Audi West County
15736 Manchester Rd, Ellisville, MO 63011, United States
Audi West County
Review №1

My wife and I searched for months for a vehicle that was a perfect fit for us. When we went into Audi West County we were immediately greeted very warm and professional. We test drove a Genesis G80 and absolutely loved it. It was a smooth and easy process with little hassle, no pressure, and upfront information. Our salesman Scott was incredibly knowledgeable which made our buying experience exciting and enjoyable. They gave us a great deal on the Genesis and also great price for our trade-in that we were upside down on. We would highly recommend this dealership. While we were getting approved we were offered water and coffee from the Starbucks machine. Also, the General Manager Dennis came over and chatted with us, made us feel comfortable and welcome to make our experience that much better. We were in and out in only a few hours. Thank you for our dream car. A+++ from start to finish.

Review №2

My wife and I travelled to the area to see an Audi and it was far from what we were told. We found our way down to this store and I’m very thankful we did. Bob initially helped us and he was great. He had a customer return so he introduced us to Ryan, and he was outstanding to work with. He showed me all my options and numerous vehicles until we saw the one we wanted with literally every option we wanted. Felt like I was leaving there with another fellow enthusiast friend 👍🏼 10/10 will be back for our next Audi!Update**Service department is A1. The guys work towards building relationships and remembering their customers and I’ve never felt so comfortable having work done at a dealer. I brought the car in for its 50k inspection and Sean treated me like we were friends, and he even picked up where we left off on our conversation we were having when I left my prior visit months ago.. He listens and respects customers. Upon inspection they notified me of somethings that need attention and/or will need attention in the future. These things would have definitely gone unnoticed until well after my warranty, but rather, they notified me before hand and made sure I wanted to go through with repairs and assured me it was completely covered. I live 4 hours away and they bent over backwards to get my car worked on under warranty and delivered to my wife’s work for her. Thanks for everything West County!

Review №3

Bad experience. I went for oil leak diagnosis.They did it. I decide to fix the issue there (more than a $1.000 invoice).After that the car having the same problem.I went again for warranty, they did a new diagnosis,Quote thousands of dollar more.They did the initial diagnosis wrong it was incomplete or superficial and cost a lot of money.Now they said sorry from costumer service and didnt take any responsibility for their mistake which caused a lot of money.Nice customer service but not reliable mechanic service or quotes at dealer price.Better find some other place.

Review №4

I just purchased a 2020 Audi Q5 from Bommarito West County. Chris Mutter, the Audi Brand Specialist who sold me my car was nothing short of amazing to work with. Chris made the entire experience seamless. I was in and out in the shortest amount of time that its ever taken me to purchase a new vehicle. He went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. I will definitely refer my friends and family to Chris for new vehicle purchases.

Review №5

Today my husband and I drove 3 hours to shop for an Audi. We had gone to a few dealers that we were unhappy with. My husband gave Bommarito Audi a call and spoke with Bob who was great! Even though they were busy their customer service was still top notch. We arrived and he had the car ready for us to test drive. We checked out a couple of different ones with Ryan who was phenomenal, had great customer service, and made our time there enjoyable and run smoothly. We appreciate all of your help today and we love our new A4! I highly recommend heading to this dealer if you are looking for a good business that cares about their customers. Ask for Ryan and Bob! We will definitely be back!

Review №6

How difficult can it be to get an answer on anything via the website? If you are looking for service Audi Ellisville probably isnt you best option.**Update — the response is to “call us so we can make it right”. Honestly, there is too much competition in what you do to give a second chance. My advice would be to properly train your folks so that interactions like mine and several that I have read don’t happen to start.

Review №7

Booker Wade was incredible and made our buying process a breeze. He reviewed all the amazing features and was very helpful. Highly recommend!

Review №8

I bought a 18k car from them last friday and it took a whole 2 days before it was broke down. I was also lied to from the salesman Jamie about 60 day temp tags (only 30 days) and I was told it came with a 6 month 7000 mile warranty. It wasnt until I was 3/4 of the way through the paperwork that I was made aware that I would in fact not have that warranty. Contacted the dealership and they told me I bought it as is so they wont do a single thing. The battery had to be jump started when we went to test drive it so they knew there was already a problem with the car. I also took it to a mechanic and the mechanic knew right when he started the car it has an exhaust leak and should not have passed inspecton but of course it was passed by them anyways. I would absolutely recommend avoiding this dealership at all costs

Review №9

Our buying process was easy and mostly hassle free. We knew what we wanted and they had us out of the dealership in about an hour.

Review №10

I called to schedule a test drive. Because of my Financial position I’m not able to fully purchase the car and was looking at financing the car. Once they found that out I was treated terribly. They harassed me when I asked to test drive the car before purchasing the car.

