Rosslyn Automotive
8320 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22031, United States
Rosslyn Automotive
Review №1

Great local repair shop to have your car serviced. Outstanding customer service by good technicians at reasonable prices. Highly recommended!

Review №2

Professionalism of entire staff is second to none. Kindness is icing on the cake.

Review №3

We were expecting to spend $1,000(ish) and be without our Swedish import for at least a week. We spent $150 and we’re able to pick up our vehicle the next day. (They fixed our tail light without us asking)

Review №4

I take my personal vehicles here as well as several company vehicles. They always take great care of us. Wont go anywhere else. Mike and his team are top notch

Review №5

Passenger Side Over Engine Cover and Passenger Side Under Engine Cover are missing after the water pump repair. Brought car back to complain and they claimed they knew nothing. Charged new coolant (antifreeze) but found that old coolant was re-used. Charged new R/F bearing but it was not replaced. Beware if you bring your car to service. Take pictures of your car and engine covers before you give the car to them AND check out the car before you pay.

Review №6

Mike & his crew are amazing!! Theyre professional, fast & prices are fair. 👍🏾👍🏾

Review №7

Great service friendly staff, very reliable!

Review №8

I have always received great work with Rosslyn automotive on all of my vehicles

Review №9

I have used them for years. This most recent time they checked a warning code for free and advised what the next step are and a general estimate of what it would cost. They are knowledgeable and friendly, I will continue to use them.

Review №10

Rosslyn Auto Body is a great family-owned shop that is friendly, treats you fairly, has reasonable prices, and finishes work quickly. I see why theyre rated well. The guys working at the front of the shop are super friendly, cool, and honest. I had my brake pads, rotors, and tires changed, and both my emissions test and safety inspection done. Tire and brake changes were finished in a few hours time each (note: I went in on a snow day, lines/scheduling might be longer at other times given how popular they are). I failed the inspection the first time due to brake pads, but they offered me a range of options for replacing them instead of just suggesting the most costly option like some mechanics do. Definitely will be back and can recommend them.

Review №11

Ive been here all day, but my visit as always was pleasant.

Review №12

Great and friendly customer service. Fair and great pricing no matter race or gender.

Review №13

Great work done at a affordable price. Go to guys for sure

Review №14

Great service fair price. I will keep getting my my services done on my 2005 dodge ram Here. Emmission and inspections as well.

Review №15

Great service, fair price.

Review №16

Sometimes ambiguous in their fixings of the car, but nice people.

Review №17

This place was recommended to me by a friend who has lived in Fairfax all her life and she recommended this place this place to me years ago. I cant stop telling people how nice, fair, and honest they are. We go there for ALL automotive needs.

Review №18

My family uses this automotive place for all our car repairs its inexpensive everyones polite the work Is done very fast I recommend this placeFor any car issues you may have.

Review №19

A very honest repair shop. I do not take my car to the dealership anymore after finding this place; this is my new go to.

Review №20

So I’m here in Fairfax (Rosslyn Automotive) near by the hospital of Fairfax waiting in line for my inspection. I’ve been here for over 2 hours because Roland the inspector was letting people or his friends to cut in line. I assumed it was first come first serve. Ridiculous…….

Review №21

I would give them 100 stars if I can. They are the best automotive, who stands on the side of costumers and never overcharges. I would say, you can trust them in 100%.

Review №22

The absolute best auto place in ffx county. They are honest, fair and very helpful. I take all my cars here.

Review №23

I have never had such an amazing service at auto shop! This young man that just attended me gave me excellent service. Highly recommend for you to come to this shop.

Review №24

Great Friendly Staff, very honest and reliable service.

Review №25

Great experience and best price. Very great communication between staff and customer. Im very satisfied with their performance.

Review №26

I do my inspection here every year, always good service, so is the price.

Review №27

100% love Rosslyn Auto Care. So friendly, so professional, correct problem diagnosis, best price ever and so fast. Love you Chang and Mike!

