Monaco Auto Center LLC
7793 Alameda Ave, El Paso, TX 79915, United States
Monaco Auto Center LLC
Review №1

It the worst experience 3 mouth to get my plates and when i got them they got my address incorrect now i have to fix the problem. Car had all kinds of issues had to go take the car back 3 timed to fix issues and i had to pay for the repairs and over price...NEVER agian will i buy a car from them..and if your smart you go else where! Iam so discusted .

Review №2

Do not shop here! Very bad experience with a friend. Please go somewhere else.

Review №3

Absolute worst customer service from the “CEO” and deceptive business practices. Sold a truck that cannot legally pass inspection due to a check engine light related to the catalytic converter, that their own mechanic verified with his diagnostic computer. Turns out the truck was missing a catalytic converter, but they said it passed state inspection before selling it. There’s absolutely no way. Now they can’t find the title, so it can’t even get registered. They won’t return phone calls either. I’m not the first person this happened too, just read the reviews. Stay away, especially my military brothers and sisters.

Review №4

Go elsewhere. No mas no me puedes dar mi title ni mis placas. Call and just give me the run around. Go somewhere else people.

Review №5

Doesnt even deserve 1 star but must put in my 2 cent for worst place to get a car...please take your business elsewhere they DO NoT deserve it...terrible customer service, cars overpriced WITH issues and months to get your plates.

Review №6

Worst customer service. Nobody knows anything about the vehicle you purchase.I waited 3 months to get my plates and the guy who did my paperwork had left and they expected me to pay the down payment again just because his guy didnt write in on there books, good things I had my receipts...

Review №7

I bought a nice truck from them in october. Luckily I was smart enough to get a diagnostic test done. The truck ran great but needed a few major issues fixed. We did have to call and go in to the auto place in person quite a bit but got them fixed...But wait when i received my truck it was smoking galore. Took it back again. I waited a week to receive my truck again. But this time it was working properly... Even got a bumper n side steps because of the hassle and super long wait. Its Nov 12. Finally have my truck and yes i got a new diagnostic and it passed. Yay

Review №8

Please do not buy from here. I not want anyone to go through the same pain that my family has been going though.I bought a truck and it broke down a week later.They are illegally having their vehicles pass inspection. It has been over 2 months and they refuse to give me the title and my license plates.

Review №9

They have great vehicles. Great customer service. Gonna buy from them again for sure.

Review №10

Had a bad experience the staff member I dealt with was inhospitable. Further more as a diesel mechanic the truck I looked at was a rip off for the price. For their sake I really hope they adopt better practices.

Review №11

Poor customer service. Never responded to emails inquiring more info. Why give them business if they don’t show any interest.

Review №12

The cars are extremely ???spensives..😥😪

Review №13

Toooooooo expensive

Review №14

Nice cars

Review №15

Way too much for my blood n I got bread 🥪🥪🥪

Review №16

OMG please do not buy from here don’t waste your money they have great customer service but once you get the car out of their dealer they don’t help you with anything of course they got paid.. I bought a Yukon from there I had it for 3 days and had to replace the alternator then after having it for 3 months the transmission gave out I called them and told them and they said they’ve had cars that they sell and after 3 days something brakes down and that’s why they’re used cars.. well yeah but at least sell a used car that’s in good condition.. go waste your money somewhere else where they sell good cars!!

Review №17

To begin they dont deserve no start. But I have to pick one just to let every one know the rudeness of this place...Bad service. Very rude guys specially the owners. They are rude and treat others wrong. They are who they are because all kind of people purchase from them. Not only people with a legal status but without documents.they mistreated them.I heard Luis Carlos son. Yell to a person called mojado. What I can see they are Hispanic person too. Well I dont recommend this place. Because we are El Paso txBy the way the guy that works there with the pony tail. Has a very good customer service. But he is just a worker there.

Review №18

The best on cars

Review №19

Not recommended bought a truck not even 3 months and had to fix motor not reliable

Review №20

Excelent costumer service.

Review №21

Worst customer service.

Review №22

Very bad and no good service and they do not comply with what the details of the vehicles and you have a problem with the titles that do not send it to the finance company and it is a problem. Definitely very transactions, it is better in a certified dealer and very good vehicles and better price

Review №23

Tiene autos para todos los gustos y bolsillos!!!!

Review №24

Unfortunately misleading prices only to catch fools!

Review №25

Good attention .... excellent first class merchandise ...

Review №26

Excellent cars

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