Northside Social Falls Church
205 Park Ave, Falls Church, VA 22046, United States
Northside Social Falls Church
Review №1

I have been to both locations and I love consistency of the food quality and atmosphere. Avacado toast with smoked salmon and jasmine iced tea! So yummy! The espresso is too strong for me, but it was very smooth. (I am a wimp when it comes to coffee.) The scones are amazing!

Review №2

Bustling weekend environment. Counter culture coffee with a tempting array of seasonal fare alongside trusty staples. Reliance on the poached egg to enhance most sandwiches (and they do it right!)

Review №3

First time. Will not be the last.Tried the ham and cheese croissant and 3 different scones Cheese Chive, Canberry Ginger and the Blueberry Earl Gray.We recommend them all.While we stopped for breakfast they also do sandwiches, salads and pizza for lunch and dinner.Highly recommended.

Review №4

We really enjoyed this place. They have a nice setup. There is a patio and wi e bat on the 2nd floor. There is food and coffee downstairs. I would definitely recommend this place.

Review №5

Wait! Another Northside Social? This is awesome!!!! Stumbled upon this today and this is my new favorite! Love the outdoor seating area. There are lots of seats but I can imagine parking is a legit concern in busy times. I was here on a weekday and didn’t find it to be a major problem but on the weekend, I would be a little concerned.But this place is worth any hassle and the food menu is the best. The uniqueness of the menu, the coffee is culture coffee which is always perfect. No need for cream or sugar. It’s a smooth cup. Looking forward to trying some additional food items. Really really great spot!

Review №6

Quickly becoming one of our favorites places to get coffee and food in this area. The restaurant is cozy and has plenty of outdoor and indoor seating. Great place to meet friends and grab a bite to eat. The food is tasty and the staff is fast and friendly, highly recommend!

Review №7

Their smoked salmon sandwich is excellent, the flavors are ship complimentary abd burst in your mouth. They also had a great cider on draft. You cant beat this place, whether you need a coffee before work or a cold one after....thus us the place.

Review №8

The staff is always so kind and patient! And the food and coffee is delicious!

Review №9

First visit and Im in love! Food was quickly prepared and absolutely delicious. I had the seasonal vegetable grilled cheese sandwich (vegan friendly) and a side soup (butternut squash and coconut milk) and an orange cardamom latte. Cant wait to try their breakfast menu and pizza. And mimosas all day who can complain?

Review №10

Such a relaxing & perfect place to meet friends for breakfast or brunch. The food is a little steep in price - I paid $40 for two sandwiches, three pastries, and two drinks - but it is absolutely worth it.Starting with the breakfast sandwiches, theyre positively stellar. Fresh baked bagels, delicious sausage patties, fresh and green arugula, topped with a poached egg combine into a culinary experience youll want again & again.The pastries are to die for. With a not-too-large selection, youll learn quickly what you like, each a different texture and experience to enjoy as you wait for your other food - made fresh, of course.My only complaint is how crowded it can be. Its obviously very popular, so its expected, but I do wish at the least they would fix their mobile experience so I can order on my phone. That way I can spend less time waiting and more eating the excellent food.Its quite easy to spend two hours here if not more, simply chatting with friends and family.Highly recommended. If youre in the area, visit Northside Social. You wont regret it.

Review №11

I ordered a matcha latte, but what I got was about 99% milk and 1% matcha, it tasted like milk and it looked like milk, it didnt even look green. Ton of foam, and I thought I just had to get through the foam before I got to the matcha, but nope. So I went back and let them know, and they made me a new one free of charge, and this one was an actual matcha latte. It was good, but too sweet, not enough powder I think. There wasnt any powder at the bottom though, so that was nice.

Review №12

I love Northside. I do have one observation and recommendation for them: if you put “posole”(should be spelled with a Z, not S) in your menu, you must have limes. As a proud Mexican, this dish needs to be sever with lime and oregano, not cilantro… and bread! Cilantro does not a Mexican dish make. Keep it authentic.