Review №28

Excellent place for car maintenance! They also do yearly state inspections.

Review №29

Rosslyn Automotive hands down the best. I drive in from Odenton MD to have my BMW serviced. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, very thorough and fairly priced too. Both my adult children bring their cars here for serviceI highly recommend...

Review №30

First off, while I waited in line to see how long the wait was for an inspection, I overheard the lady in front of me talking about how great the service always is there. I was already starting to feel like I chose the right place. The man at the front desk was very friendly and helpful (this was my 1st VA inspection). Then to the inspection line. Roland, the inspector, came out and pulled my truck in. The process didn’t take long and he even took the extra couple mins to adjust my tire pressure because I mentioned they looked low. Their customer service was outstanding.

Review №31

The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and wonderful to deal with. They are professionals and the quality of their work is unmatched. They do fair work for fair pay and I highly recommend this business. They are very crowded, so parking is a struggle. Best to drop off your car and have someone pick you up while they work on it

Review №32

I have been a customer of this place for 32 years since I was a teenager. Roland Lafoyette is the only technician inspecting my vehicles. He es very knowledgeable and professional doing his job.

Review №33

Really the most amazing mechanics ever. Been using for years and recommending to everyone!

Review №34

Mike always takes great care of my vehicles and is honest

Review №35

Singlehandedly the best car servicing spot in Fairfax!!! The staff here are super friendly, knowledgeable and honest! As a female, I’ve been to several car dealerships who were dishonest and their staff seemed to be lurking in the shadows ready to tack on extra services I didn’t need. Not at Rosslyn Automotive! They go over and above!High quality work. Honest staff. Speedy services. Reasonable prices. Need I say anymore?I highly recommend their services! I’d give them 20 stars if I could!

Review №36

This is my favorite auto repair facility. Roland expertise in all the auto mechanically problems makes me feel confident every time I visit his place

Review №37

Fast service !Will be back with my husband again!Thanks

Review №38

I can’t say how much I love these people!They are straightforward and honest on what your car needs done. Their prices are good for the DMV area.My car had been making a noise and it’s gotten progressively louder, they were able to solve the problem and it’s amazing how quiet my car is now.I wish they had more parking (as I found it stressful on my first visit to know where to park). If there isn’t parking available, there is a Safeway and bank parking lot Nextdoor that you can park at.Make an appointment ahead of time (as they stay very busy).

Review №39

They always give a fair price and are quick. Great shop!

Review №40

TlDR: Beyond 5 Star! Wow! Best. Car. Repair. Ever. Insanely reasonable!! Friendly and awesome.They are very good at recommending a great blend of value and price with price, parts, and service. They get the fix right, and tough to track down issues may take a time or two...totally legit instead of massively overcharging.Total A++++++++++. Youll likely deal with Mike or Chong the owner. Chongs been awesome since his location was actually in DC and then Roslyn....hence the name.

Review №41

If you’re looking for a repair shop that you can trust this is it. A family friend recommended them to me over a decade ago and after my first experience I never went anywhere else. What my dealership was trying to sell me on a $7000 fix for a new transmission and a bunch of other things the folks at Rosslyn were like you just need transmission fluid and a few other things, I think it came out to a couple hundred. I’ve recommended this to numerous friends and they come back with a similar story. The experience that really epitomizes the character here happened today. I came in with a brake light issue and asked if they could look at it, the guy didn’t look me up in the system or ask me to fill anything out, he put his clipboard down and came out to look at the car. Within a few minutes he determined the brake fluid was low, topped it off and told me I was “good to go”. He didn’t know I was a longtime customer, he simply helped me out and fixed my issue at no charge. It’s this type of character that really defines and distinguishes this place from the others.

