Ocean State Job Lot
251 US-1 Apt D211, Falmouth, ME 04105, United States
Ocean State Job Lot

Review №1

Very surprised!!! Neat,vlean,and orderly. Lots to choose from in every category. Will certainly go back again..

Review №2

Love this store so many items you cant find anywhere else in one place. Great prices and friendly cashiers. Also very clean and neat.

Review №3

This is the best Ocean State we have ever been to. Well-organized and nice products, and actually a great selection of planting flowers.

Review №4

If you need to browse a broad selection of inexpensive items you should stop in.

Review №5

A store that alot of everything, from clothes to domestic and imported items Its an experience.

Review №6

Great prices on a variety of items

Review №7

Everything is so cheap

Review №8

A lot of partially empty shelf space. Found some items worth purchasing.

Review №9

LOVE this store... they have virtually everything I need, when I go looking.

Review №10

Always love it except cashier was quite annoyed at fact that I wanted regular receipt not gift receipt for item I purchased. Its not any of her business what type of receipt that I wanted, paid cash for items. That was not a pleasant experience

Review №11

Always a fun place to go to.I always find something. I didnt know I needed. Lol...prices are reasonable .Staff, is knowledgeable, helpful and kind.

Review №12

Just a really low level of customer service. Doesnt compare to the Renys in downtown Portland, Ill gladly take my business there instead.[EDIT WITH DETAIL]TL;DR: Fix your face. What happened: I was buying two things, and asked the cashier if she would make change in a certain denomination. Like dollars and change denomination. no big deal to ask right? Well… not only was I told “It’s against store policy”, I was met with an attitude, and had to wait for the manager to come over and translate my request for her. Job Lot customer service acted as if I had done something sketchy and rude. Well, after all this I pointed out that someone asking for change isn’t necessarily out of the ordinary, the manager got hot and bothered -- that’s not OK to say he says. Fix your faces, please.

Review №13

Good selection of items and nicely organized throughout. Discounted prices and lots to choose from.

Review №14

Great prices, fun to shop here!

Review №15

Helpful staff, fairly well laid-out store, air conditioned, lots of room to move around (while maintaining social distance). Very inexpensive prices for fairly good quality merchandise, but sometimes items I came in for are out of stock. Excellent Rewards/Loyalty program.

Review №16

Staff is great. We shop here for dog treats, Brads organics and some staples such as organic spices. The crazy deals are fun. Become an Insider to save more.

Review №17

Its a discount store. Prices are average. Clean and well stocked. Theres little of everything there.

Review №18

Appreciate the selection of gluten-free products available at Ocean State Job

Review №19

Store is amazing! (For my frist time going) staff was very friendly and helpful, we even got a tree for free!

Review №20

Not enough electric carts and I was also told I cant take out of store when done shopping. It was difficult to enjoy but I do love the deals

Review №21

YESSSSSSS! Good stuff Good prices a true MAINE type of place to snobs.....

Review №22

Good for odd stuff like food, dog treats, and drinks, and even toys.

Review №23

Love this palce!!

Review №24

I was excited to find Ocean State Job Lots again! The store is large and has a nice selection of good deals. The staff were friendly and helpful. If you are looking for great priced rugs, name brand snacks, decorations, or food choices get to Ocean State Job Lots, they have it!

Review №25

Was very nice shopping today very quick service friendly staff

Review №26

Love this store 😍 👍👍👍👍👍❤

Review №27

The store is really gross and all that was offered was basically what Id consider low quality christmas gifts youd give out of obligation.

Review №28

I don’t normally write reviews but I am incredibly upset by the store in Falmouth, ME. Attempted to go 5 minutes before closing to grab something quickly and they had the doors locked and wouldn’t let us in. If your doors are locked you are not open, so change your posted hours to reflect your real hours. VERY BAD service.

Review №29

First timer... WOW!3 carts!