Review №13

My first time here - can’t wait to return!I had a latte and a scone - both were delicious!They had ample distancing in effect and were very good about delivering food and service while practicing all the ways to keep customers safe.They had plenty of seating inside, outside as well as upstairs and down... I was very impressed. They were cooking something that smelled so good through my stay?!The scone was worth every calorie! Coffee was nice and strong (they put two shots in their small latte, most places only use one) but could have been a little hotter - next time I’ll ask!

Review №14

Our visit was so cozy and calm as we drank beers and sipped wine in the top floor and listened to the rain fall outside. Their coffee, beer, and wine choices were very select, but they were great choices. And the pizza we ordered was crispy, hot, and so good! I definitely recommend coming in a weekday afternoon when its not as busy so you can have personal moments with your friends or a special someone. 😊

Review №15

We love the food, drinks, menus, and atmosphere here. The abundance of outdoor eating space and location are also a huge plus. Would rate 5 stars EXCEPT the staff there leave much to be desired; they’re not friendly and can sometimes be outright rude. Luckily it’s a service counter and so not much interaction is needed.

Review №16

Love their coffee and breakfast sandwiches! The pizza is also super fresh and delicious. Lots of outdoor seating.

Review №17

A community feel, excellent pastries, fantastic brunch. This place is kind of surreal. They have excellent pot pie and salad for example, sell $5 mimosas, and make a beautiful matcha latte. The employees are super friendly. There’s a plug for your laptop even in their outside seating. I’m just blown away really.

Review №18

Their coffees are pretty watery and the wait times are just too long. A lot of times, I feel like Im just drinking some bitter milk. Not sure why it takes them so long to make a single cup of coffee and yet still be bad.

Review №19

Delicious food but expect longer wait times on Saturdays

Review №20

We work a block away and this is our go to when we want to treat ourselves. Love the breakfast sandwiches, the gluten free bread is A1 quality! Suggest you use the app or online ordering if you have limited time. As everything is freshly made and can be a bit slow if you are trying to do carry out.

Review №21

First time going there was June 22. Lovely place for meeting with friends.

Review №22

My first, last and only visit to Northside Social today. Botched sandwich order by pretentious staff. I drank the Coke, took the small bag of chips with me leaving the sandwich on the counter. Then I drove to The Italian Gourmet in Vienna enjoying a perfectly crafted ham on rye, leaf lettuce, tomato slice and dijon mustard. My $17.41 mistake at NS will not be repeated.

Review №23

We typically take our coffee to go so this was our first time dining in for food - was not really impressed. I know this is the local neighborhood spot, but expected better food for the price. The wait time is quite long (15-20min) but yields subpar food. The sausage sandwich was literally just the sandwich, and the egg had ungraciously fallen out. At least add some potatoes or salad? The avocado toast was ok, but priced at sit-down full service prices.Theres plenty of seating and parking has always been easy right nearby, but not sure wed be back for this food. There are better options.

Review №24

There is a scarcity of parking and seats. The place might become crowded, but it is certainly worth seeing. Definitely recommend. I tried the salmon sandwich, but it was off limits. Its light and fresh. Excellent meal and coffee; however, I wish they would serve the supper menu items at lunchtime.

Review №25

Really cute place. Nice staff. And food was good. Pricey for what it was ($20 pp for sandwich, cookie, water), but would definitely come back... on pay day 😉

Review №26

Coffee so good it will make you temporarily forget the world is falling apart around you #BlissfulDistractions

Review №27

One of my favorite places in falls church. Love it love it

Review №28

Very nice and have a lot of outdoor seating.

Review №29

Amazing brunch spot!!!

Review №30

Love the chai tea and everything pop tart 🥰

Review №31

Nice place to be gathering, poor customer service and the chasers they should not waiting for a tip is a self serving.

Review №32

I like to come here for coffee. Their classic cappuccino never disappoints.

Review №33

Super cool atmosphere and great food. Would highly recommend

Review №34

Great service! Delicious food and good drinks, all to a good price-point. The outside seating area and patio are great!

Review №35

Hard to decide which Northside is a better location. This one has seating open more often than the Clarendon location.

