Fleet Farm
3730 36th St S, Fargo, ND 58104, United States
Fleet Farm
Review №1

The Fleet store in Fargo,ND has most every item I am interested in ; in at least one of there many departments. I love there sales in Clothing andShoe department and other seasonal items...Also I have used their Toydepartment at Holiday times to support the items I donate to charitieshere in Fargo and other places which also gives me the opportunity tobuy my fuel at Fleet`s Fuel Stations at a discount; every little bit helps!I really like the Fleet store here in South Fargo.

Review №2

Store use to be great. Not so much anymore. Product Replacement sucks. I bought a brand new car battery. I had to remind them to engrave the purchase date. They did not do a quality check before I left. I put it in the vehicle. All the car does is click. New connection for both negative and positive. Still just clicks.

Review №3

The staff doesnt wear masks during pandemic. Not very friendly to people wearing masks. Did not find the product I was looking for.

Review №4

Love this place. Great quality, can be a little pricey, but I guess you get what you pay for. Always a go to store.

Review №5

Went into the auto center as I needed air and Elton gave me the best customer service I’ve had in awhile. I hope management reads this and recognizes him. Thank you Elton for making my Saturday better!!

Review №6

Only been here a couple times but I always go for my bass fishing lures! Fleet Farm always has the widest variety of lures and some decent ones for this region!

Review №7

Great knowledge for an out of towner such as myself. Preparing for the cold.... from Texas!!!! U know!!!

Review №8

From a sporting goods (that is, hunting and fishing) standpoint, this store is pretty great. The prices arent necessarily the best, but are okay.The star off is for the more farm part of the business. In honesty, there are probably better choices in that regard.

Review №9

Great quality merchandise. Great prices and friendly staff.

Review №10

Found stuff I wasnt even looking for. Great prices. Quality. Variety.

Review №11

Terrible, posted discounts rung up wrong, and you refused to correct them. I have the slip and went to customer service. False advertising.

Review №12

Always have loved Fleet Farm but it seems in the past 3-4 years they can never stock the store. It is in my list of stores I check for hunting/fishing and farming supplies but seem to never have what I want. Seems to be ever since Fleet Farm got bought out.

Review №13

Holy moly! This place is huge and you could get lost and spend many hours in there. Can find just about anything you want in here. Great candy and friendly staff!

Review №14

Boots, Guns, Ammo, Mowers, Fishing Rods.Fantastic store

Review №15

Caleb was our cashier and was great. Our favorite place to buy hunting supplies. A little disappointed that all the size lage were out of stock on orange gear

Review №16

I was helped in the gun department today around noon by a very helpful and wonderful man who answered every question I had. Hopefully he will be working when someone else has questions like I did.

Review №17

Went in looking for a Hi Vis t-shirt. They didnt have very many and the prices on what they had were ridiculous.

Review №18

Custom service was good!! Shelves seemed to be more sparse than Ive seen in the past. Store is clean. Thank you

Review №19

The place is garbage. Empty shelves and couldnt find someone to even tell me where the bathroom is. Never wasting my time there again.

Review №20

They were busy, but Kevin found 2 tires for my camper and had them quickly mounted. Great experience. Thank you, guys!!

Review №21

I love this place... if they dont sell it, you really dont need it.

Review №22

Has EVERYTHING you need from farming to fishing to clothes to groceries & MORE!!! Staff is always knowledgeable & kind

Review №23

Very helpful floor staff. Polite and plesant. If Fleet Farm doesnt have it, you dont need it

Review №24

Nice store clean only thing the employees dont ask if they can help with anything

Review №25

Got my new clam Yukon Fish House from here good deal

Review №26

Shame on management for putting two kids that cant even sell a carton of cigarettes in the gas station by themselves. A corporate manager should re-evaluate who is in charge of this location. Yall have to be losing money

Review №27

Pretty nice store has everything man ienjoyed walking around wish shoppingwish i had this and wish i had

Review №28

Staff very helpful And had everything we needed

Review №29

Gas was 10¢ cheaper here than anywhere around (and 20¢ cheaper than in my town), bathroom was clean, and they give you a free bag of fresh popcorn with a gas purchase!

Review №30

Always a good place to pick up those items not found in other big box stores. Outdoor sporting equipment is very well stocked.

Review №31

Good sporting goods store. Sometimes a little picked over but should have what you need.

Review №32

Great store, clearance prices didnt properly ring up at the register.

Review №33

Best fuel prices in town. Their touchless car wash did a great job. Nice friendly staff!

