Five Below
2710 Freedom Pkwy Dr, Fayetteville, NC 28314, United States
Five Below
Review №1

Loved this store, first time Ive ever been there! Found some good deals and they had a lot of stuff in there no empty shelves!

Review №2

Believe it or not this was a planned stop. Had not been here in a minute and a half. It was time to take a peek at the offerings. Oooh, a mini diffuser caught my eye. Have a bunch already and found myself inclined to buy one anyway. Instead got two candy bars and a charging cable. One dollar twenty five for something I remember paying five cents for. No matter what opinions you have that may disturb others we can agree that inflation is real. Okay back to store. Was actually looking for a gift for a musically inclined youngster. Did not find what was looking for but did see items that are worth mentioning. Signs, hats, and more. Will go back one day when not on a time limit.

Review №3

Found what I wanted 😌. Keep force on what need at hand. Saw great deals for kids and kids at heart. Mirco watercolor paints for $5 to use on this project.

Review №4

The location is in one of the busiest parts of town. I tend to go to Five and Below to find unique gifts I wouldnt think to get elsewhere. This location tends to stay busy.The candy area is nice. They have a wide selection to choose from. For the most part the store is stocked and you can find items pretty easily. One think that I am not a fan of is how all the checkouts are self checkout. When they are busy and you have people unsure how to use them it can be a hassle. Also if paying with a card there are quite a few questions that can be done without. This is not only at this location as I had the same thing at the Rock Hill location as well.

Review №5

Nice place great deals on quality merchandise for the price point!!!! Friendly helpful knowledgeable staff.

Review №6

Easy to find and afford. I believe it was the manager who greeted us yesterday and the rest of the staff did as well. Very friendly and attentive. Love this place!

Review №7

Wanted a case for a Samsung phone but 98% of the phone cases they had were for Apple phones. There are more phones than just Apple. I prefer Android

Review №8

Some of the prices are on the HIGH end of what you would expect to pay considering its a Discount Chain but I usually ALWAYS leave with GREAT little find; that you dont normally see in most stores. Staff are usually close by if you have questions.

Review №9

Along the same line as Dollar Tree but they have so much more. Oh and good prices and employees that are willing to help.

Review №10

This place is amazing the prices are great amazing staff the staff was so kind and friendly when I went there it is a great store definitely going there again!

Review №11

Busy all the time. Patrons can cause the store to get out of being organized. Overall lots of variety.

Review №12

I absolutely love them. Will definitely go again ☺️

Review №13

Busy store, but staff was helpful and kept everyone distanced and masked.The young man directing the checkout lanes was great, courtesy and made the lines move efficiently.

Review №14

I love the variety and prices of this store!

Review №15

I spent a lot of money there so it was great buys.

Review №16

Plenty of things to choose from for low prices children and adults

Review №17

I love Five Before but recently they changed their registers to self check out. I took my elderly grand parents with me and we asked if there was a regular register we could go to and was told no. I offered to do it for them but they decided to put their stuff back instead. Said if there wasnt any employees that could check them out then they didnt need it. Self check out is nice to have but it should be optional not mandatory.

Review №18

Super cute stuff. So glad they got multiple do it yourself checkout machines. Makes the lines go faster

Review №19

Love it. Always something new, such a variety of items. Toys, crafts, household, makeup, a little clothing... this is a great place.

Review №20

If youve got a child and you need to burn some of their energy what a wonderful place to take them. Theres always something fun to discover that is less than $5. I even found an Xbox copy of fallout 4, which I was pretty surprised by. this is usually a hidden gem for small electronics accessories.

Review №21

Old fashioned candy brings back memories of my youth....

Review №22

This place is always clean and always busy. I can always find little gems for my daughter here.

Review №23

AWESOME PLACE!!! They literally get all my money great items all for a reasonable price disclaimer everything isnt 5 or below but most things in there are

Review №24

There are a lot of interesting things

Review №25

Spencer is great... Love how he is so helpful. Will def come back

Review №26

Forgot it was self checkout dont shop where there is no service. I like a. Human to wait on me at least that makes me feel you want my business.. employees not monitoring number of people in store over packed.

Review №27

Lots of fun things for kids to play with and things for adults to buy as well. $5.00 for almost everything cannot be beat.