Review №36

Great outdoor place, great food and great conversations.Enjoyed our oatmeal latte, espresso and that amazing pistachio chocolate-dipped cookie.Lots of breakfast-all-day options and drinks for tea and coffee fans.

Review №37

Delicious array of creative breakfast and lunch options. Cant wait to come back to try more goodies!

Review №38

Can’t even get a “hello, what would you like to order?” when I got up to the register. I just stood there until it was too awkward. Then the cashier actually defaulted the digital register for me to tip after giving such bad service. I had heard great things about this place but disappointed in the poor service.

Review №39

Fantastically spacious coffee shop with a phenomenal kitchen and bakery. The perpetual crowd is a testament to their offerings. Parking is sparse and so is the WiFi, but those are trivial issues if you are willing to park one block away and enjoy the company of friends rather than a laptop.

Review №40

Reliably good coffee drinks and pastries, and the outdoor space is great!

Review №41

Terrific spot - highly recommend for a Saturday morning coffee and feel free to bring doggie

Review №42

This might be fine for dine-in, but I came here to order a chai to go and ended up leaving without it after waiting for over 30 minutes. I’ve had similar wait times for to go before here as well.

Review №43

Avocado toast with poached eggs was very good. Will have to go back for baked goods, which looked delicious. Only downside was people on computers homesteading the inside tables, with no food or drink. I was lucky to get a table, those who came after me not so much.

Review №44

Quick and easy service! Pleasant atmosphere.

Review №45

Interesting food. Lots of nooks and grannies. Helpful staff. Quite popular!

Review №46

I had been to the Clarendon location many times and found it to be average. I stopped by the Falls Church location last week and was blown away. The food, coffee, atmosphere - all 6 stars. I am looking forward to coming back soon.

Review №47

This is my absolutely favorite place for coffee and treats in Falls Church.

Review №48

Great place. The turkey sandwich was very good

Review №49

Northside Social makes great coffee, baked goods, and sandwiches. I havent tried their pizza yet but it looks good. What Im saying is you cant wrong with anything here.

Review №50

Oh man, their lattes are so enjoyable, especially on a cold day.The second and less crowded Northside. You cant go wrong with any of the pastries, the ham and cheese croissant is on another level. Breakfast sandwiches are small but surprisingly satisfying and made with local ingredients.Although parking can be a headache its worth the visit to one of the only Mom & Pop coffee shops around. Make sure to get a punch card if youre a frequent customer.

Review №51

Cute little coffee shop.Outdoor seating is the best way to spend a relaxing summer evening conversing with a friend over a cup of coffee.The butter croissant and caramel latte are my favorite.

Review №52

Great friendly staff and quality coffee. Nice huge seating areas where you dont worry about finding a place to hang out and get some work done. They also have a lot of shaded outdoor seating for when the weather permits. I havent had their dinner fare yet, but the snacks are great. Highly recommend the cinnamon buns. Iced teas are a good value as you get unlimited refills. One of my favorite coffee places in Northern Virginia.

Review №53

Everything is consistently delicious! A great place to meet someone for a meeting, just hang out, or get some work done. Im so glad they opened this second location, and its even larger than the Arlington one.

Review №54

One of the best coffee shops in town with inside and outside standing workspace area. A suggestion to improve WiFi signal and bandwidth on second floor as the signal is often too low for browsing and requires a hotspot

Review №55

First time here, and it was amazing! The staff are very friendly and its a nice, cozy place to hang out and chat. I only ordered a small latte while I was here and it was good, but a little on the pricy side overall for a college student like me. Im deducting 1 star due to the prices, but the atmosphere was very nice. Would go again if I have the money to spend!

Review №56

Sweets . Muffins are yummy.They have all types of milk. Oat/almond/whole.Coffee and different types of tea.

Review №57

Great overall ambiance however I thought is was very pricey for the quantity of food especially considering the quality of the food. Flys everywhere even outdoors

Review №58

Its just a very cozy place...

Review №59

I tired their turmeric ginger chai latte, I didn’t find it spicy whatsoever. I could hardly taste the ginger or turmeric.Grilled chicken salad is a must try!

