Sun City Games
1716 Yandell Dr, El Paso, TX 79902, United States
Sun City Games
Review №1

Enjoyed the selection had a decent amount of Sealed product and by the pack purchasing seemed like a good inventory of Single cards

Review №2

I love going here when I have free time a really chill environment and just an overall fun place

Review №3

Went there and had most of the magic cards I needed and really good prices for each. The cashier was nice and even gave help on what to add on a krenko deck for commander

Review №4

Great inventory of products. Only thing to complain about is it needs better lighting.

Review №5

I prefer another shop more northeast because they have better service and this other shop gives you cash. Sun city games only gives credit and the service reminds me of Karens which I find disappointing. I would rather get cards at Walmart.To give them credit they have an impressive library.

Review №6

Awesome place care about their customers super helpful and friendly. I wish all game strikes were like this. Patient with my kids also!

Review №7

This shop is great when It comes to trading cards like Magic, Pokémon, And Yugioh

Review №8

A clean, well organized shop with an outstanding staff. I have always had a positive experience when shopping or just browsing.

Review №9

Very friendly and helpful staff. Good place for MTG products and other gaming stuff.

Review №10

Ive been going here for 10 years and the staff is always nice and helpful, the quality of the products are always mint and the prices are fair. The store itself gives off a friendly helpful feeling, even in the midst of the pandemic. 10/10 would recommend to everyone I know

Review №11

Definitely the best game shop Ive ever been to! The guys running the place not only know their stuff but theyre awesome about sharing that knowledge. For example, I dont have experience with preserving my cards so the dudes today (2/8/21) helped me learn which sleeves to get for my purposes and some double-sleeving techniques. The store website isnt quite working but Im glad its not, otherwise I probably wouldnt have gone into the store and met these excellent people.

Review №12

Always incredibly helpful and friendly. Especially amazing is the fact that they sell individual minis. Only wish they stayed open a bit later during the week, but otherwise great shop.

Review №13

Awesome place!!!! They had the one paint that I needed and looked everywhere for. Needed it now and not in a couple of delivery days.

Review №14

Great variety of cards and booster boxes. The staff were helpful and knowledgeable

Review №15

Omg their 40k stock is unmatched to anyother place i have been plus they have a bunch of other board games magic pokemon paints and stuff i like it here

Review №16

Great store! Staff is excellent and very friendly. Will definitely go there again!

Review №17

Great selection and a very friendly, helpful staff! An awesome spot to start the miniature experience!

Review №18

Took my son as I looked around they answered any questions he had hes 10 and they treated with the same respect as an adult highly recommended this store

Review №19

Really good store was looking for star wars legion though wasnt that much there but great for Warhammer 40k

Review №20

Its all about bored games such as warhammer. Its very cool if you are fan of it or getting models.

Review №21

Great product I bought 3 booster boxes of battles of legend armageddon, boxes are perfectly sealed and no damage when i open it. Very fast delivery it arrived 3days earlier. I dont know if i’m lucky or what. The best part of it is in the 1st booster box i opened boom 10K dragon was pulled. Looks like Sun City Games got the MAGIC touch.

Review №22

Great people good stock of a lot of what you might be looking for from singles to hard to find precons... I go visit each time Im here and am never disappointed in finding what Im looking for

Review №23

The gentleman that assisted us was really nice and helpful. Im happy I spent my money at a local business as they were really helpful and funny. As my boyfriend was asking questions the guy included me in the conversation and didnt just assume my bf was the only one who played magic, kudos for progressiveness.

Review №24

As always the staff is very helpful, with any questions.

Review №25

Very professional and friendly staff. I am not to familiar with pokemon cards and they knew exactly what I was trying to find for my daughters gift.

Review №26

Pulled a charizard from Dubwool V box!

Review №27

For all games and card games you need to check out this place. always a pleasurer going to this place to look for things I need. Be it D&D, magic, starwars, or warhammer, they have it or can get it.

Review №28

Fantastic store for gaming needs, staff are friendly and knowledgeable. MTG and Warhammer available here as well as other tabletop games.

Review №29

Super cute game store, has basically anything you would need for table top games.

Review №30

Excellent gaming store with competitive pricing on individual cards as well as boxes. If you cant wait, just get your Magic card(s) here, you wont regret it. Tim is an awesome guy and hes very knowledgeable. He helped me find a rare card for my husband for our wedding anniversary - he really cares about his clientele. Fun place to meet and play!

Review №31

It was an awesome experience. Felt welcome and very helpful staff. Would definitely come back for my magic card needs.

Review №32

Amazing customer service. The gentlemen at the front helped me pick a D&D figurine. He introduced me to their computer system which makes it easier to find what you are looking for. Will come back!