Review №11

Brought brand new 2021 Audi Q8. Worked with sales person Robert (Bob) Anderson. He is super professional and a very nice guy to work with. He has excellent customer service, very transparent. 5 star recommendation and best choice!!!

Review №12

Unfortunately my title paperwork took longer to arrive than should have. But after calling Steve no explanation was needed and he cut me a check for the title late fee. Definitely will do business with them again.

Review №13

I had a wonderfully relaxed and fun time purchasing my new Audi Q5 from Booker Wade at Bommarito Audi West County. Booker was the ultimate professional and so easy to work with. I highly recommend Booker and the whole staff at Audi West County. Sorry, not sorry for ruining your new display on the showroom floor by buying the white 2021 Audi Q5 you had just put inside. I LOVE my new Q5! Thank you Booker. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and SO easy. Ill be back for my next Audi. Maybe the Q8 next time!

Review №14

In search of a new car, my wife and I visited Audi West County and spoke with Zachary Jones. He was very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. We test drove a number of vehicles and decided to order an SQ8. Jason Nutt and Zachary made the ordering process a breeze. Excellent experience! Zachary kept us up to date on the progress of the vehicle and Amanda Bush processed the financing when we took delivery. Top-notch professional staff!

Review №15

Absolute garbage customer service. They do not take any responsibility for selling garbage vehicles.

Review №16

Jamie was great, the car I purchased was preowned, and they had recently acquired the vehicle through a trade-in. I drove 3 hours to come purchase and take this car home. After test driving and agreeing to purchase, Jamie explains to me that I wouldn’t be able to take it home yet. He said that the vehicle had not been properly serviced and inspected as of yet and that I would have to come back in three days to take delivery of the vehicle. I explained to Jamie that I really wish to drive the car home today. His first words were there is no way. Then about half way into signing paperwork he made a call to the service team and got my car expedited through the process in order for me to take delivery of the vehicle same day. I must say, it was worth the extra few hours and they did not skip a beat, everything was perfect. 5* to the team at Bomarrito Audi for making my vehicle purchasing experience the best ever, and huge shout out to Jamie Sorrentino for getting me the vehicle same day. If you go to Bomarrito Audi, make sure you ask for Jamie!

Review №17

Very satisfied with their service. My salesman Ryan Bayer is top notch! Honest and caring, he is always easy to contact and willing to answer any questions. I bought my second Audi from this dealership and highly recommend them to anyone! The guys at service are great too.

Review №18

Trying to get my warranty cancelled after I sold my car, my salesperson kept referring me to finance department and finance department never picks my call. Seems like I’ll have to plan a trip to dealership to get it cancelled, how difficult could it be to get these aftermarket services done on phone or over email😬😬 all the happy reviews I see while buying a car, I do not see any good reviews for aftermarket service and support

Review №19

I recently went to buy a car for my mom. Who is 88 years old. Mike Bozzi and Dennis McGrath. Went out of their way to make our experience awesome and help my mom get a great deal. Thanks so much!!

Review №20

Zachary made the buying experience efficient and enjoyable. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Review №21

I had a wonderful experience working with Scott Berry at Bommarito West County. He was very informative and knowledgeable. The whole process was incredibly smooth and I was able to come out with a fantastic deal. I will definitely give them return business in the future.

Review №22

Seen a car online I was interested in. I called before I drove 30 minutes away to ask if it was there and Mike the used car manager said he would have it ready when I got there. Upon arrival they said it was in the shop and I waited an hour for them to get it ready to tell me it wasn’t ready to be drove I could test drive it around the parking lot. What kind of dealership tells you to take a drive around the parking lot? I told him I only wanted to finance with my credit union and to not run my credit and he assured me they worked with them and it would be no problem. They ended up not working with my credit union and ran 3 hard inquiries on my credit. This was a Wednesday and they were supposed to get the car ready and deliver to me on Friday. Friday comes and they call at 5pm to say it’s not ready it’ll be ready on Monday. Monday morning I call to confirm delivery Mike said yes guaranteed today by 5pm. He had someone call me at 4pm to say it wasn’t going to be ready until the next day. I finally received my car a week after purchase they brought it to my home. Mike only gave me one key and said he would look for the other when he got back to the office. He called immediately after getting back to say he had put my key and more paperwork in the mail. A week goes by and I received the paperwork but no key. It was like pulling teeth and nails to get ahold of Mike as I left messages and called almost daily for another week to address the issue about the key. After two weeks he finally answered me and said that there was not a second key that I could purchase one at cost. At this point I am very upset because he personally told me he mailed my key and now he’s saying there’s not another key but it took two weeks to find that out? I called to speak to another manager and he called me back within the day and got a key ordered. I feel like this dealership was not honest and gave me the run around in every way when I was trying to work with them. I would never recommend anyone to this dealership and I will be going elsewhere for my service.

