Smart & Final Extra!
395 N Escondido Blvd, Escondido, CA 92025, United States
Smart & Final Extra!
Review №1

Narrow aisles full of displays, big carts, so be careful. I had to wait a lot to be able to proceed down certain aisles...but I suppose that could be positive because there is lots of stuff? Good prices on volume items, less so on regular, grocery sized items.

Review №2

I went to the interview in la Mesa Store . The event was Saturday Oct 16, 2021 at 3681 avocado Blvd. La Mesa, Ca 91941 I met Sug and mark it was great interview I can lift 50 pounds I can work nights and days in when you have work experience it’s talking about your skills. I like a call back getting hired process. He said he likes me a lot.

Review №3

Newly remodeled and beautiful inside now. Much larger selection of products and produce and bulk Goods. I sent a couple of pictures to a friend and said guess where this is and they couldnt believe it when I said it was Smart & Final. Great prices and sell things that the grocery stores do but also the big boxes like Costcos but in more realistic sizes. Will probably start shopping here more than I used to due to the better selection.

Review №4

Love this place for lower grocery prices! They could improve the cleanliness a little. But its not bad.

Review №5

I went to lens crafters and they got me the best glasses I ever wanted to wear

Review №6

Very well stocked shelves, super friendly associates and the cashier was delightful. The store was clean, bright, and not busy at all. ♡

Review №7

The beef short ribs were on sale, so made the trip over. The line was lonnnnng for check-out. But, I heard the call over the PA for cashiers up front. The line moved swiftly soon after. Great customer awareness and quality products.

Review №8

This is literally one of the worst grocery stores Ive ever been to. I went in there after I had surgery on my knee I needed use the electric cart. None of them were charged. The assistant manager did not care that I just had surgery on my leg. The level of rudeness as well as apathy toward a customer woz truly disturbing. If I could have given it no stars I would have.

Review №9

Great place to shop. They have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. A lot of Club prices

Review №10

Like this store. Good selection, good prices.

Review №11

Poway has a much better selection

Review №12

I like their selection. Some different items I personally dont see elsewhere.

Review №13

Good location. Great prices. Especially with us going through a pandemic and the nearby theater being closed, there is plenty of parking.

Review №14

I enjoy shopping at this store. They offer a wide array of items; kitchen necessities, hard to find items, and commercial grade products. Its the only place I can find such the green tea I drink daily.

Review №15

Pricy store, but the only thing i like to buy is their roasted chicken

Review №16

I had to go to two different smart & final to find what I was looking for and found it at the second store!

Review №17

Great service.

Review №18

Quick check out and Great prices

Review №19

Great place . good prices on somethings. 5 stars

Review №20

**Great store with THE NICEST STAFF**I have been shopping at this store for about a year. They had a remodel during this time and the staff were SO nice and helpful as they had to rearrange the store so many times. Their selection is hands down the best in the area. Produce is fresh and fairly priced. I enjoy shopping here and will continue to give them my business regularly. Again the staff are SO nice!

Review №21

This place has come through in the clutch. If you ever need to buy anything in bulk but are not really into Costco, smart and final has got you covered. The quality of Costco goods is superior but as far as bang for the buck goes, and not paying for a membership, it’s pretty good.

Review №22

I applied for front end work carts and empty out boxes I like the job in I do the task. It’s so much fun working stalking and carts all the Maintenance.he can call me back lol;)

Review №23

Lots of variety with great prices! Good prices for brand-name stuff too!

Review №24

Very clen and organized. The employees are wonderful!

Review №25

This is one of my favorite Smart & Final stores, easy access, rarely crowded and well stocked.

Review №26

One thing smart & final needs to do is add more people at the registers. Truffle had always been a wait, even before covid-19.

Review №27

Nice !!!store is clean, very kind the cashiers and the workers very Nice peesons, i recommended, was a good experience,fruits Nice, i found all what i looking for, i put a10!!! Excellent

Review №28

Always the best store !!! Mostly stocked with all your fresh greens and pantry items!

Review №29

I always receive the best customer service when Im here. The employees are delightful

Review №30

Great place to shop, but there is a particular employee that was incredibly rude to me. Her name is Jessica. The only words she spoke to me were my total. No hello, no have a nice day, no smile. There were literally no customers before or after me and I only had two items. I hope she finds a job where she isn’t so miserable.

Review №31

Helpful staff, clean organized, great selection of organic produce as well as pretty much every basic food item you could need. Sad to see they dont sell popcorn machines, pretzel machines, they used to 11+ years ago. One of my favorite stores to shop when I get the time.

Review №32

Friendly staff, mostly. They keep it clean and stocked well... Im confused by the requirement to buy their bags but not allowing you to bring yours...

Review №33

Love the remodel. They now offer organic fruit at a reasonable price. Im loving the new bins and coffee selections. Their shelves seem to always be stocked. This is my favorite place to go other than Costco.

Review №34

Assistant manager was very helpful!

Review №35

Always dependable grocery store. They have everything we need for our weekly meals and even bulk items as well.

Review №36

Good prices, parking is a little crowded, but its not too hard to find a spot. They have an excellent selection of produce and some of the best chocolate ice cream Ive ever had!

Review №37

Friendly staff. Organized store.

Review №38

Excellent customer service.

Review №39

Very nice place

Review №40

The store was involved in a remodel. I was still able to find everything that I needed the staff was extremely helpful would be happy to come there again. Im looking forward to the finished product of the remodel good luck guys. the prices in here are very competitive

Review №41

Great as alwaysNow with free bags we can throw in the

Review №42

I love this place. I hate having to buy a bunch of small boxes of one product and they sell in serious bulk here but I wish they sold more brands. They dont have everything I need.

