Patterson Performance Parts, LLC
10931 Pellicano Dr, El Paso, TX 79935, United States
Patterson Performance Parts, LLC
Review №1

Brought my 2014 BRZ for new injectors/ fuel pump and new radiator. After waiting for 4 months ( for fuel issues) finally got the call that my car was ready for pick up. Drove all the way down to El Paso living 2 hr away to pick up the car. None of the employees said there were any issues with the car. drove the car back home. About 20min into driving got every code on my dash to pop up and car hit peak on over heating. had to toe the car back to the shop for them to fix it. about 2 weeks after that got a call saying car was good to go no over heating and no issues. drove back up there with a trailer cause if the car was messing up again i was just toeing it back. Sure enough my car had same issues. Long story short the communication skills towards customer, workers, and 3rd party is ridiculous. and there respect for other vehicles is poor unless your car is worth $100k or more ( for a company acting professionals giving the customer back there car looking like this)

Review №2

The most knowledgeable and professional team. There is no other performance shop that gives the type of hands-on advice, provides the best price/quality on parts and has the skill to work on our cars to our satisfaction.

Review №3

Great products, great prices and best of all great people!

Review №4

I have gone to Patterson Performance since their opening and have received great service and excellent prices on parts. I highly recommend this shop for anything from curious questions on what parts you can mod your vehicle with to having an engine rebuilt. The service side is fast & honest, the staff is very knowledgeable in the store front and garage.

Review №5

Very attentive and took time to answer all our questions.

Review №6

Being a mechanic my self i love working on my own car but there are things that I couldn’t do my self most specially when parts requires tuning after installation. I’m very reluctant when it comes to a shop working on my car. But this shop has gained my trust. Customer service is top notch! Employees are very friendly and helpful. Almost all of my stage 3 parts came from the shop and i got the parts for the lowest possible price with the help from Donald Patterson. I wish i knew about this shop earlier in my build. Highly suggest this place!

Review №7

Best shop in El Paso hands down. Great customer service and they treat you like family. They answered every question i had about my car or a certain part i didn’t know about. I’d take my car back to them any time.

Review №8

I went in today because my car was having some issues and they got it all checked out and fixed. Super friendly and super knowledgeable. Definitely check them out if you are looking for a good shop to get work done!

Review №9

Took my car in this week for the first time and luckily for me, I had the best experience at Patterson Performance. They were incredibly quick and offered the best price, you know youre dealing with a straight-shooter shop when they dont up sell you and provide you with options as well as solid recommendations. Ill be back for all my future car needs. Cannot recommend this shop highly enough.

Review №10

Patterson Performance Parts not only has a wide selection of parts for many cars but the customer service and hospitality is astounding. When you first walk into the shop you are immediately greeted by the owner or one of the employees. I have been going to this specific shop for 3 years now and I will continue to use this shop even though I am leaving for Fort Bragg. I want to thank all of the staff for everything they have done for me, not only did I get my car the way I wanted it but I made some great friends because of it. Thank you guys for everything and you will surely be missed. Recommend this shop 100% of the time!

Review №11

Ordered a new Exhaust for my ST. Came in quick compared to online ordering. Was kept up-to-date on my order. Great service.

Review №12

Great shop and the staff is very knowledgeable. The did a full race exhaust install on my bmw and it sounds amazing! Definitely my new shop of choice!

Review №13

Only guys in town that know how to turn off my AFM on my Chevy Silverado

Review №14

The staff at Patterson Performance are thorough, fast, knowledgeable and offer an unparalleled level of quality service. Ive brought a couple cars to them in emergency situations, and theyve been amazing about finding time to diagnose the issue right away. Donald was super helpful and provided great service. He was extremely clear about all of the steps of the process and provided me with updates each step of the way. Im glad I chose them to do my auto work.

Review №15

Very helpful and let me know what was going on with my vehicle every step of the way! Recommend 100%

Review №16

Found these guys cause theyre the only APR dealer in town. Was glad to see they had good reviews. I came in with no appointment to get an ECU tune and had a great experience. No frills, just some paperwork and a quick diagnostic beforehand. Gave em the keys and and hour later I left with a few more ponies and a big smile.Nice staff. Clean shop. Service took as long as what was quoted. Waiting room could use some regular seats though. Thought that sitting in racing seats was a cool idea but theyre not really meant for comfort. Definitely recommend.