Review №60

Value is price + quality of goods. North Side Social is not cheap. You pay a premium for the food and drink here, with the expectation that it will served up quickly, with a smile, and taste great.The issue I have noticed is it is not quick - in fact it is slow - time from ordering to getting your order is 20 min or more. The staff appears unhappy, not engaging the customers. It boarders on a pretentious vibe, which is too bad.Food is good, not great, but the lag in getting the food, along with the generally unhappy vibe coming from the staff diminishes NSS’s value proposition. If you pay what the ask, they need to deliver better.

Review №61

Very convivial.

Review №62

I love this coffee shop so much. Their coffee is strong, their food delicious, and their baristas are gems!

Review №63

Great coffee shop!

Review №64

I ordered the salmon salad, I was not impressed with the quality of the food. The salmon was dry and I didn’t like the dressing either. This is the last $40 you get from me.

Review №65

Great wine 🍷great apps & great and friendly service.

Review №66

Great food, atmosphere, service. Overall such a hidden gem.

Review №67

Been here once for brunch and once for happy hour. This place takes really good consideration of its customers because of Covid-19. The drinks I’ve had here are pretty good and they have a wide selection of food. The food was alright, slightly over priced. But this place has an overall good atmosphere if you’re looking for a place to drink outside.

Review №68

Stopped in to grab something to take home for dinner and it was excellent highly recommend this local restaurant

Review №69

Eggcellent breakfast sammich and quiche.

Review №70

Amazing wedding cake experience. This location has a full bakery you can get amazing desserts for any event. They did a wedding cake tasting for us and made us two cakes for our event. Their lemon chiffon raspberry cake is SO GOOD. They were very professional with contacting and delivering to our event location. All of our guests absolutely loved the cakes!

Review №71

Nice place. Good service

Review №72

Love the atmosphere. Nice and clean. Iced mocca is a bit weak.

Review №73

Great place to study and nice outside seating options as well:)

Review №74

Best, BEST, best, coffee shop, if you are looking for best taste coffee, you should try this coffee shop. Again, if you are looking for, specially best latte, this is the one, do not think about any other places, try this place first. Simply the best and makes you come back to the shop again. They know what they are doing, and seems like they used better coffee beans also. You dont feel like wasting 5 dollars for latte, actually you want another latte right after first one. The coffee over there is So good. I cant wait, I am going to Northside Social cafe right now.

Review №75

Product quality is extraordinary, customer service is very good, and general vibe is very good. Great space for group gatherings, a dinner for two, or to work on a laptop. Favorite time to visit, between 3 and 4 P.M. (everyone is more relaxed and food is being prepared for the evening). Parking is not bad if you do not mind walking a block or two from a side street, paying to park in a local parking garage, or being lucky enough to find a space in front of the place.

Review №76

So many different spaces to socially distance. Outdoor spaces are especially appealing. Yummy chocolate chip cookies 🍪

Review №77

Baristas are good with the espresso machinemost reliable baristas in the area

Review №78

Good place!! Delicious bread and coffee.

Review №79

Love, love, love their biscuits!

Review №80

Nice venue for breakfast. Enjoyed the granola with yogurt and strawberries even if they could have added a little bit more of both. Many other options with breakfast sandwiches, quiches and moreGood drip coffee

Review №81

Super cool place to hang, great food and selection and a liquor license, indoor outdoor and various balconies and patios. What more do you want? 🤓👍👍🏿

Review №82

Amazing experience, great food! 👍

Review №83

Loved the country sausage poached breakfast on the most wonderful brioche bun ever !

Review №84

This is Northside Socials second location (the OG is in Arlington, VA). Its a large stand-alone building in Falls Church with plenty of seating inside and a wrap-around outdoor patio with picnic tables and regular tables.Its a coffee shop and cafe with a large coffee and food menu. I recently went for breakfast (served until 11am). I ordered Edwards country ham and poached egg sandwich and their seasonal pecan pie latte. Both were good, but be warned. When you bite into the beautifully poached egg, it may spray yolk all over you. That happened to me and thankfully the bathroom was free to wash myself.All in all, I recommend Northside Social!