Review №23

Booker Wade is a top notch sales professional and made the buying experience a pleasant one. I would recommend him highly!

Review №24

Salesman should be more knowledgeble to close a deal in all aspects.

Review №25

Professional, knowledgeable, kind, and overall excellent experience. 10/10 would recommend! Will be doing business here in the future! Ask for Mike, he’s a standup guy!

Review №26

I just purchased my second Audi A4 from Bommarito Audi West County. I did not think they could top my first experience, but they exceeded my expectations. Our salesperson, Booker Wade, is an amazing person. The moment we walked on to the sales floor we were greeted with his warm and friendly personality. His knowledge made every step of the car buying process smooth and easy. Because of Booker and the Bommarito team we have become loyal customers.

Review №27

Had the potential to go better without Dale’s Arrogant and demeaning attitude.BEWARE: At first everything went great. I went online and booked the service appointment and added my concerns which you can see in the copy and paste from the original booklet and price sheet they documented. The man who picked up my car was very kind.Next day I got a call back from a man named Dale who was somewhat arrogant on the call, telling me all the things wrong with my car. He proceeded to tell me that it was all normal wear of a 5 year old vehicle. Motor mount, control arms, bushes all need to be replaced. As you can see from below the total quote was over 5k. I thought “thank goodness I have an extended warranty” in the end they got everything taken care of except for the control arm through warranty. I pick up the car and literally the next day it’s still squeaking! I call back up there and said the reason I brought it up there because of the squeaking was never fixed after 1000s in work done. Dale with his arrogant told me that I must not have told them it was the steering squeaking because they always look at Audi bulletins and that I should be “Greatful” that they were able to fix what they did under. My warranty with me only having to come out of a couple hundred dollars. UNBELIEVABLE! I don’t know if he rudeness is because I am a woman or what. I don’t know much about cars but if you take something in for one reason and they find 1000s worth of repairs and they don’t address the issue I actually have and then tell me it is my fault that just seems wrong! I know so many people around me here in Wildwood with Audis and I will spread the word for people not to take their car to this place. Ugh and now I have to still get the squeaking noise taken care of. A note to Bommarito Audi, Dale is incredibly arrogant and demeaning to people. You might want to remove him from working face to face with customers or maybe just woman.Below is a copy and paste of the original quote.Primary]: 46AUZ : STEERING/SUSPENSION CUSTOMER STATES Squeaky sound when driving/ turning my wheeland going over bumps on the road. Might be power steeringlubrication or could be the struts or shocks$173.00[Primary]: 00AUZ0VALET : VALET SERVICE GO TO ADDRESS ABOVE$0.00[Primary]: 00AUZINSPECTION : FREE MULTIPOINT INSP FREE INSPECTION TIRES, VISUAL INSPECTION OF BRAKES AND27 POINT INSPECTION.$0.00Struts - Rear: REAR STRUTS LEAKING.$1059.22Motor Mount - Front: BOTH FRONT MOTOR MOUNTS LEAKING$1402.66Control Arm - Front: FRONT LOWER STRAIGHT CONTROL ARM DAMGED. QUOTE ARM WITH HARDWARE AND BALL JOINT THAT IT GOES TO$1589.56Control Arm Bushings: UPPER CONTROL ARM BUSHINGS TORN. QUOTE BUSHINGS$259.66Sway Bar Links - Front: FRONT SWAY BAR END LINKS TORN. QUOTE BOTH LINKS$518.00Printed on May 11, 2021Quote expires on June 10, 2021Audi West County15736 Manchester Road Ellisville, MO 63011Subtotal $5002.10 Shop Charges $25.00 Tax $296.34 Total $5323.44

Review №28

If you are looking to purchase an AUDI, may I suggest you go check out the AUDI Ellisville dealership on Manchester Road. Ask for BOOKER WADE to help you with your purchase.Why BOOKER WADE? He greeted us outside as we were looking at AUDI vehicles in the parking area. He invited us inside to discus our needs. We previously decided we wanted a 2021 black AUDI A6 and all that was needed was to arrive at a sales price. BOOKER WADE was able to arrive at a mutually agreed sales price: No pressure, professional, knowledgeable, and really a pleasant person.Ask for B O O K E R W A D E.

Review №29

I had a great experience at Audi West County. I worked with Chris Mutter and he was great. He was easy-going, no pressure, and simply beat the competitors offers. He was always available by phone, text or email (even when he took a few days off for a long-overdue vacation). I would definitely recommend Chris and West County.