Review №42

Fantastic experiences with Rosslyn Automotive! I initially visited them to see if I could get a damaged tire repaired, but was informed that the tire had to be replaced. The front office staff was very friendly, informative, and knowledgeable as to why it had to be replaced and what caused the damage. They were able to replace it and perform the balancing at a very reasonable price. I also mentioned I was having an issue with my back brakes, which they examined and explained it wasnt an issue with the brake pads (which I had thought), but just an adjustment to the brake pads which they did for free! I also really appreciated that they did not try force other repairs on me to try and get more money.After getting the work done, I found out the car was vibrating when reaching speeds above 60 MPH. I returned to the shop and explained that I had work done previously and the issue I was having. They took the car in, performed the alignment, put air in all the tires (which I did not mention, but they did as a favor), and to my surprise, they didnt ask for a single dime. The repairs were done for free, no questions asked. The car is running great now.Truly an outstanding auto shop with service that was friendly, knowledgeable, and very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a solid car shop.

Review №43

This place was suggested to me by friend and I wish I knew about Rosslyn Automotive before. Great place! If you need an honest, uninflated estimate and a great service from polite, knowledgable, and friendly staff, this place is for you!

Review №44

These guys are good and honest

Review №45

I came in 20 minutes before closing with a Flat Tire.They still helped me knowing they would be stuck working on my car past closing, which was nice of them. They were quick and reasonably priced.

Review №46

Although that was a line once the car was in it was in and out very fast service very courteous people

Review №47

I have had such great experiences here. They have worked on both of my cars and were able to fix the problems quickly. Mike at the front desk was extremely helpful the few times Ive been there or called with questions. Its a busy place but they made me feel like a priority. I will definitely use them again (if I need them).

Review №48

I went here after receiving after failing a car inspection for a nail in my tire at a car dealership. This place not only saw me without an appointment, but passed my inspection in record time and even gave me advice that it was uncommon for someone to be failed for a nail in a tire (which I had originally thought). I will return him for all of my services as the people here seem very honest and their service is very quick.

Review №49

Good for VA inspections, good service, short wait

Review №50

The staff are friendly and wonderful to deal with. They are professionals and the quality of their work is unmatched. I highly recommend this business to all my family and friends. Also they are fair and charges are most reasonable.

Review №51

Great staff that is very knowledgeable. They dont play games, they do fair work for fair pay. Word has gotten out and they are the top choice for a lot of people.They are always very crowded, so parking is a struggle. Best to drop off your car and have someone pick you up while they work on it.

Review №52

Excellent Service!

Review №53

The only place to go for all of your vehicle needs. All of our cars and work vehicles are take care of here for the last 15 years. Honest,reliable ask for Tommy or Chung!

Review №54

Great service, awesome attitude and support our Asian business.

Review №55

Rosslyn Automotive saved me $3,000 on my car repair. The engine in my vehicle had overheated, and while I was waiting for AAA to transport my inoperable vehicle, I called Mike at Rosslyn Auto and he talked me through how to diagnose the cause of the overheated engine. After Rosslyn Automotive looked at my engine, Mike sent me several repair options, all fairly priced along with his recommendation that I have a replacement engine installed (because my piston ring could have melted). He informed me that the cause was that my lower radiator hose was improperly installed, which caused my radiator coolant to leak and my engine to dramatically overheat. I had been in an accident several months earlier, and part of the repair they had done was reinstalling my radiator. Mike offered to speak with my insurance and the auto shop that had done my previous repair to prove that their work had caused my engine to overheat so I could be covered for the repairs, and after he meeting with a field appraiser from my insurance, all of my repairs were covered. Now, I have a newer engine in my vehicle than I had before, and Rosslyn Automotive installed additional premium parts that I needed. Mike was very communicative throughout the process, and I cannot thank them enough for the work they did. I highly recommend them for any car repair in Fairfax!

Review №56

This place is DEFINITELY the best go-to place for car repairs, oil change, inspections, etc. Mike, John, and Mo and everyone else at the shop are super friendly, trustworthy, honest, and caring. They always give you the best prices guaranteed. You guys deserve more than 5 stars! Thank you!!