Review №33

Great store with LOTS of comics, figures and games. Nice to see stores like this still around

Review №34

Always have enjoyed my visits! Prices are a bit on the steeper side and some of the service is a bit rough. But they will always get you what you need if they can. This place is historic to the gaming scene in El Paso. Well worth the visit every time. Go check it out!

Review №35

Love this place. Best thing about it are the employees, they’re helpful and personable. I’ve never had an issue, have always had help, and have learned a lot. They almost always have what I’m looking for and when they don’t they help me find place for gaming!

Review №36

Quick delivery, awesome miniatures, and good packaging skills. Cant wait to order more from these guys!

Review №37

Great selection and customer service. Prices were affordable as well. Will definitely return.

Review №38

This place has a lot of stuff, dnd, warhammer, Paints, card-games and board dames, with great inventory. Recommend a lot

Review №39

Love this place. Everyone that works there is always so friendly and helpful. They have a great selection of gaming, from cards to boards. Check it out if youre interested!

Review №40

Always enjoy going to SC Games! Very friendly, knowledgeable staff and great selection. Good space to play and good prices on snacks 👍

Review №41

Love Sun City hands down the best game shop in El Paso everything is neat and organized, when I go in looking for magic cards they know exactly where it is within a matter of minutes, the staff is professional and cool and everyone has a genuinely good attitude.

Review №42

Tons of D&D, lots of items to search through and discover. Good variety of products.

Review №43

Get your warhammer40k items and preorders here!

Review №44

This is one of the best shops in the El Paso area. It has all you need for gaming and a really friendly staff. I would recommend this place to all my friends

Review №45

Great place. Staff has always friendly. My kids love to go.

Review №46

Great place to play magic, good environment, decent prices, extremely friendly players. No apparently cliques to dodge, feels very friendly to new players. Would recommend this place to anyone in El Paso, because this is by FAR the best card shop. Dont even waste your time going anywhere else, you will be disappointed.

Review №47

Great place for buy and play yugioh and magic the gathering.

Review №48

Good selection of cards and products with lots of variety, lots of space, staff is overall helpful and friendly.EDIT: changing my review since the past 2 times whoever Ive gone with and I were left waiting and ended up leaving. Also because their involvement in the ptcg community has been different lately.

Review №49

Good prices on singles, a wide collection of cards, games, and people.Bi-weekly tournaments with big prizes. Lots of regional contenders and world championship players come here.Not a very casual place for playing, the people here are extremely serious.

Review №50

Great service and friendly staff for all your hobby gaming needs!!!

Review №51

My granddaughter is 9 years old and building her Pokémon card collection. This shop treats her with respect. She is treated the same as an experienced player. Friendly staff. Clean shop. 👍👍

Review №52

I loved the experience of being there everyone was totally friendly.

Review №53

Awesome service and they have everything for our gaming needs!!

Review №54

Great staff, great prices! If they dont have it they will get it! My shop for everything Warhammer 40k!

Review №55

The owner is very friendly and helpful. Good place to play yugioh! They have every thing in this shop. Tim is a good shop keep.

Review №56

Awesome place and really nice people working the counter. Really helpful.

Review №57

This place has a great vib. I like hanging out with friends and playing card games. The place has a great amount of Magic cards, yugio, board games, figuers, cards, card mats and more.

Review №58

Smells like armpits and the bathroom is horrendously dirty and disgusting! That being said I really like Sun City Games. Its a great place to gather and play magic or board games. Ive had nothing but friendly experiences here. I just dont think they clean the bathroom with its sticky dirty Floors and gross walls and dirty sink. The toilet itself is fine.

Review №59

Really cool place for nerds interested in card games. Tournaments held here too.

Review №60

Visually the store is amazing games covering the walls and community tables set out for people to play on I found really awesome, however the customer service was absolutely awful. I asked help in finding D&D miniatures and was directed to search them myself on their computer which was not too bad but they were out of stock on almost every mini I was looking for. When asking for help and recommendations I would get a short answer resembling something like I dont know or its up to you just look around for a new player showing intrest in table top gaming this was very discouraging to me. Especially that regulars got treated with much more hospitality and greetings. This was my 2nd trip to the store and same treatment each time dont think Ill be returning.

Review №61

Great selection. Awesome customer service.

Review №62

Amazing selection from all current major TCG. Cant blame them for not having current meta cards, staff is always eager to help, and one of them at least always greets incoming customers!

Review №63

Very friendly and helpful staff, I love going for presents and board games

Review №64

Outstanding hobby shop! Excellent selection and customer service. Very friendly staff this is the way a hobby shop is supposed to be run.

Review №65

Best gaming store in El Paso, prices are reasonable and they have a large selection of D&D miniatures and assets.