Review №43


Review №44

Corn on the cob 5 for a dollar. Great deal 05/22

Review №45

Great place to shop and friendly helpful employees.

Review №46

Cashier reopened for me when saw me standing in line. Right on

Review №47

I always enjoy my trips there.

Review №48

They recently remodeled the store and it looks great and it is easy to get to whatever you need it. Cashier helped nicely as well.

Review №49

The layout is awesome and it all makes sense

Review №50

Always friendly staff. Always enough checkers!!

Review №51

Under construction currently, so it looks like theyre expanding. Great for things the grocery store doesnt usually have like Torani syrup and a large variety of precooked frozen foods for catering. They even have fresh produce and alcohol.

Review №52

Kind of between a regular grocery store and a bulk grocery store. Relatively small or bulk the carries things and larger sizes and most grocery stores. Good produce.

Review №53

What a difference since their renovation!!! Very impressed! I go for the prices, for certain items, but since its across town, thats not too often. Beautiful remodel, and still great prices!! 😊

Review №54

It was great 😀

Review №55

Received real good service from meat dept. Cashier quite professional & friendly.

Review №56

Stopped in after work and purchased three items. Went to the 10 items or less register only to find a customer in front with in excess of twenty items. (Not the first time at this store.) When I asked the cashier why this is allowed, she stated her manager told her to take anybody to speed up the other lines. Excuse me! Then I should wait in the longer line? The cashier should have the ????? to tell that customer that this is an Express Lane. Is the cashier not trained or is the manager not manageing the store?

Review №57

I did not got to Smart &Final Extra, I went to DDs discount.

Review №58

Very poor in every way, would not recommend this to anyone. Personally, I wouldnt shop here either but I own a restaurant and they have items I need. Next time Ill travel a little further for better customer service.

Review №59

I was happy that Smart & Final had everything I wanted or needed.

Review №60

Good spot

Review №61

It is a SF. Clean. But out of TP and water because of the horders.

Review №62

The store was just remodeled and is really nice. Organic fresh veggies can be found here as well!

Review №63

Great!!! in and out in no time...

Review №64

Nice people, its a smart and final!!!

Review №65

Great Store ...Low Prices...Very Clean!

Review №66

Great produce selection. Large amount of organics and everything looked fresh and clean.

Review №67

Good store, friendly service and a good selection.

Review №68

I wish they had craft beer singles and a better beer selection.

Review №69

This is a great place to get large economical sizes of things like spices, canned vegetables, sauces, etc. You dont have to buy a membership like the other place. Also good if you are having a party & need larger quantities of your normal foods. Sometimes the prouce is cheap, but sometimes it is pretty expensive. Be aware of other supermarkets specials, to get the beat deals.

Review №70

They had exactly what I needed. Its like Costco without the need for a card. Huge variety of products at a wonderful price.

Review №71

Good. But a little pricey.....not enough stock on hand. Nice employees.

Review №72

Good place to shop:)

Review №73

Staff was helpful and friendly. I really like this store and prices are great too

Review №74

I like shopping at this location. I like their sales.You dont wait along time to get cashed out when you get in line.I like their prices.

Review №75

Very clean and well stocked

Review №76

They have very good prices and products on sale, but today a somewhat racist lazy cashier has made me decide never to return here againI have seen her go out of her way for caucasian customers many times when i have visited the store but never lift a finger to help me for any of my questions,she has also been rude to family members who visit the store as well, her answer is always we are out. Or shell ignore the ad prices and try to over charge me, Or worse shell completely ignore you when you ask questions about the ad or if they have any more in stock,Only gonna be going to Costco and other places from now on.

Review №77

My family has shopped with smart and final for many years. Always friendly, always fresh. Always a bargain.

Review №78

I am able to find more items for a great price here...

Review №79

Perfect store

Review №80

Jordan is always so pleasant! Quiet but consistently friendly and pleasant!

Review №81

Great place to find things that Costco doesnt carry. Great prices too!

Review №82

Best place to find the hard to find commercial type groceries.Public is always welcome to get these great prices and quality items.

Review №83

Most stuff available, got a turkey

Review №84

Nice updates. Good service. Fresh produce.

Review №85

Great customer service and awesome selection of fresh produce along with everything else.

Review №86

I find Mexican food and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Review №87

Good quality and selection. Great value

Review №88

Always good

Review №89

Great still missing some items

Review №90

Good place to find out about speeches and bulk foods.

Review №91

I love this store BUT there isnt any ear drops medication. They do have a tiny selection of other medication tho.

Review №92

New expanded store, clean and well stocked.

Review №93

Well organized store with good prices. Faster than Costco & more variety.

Review №94

Smart and final is one stop shopping great place.Encellent.

Review №95

My favorite grocery store. Excited about expansion.

Review №96

Very efficient n very wsiting line...

Review №97

Love this grocery store and good deals. Clean store, friendly employees and larger size options available.

Review №98

Still the same great prices though the new skinnier shopping aisles are annoying.

Review №99

The customer service here was so bad i will never go back. Manager was rude and maybe illiterate. Cashiers were rude and unprofessional. Isnt hard to have manners or to be polite. They were short and curt just awful

Review №100

Always looking for the best value for my dollar, and you dont need to purchase a member card, good quality

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:395 N Escondido Blvd, Escondido, CA 92025, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 760-746-5490
  • Grocery store
  • Discount supermarket
  • Grocery delivery service
  • Produce market
  • Supermarket
  • Warehouse store
  • Wholesale grocer
  • Wholesaler
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–10PM
  • Thursday:6AM–10PM
  • Friday:6AM–10PM
  • Saturday:6AM–10PM
  • Sunday:6AM–10PM
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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