Review №57

Great staff and always willing to explain problems and give honest feedback. Have talked me out of spending money at times and always helped give me all the information necessary to fix my vehicle. Can not recommend enough.

Review №58

Best car repair service in this area. The staffs are very friendly and professional. Very reasonable price on repairs. I highly recommend this auto shop.

Review №59

Took car here for an airbag repair, needed to pass inspection. They diagnosed the problem free of charge where as another garage wanted around $100 just to run the codes and check for loose wiring. All in costs, plus parts and labor, were about 1/2 of what I was quoted at other garages in the area.Best part, is they checked through the inspection and passed the vehicle free of charge for me- even though this wasnt the place I originally went to get inspected.I picked this spot because of the reviews and I agree, they do a better job then many of other spots around. Thats how you win customers.

Review №60

They do amazing work and are very understanding even when I was asking for a lot. They did an alignment on my car and got it almost perfect. Definitely better than most places could ever do. There was a misunderstanding on the rear specs but after we talked about it, they gladly took it back in and changed it. Ill definitely come back and bring all of my cars here.

Review №61

Traveling across the beautiful country of ours and drive over something on the 495. Tire is blown.. and we need to get back to California! All the other tire stores were trying to sell us a tire. Here they gave us service, with options. we chose to repair the tire, rotate and chance the oil. $80! We found nothing under $200. Truly a blessing from God! Honest and helpful

Review №62

UPDATE:Ive been coming here for all my car issues (and there have been many) for a few years now, and I have never been so happy with a mechanic. From the front office to the ownership to the mechanics themselves, this place is simply the best.Original review:Every time I have an issue with my car or truck, I call around to a bunch of mechanics in the area, and Rosslyn Auto is the cheapest 90% of the time. Their front-office guys are friendly and knowledgeable, and Ive always been satisfied with the work they do.

Review №63

I have a moving company and I always bring my trucks to this shop.Guys are always friendly and always smiling. Good communication and customer service.Estimates are fair. Repairs are done within a few hours - depending on how busy are they. I brought several of my trucks for as simple as regular oil change, brake line repairs to engine swap.Very reasonable rates.I already recommended this place to my friends.

Review №64

Its difficult to compliment a place that takes my hard-earned money, but they do a good job and they dont end up taking nearly as much as the dealer. Been taking my truck here for years and have enough confidence in Rossyln Automotive to let them service my wife & daughters vehicles as well. Fair price, good service, my confidence ... A+

Review №65

Have been taking our cars here for many years. No complaints. Usually much less expensive for parts and labor. I feel like I can trust them to honestly explain the situation

Review №66

Discovered this place pure accident, having problem with my car on the road. Im glad I found this place. They have great service, owner and Mike who is much like general manager knows and remembers me/my car and many many people that come through the shop ... amazing for they are busy everyday! And I know nothing about cars and prices for parts yet I dont feel I got taken advantage of, they offer average to good price.

Review №67

Was recommended to Rosslyn Automotive by a friend and was surely not disappointed. I came in to do get a carbon valve cleaning and was quoted the lowest price here by far after calling around almost 10 other shops in the area. Brought the car in and was in and out asap with other additional work done onto the car at no charge. Mike and Chong take their time to explain what was done to the car in full detail and the work behind the job.I will definitely be coming back no question; quality service done with honest and reputable staff.

Review №68

I moved from a state that doesnt require front license plates. I called ahead to have my new plate mounted on the front bumper and Mike got me in immediately and mounted the plate himself for no charge. Minor and not maintenance related but due to the experience alone I will take future business to this location.

Review №69

Ive worked on cars most of my life so I have seen issues with many auto repair places. I totally trust and respect Rosslyn Automotive. Thats huge for me. It is such a relief to know I can go to them any time and they will give me the best price, best advice and best work.

Review №70

An honest garage. The service is always reliable and timely. The technicians explain your options such that even the most ignorant car person (lumping myself into this group) feels they can make a well informed decision. I have never felt that this garage has tried to upsell me or add charges to my invoice. My car is over 11 years old and still drives like the first day I bought it, so thank you Rosslyn Auto!