Review №30

Fantastic experience! Ryan Bayer and Jason Nutt did exhaustive search to help put me into a new e-Tron. From initial contact, inventory search, delivery and document signing the service was top notch! Ryans knowledge and pledge to answer any questions on my new Audi e-Tron were so helpful! Highly recommend this dealership and in particular Ryan Bayer!

Review №31

Tito Ortiz was amazing. Had the truck I was interested in ready for a test drive even when I showed up an hour early, and had me out the door right away with a good deal. Absolutely will keep this dealer in mind for my next purchase

Review №32

My husband & I recently purchased a new Audi Q8 from the Audi West County dealership. Ryan Bayer was the Audi Brand Specialist that we worked with. He was amazing!! Ryan was very patient with us, extremely responsive, & very professional. He made us feel welcomed and highlighted all the great things that the Audi brand has to offer. He was amazing to work with and we drove 45 mins to Audi West County, passing other Audi dealerships along the way, to purchase our new vehicle because of Ryan. The Audi West County team was exceptional! 5 Stars!

Review №33

My family and I were on our way from Springdale,, Arkansas to my father-in-laws funeral in Gary and IN, the vehicle started having trouble with our Audi Q5. The grace, friendliness and the way they treat you like family is over the TOP!! We called two other dealerships in the area and they wouldnt give us the time of day! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You dont know how much your kindness meant to us at this time. We are forever grateful! I will definitely recommend people and our family to you! Mike Simms-Fixed Operations Director & Dale Robbins-Audi Service Consultant....outstanding job!! ❤❤❤

Review №34

OMG!!! I love Audi West County!! I am so grateful to Booker for making me feel so comfortable and making this process easy!! The entire Audi West County Staff is amazing!! Always willing to answer whatever questions I may have and share new information to keep me informed. I will definitely be back and send my family and friends!! You have a customer for life with me!! THANK YOU AGAIN BOOKER & the entire Audi West County Staff!! You all ROCK!🤞🏾💙☺️😍🙏🏾

Review №35

Bought an Audi sight unseen online and over the phone. The entire process was easy. Picking up the car at West County was even easier. Ask for Booker Wade. He is the best!!

Review №36

My husband purchased a vehicle from your location on Dec 12, 2020 from Don Thoele.First of all, he was talked to as if he had no business purchasing a car from this dealership. Seems unless you have an unlimited budget, you’re pretty much a waste of time.Don then let my husband sign all paperwork and finalize all financing only to tell him he couldn’t take the car home, it still needed inspections. So we had to go back out on Monday to pick up the vehicle. I feel this should’ve been mentioned beforehand. May have changed his mind on the purchase, maybe not?Monday we pick up the car. Don came out, handed us the keys and sent us on our way. Not even 1/2 mile down the road I noticed a decent size chip on the drivers side windshield. I immediately called Don and expressed my concerns with the windshield. I was told that it had been filled and it shouldn’t be a problem. He then proceeded to tell me just to turn it in on my insurance, they’ll pay for it. I can assure you that is INSURANCE FRAUD!I let it go for about two weeks, only to find that there were what looked to be rock chips all over the windshield. I called Don again. He told me there was no way they would replace the windshield. I asked to speak to his manager. He supposedly talked to his manager who said that they would replace it for cost.I have a hard time convincing myself that I should be responsible for paying to have this windshield replaced.That brings me to yesterday, Feb. 10, 2021, one day before my temp tag expires and I have to get it licensed. I get in my vehicle and the windshield is cracked from the drivers side, almost to the passenger side, up, down, and back again. I called again. I was transferred to Don, no answer, transferred to a manager, no answer, then sent to Dons voicemail. Needless to say, I was livid! This should’ve been taken care of from day one. So, I’ve made my first payment, going today to pay for my taxes and licensing, and I have to replace a windshield that was already damaged before purchase!I know we are not your typical clientele, my husband was made perfectly aware of that, but I’m just wondering if this is how you treat all your customers or just the ones that come in with lower budgets? I am having to deal with all this BS because your dealership (Don and Managers) were too cheap to fix the issue in the first place. We are talking about a $250 (if that) issue that was brought to their attention from day one.One of the managers called me back today, unfortunately, I didn’t catch his name. I was flat told they would not replace my windshield!I would like to hear from someone higher than the 3 (?) managers I was told was in control of this situation. I am totally disappointed and dissatisfied with the customer service we’ve experienced from your dealership. From salesman up to managers.

Review №37

I never reviewed this.. im indifferent..

Review №38

Had to get a new car in a very short time, Ryan Baker was awesome again at helping me with my second Audi. Great communication and really fast turnarounds on quotes and car ideas, I will definitely go back to him for my next car.

Review №39

Great experience! Chris Mutter made this an easy and fun experience!Great Car, Great price and I couldn’t be happier!I Definitely recommend Audi W. County!