Review №28

About five below is that they have everything that you need and they have candy and low prices and high prices

Review №29

Wasnt a fan of the new check out process but it actually is pretty good

Review №30

Although a bit dirty and unorganized, it’s got what you would expect from a five and below and the staff (especially cashier) were super friendly and attentive.

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Review №32

Awesome customer service.

Review №33

Absolutely love this store. And so does my 4 year old! They have some neat gadgets and accessories that you wouldnt expect to find.

Review №34

Wonderful store very clean and organized

Review №35

Bought my son a helicopter remote control it literally shattered the first time it was played with. He cried so hard. Not ok.On the other hand there was a non intrusive homeless man in the bench outside. They did not make him leave. Im GLAD.

Review №36

Lots of options especially for grab bag type gifts or stocking stuffers. Some cute stuff there and well to be honest if it breaks it was only 5 or less so that doesnt hurt the wallet as much.

Review №37

Lots of great buys for every stocking stuffers. Love self. Check out

Review №38

Nice store. Kind people

Review №39

Needs clean always have stuff everywhere

Review №40

Many good deals all less than $5 ea, perfect for kids gifts or ladies

Review №41

Wide variety of things but not containers that I was looking for.

Review №42

Great place to pick up a cheap gift that is unique

Review №43

Honestly I love the cute stuff they get in. I got 2 makeup bags from this place awhile ago for 5 bucks and I use them daily. Ive had these for at least 2 years now.

Review №44

It was an amazing experience

Review №45

This store just opened on Friday and i love it! So much stuff all for 5 dollars and under! I had to leave before i spent my entire pay check lol

Review №46

This store is so awesome, like serious everything is $5 or below not including taxes of course. I have gotten so much stuff from there and will shop there again.

Review №47

Close at 7pm. Not cool

Review №48

I appreciate the self check-out area and the staff is very nice.

Review №49

Nice place

Review №50

I always find what Im looking for in a timely manner. I love the prices too.

Review №51

Always a fun shopping experience. New stock would mean five stars.

Review №52

Great service thanks

Review №53

This place was very busy, it was very hard to maintain social distancing, it seemed to be very small for the amount of people. But, I did like the variety of items it provided, and for great prices too!!

Review №54

They have gone to self checkout. Only one cashier. Will not come in again. Im not being paid to do their job for them. It should be a CHOICE not a demand.

Review №55

I love this store, not only is everything cheap, but they have such a large variety of products that everyone could find something that they like. They lady who works at the register is so sweet and kind. Both of the times Ive been there she has been the person who was working the register that day. She makes the experience definitely worth it. Im not sure of her name but I appreciated her adding to my experience of shopping there.

Review №56

I always find cool nicknacks here and the workers are typically super nice! And it’s rad that they sell Peace Tea here!

Review №57

My son loves this store

Review №58

This is a very fun store. It has a little bit for everybody. Great place to take a kid shopping. Also the customer service is good. I had a float pop on me and they let me return it with no problem.

Review №59

Great place, friendly and clean

Review №60

I love this place it has a lot of good options for any of your needs, I like getting some shirts and posters from this place as well. I will be coming back more often.

Review №61

Love shopping here! I never leave empty handed!

Review №62

Great place can get busy fast

Review №63

Not bad

Review №64

This was my first time visiting this store. I found a lot of great finds in here. Some of the customers I spoke to really like the store and shop in here often.

Review №65

Love the Christmas pajamas and gowns for family.

Review №66

Awesome self checkout!

Review №67

Great place to shop

Review №68

Good merchandise for the price. The store has a variety of items you can purchase for $1.00-$5.00. Good candy selection. The store was well stocked and clean. I will return.

Review №69

Well it was good but now they have raised the prices on a lot of stuff. So much for $5 below. More like $10 and below.

Review №70

Its good. I use to enjoy it more but now Ive come to realize that some things offered for $5 or less may not be much of a deal as expected. Electronics stop working after a month and some things I can find at a dollar tree for $1, yet its sold for a.couple dollars more. But it is still an awesome place to get things you wouldnt expect for $5, like kid games, even a small fold out table, some swim trunks, even novalty tees, work out equipment, etc. It is still a good store to go to. They use to have no return policy now they do have a return policy of 7 or 14 days with receipt. They are progressing.