Review №71

Always helpful and honest.

Review №72

The gentleman who was at the front desk was great and very helpful when i took the Hotel Van for the inspection he was just a 5 star

Review №73

EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!!! I have been bringing my cars here for a long time. I am beyond speechless with the service I get every time I come in Rosslynn Automotive. Everybody in shop work like family and they all working for you to get JUST what you need nothing more. Times for pushing unnecessary repairs ARE NOT in their books. They are honest trustworthy and great people.

Review №74

It has taken me a loooong time for me to find an auto shop as good as this one. Descent service from descent folks well done and well priced. In an area where most auto shops are ripping everyone off, these guys stand out and get my support for their honest work. Thank you!

Review №75

Good quality service that you expect to have.

Review №76

Unusually honest repair shop. Ive gone there twice, both times, they did not try to rip me off. Shocking!

Review №77

These guys are the best . Very polite, they take time with clients, knowledgeable mechanics and Also they got lowest prices. Thank you very much guys, especially Mike and Mr. Chong.

Review №78

I got an alignment done and found that one tire was wearing out unevenly. They re did the alignment again for free. Even though they didnt find anything wrong with the original alignment. Great service!

Review №79

This is the best mechanic I know. very honest and quick workers. cannot recommend enough but Im worried if too many customers his business may change. so be very nice and respectful to mr chong. he probably knows way more than you so just chill out and let them do their thing.

Review №80

Its ALWAYS a great experience at Rosslyn Automotive, its our family exclusive mechanic👏👏💗💗, highly recommended

Review №81

Possibly the last honest repair shop (?)....Honest, efficient, and friendly ...and my elderly mothers favorite repair shop! 5 stars.

Review №82

Gonna be a bummer moving out of the area and trying to find a garage as good as thing one. Fast service, great pricing, great customer service.

Review №83

Va.inspection went good and fast courteous service !

Review №84

I love this place!!! They are so friendly and straight foward. Lifetime customer.

Review №85

We were coming from out of town to florida and our cmc and slav cylinder went out on us. we called many places and they wanted a arm and leg to do it and the last person i called was mike. From the moment he was talking to me and about how he wanted to use the best quality i knew this was the shop to go to. My brother and me are car guys and since we dont have our tools we want our problems fixed by car people themselves. They literally brought us in on a tight schedules and literally the next day it was done. The other mike was super friendly and i highly recommend this place. They give the best advice and price.

Review №86

These are the best bunch of mechanics around. They do great work for a great price. This is hard to find around here

Review №87

Great service. In and out.

Review №88

Great Guys . Gave me a Very reasonable price . Always warm and friendly . Go guys ! Great work fellas !

Review №89

Very professional, five star

Review №90

The best car mechanic shop I stepped my foot into.

Review №91

They are very attentive and take jobs fast and efficient

Review №92

Always friendly, good service

Review №93

Lovely people best customer service

Review №94

Honest folks with good work. Ask about the parts before you agree as there are different options - you can get better quality parts for a small increase in price.

Review №95

Honest good car service!

Review №96

These guys are the best

Review №97

Found d them to honest and straight forward with recommendation

Review №98

Great job taking care of the tire on my van.Thank you!

Review №99

The service here is beyond amazing. Even on the phone the man was so polite when I explained my engine light and service emissions SYS light. He told me to bring it in and they would check it out. When I got there the lot was PACKED and I immediately thought this was a huge mistake. I was so wrong! The man at the front desk came right out, turned on my car, lifted my hood and checked some things, told me what he thought the problem was (not very concerning just a temperature probe issue) and reset my light! I wasnt even there 10 minutes. I will DEFINITELY be coming back here again, I was very impressed.

Review №100

Brought in pickup truck that would not start. I self diagnosed as fuel line problem. They fixed problem at a fair price - and politely pointed out that it was a spark issue not a fuel line problem.

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