Review №17

Went in and got a tune for my GTI. Super happy with how it came out and everyone there was very knowledgeable and friendly. Answered all my questions and car is running great. I highly recommend them for all my VW friends and all other vehicles.

Review №18

Went about 1 month and half ago, guys in front office were great, very friendly with lots of experience in mini coopers.Checked some oil sensor, swap out to a new one.Sencor oil light issues were fixed, with the exception that I started getting an oil leak, my personal mechanic changed several gasketd to include the housing, only to find out the sensor was left loose and was leaking.Besides that I would defenitelynreturn to Patterson.

Review №19

Professional, friendly, great service! Thank you guys for getting my car the maintenance it needed. Highly Recommend!

Review №20

Hands down one of the most helpful and caring company and employees I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Car broke down halfway through my road trip to California and these guys went above and beyond to ensure that I was able to safely and reliably get back on the road and finish the rest of my journey, I would wholeheartedly recommend these guys for work on your vehicles. They will always have my exclusive business whenever I’m in El Paso! Thanks guys!

Review №21

Finally found a shop that has parts available for my vehicle! The staff was friendly and gave me options for the upgrades that I wanted for my vehicle. Even gave me a tour of the shop while working on my Audi S5!Clean Shop, friendly staff, highly recommend!

Review №22

Don’t waste your time here.Went in Monday morning and found one employee on the phone. He didn’t look up or acknowledge me but it was obvious that I was there. There were no other customers. He also wasn’t wearing a mask....Waited a few minutes and two more employees walked in. Also not wearing any mask.... and didnt say hi or asking if I needed help. Both just walked to the back.Really shows how much they care about their customers...

Review №23

Great products, environment, and customer service. A wide variety of performance products are offered at this shop. Highly recommend them.

Review №24

Great service, great parts! Highly recommended

Review №25

Stopped in to get an exhaust leak fixed thinking I was going to need new headers but they found it was just two bolts that fell off of the header to overpipe flanges. They fixed the issue inexpensively and quickly, and I found a great deal on some tail lights for my FR-S while I was there.Overall great customer service, well stocked store and fair prices.

Review №26

Took my 2016 BMW 435i, yes they work on BMWs, to get an intercooler, charge pipes, down pipe, and diverter valve installed. They installed the down pipe first, then I returned a few weeks later to get the rest of the parts installed. I was waiting on the manufacturer to send my TIC charge pipe. After they installed the FMIC, CPs, and DV+ I noticed a big loss in power on the drive home. I contacted Don and he told me to bring it back the next day. They tested the car and found a small boost leak and fixed the problem within an hour. Meanwhile I was treated like a friend by the staff and Don even took me into the back and let me get under my car to show me the problem. When the tech was done with my car, we took it for a test drive and boy could you feel the difference in power. Good set of guys and very knowledgeable. I would recommend Patterson Performance to anybody whos looking to enhance their ride.

Review №27

Had poor experience with getting car dynoed

Review №28

Came here to use their dyno for my firebird they welcomed me in and allowed me to stay inside out of the heat yesterday. They said they would charge me 100 for dyno time and everything went great so happy with my numbers thank you guys for everything will be back for sure

Review №29

Best shop in town to get work done.

Review №30

Had a great experience with Patterson Performance! Great people, work and results!

Review №31

Great experience here. Absolutely love what they did with my car. They are honest and have great prices. Highly recommend them. Thanks.

Review №32

Do not take your vehicles to them! I wouldnt let them change the oil in my lawnmower! Wasted my time and money, then had the audacity to charge us for it! Completely outraged! Poor customer service and knowledge. Worst performance shop I have ever been to. I have been to Performance shops across the country and never had any issues.

Review №33

I chose Patterson Performance Parts due to the honesty of the owner as well as the reasonable pricing. I was on a very long road trip and managed to order suspension parts for my car as well as get an oil change and they were very polite and honest about installation times. They got me out in a reasonable time. I want to give a special shout out to Nick P. for working on my car and taking care of my baby. He took his time during the installation process and everything came out good. I would highly recommend this shop if you are in the El Paso area or like me, call ahead and schedule work to get completed if you are driving through. Have a good day and god bless!