Review №71

This store is AWESOME!! The store associates are super friendly and are actually happy to be at work. Definitely will be visiting more and more. Keep up the awesome work and positive vibes that you guys have going. 💜💜💜

Review №72

Aot of decent choices for good prices

Review №73

Very clean and organized.

Review №74

I understand its the holidays and shopping is crazy... but this store was a disaster!! Nothing was in its proper place, the floors were littered with products, and trash, there were carts of boxes product not opened, the entire store looked like good will got trashed! The few items I found and purchased were ok. Any good manager knows you schedule more people during busy times. Either this is a poor manager, or a poor company standard. My cashier seemed stoned. And couldnt calculate the change after entering the incorrect amount in the register.... (my total was $23.54.... I gave her $24.00, she entered $30.00 in the register, but had to have a second employee bring out her cell phone calculator to ensure that the .46 cent change i had calculated was really correct) This was my first ever 5 Below visit. And might well be my last. I wish I had taken pics. Might well go back and take some!

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Review №76

Love it the staff is fun and happy going

Review №77

Good for children

Review №78

Awesome place to shop at with low prices.

Review №79

Nice great prices

Review №80

I really enjoyed browsing through the store and finding several things I had been looking for but were higher prices at other stores. Theres a little something for everyone. Room decor, games, toys, clothing, small workout items, makeup and more. I also like that I can get 4 candies for $1 for the kids. Im definitely going to go back. Its a great place to let your kids spend their allowance or to get a birthday gift for your kids friends.

Review №81

Great center various shops with some for the entire family.

Review №82

Great place to shop real reasonable Im just waiting on yall to get some of those Shaggy rugs back in there that I like for my bathroom maybe you can message me since you message me about stuff when they come in

Review №83

5 below now carries items over $5? Im gone for good.I do have to say the employees look like they work hard to keep this place orderly and stocked. But 5 below is no longer a 5 below store, so I have no reason for going.

Review №84

Pretty neat little store. Lots of inexpensive gadgets, makeup, candy and more. I always cone here if I feel the urge for knick knacks and snacks. I love the candy section. They have deals running all the time and its great. Also, this is the first place I was able to find the monster slim Jims and such.

Review №85

Excellent staff, great bargains.

Review №86

A step up from Dollar Tree. Most of the items in the store are $5 and not a lot below but youll be surprised at what you can get. For example, I bought a small remote control helicopter and it works really good. Those are usually around $20 at WM. Ill definitely go back!!!

Review №87

Stop wait dont go to any store until you go to this one...Clothes, electronic s, housewares, toys, decor, food, drinks, workout equipment..ALL for $5 or below! Perfect place to get gifts and pile up the birthday or Christmas gifts! The staff is great and there are 4 registers available to ensure that you can be checked out promptly.

Review №88

Great place for nice Christmas gift or birthday, that doesnt break the bank! It is a little cluttered around the holidays. But all in all terrific.

Review №89

Clean place, nice employees, and this Five and Below is in a really nice area. 👍

Review №90

Loves this store. I hope to see more stores around the area soon.

Review №91

Wide selection of items. Friendly staff. Did a lot of Christmas shopping here!

Review №92

This place it is for every body, you can found a little of everything from everywhere, go take a look you be surprised .

Review №93

Love this store

Review №94

Just went to check the store out it great if you got small kids

Review №95

Absolutely love this store. Its a one stop shop for gifts and inexpensive items you may need on a day to day basis. I will definitely be a frequent shopper.

Review №96

Love... this... store!! Staff also very friendly and helpful when ive gone. Good prices and selection. Actually going back today!

Review №97

Cool place to look around... Some good finds can be made at times... Most of the tee-shirts they sell there are alittle ratchet and u wont find any on my kid... 💯 But other then that.. staff was helpfull and friendly.

Review №98

This place really is like an upscale dollar tree. The items are nice being said most items are at $5 not much is below that price here except for candy. Cool store!

Review №99

It was very unorganized and messy I know it is that time of year but you cant sell things if people rip open boxes.

Review №100

Nice store with lots to offer. Changes some throughout the months. Everything is under $5 but dont get too excited some stuff should be a $1. Clean store and helpful staff

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  • Address:2710 Freedom Pkwy Dr, Fayetteville, NC 28314, United States
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  • Phone:+1 910-424-0045
  • Candy store
  • Variety store
  • Fashion accessories store
  • Gift shop
  • Toy store
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–8PM
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Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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