Review №40

Tito was fantastic he helped me find a car and work with my budget as a new car buyer it was really helpful, Ive heard good things about andrew ortiz (tito) and he definitely delivered. I found a car with all of the options I wanted at an affordable price the finance department was fantastic as well and didnt rush me at all and continuously made sure I was on the same page as her. 10 out of 10 would recommend

Review №41

Just purchased a new Audi from Ryan and he was fantastic. He let us test drive every car we wanted without ever getting annoyed or frustrated with us. They didn’t have the car we really wanted and he made sure to find a way to get it for us. He has done everything he said he would and made the process about as painless as possible. Amanda in finance was amazing and got us in and out in no time! Highly recommend going here and asking for Ryan!

Review №42

There are two Audi dealerships closer to me that I drove past to go to West County Audi. Just bought my second Q5 from Ryan Bayer and will never buy another Audi from anyone else. Both times I was treated fairly, my business was appreciated and love the vehicle I purchased. Highly satisfied customer!

Review №43

Booker Wade is an awesome client advisor. I bought a Q5 and love it! The service department is exceptional also!

Review №44

At the bommarito in west county! Such a beautiful place, I had sent a message not really expecting to get a reply.. within a couple hours I got an email from the salesman Scott berry, he had me set up to view a vehicle within a day! As we pulled in, the car was already pulled around out front making my first time buying a car pretty exciting! Very nice people, the environment is so modern, defiantly makes the buying process fun! Bonus, they have Starbucks!These guys are willing to make a deal and we are very happy we ended up here, definitely recommend:)

Review №45

I had a very bad experience here. Very rude people and terrible customer service. Audi Creve Coeur is not that long of a drive, and they have a better staff. They dont try to pressure you and are very professional.

Review №46

Good service. My daughter and I bought two cars. We received fair value for the trade in. Didnt feel pressured or lied to. A good experience over all.

Review №47

I made an almost 2 hour trip after being told there would be no problem with getting me taken care of, and several days of emails. All of a sudden the auto I had wanted increased due to the finance company additional charges by almost $4000. Then the salesperson pawned me off on another person who left me sitting at his desk to go help someone else outside without even telling me. Ive got several thousand dollars coming in that wont be spent there.

Review №48

Dealership was decent, but my sales guy made everything better. Chris Mutter was persistent, easy to work with, and stuck with me for months while my family and I decided on what to do and waited out the time for the right deal. In the end he secured the price and package we wanted. I will buy from him again and I love Audi! I have owned an A7, RS7, and now a Q7. If you are on the fence about buying an Audi- climb over and get one and buy it from Chris!

Review №49

I worked with Chris Mutter to finalize a deal on the 2019 E Tron!It was a seamless experience. Did all my communication through email and phone due to the current Coronavirus situation and just went in to sign the paperwork and pick up the car. Chris was very easy to work with and did not waste anytime in getting me the best deal possible.I was in and out of Finance in 15 minutes and there were no pressure sales tactics or any other sales pitches along the way. Love the car and absolutely delighted with my experience with Chris and the rest of the team. Chris easily beat competing quotes from other Audi dealerships in St Louis.

Review №50

Had trouble getting the service and support I needed locally so I reached out to Audi West County and Jason took care of me. Best car buying experience I’ve ever had. Highly recommend.

Review №51

Scott Berry and the management team made my purchase smooth and easy. Thanks you for all you did to provide me with a great opportunity

Review №52

I cannot say enough good things about my experience at West County Audi and especially my salesperson Ryan Bayer. I had been searching for the perfect car for weeks and was just about over the whole process when I walked into WC Audi. Ryan was real, honest, and extremely helpful. He found me a car that had every option I wanted and then worked with finance to get me the best price possible! The whole process was quick and painless! The best part of the experience was the delivery of the car. Ryan spent over an hour with me going through every feature, making sure I felt comfortable with everything before I even drove off the lot. But it didn’t stop there. He texts me on a regular basis to check in and see if I have any questions and has offered follow up tutorials to make sure I am getting the most from my car. He even met me by my house to drop off my new plates! Now that’s service! I couldn’t be happier with my A+ Experience from this dealership. I would recommend West County Audi to anyone.... but make sure you ask for Ryan Bayer! You won’t regret it!

