant, cleaning supplies, car oil and paper towels all in one spot,which is good for me being that I hate shopping 😂.

Review №92

The workers are usually very friendly but management has beefed up security because of shoplifting which has caused everyone to tend toward watching me all the time. While I understand the need to stop shoplifters, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t feel the need to go through my cart while I’m still shopping and ask me how long I’ve been there.

Review №93

Rude here in NC so rude and messed up on my returns I was supposed to have 45$ on a gift card from returns no 4$ thats it and because I cant find the receipt that the same girl tonight that gave it to me to me last week dont remember me b.s she does she just dont wana day she messed up so rude here in Fayetteville ignorant

Review №94

A very clean and well organized Walmart. Although the shelves are usually pretty bare and the waiting time to check out is long due to most of the checkouts being self check out, but not any actually open.

Review №95

It was a average Walmart visit you never know what you will see 👀 lol

Review №96

Im here with family planning a dinner. 😃👍

Review №97

Why do yalls bags stink so bad now?

Review №98

Nice but short on supplies

Review №99

My husband and I made a mistake today at this store. We accidentally went in the wrong door. It was our intention to shop in the Garden Center, so we chose that door to enter. Apparently, that is the door for employees only, which was poorly marked. Thats okay, but the people in charge of the door screamed at us when we entered that we couldnt enter there. We had to walk all the way to the main entrance and walk all the way from there to the Garden Center where we originally wanted to shop. I dont mind walking, but I do mind being screamed at for making a mistake. I think that is very poor customer service and that they could have approached us politely. This is not the first time Ive encountered rude employees at the Ramsey Street store.

Review №100

Walmarts is one of the best place to buy because they have a lot varieties.

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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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