Review №34

While Fargo is experiencing a spike in COVID 19, no masks were in use by customers OR staff.

Review №35

Overall a good shopping experience. As I entered the store I looked around for signs directing me to the sweet corn feed. As I past an associate he said hello. I asked where I could find my item. He said probably in farming department. Yes I kind of figured that. Then I asked if he knew which aisle? He than stopped walking and called (3x) the farm department on his head set. Once they answer he told me the aisle number and walked away. I headed in the direction but had trouble finding the aisle number. Not sure if it was me or if the aisles are clearly marked. I did pass another associate, asked him, he pointed in the next aisle without speaking a single word. I grabbed my bag of feed and headed to the check out. The cashier was pleasant and there were no lines. It was after 5 on Sunday maybe a dozen or so cars the the parking lot. The associates on the sales floor could have been a little more helpful or acted a little bit more willing to help, but Im thinking, that close to closing time they were probably thinking more about going home.

Review №36

Good, but need more employees on the floor, hard to find someone to help you, if you could not find what your looking for.

Review №37

We always find what we need there.

Review №38

Went to get tires rotated and balanced, service good tires rotated and ready to roll for another few thousand miles

Review №39

Great place to load friendly people and do a good job of loading

Review №40

Large location. During visit cashier was being trained and watched so he went above and beyond with his hospitality however the shelves definitely seemed little bare in some places and needed more product availability to accommodate the larger than normal location.

Review №41

Ive never seen a Fleet Farm until I moved to North Dakota before. They seem to have a little of everything a guy would love. Their prices seem decent. The store is laid out well for its large size. I purchased a pair of snow boots from them and love how comfortable and warm they are so Im pretty happy with those and the price was reasonable. So all in all ill be back at some point.

Review №42

They have the best prices for a variety of different candy, chocolate and nuts!!

Review №43

Very good selection also starting to get a good supply of ammunition in. Great service all around

Review №44

The bad:Stocking: Fleet is very poor at actually having common popular items in stock while homedepot Menards and even lowes can keep in store supplyPrices: You would be very hard pressed to find fleet beating another store at pricing, at best it could be priced match but why would I waste my time. With the previous bullet point another store would be better priced and be able to fulfill my shopping list in 1 stop.For example: ammo even by todays standard is coming around, but look at fleet and see barren shelves with astronomical prices, or across the isle see a shorty supply of fishing equipment with the same pricing problems.The good:Customer service: most workers appear to be late teens or an older population at the end of the workforce years. Either way both are very polite and havent had a bad customer service experience.Gas station: on the off chance I do visit fleet Ill usually fill up at their gas station due to the coupon you get with your receipt, its not much but its something.Overall: fleet needs to strongly look at itself and see whats happened to the old fleet that we grew up with, that felt like a mom and pop shop and was a more complete store than lowes that you could find even obscure objects.My walk away search their website to see if they even have 1/2 of what your looking for before wasti gtime and gas, and even at that do your wallet a favor and Google search for pricing. Sorry for the harsh review but pull it together. Employees have even noticed after a new company has acquired the fleet farm name.

Review №45

Luv FF. Has one stop shopping😀

Review №46

It was good. I found everything I needed.

Review №47

Great selection of everything they seel in their store!

Review №48

Always a fun place to visit and grab what you need. Friendly staff always. Great fair prices for good quality items!! Wish I could go more often. ;)

Review №49

Bummed they were out of 22 bullets. Stood in line for 30 minutes to check out. Besides that, everything else was great.

Review №50

Everything was good except for checking out. There was one open check out and 3 more with people at them, but their lights off.

Review №51

Had a bit of everything for home, yard, farm, and, outdoors although maybe not organized the best. If you cant find something, ask.

Review №52

Just window shopped, but found the staff very helpful

Review №53

Fleet farm is a one stop shop kinda like Walmart meets tractor supply but better. Highly recommend and wish we had one in Omaha

Review №54

The price on mixed nuts seems a bit high, but bottled water is priced very nicely and quite reasonable. Mike is the man at FF! He knows his stuff and has to be the best checkout/cashier person there!

Review №55

Always enjoy fleet farm but they didnt have what I was looking for this trip and they used to

Review №56

Love all this store has, but it needs to be better organized.

Review №57

Fleet farm is a very versatile business. I enjoyed my visit very much.

Review №58

Out of item I wanted in sale catalog.Good source of all kinds of nuts, reasonably priced.

Review №59

Wish we had one in Breckenridge..very nice store, with a lot of variety...

Review №60

The best place to buy bird feed.