Review №66

Pretty awesome place to buy trading cards, accessories, dnd board games and much more

Review №67

Kicking a customer out because another customer made a monetary offer on a card that this store wasnt even going to buy from me is absurd! Poor customer service in a city with a limited MTG player base is mind blowing.

Review №68

Great customer service, friendly staff, lots of product and weekly tournaments.

Review №69

I always find what I need here for Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards they also have magic cards and more things to check out that are great I recommend this store if your looking for cards.

Review №70

Tons of merchandise from Magic the Gathering to Heroclix to board games. Great selection of dice, tables to play in the store and friendly staff. I have already recommended Sun City Games to my friends and will continue to shop their gladly!

Review №71

Tons of board games, collectable card games, and table top wargames. Everything you need for painting miniatures with paints from Citadel and Army Painter. Tons of table top space available. The staff is awesome!

Review №72

Exactly the atmosphere Im looking for. Theyve got a nice collection and a reasonable amount of play space.

Review №73

Super nice and helpful staff. got me started on star wars legion and also the guys have a great selection of older warhammer blister packs. Go.

Review №74

Get helped out with the guy with a black and red hat and the guy the buff dude that can has tattoos.

Review №75

Awesome management and staff, great selection

Review №76

Ive shopped here three times, two of the three times, I had Horrible service. I had walked in, And waited about 20 minites in line, constantly being cut off by other customers, who were friends with the employees, I got served, and they didnt even have what i was looking for, despite saying it was in stock.My second issue is when i had gone when it wasnt busy, just looking to pick up suplies. I walked in, And for no reason, the Owner(i assume), An employee behind the counter, And another employee who was on the floor just looked at me. Not greeting me, Just staring at me, and watching me. It felt like they were expecting me to be worth thier time, and pressured me into buying something. Instead i just bought something i didnt even remotly need, that was cheap, just so i could leave. The owner checked me out, and acted like my purchase wasnt worth thier time.Do not shop here. Try another gaming store unless this one is your only option. You will not enjoy being here, unless your spedning hundreds, or are friends with employees.

Review №77

Great place to play magic yugioh and other card games. Friendly helpful staff

Review №78

I came for the snacks 😁 hella munchies good price very satisfied

Review №79

Its a good story to buy cards games and to get a card that u are looking instead of buy packs

Review №80

Still the best game store in El Paso!

Review №81

Awesome place and definetly worth checking out.

Review №82

AWSOME place to chill w friends and play yugioh cards as well great staff members!😎 needs card to buy?! they will find it for u fast! People there are really friendly! Love it there!😁 great place to buy ur deck!😆🐉

Review №83

I was in there talking to the owner Tim, when this oriental guy walked in and I was pushed aside and put on ignore. Found out this guy he wanted to speak to was named john a big spender in the game community. Guess my money was not as good as his. I wont be back there.. after all he has all Johns money, he does not need mine.The place was also dark and felt like a cave. He just got in some new Games Workshop product I was interested in.. oh well good thing there are a few other choices in El Paso beside this guy.. he just does not get it.. he is there to support the gamer, not the gamer to support him.

Review №84

Amazing staff fun place to meet other nerd birds that play games. Or to go with friends and play

Review №85

Very friendly and helpful

Review №86

Awesome place to hang out. Very helpful as well.

Review №87

Wonderful customer service, great selection, user friendly website, great prices all around good experience

Review №88

Super friendly staff really awesome place with alot of different collectibles. This is a one stop shop.

Review №89

Loved it! Very friendly and great prices! ☺

Review №90

They are great and all but their prices when you go in person are outrageously expensive

Review №91

Best selection of singles for MTG in El Paso. Cool staff and big playing area for various games.

Review №92

I personally think it’s unethical to mark up the prices for Pokémon cards. We can’t even buy cards in stores right now because of scalpers. Now local stores are scalping too.

Review №93

Great place to find items you need or to play.

Review №94

A lot of neat games and stuff here

Review №95

Best local place to buy and play magic the gathering.

Review №96

I had no idea this treasure was in el paso. Great inventory and staff. Perfect for my new magic obsession.

Review №97

Very helpful and they didnt try to upsell me. They took their time to answer all my questions

Review №98

These guys do a very good job trying to address everyones favorite tabletop gaming hobbies. While they primarily focus on Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and similar card games they also have a large Warhammer/Warcraft selection, and a really good collection of nerdy tabletop board games.There is also a large gaming space where they are willing to host gaming groups who dont have a space to play in, as well as a fridge filled with food (snacks) and drinks that you can buy if your game goes longer than expected.

Review №99

Good prices and really nice staff and can find any card from pokemon to yu gi oh and magic the gathering and little action figures

Review №100

Good place to play games as well as pick up stuff.

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