New Grand Mart
6326 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044, United States
New Grand Mart
Review №1

Went there looking for coconut milk powder via a friend’s recommendation. They have it and a lot more! Peruvian, Egyptian and Indian ingredients to name a few.

Review №2

Be careful with what you’re buying from this place they will sell you expired products and will refuse to give you a refund. It is their responsibility to check the expiration date on their products before putting them out to sell.

Review №3

Excellent customer serviceFresh produce & SeafoodVery friendly peopleBest prices in townIt has always been very satisfiedOn my shopping experienceThanks

Review №4

This place is wonderful it has multiple cultural food East and West Middle Eastern oh kind of food that you can buy on Earth. The variety are good . The place is not that big but sufficient for someone who cooks for family.

Review №5

They are providing fresh vegetables at reasonable price.

Review №6

The only thing new in this store is the word new in their name. Get ready to throw away about one third of all groceries withunt 3 days of buying it. This has happened to us time and again. The store owners do not believe in good faith and have very stringent return/exchange policy. No exchanges with receipt. No exchange of rotten/stale/wilted stuff even if it rots in 3 days of buying it.

Review №7

Great place and customer service, if you are looking for international food and spices. I love it. It feels and smells like you are in another world by the variety of international products offered. The store offers a variety of seafood. It has a variety of fishes and when it comes to its cleaning, its a hit or miss on the service. Sometime they do an excellent job and other times when they are swamped they do an ok job cleaning the fishes. It is what it is...but always tip!

Review №8

Purchased fish at the Falls Church, Va location. When I went to cook it the same day, I found that it smelled very bad and should never have been sold. Tried to reach the manager 3 times to tell him about it so they would not sell it to another customer. Each time I called I was told he was on a cigarette break. Called the next day (10/9/21) and the manager rudely hung up on me before I could tell him the problem. When I called back and asked him why he hung up he started speaking in an angry tone and a language that I could not understand. How very unprofessional. I will not be back to any of the New Grand Mart locations. Very unprofessional management and bad seafood to boot. Looking back, I should have informed the health department. BEWARE.

Review №9

This place has good produce and a lot of international stuff. Its also very convenient if youre heading west on rt 50. Its a Mexican grocery but it has Chinese grocery stuff too

Review №10

I also come here for groceries. Very cheap and lots of parking.

Review №11

I brought one set of Banquet popcorn chicken yesterday 18 sept. I didn’t check the expiry date at that time. I checked the date when I reachEd the home and it was already expired on July 02 2020. Poor service.

Review №12

Every day the prices raise, the quality decreases.

Review №13

Most of the time they have much cheaper price for their fresh fruits & veggies than big chains. Other times prices are almost the same.To my surprise, their bathroom seemed updated (dare to say elegant) & cleaner than some of the big chains Ive seen!

Review №14

Stumbled upon this gem of a grocery store when searching for a place to buy ingredients for international dishes. It is now our go-to grocery store for just about everything, but especially the produce. They have just about everything under the sun and at incredibly reasonable prices. Each time I fill my cart with produce to last us 2 weeks and have never left spending more than $60. Not the place to shop if you are looking for organic, but if you want good produce this is THE place to shop!

Review №15

We buy so much from then but they never even say hello properly

Review №16

Im an old white guy who loves to cook and lives nearby. I can find just about anything I need in their produce; it is all good and maybe 1/2 the price of the main supermarkets. They have a wide selection of Latino and Asian food ingredients along with fresh fish, poultry and meat. I have used their shrimp and tilapia, which are cheaper than the Costco/BJs frozen stuff, but require a bit more prep to get to my taste level. This is one of those neat places where you can buy a cart full or stop in to pick up one pepper, a handful of cilantro, or a $1 bunch of 8 big green onions (not a $3 bunch of scrawny limp green onions like one of the local boutique stores) if you want. It is a good addition to our over-priced, over-taxed Falls Church neighborhood.P.S. I think some of the recent complaints about their prices and quality may be from the competition. I have been shopping here since it opened several years ago and I havent seen anything change much in prices, and the quality is certainly good.

Review №17

No kimchi! And they werent even embarrassed about it! Comes in tomorrow. If this place stays in business it will challenge my understanding of a market economy.

Review №18

Bad quality pomegranates for 3 usd each. Owner should compensate and not sell this kind of bad fruit.

Review №19

I used to shop here but they has increased the price recently on everything. Now, i dónt go here anymore....i go to the one in Gallow Rd..íts cheaper.... Dónt raise the price too high, people wont go then u will lose customers in a long rụN... eat LOW but survive longer. Eat too much, die quickly

Review №20

Looks shabby, but clean inside. Good produce (quality and selection). Good selection of groceries, too.

Review №21

Great selection of international foods. Helpful staff.

Review №22

The store have a lot of fruit and vegetable fresh and very clean and very cheap

Review №23

There are much better asian markets in the area. This one is dirty.

Review №24

The meats is fresh, vegetables is fresh,their price is great. All kind of vegetables.

Review №25

Great grosary store and cheap items.

Review №26

Fruits and veggies are really fresh. Lots of varieties, but disappointed on the stock of groceries.

Review №27

Staff is very rude and neither one responds

Review №28

It is an great international store

Review №29

This is the least star other wise I could give them -01, the reason this is third time we had bad experience, bought a bag of wheat flour and inside found molds everywhere, 2 months ago too bought some chicken drumsticks but it smelled bad and called them they just ignored, this time went back and talked to the Manager he named Kim himself,was very rude as I shown him the mold in the bag he said he can not do anything because he does not know what is inside, even his cashiers are very polite far better than him .

Review №30

They are supposed to close at 10:00. I went at 9:45 and when I was in they turned off the lights and they had sawed. It is the worst this store.

Review №31

A small/medium-sized grocery store, reminding me of the H-Mart I visited.

Review №32

One of the employee hit me the shopping cart when I was waking out from the store and he did not even say sorry even when I talked to the manager he said what u want me to do

Review №33

Awesome selection of produce :)

Review №34

Rude managers

Review №35

Its ok

Review №36

Great music

Review №37


Review №38

They have fresh groceries. I make China style fried rice. big and Very many kind food. I like it here. Even though not much modern but feel old friend. Asian food! Rice! Korea style Kimchi(김치) I likeeeee hereLots of Asian foodHetbahn, sensok, ramen, Korean pickled radish, etc. Almost essential items are available. Easy to park. Its not very big, but its moderately big and theres everything there.The interior is old but friendly. A good place to relax.There are also enoki mushrooms

Review №39

The place is very good to buy but The area you ask. Kete take. They have a stupid bitter Indian daughter. It is believed. The great thing just because they have to answer it. The phone does not remember ke is a cat. Thats why Hispanics see us being the worst. We do not remember where we came from.

Review №40

Even good morning doesnt give you. They just throw things in the cart. Very bad customer service.

Review №41

Some products are really very cheap in relation to other stores. But others very high prices. Overall its a good place to shop.

Review №42

It is very beautiful and it is very fresh and economical

Review №43

Someone who has gone to buy more often here know if they have ray service

Review №44

Its very comfortable

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  • Address:6326 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 703-533-1700
  • Asian grocery store
  • Grocery store
  • Convenience store
  • Supermarket
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–9PM
  • Thursday:8AM–9PM
  • Friday:8AM–9PM
  • Saturday:8AM–9PM
  • Sunday:8AM–9PM
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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