Review №85

Great chill place to work during covid, SO MUCH ROOM INSIDE (good wifi, service, and seating arrangements) and also patio looks really cute. Only drawback is that the bathroom was really gross and unkept.

Review №86

While Ive had breakfast, lunch and dinner there, I think that breakfast foods, pastries and baked goods are their forte. The country ham biscuit sandwich might be one of the best breakfast items Ive ever had. It is a perfect combination of salty, thin-sliced country ham on a large, buttery biscuit, topped with a poached egg, arugula and apricot jam. So good.

Review №87

Love this place. I always get the vegetarian quiche. Today they had goat cheese and squash- it was amazing! (As usual) Would def recommend

Review №88

I usually go to the Northside social in Clarendon which I love but decided to go to Falls Church one instead. I was pleasantly surprised by lots of different items on the menu. And they are, as expected, delicious. I love the chickpea hummus entree. The hummus is handmade with chunks of chickpea, spices, and bits of lemon. It also comes with this incredible wood fired flatbread that’s soft and toasty. Another different thing on the falls church menu is this hummus and peanut butter breakfast toast! Seems like a odd combo but it totally works! It comes on this crusty wheat bread with dried fruit on the top. So. Good.

Review №89

Awesome atmosphere and delicious food! The interior was rustic and comfortable. The food was delicious and affordable. Will definitely one back!

Review №90

Loved! Really warm ether in winter.

Review №91

This is mostly everything Ive ever wanted in a coffee bar. Only downsides:no couches or comfy seats. But really the biggest downsides was that the music was kind of bizarre. For such a cozy, cute place, they were playing 70s funk and disco? Hopefully next time I go back itll better fit the ambiance, but over all really liked this place. Good wine and great happy hour!

Review №92

Great place. We came during the day on a Sunday for a quick snack and some caffeine. They serve counter culture coffee, and the pastries were delightful. The bar upstairs is well lit with an open feel. Balcony outside for when the weather is nice. Now I want to come back in the evening for a drink!Word of warning, the parking is weird -- park in public parking across the street, as it looks like the neighbors havent come to a parking sharing agreement. Hopefully theyll get it worked out soon, as the venue is very comfortable.

Review №93

They have more space for outside seating, (as of June 13 2020) but probably still cant handle a big crowd. Most of the additional seating is in the full sun (on a sunny day middle of the day)

Review №94

Northside Social has crazy good food and coffee but the service always takes *so long*.

Review №95

This place is such a great add on to little city neighborhood. It has very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, love the vibe! There are outdoor and inside sittings to any taste. Some separate areas are more quite (check the one upstairs) and others are more crowded open spaces with tables and high bar along the wall. Food is amazing and fresh. Its a great place for a meetup, to sit and chat with a friend or come to work with your laptop. A large parking lot is across the street and you can find more spots along the road. Definitely try one of their pizzas, its delicious!

Review №96

Nice place, very friendly. But when buying a breakfast sandwich here can be pricey.

Review №97

The food is very fresh and delicious. The staff is friendly and efficient and the coffee is very good as well. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Review №98

Fabulous! Dont waste your time anywhere else.

Review №99

Great food and coffee, just wish they would serve the items for dinner during lunch. Parking and seating is limited. Place can get busy but well worth going. Deff recommend. Had the salmon sandwich and it was out of bounds. Light and refreshing.

Review №100

Good food, nice prices, very good coffee, nice staff. The country ham and poached egg is good but the bacon and poached egg is even better and a dollar cheaper! But they both taste better with a slice of cheddar, which is a dollar more... Go for it, the cheese rocks the dish!I really like the wood accents in the upstairs room all the way to the back, if you are with a friend it is a good place to relax and talk since there are only 6 or 7 tables..

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  • Address:205 Park Ave, Falls Church, VA 22046, United States
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  • Phone:+1 703-992-8650
  • Coffee shop
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  • Identifies as women-led:Yes
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
  • Rooftop seating:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Good for working on laptop:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy hour food:Yes
  • Hard liquor:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar onsite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Transgender safespace:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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