Review №53

We recently purchased a new and a used vehicle from Audi West County and had a great experience. We initially started talking with Don on the used car side and he was very helpful in assisting us with looking at and driving several cars that we had seen in their listing. We eventually decided to look at a new car and he referred us to Ryan Bayer. Ryan was wonderful to work with. He was very knowledgeable, and took the time to go over both cars we ended up purchasing and offered for us to come back anytime for further clarification of how everything works. During the process of looking to purchase, Ryan did not push us but listened to our thoughts and needs about what we were interested in and worked very hard to get us what we wanted. Ryan made our experience comfortable and enjoyable. We also discovered we had a lot in common which is just a fun side note:)

Review №54

Great service, friendly atmosphere. Didnt take them long with the requested services they were performing. Called when finished was on schedule. The only service which they asked me about was cleaning/buffing my headlights which Im glad I agreed and allowed them to get the buildup off, the headlights look new now! Great job!

Review №55

Zach and Patrick are super supportive in helping us getting the best price! They simplify the whole process and make things so easy for us. We feel comfortable talking to them and definitely a great great buying experience.

Review №56

We recently purchased a pre-owned Audi A5 convertible from this dealership. The car was transported from California, and was a gift to my wife for our 20 year anniversary. There were a number of issues, as one would expect from any pre-owned vehicle, but the entire team of individuals we worked with went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction and to give us a great experience. Our sales representative, Booker was exceptional, as was the used car sales manager Don, as was the service technician handling the repairs. She loves this car!

Review №57

Friendly, professional staff. Efficient sales process.

Review №58

Booker Wade provided excellent sales service. Very satisfied customer

Review №59

Purchases my first Audi from Bommarito West County last year. I had a fantastic car buying experience working with Ryan Bayer. Even now (a year later) Ryan always takes time to answer or help me find answers to any questions I come to him with regarding my car!

Review №60

We recently purchased a new Audi Q7 from Audi west county and had a great experience with Ryan Bayer. He took time to understand what we wanted and made the entire buying process very easy for us. We are very pleased with our purchase.

Review №61

I wanted to give a shout out to Connor at Bommarito Audi Service Department for exceptional service this morning! Hes a keeper! He went over and above. Thank you.

Review №62

Frankly, not too good. Beautiful new dealership building. I noted a MARKED attitude change. They seem too busy to talk to a loyal customer. I have bought two Q7 from this dealer. Service was great. Now, Im not too sure.Ill wait a while and think about this. After all, there are 2 other Audi dealers in St. Louis.

Review №63

Matt Brock made buying a car super smooth and easy. He took time to listen and understand all my needs and wants. I’m looking forward to buying my truck in November from Matt. Outstanding customer service and support. Thanks Matt for all you have done to make this a great experience.

Review №64

Friendly, hard working staff! The sales man Chris Mutter and Brian in finance were very dedicated and patient. Happy I chose this location for my first Audi experience.

Review №65

Highly recommend!! They take the time to listen to what you want & work with you to make sure youre a happy customer. The responsiveness is on point too! This is our 2nd Audi purchase with West County & we will come back. We live 4 hours away & it was worth the drive. Zachary is the best too! Please consider West County for your next vehicle purchase... you wont be disappointed.

Review №66

We had a fabulous experience at Audi West County. Anthony Brown was extremely educated and clearly cares about his product and the customer. He made the buying experience fun. Additionally, he was kind, polite and very thorough. Thank you, Anthony! I would highly recommend Anthony Brown and Audi West County!

Review №67

Ask for Booker Wade in Sales. Respectful, smart, and considerate. Will make your Audi experience worthwhile....

Review №68

Outstanding customer service from Ryan Bayer. Ryan goes above and beyond and I really appreciate all his efforts.

Review №69

Basically a brand new facility, clean courteous. I had a 9 oclock appointment for approximately an hour I was in on time and out in less than an hour.

Review №70

Horrible experience. Very unprofessionally managed. If you can buy the same car somewhere else do it.

Review №71

Wonderful service with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Will absolutley come back the next time we need a vehicle. Charles was the best and made our experience positive and easy.

Review №72

Couldnt have asked for a better experience. Ryan Bayer and Jason Nutt were great. They answered all my questions with confidence. Gave me all the time I needed to look and test drive. Made the purchasing process very easy with ZERO pressure. Ive never had this good of an experience while purchasing a vehicle. Cant recommend these two gentleman enough.Follow up on a recent experience:Had a small computer error pop up on my vehicle.I texted Ryan Bayer and asked if I need to come in. He immediately replied and referred me to Dale in Service. Took my vehicle right in and they ran the diagnostic test and determined I needed a repair. Dale had a loaner ready to go, and I was back out running errands in no time.The customer service that Ryan gives is second to none and Dale provided the same quality as Ryan. Completely impressed with the way Ive consistently been treated at West County Audi.

Review №73

Bad Management and falsifying dates on paperwork.Got 2 Audis (a Q8 and an A6). I was singed up for November 30th 2019 when one vehicle was actually delivered 2 weeks later and the other 2 months later. Contacted the dealership and reported that incident at different levels, however, no manager stepped up to the plate to resolve the matter.At this point i am opening an investigation with Audi of America and filing a law suit.