Review №30

Quite a surprise. I loved the sock selection. They had some good British teas that were good prices. Good selection of granola, brand name fleeces, dog toys... And on and on. It was fun and as a first visit- a bit confusing. Lots of items, but looking at sheets - as an example- there were sheets at the front, in the middle, and in the back in a domestics specific area. I suppose its a way to have customer traffic the entire place, but thats probably what I disliked the most. I will try again, when I have more time and patience.

Review №31

Great sales for Fri., Sat., & Sun., So we will be back for the sales of Mom., Tue., & Wed.

Review №32

Nice Bobs Red Mills section.

Review №33

This was a very fun visit. Incredibly nice employees who were helpful in every way, and an amazing array of interesting items for sale. I didnt even go in looking for anything but came up with ideas for at least three different projects. This is going to be a very useful store in my future!

Review №34

Always find great deals. I am particularly amazed at the quality and variety of food offerings. I always look for imported pickles, cookies, jams (fruit and sugar), chocolate and pastas.

Review №35

Amazing deals and good seasonal selections!

Review №36

Love this place, like Renys or Mardens, but much larger. Got a 12x12 semi permanent gazebo for $200. Bras for $3, bug dope-$4, beach towel for $5. They carry a full line of Bobs Red Mill, and many other food stuffs. Beer and wine, dishes, pans clothing, indoor and outdoor furniture, gardening supplies, and the list goes on. All at terrific prices. Picked up a greenhouse for $49, has eight shelves and big enough to stand in. This place is definitely worth a stop.

Review №37

While I love this place for the cheap treats and such, I recently got burned trying to return a purchase. Their receipts say 90 days for a return, but certain exclusions apply. I found out that the certain exclusions are a policy that seasonal items have a 31 day return window.Know that anything you purchase might get flagged as seasonal when you return it. I asked to see this policy in writing at the store, but they couldnt show it to me. Seems pretty shady to me, they should state the actual return window on the receipt for the item purchased, or at a minimum let you know when purchasing. Shady shady shady.

Review №38

Great place for bargains... join their club.... the CRAZY DEALS are phenomenal.... nice imported food goods and candy.... the chocolates from Italy are wonderful.... nice employees too!!!

Review №39

Never really know what youll find here but thats part of the fun. Love it.

Review №40

I had trouble finding something and all the employees were in a meeting. I didnt feel comfortable interrupting them but also needed help. Maybe Ill visit again and re-review.

Review №41

Fun place to shop for bargains. Great food selection from around the world- its hard not to stock up.

Review №42

Always fun to poke around and always friendly workers

Review №43

Good prices. Inventory always changing but you can count on many being available. Go there regularly.

Review №44

Fun store. They have such a crazy variety of things there. Love shopping there. Prices are decent too.

Review №45

Everything you could ever need!! At great good and not junkie stuff like maddens thi pic through great bargains and CSR..people are great also.Not a cloths shopping place but when they get a rack its a great bargin.

Review №46

Love this new store in Falmouth. An amazing array of products with great prices. Staff is friendly and super helpful. Visit once and youre hooked!

Review №47

I absolutely LOVE this store! They have a little bit of EVERYTHING! If your looking for a good deal I HIGHLY recommend!

Review №48

What a selection! Very kind and helpful staff. Great prices.

Review №49

This is a fun place to shop. They have good prices on a lot of stuff. There is even a club or something that you can join to get special coupons and deels. This is a great store

Review №50

The store is clean and well lit. Layout is a little wonky but isnt hard to navigate once you get your bearings. I like to go for the variety of different food products that are not carried in local groceries, especially foreign foods. The prices are competitive, even on name brand items that are in supermarkets. Just be forewarned, the Falmouth location makes you pay for plastic bags per local ordinances.

Review №51

I love joblots! They have great prices and weekly sale. I became a joblot insider when I first went there. There are special insider sales and there are digital coupons. The staff is super friendly and helpful. I check it out weekly.

Review №52

Love the Lot. We need one in Lewiston/Auburn! Did you hear that Ocean State Job Lot?!

Review №53

Always lots of good stuff here. Bargains galore. Buy it when you see it!