Review №61

Always a great place to shop. We love coming in to town and it is usually our place to start..

Review №62

Great store, but the ammo shortages is ridiculous

Review №63

They did a great job. I got new tires there.

Review №64

Great store, easy to find what you need.

Review №65

Reasonable price on cracked corn& all flock feed

Review №66

Went for the Toy land sale. This year was kind of sad they had about half the selection they have had other years. We can thank the shipping crisis and the pandemic for this. I am a Fleet Farm fan and will return as often as possible.

Review №67

Get place good deal on mulch had some ammo in stock its a very nice store set up like others I been to

Review №68

It was amazing! First timer and it blew my mind!

Review №69

Was eventually able to find what I was looking for. Not many employees working.

Review №70

The kid at the checkout was not very good. We tried our debit cards and they didnt work. I kept saying call a manager over he would not. People were waiting and so finally after 4 times of telling him he called a guy over who fixed the machine. Not happy.

Review №71

Kool store they have tons of stuff for everyone.

Review №72

Cool place to shop an look for things

Review №73

We went there to find a gardening tool. They had 1 option and it was more expensive than menards.

Review №74

They close way too early on the weekends. They have great handycaped parking better than most stores. The only complaint is that the interior of the building is starting to look old not sure if it is the gloomy isles because of the lighting or the flooring. Something just dosent look right I cant quite put my finger on it.

Review №75

They have a wide variety of things for sale. I like their fishing supplies. Many aisles for you to chose from.

Review №76

So grubby and dingy. Sadly depressing place to shop

Review №77

Lot of empty shelves hope they can get all of them filled soon

Review №78

Nice selection and very employees

Review №79

Its the Midwest Man Mall. Cmon!

Review №80

Great selection; good prices; knowledgeable staff.

Review №81

Our first time there and we were very satisfied with the store

Review №82

Lots of items at reasonable prices. There isnt much that you cant find at Mills Fleet Farm.

Review №83

Great service. Brought my two little ones in with me to get a new battery and they were nice enough to bring it out to my car for me!

Review №84

Great store with items for most needs. Fantastic Garden Center.

Review №85

They seem to have lots of stuff and bags of various candies and, nuts, for snacking and and baking with at reasonable prices. Just wish they were open later on a Saturday evening than 8pm.

Review №86

Usually find what I am looking for...and several things I didnt know I needed! Logan was very helpful in his department recommending different items for a class I am taking. I am a regular customer there and for good reason.

Review №87

Love the cat food is on sale or a gift card is given with purchase almost every time I go there!! This store has something for EVERYONE!!!

Review №88

They keep changing all the horse feed, making it unreliable to find a consistent feed. Otherwise, most the stuff I get- clothing, trail mix ingredients, fishing stuff, are old standbys which is nice.

Review №89

They have a great selection & helpful employees who assisted me in finding exactly what I was looking for. I also appreciate that they have enough cashiers to take care of checking out quickly.

Review №90

Pretty much my one stop shop. Whether it be for hunting, ranch supplies, home supplies, clothes, vehicle supplies, etc. To those who haven’t been it’s kind of like a small town hardware store only in a 100x larger building. Ammo has been really short there as of late but that seems to be the norm everywhere. Only reason they lose a star is due to it always being hard to find someone when I need help with something or have a question. Other than that, great store overall!

Review №91

Fleet Farm is a great place to shop no matter what occasion. Work, recreation and hobbies. This place is always busy. Great service and friendly staff.

Review №92

I can always find something at fleet farm

Review №93

Great shoe department selection very helpful dept heads. Will shop here again soon

Review №94

The staff were visibly available and helpful in helping us find what we were looking for.

Review №95

I deliver tires and parts there and no one helps. The shop manager is cranky and says hes the only one there and I say to myself what about me? I unload this stuff myself. Would like some help to unload so I can get to my next stop.

Review №96

Dress outs. Trip. Im. Own.

Review №97

Very friendly staff, I will come back without hesitation.

Review №98

Love that store, they have everything!

Review №99

Love going to Fargo. This is my first stop and I always make it my last stop. Every time I see a new deal I buy and my home gets improved. Highly recommended that you go. Staff are very helpful.

Review №100

Fleet Farm is my favorite store. Best place to by all things auto: oil, battery, tires. Also great sporting goods section. Low prices and wide variety. If you dont find it at fleet, you just dont need it.

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  • Address:3730 36th St S, Fargo, ND 58104, United States
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  • Phone:+1 701-298-7700
  • Department store
  • Fishing store
  • Hardware store
  • Home improvement store
  • Hunting store
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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