Review №34

Took my 2017 WRX to get an exhaust upgrade and was not disappointed at all. Will definitely be back soon.

Review №35

Great customer service and great environment to be around. Everyone is helpful and great prices that are unbeatable. Highly recommend this shop for honest and quality work.

Review №36

Quick response to inquiries, definitely out of the ordinary.Great service and top customer service!We need more businesses like Paterson Performance.

Review №37

Outstanding place to get your car worked on. Hard working guys out there. Great deals too.

Review №38

I have had a lot of good experiences here I always bring my vehicles here and never been disappointed. They have very good prices and a lot of Subaru inventory in stock. I recommend this place anything from simple oil changes to motor builds.

Review №39

Great customer service for sure

Review №40

Best prices I can find anywhere, even on the internet. Donald works with you to make your dreams come true. He will help as much as he can on parts pricing or labor. He gives solid advice and recommendations on how to proceed with your build. He always helps me out on short notice. He will even service your vehicle for cheaper than the dealership or chain stores. I wont go anywhere else!

Review №41

I went to Patterson Performace with my boyfriend while we waited to get his oil change on his car. Donald and some of his employees were talking bad about other customers. This made me so uncomfortable. I felt that the moment we left from he’s shop they would make comments about us too. My boyfriend also felt so uncomfortable! It’s so sad that Donald as the owner was degrading his customers!!NEVER GOING BACK TO THAT SHOP!!!

Review №42

Came down from Lac Cruces to check out Patterson performance. Had heard great things. Let me tell you, if you are like myself and need help and questions answered, these guys are great ! Very helpful and the owner even worked on prices to help me out ! My 17 sti was treated with love and for that I’ll be back !! Highly recommend

Review №43

Commenting on Mike Pettys post about a trans flush on his Hyundai Veloster, and the reply of Patterson. Good thing they did not do it for you because Hyundai up until this year, didnt have a CVT in their world line up, and it is not in any Veloster. It is either a ATF pumper (ATF) or a DCT (dual clutch GL-4 manual trans fluid ) trans. I guess they dont know a thing about Hyundais.

Review №44

A very high quality shop. I would definitely recommend Patterson Performance to anyone that wants top quality work and great customer service!

Review №45

Guy told me to take my car to install springs and they will have It done in a couple hours . Dropped it off when they opened and didnt hear from them all day. Went back right before they closed and my car still parked in the same spot. Guy told me to bring it back tomorrow. A call would have been nice . Just took it to another shop and had it done.

Review №46

Bought a Tsudo UEL header online for my GT86 and was looking for a shop to install. Found Patterson performance on google and in the same day they had my car in shop and installed the header and up pipe in a reasonable time. Car sounds like a Subaru now with the deep rumble. Recommend this shop and will be going back to buy parts and service in the future from them.

Review №47

Brought my Evo X to Pattersons for aftermarket part install and a dual tune for 91 and E85. Work was done within a week and the car is running great. Fantastic shop and tuner!

Review №48

Consistently provides great service! U get what u pay for and these guys and gals are worth every penny!!!!

Review №49

Vehicle - Mercedes Benz 2005 E55 AMGTo Donald & RigoI have a high sense of ownership when it comes to my Mercedes vehicles.I have also had my fair share of automotive shops in the past, damaged the idea of letting others work on my cars let alone touch them. I must say I personally have never felt more comfortable leaving my vehicle in the hands of these three parties. Communication was very thorough and direct.Joel honestly made the whole idea of leaving my car to complete stranger seem natural. After picking up my vehicle and driving it these past 3 weeks. I am excited to say it was the best decision I made and have shifted my prospective on Automotive/performance shops.I recommend all my Mercedes/euro owners to this Business based on my experience as a customer.All have earned 🇩🇪Panzers Approval Certification🇩🇪

Review №50

Excellent work, first got an accessport from them and Donald stayed behind after hours just to make sure everything went well without being asked. Secondly my car sadly spun a rod bearing some time later, the team here is amazing, worked with me on prices and built up a plan on what to do to make this happen. My car literally showed up on a trailer and they could have screwed me from top to bottom but didnt. All are very knowledgeable and trustworthy in their advice, theres no use in arguing with people that do this every single day and get so much business. They wouldnt get the business if they werent Good. Rigo led my engine rebuild and it runs flawlessly and sounds amazing. A full rebuild with Forged Rods, Pistons, Etc took approximately a month, Mind blown. If your unsure about the shop just take the plunge, theyll do right by you and make your dreams and necessities happen alike.