Review №74

We would not with Mike Bozzi again, he sold us an Audi with non disclosed damage and was not helpful in finding a solution; he kept dragging us on and was not responsive. Luckily we got ahold of a sales manager (who Mike kept saying he would talk to) and the sales manager took care of us.

Review №75

My husband and I decided earlier this year that we wanted an Audi RS5, we went to Bommarito Audi and custom ordered the specific car we wanted. They were incredibly helpful and informative with the whole ordering process and kept us up to date about the progress of our car along the way. We picked up our car last week and love it. Andrew did an amazing job with educating us on all of the RS5 features, many that we were completely unaware of. He also invited us back for further instruction once we had driven the car knowing that we will have more questions as we become familiar with the car. We couldnt be more pleased with the process from start to finish and would certainly recommend Bommarito Audi to our friends.

Review №76

I wish i could give half a star. Dont buy pre owned/used cars from this dealership. They do not do proper diagnostic checks of their vehicles prior to selling you the car in my opinion. I bought two vehicles on the same day. One vehicle had an issue as soon as I drove it off the lot. The second vehicles check engine light is coming on and I have only had the car less than 20 days. Would never purchase from any of their dealerships again. This dealership gives me the impression that they care more about a sale than the hard working person that has to pay for these repairs. I am so disappointed.....

Review №77

Brought my car in to have some suspension work done. It was a great experience. These guys really know what theyre doing and are very nice and helpful. It actually cost me less to have them perform the work than what my local mechanic quoted me. Great service from real Audi pros at reasonable prices? What more could you ask for?

Review №78

Very friendly staff. They are constantly cleaning the building and making everyone feel welcome.

Review №79

Awesome service!!!! Cant thank them enough for going above and beyond

Review №80

Chris Mutter was wonderful to work with and made getting a great deal on a great car a breeze! Highly recommend!

Review №81

I leased my Audi from Ryan Bayer. I couldnt of had a better experience!! He made the process quick and simple. I love my new Audi. I cant emphasize how pain free the process was. I would recommend him and this dealership to anyone around.

Review №82

Great service staffAlways helpful and friendly

Review №83

I worked with Ryan when I was looking at an A5 Cabriolet or a MB C300 Cabriolet. He was fantastic with quick responses to questions and pricing. I ended up buying elsewhere not because of anything negative with Ryan, the dealership or pricing but rather simply because of location. The other dealer is about a half block from my office and I liked the time that saves me.I highly recommend Ryan Bayer to anyone thinking about an Audi.

Review №84

This place has it together! I normally wouldn’t write a review, but this is the first time I’ve been somewhere I was treated with the utmost respect as a woman purchasing a car by myself. I had the pleasure of working with Ryan Bayer as my salesman. It took several hours, but he was very patient with the time it took us to figure out which Audi was best for me. I came in for the A4, but after he showed me the new A3, I reconsidered. Ryan took his time to show me the difference between all A3 models by test driving a few versions: A3 1.8, 2.0T, and S3 . He also showed me all of the options in detail and was honest about which options he thought would best suit my needs. I was having trouble making my decision right then, so he spoke with his sales manager, Joe Wolk, and they even offered to let me take the one I liked most home for the evening to show it to some friends and see what it looks like in my driveway. That is above and beyond customer service! I ended up doing so and came back the next day to purchase that same car, a black 2015 Audi A3 2.0T with black interior. Once I was finished with the paperwork, I was introduced to the service team; very friendly. Then Ryan took the time to make sure I was comfortable using all of the car’s features, and made sure I felt comfortable coming back if I needed to go over them more. This was such a nice experience, the kind you’d expect from Audi. I look forward to being a loyal customer.

Review №85

I bought my Audi and had a pleasant experience. Sales person Zach and his manager were professional and helpful throughout the process.

Review №86

Awesome staff, awesome service! I went in when I was looking for a S5 and the sales rep Booker Wade took care of me, I had bought a BMW from him a few years ago and had an amazing experience, so when I went to him again it was nothing but the best. Booker knows what hes talking about and provided a experience second to none. He also gave me an amazing price for my trade in, he also showed me a few other cars to help me decide. Very helpful while buying a car and the service is also phenomenal.

Review №87

Worst experience in 20 years of car buying. Drove 5 hours one way only to arrive and have the car sold out from underneath me. Spoke to salesman for two days who knew I was in route. Once I arrived at the dealership they even let me drive the vehicle to then tell me it was sold. All they could say was sorry. So instead of getting a car for my daughter we drove 5 hours back home empty handed. Poor customer service and no loyalty!!