Review №54

You can find good bargains here. Food items and spices, kitchen items pots and pans, rugs and comforters, out door furniture, toys and clothing.

Review №55

The store was in the process of spring change over and a bit disorderly in spots .other than that some good deals and relatively good prices on other items .

Review №56

Interesting store. Lots of interesting items at good prices

Review №57

If you need to buy anything start here first. The prices are great and the selection is perfect. They always have what I need.

Review №58

Better than Walmart most times

Review №59

Great store lots of good finds. Prices are always reasonable, very friendly staff always a pleasant experience.

Review №60

This New York style job lot is far and away better than Big Lots. I always leave with something.

Review №61

Always have different things at great prices.

Review №62

Bought 3 pairs of socks. Some for Coast Guard Aux, some for Boy Scouts and rest for personal use. Dr Schoals a good brand at great price.

Review №63

Great store. Lots of good stuff. Try it, bet you like it.

Review №64

The employees were very kind and kept the store really clean.

Review №65

A very nice store price is very reasonable and very clean I recommend it

Review №66

They have everything. From grain free pet food to seeds to carpeting. Fun place to go for a few hours.

Review №67

One of better Ocean States Ive been to in the Maine/New Hampshire area. Very clean and organized and lots of helpful and friendly people!

Review №68

Junk store. Once in a great while you might find a good deal.

Review №69

Pleasant staff, great products at great prices, and a wonderful area to be in. I cant wait to go back and see what goes on sale next!

Review №70

Staff very busy, almost too busy to help. Even asks if they can help on their vests. Only problem is the message is on the back of the best!

Review №71

Ok place nice eployee.

Review №72

Shop carefully; some great buys.

Review №73

Good value and selection. Less help but thats what you would expect with low price.

Review №74

Sharon is the nicest person! She works there at the checkout.

Review №75

Good deals, nothing fancy but has a lot of stuff.

Review №76

Very pleasant staff, And Some very affordable items

Review №77

Not very well. Had an item on sale when I got to the store and I drove 10 miles out of my way to get there put several other things in my cart to find out the item that was on sale was not even available. Put everything back where I got it and departed.

Review №78

Great shopping experience. Something for everyone.

Review №79

Great value, wide selection of everything including non perishable foods Cant walk out empty-handed.

Review №80

Lots of merchandise the employees were friendly and helpful prices are very low

Review №81

Think a better quality Rennys with much more cost frindly products!

Review №82

Everything. Is. So. Cheap. I love it, better than goodwill.

Review №83

Anything you are looking for you will find here for half of what youd pay at any other department store. So much fun!

Review №84

This store is am hour from me and is travel everyday! Great shopping experience and so much to look at for great prices!

Review №85

Very impressed how clean itFound nice rug and made inUSA

Review №86

Great places on random items. Food, outdoor activities items, furniture, automobiles supplies, etc

Review №87

They have some really good deals and sales.

Review №88

Excellent service...orga.nized well....clean

Review №89

Excellent customer service 👍

Review №90

Great prices and options on all the items I buy in the store.

Review №91

Wide variety, clean store, well organized, always great prices, one of the cashiers was not so friendly and very rude.

Review №92

Good prices for this type store upscale dollar store

Review №93

Great deals

Review №94

Fun inexpensive place to shop for just about anything

Review №95

Great place to pick up dog snacks

Review №96

Love this place

Review №97

Great finds for cheap. All kitchen essentials discounted here.

Review №98

Great deals and super helpful people!

Review №99

This place is fantastic. Check back often, because things there, they are a changin’!

Review №100

Very nice selection of items with great prices!

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  • Address:251 US-1 Apt D211, Falmouth, ME 04105, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 207-781-0014
  • Department store
  • Clothing store
  • Discount store
  • Garden
  • Grocery store
  • Hardware store
  • Home goods store
  • Organic food store
  • Seasonal goods store
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–7PM
  • Thursday:9AM–7PM
  • Friday:9AM–8PM
  • Saturday:9AM–8PM
  • Sunday:9AM–8PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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