Review №51

These guys are fantastic!! Took our Evo X there to fix a tranny leak left by Mitsubishi of Midland. They also installed some aftermarket parts for us, and had the car done a day later. The entire staff went above and beyond to instill faith in having a shop service our car. Everyone was courteous, knowledgeable, and followed up with us the whole time. Definitely worth the 4-5 hour trip from the Permian Basin. I am beyond ecstatic about finally finding a place we can have confidence in! Looking forward to conducting business with Patterson Performance in the future. Thank you so so much!

Review №52

Great service, friendly people, reasonable prices

Review №53

Excellent customer-service and just over all great quality work . I have been coming here since they first opened and have had all my vehicles worked on by them. I highly recommend this shop.

Review №54


Review №55

Dont let these people give you the run around. We were told before we dropped my husbands car off here that it would take a week to fix it, and here we are a little OVER A MONTH later and we just got it back. The customer service was awful as 3 employees walked past us when we went in to pick it up before asking us if we had been helped. We were also told during the duration of this month long fix that they would call us with updates... never, the only way we got updates was if we called and asked. Not to mention it was almost $200 more than the price they quoted us because they took the liberty of doing something on the car before even discussing it with us... we were told after dropping the car off from other customers about how much they procrastinate. If your going to run a business, run it properly.

Review №56

Donald has always been extremely fair with pricing. So far I have purchased the stoptech street brake kit (installed myself) and a new rack and pinnio (patterson installed). I have also purchased spark plugs, oil and misc things like that from him. Very friendly shop I am an annoying customer that has a lot of questions and because I am first time subaru owner, I freak out when I hear random new noises. Patterson has shown me how patient he is with me and going through all my problems and diagnosing them. He treats your problems and or concerns like they were his own. Other shops make you feel like you dont matter and you are just another buck for them. At patterson performance they treat you like its their problem. The customer service is excellent and their work speaks for itself. Their are two shops in El Paso I trust. Patterson performance is one of them.

Review №57

This place has a nice environment, wealth of available or source-able parts, nice customer service, very willing to work with the customer to get the perfect set up. The reason why there are all stars knocked off this review is my car has been there for 69 days at this point and I still havent gotten it back. The original quote for time to pick up was 2 weeks, which changed to 3 weeks when I ordered 5 lug conversion hubs and 5 lug wheels. The wheels and tires came in on schedule, the wideband O2 sensor and gauge which I provided was quickly installed (although it still needs to be calibrated) the fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, and new fuel injectors came in on schedule in early march, and now in mid April I am still waiting on a nistune consult board and set of 2 isr 5 lug conversion hubs because the first time they only sent one front and one rear hub. I understand that it can take time for parts to come in but I have never run into a situation where 70 days after ordering anything parts havent come in yet. At this point I have paid over 350 dollars insuring a car that I havent been able to drive and I have no idea if the parts will ever come in. That being said it is still the best performance car shop in El Paso by a long shot. If the parts come in soon and Im able to drive the car soon then Ill be able to update the review but at this point I would suggest that you buy the parts yourself and then bring the car to patterson after you have all the parts.Edit: two months later and my car is just as nonfunctional as it was before. Still at the shop, Ive seen almost every single car that was in the lots when I dropped the car off is now gone. All mechanical work is finally done as of last Tuesday, but the car is still not ready to be tuned for some strange reason. Feels as though my car is less than a priority to them, it is a hassle and a burden on their existence. But once again I will update my review once I get my car back. Ive paid over 600 dollars in insurance for no reason just because I was assured for the first 6 months that the car would be done in a maximum of 3 weeks, which turned into 5 weeks, which then turned into a game of saying the car would be ready the next week for 18 weeks. $12,000 spent at the shop and no car to show for it. But as I stated before. I can really only leave full, complete review when I get my car back. Who knows maybe itll be next week.Got the car back all things are fair and square between us. Good shop, excellent if you have a Subaru, does great mechanical work all around. Would suggest for anyone looking to upgrade or modify their car.

Review №58

The best

Review №59

Excellent service in Spanish, I found everything I was looking for at a good price.

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