Review №88

I had the BEST car shopping experience ever at Bommarito Audi West County! I purchased my first Audi and not only do I love it, everyone was so wonderful. We worked with Ryan Bayer who answered all of our questions, made us feel comfortable, and gave us a full tutorial of the Audi Q3 that we purchased. Ryan spent several hours going over everything we needed to know, showing us the features the car had, offered advice, introduced us to the rest of the staff, gave us a tour of the facility so we would know where to go when we went to have the car serviced, and stayed with us until we drove off the lot. I highly recommend you see Ryan at Bommarito Audi West County if you are shopping for a new vehicle.

Review №89

Howard Berman (sales rep) has worked with us on 4 Audi purchases. He has been great to deal with throughout. The service department for Bommarito Audi is also fabulous. Thanks!

Review №90

I got an amazing deal this past weekend and I love my new car. The sales associate, Ryan Bayer was so helpful, friendly and patient. Overall, the staff explained everything and made sure I was getting what I wanted! Thanks again.

Review №91

I was not treated with respect. I came in specifically to test drive a Jaguar that I was interested in. I was on the way to the gym so I was wearing my gym clothes. The sales associate had to ask a manager if I could drive it. They said they were trying to keep the miles low for serious buyers. Im quite disappointed as I had high hopes for the local Audi dealership. Will be taking my business elsewhere.

Review №92

Buying a car should not be this easy and painless. Ive never been more satisfied and well taken care of than by Ryan Bayer and the rest of the Bommarito team. They were exceptionally fair with my trade and the price on my new A4. I was never pressured and Ryan was definitely the best salesman with whom Ive ever worked. I will recommend Audi West county to anyone and everyone that will listen

Review №93

From the first moments of our visit, we were impressed. Sales counselor Booker Wade greeting my wife & I with sincerity & kindness. He never pushed while we had tons of questions since this was our very 1st Audi experience. We ended up taking a lease on a new A4 and cannot say enough about the entire experience with Booker and then Eric the finance guy. Bravo to your professional & pleasant dealership in every way!

Review №94

Booker Wade made the entire process seamless and painless. This was likely the fastest vehicle transaction I’ve ever experienced. Booker definitely went above and beyond.

Review №95

Though I didnt purchase from this dealer, Ive used them for all service needs. I find their work exemplary in all respects. Whenever I have a problem or question they are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and go out of their way to achieve a better than average outcome. In particular the other day I was having problems with the internet connection. One of the Sales Advisors, Howard Burman was called in and spent close to thirty minutes with me to resolve the problem which he did to my total satisfaction. Cant say enough good things about this dealer and Howard in particular.

Review №96

Best place to buy an Audi, period!Ive purchased dozens of cars and this is the only dealership I will continue to use!Sales Manager Andrew Ward and his team at West County are the standard for how car buying should be.They helped me find the perfect car without ever feeling like it was all about the sale.They truly cared about my needs and did everything to make it a pleasurable experience.Looking forward to returning to buy my wife a new Q7 so she can stop stealing my keys!Thanks again Andrew!

Review №97

Overall customer service, patience, and no-pressure dealing was 5-star throughout the entire process. Special thanks to Dennis McGrath, Jason Nutt, Amanda Wilkerson, Booker Wade, Connor Bemis, and Chris Mutter. Bommarito has a great staff in these individuals! Thank you.

Review №98

Took advantage of elderly woman.My grandmother bought a car from Bommarito Audi West County about 4 months ago. The car had a couple wear spots on the paint and was missing the extra key. The salesman promised to get her the paint and extra key later that week after purchasing the car. Then she goes to finance and purchase the extended warranty unknowingly the fine print. She goes back in a week later and asks for it to be taken off. A manager said that they will and theyll refund her the money. Yet, they never do. This has happened four times now where she has gone in, and discussed in person to a manager, and have them proceed say we will take it off and refund the money. Long story short, they took advantage of my 80 year old grandmother who didnt understand what was going on, and keeping lying to her. I understand she made a mistake purchasing the warranty and thats not the dealerships fault, but it is the misleading information of the managers and the salesman saying they will take care of her and give her the extra key, paint, and refund her the money on the warranty.

Review №99

I recently purchased a car from this dealership. I witnessed the manager talking down to the service staff. The salesman and manager were both very disrespectful and unprofessional to me and my family and it was not a pleasant experience. Everyone at the dealership I encountered was arrogant. I would have given by business to another dealership but unfortunately the model /color I wanted as not available elsewhere.

Review №100

I am highly recommending Ryan’s services. He is extremely knowledgeable, he listens, he is honest and he is very patient. He helped me with purchasing my first luxury vehicle and I had a LOT of questions. Thank you Ryan! It was a pleasure working with you!

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