Food 4 Less
444 Broadway, El Cajon, CA 92021, United States
Food 4 Less
Review №1

Its a decent place to shop if youre looking for good prices on boxed or canned foods, some limited produce, or frozen food. They have a few options for organic boxed and canned food. Like most Food 4 Less locations the focus is primarily on high sugar and high salt foods but there are some healthier options scattered around. My main issue with this location is if you visit on a weekday afternoon or evening when they are busy youll be waiting in very long lines that stretch all the way down the aisle. Why they dont hire more staff to open more lanes during these busy times is beyond me.Overall youll get better prices and faster service at Aldis. But if you need a bigger selection of boxed, canned, or frozen foods then this is a decent choice.

Review №2

Good service, affordable groceries, price conscious meat cuts, fresh vegetables and fruits, frozen department carry some big items . This store doesn’t carry quality bread.There is a red box rental machine.Security personnel aroundEarly morning or late evening isn’t that crowded, weekends, midday and afternoons is very crowded and not enough parking spots.

Review №3

Great store .great people .great prices . Very little waiting. line moves fast

Review №4

I came around 1150 pm the security guy told me the already close I told him still 10 minutes close the manager told him close to close the door do let no one in I told them is not right

Review №5

Donald gave me and my family very bad customer service and was tossing my juices around and answered one of my questions in a rude manner. This was my first time and I think my last time going to this food 4 less.

Review №6

Not covid safe. They do some corporate required things like marks on the floor and panels for the cahsiers, Big but coming.But the cashiers I dealt with today would casually wear a mask, several check outs those doors were open, no employees enforcing anything.There is a guard at the front but they werent paying attention and 3 maskless people entered. The carts are self clean now with every one sharing a bottle of cleaner.I will reassess their safety in a few weeks.

Review №7

Everyone had something interesting to eat. My husband had some sort of enormous burrito. We also bought some candy and enjoyed walking around.

Review №8

Best deals in town grocery excellent service and great customer service.....thank you food4less!!!!!

Review №9

Good prices, good customer service, follows Covid-19 guidelines, but the store seems to be going more towards buying bulk items - like Costco, its getting more difficult to find things like one roll of paper towels, it went to only having a twin pack available, now you can only find 6 pack if you want to purchase paper towels. They have a new on-line coupon app that I have not tried yet.

Review №10

I had groceries delivered to my house and the amount of $45 +5 dollars for tip my bank card I charge for $154 so I will make sure everybody is aware of what’s going on with Food-4-lessI. ’m very uncomfortable with it because I haven’t been able to reach no one to resolve this matter I’m on the phone with my bank right now

Review №11

Can we just do our shopping without people trying to interrupt at the front door, like no I dont want to buy cookies, I dont want your cable service, I just want to do my shopping..Thank you .

Review №12

Very good produce.

Review №13

Great place always stocked even during this whole thing going on

Review №14

The best produce!Everything in this store is clean.

Review №15

I have been shopping at this place for 7 years. 7 years, I know most of people working there and they are really nice and friendly, but I haven’t miss treated or disrespected until today by one named Clara. She was playing with her phone while she checked me out and ignored me, not even said the total and keeping my bag on the built saying can you not get it!!! Very very rude I won’t be back never again!!! I’m sorry for some people they can’t treat people with kindness, but rudeness!!! And when I reported it to the manger he didn’t even reacted to it! Well keep up the good job by hiring rude people and you guys will see no one would respect you ever again.

Review №16

Ive been shopping here for almost two years and Im completely happy with almost everything about this store and Food 4 Less chain in general. They have a huge selection of good quality brand products at incredibly low prices. I usually cook my food so, over the years, Ive shopped at all supermarket chains in the San Diego area. In my opinion, Food 4 Less beats all other chains including Walmart, Costco, Sprouts and others. Food 4 Less has better prices of the exact same brands you see at other stores and Food 4 Lesss own brand (called Kroger) is even cheaper and tastes even better. They have plenty of healthy and organic options to choose from as well. And friendly personnel. Whats not to like? Packing my own groceries? Thats not a big deal, I like to organize everything myself anyway and, more importantly, shopping at Food 4 Less has saved me thousands of dollars.

Review №17

It has everything youve looking for and they have good prices

Review №18

I enjoy the people at Food 4 Less because they are, courteous, helpful, and friendly. A tremendous difference, from shopping at the Wal Mart in south bay. They are usually fast and the line moves the way it should.

Review №19

I bought a roblox gift card for $35 and I’ve tried to redeem the code many different times but every single time it said invalid code and I know I have been putting the code in right because I’ve tried O and 0 but they both didn’t work I am very angry that I just spent 35 dollars on this and I got nothing thanks a lot food 4 less

Review №20

Jamie helped me find the meo like drinksThanks appreciate it.

Review №21

I have been shopping here for a few months. After remodeling, the store is better organized. I like the accessibility, and the imported, glassbottled sodas. Their deals are worth checking out.

Review №22

Pretty much like the other Food 4 Less stores. I didnt find the sauce I was looking for but there were plenty of other options. Fast and friendly check out.

Review №23

Frustrating with # ilof people vs # of checkers..

Review №24

Prices are good. Got harrased in the parking lot by bums asking us for money. While Me, my wife and 1&1/2 yr old son were leaving, the cashier lady was holding her nose and saying oh my God, it smalls HORRIBLE to the other cashier. Then looked at me and my wife will be disgusted look on her face. My toddler obviously just went in his diaper. she smelled it because he walked by her to put some candy back on the shelf. My wife and I didnt smell it yet. As soon as he came running back to me we did. And changed his diaper in the car.Point is, she should of just told us, I think your babys diaper is dirty. Instead of embarrassing my wife and acting so rude.If we go there again, we will Not go to her cashier. Dont need any rude people making fun of a 1 year old.

Review №25

I dont usually go to this Food For Less, their parking lot is too small and a nightmare to navigate no matter what time it is.But on todays trip the store was clean, well stocked, prices were clearly marked and it was easy to find employees if needed.

Review №26

The store is great, but the customers have no manners. So if you want to have a great shopping experience ignore the meat heads if you can...

Review №27

Parking lot is a bit tight but everything in he store was in stock and prices seemed decent. I dont mind bagging my own groceries. At least if a can of something smashes my bread I can only be upset at myself. It is the day before thanksgiving and the store is really busy but it was the people who leave their baskets in the middle of the isle, totally oblivious to anyone but themselves, who made it difficult. The lines werent long and my checker was very friendly. Ill go back.

Review №28

It was good

Review №29

Literally the best Food4less(of all time!!!) The staff is the most friendly bunch Ive ever had the pleasure of experiencing in my life. I cannot praise this location enough for their customer service. There is almost always someone in a department to help you find whatever you might need. And when the lines get long, they NOTICE and open up more check out lanes! The employees seem so happy to be doing their jobs and to help you(like I realize not every might be having the best day but youd have me fooled!) I already love this store for their low prices but the customer service is a huge plus, one I didnt realize I was missing from other stores. 10/10, come to this location and be wowed. I am, every single time I shop here

Review №30

Best bakery in town, we go here for all our celebrations. We have tried all the other bakeries aroun the east County but this is the best. I wouldnt shop here though.

Review №31

It is really nice, and the store has great great discounts. Plus their seems to be a lot of people there so i love to go and see ah the pretty ladys.

Review №32

I like the friendly service. However one time one of the clerks followed me. That was kind of weird.but April and the one Clerk is friendly! He always saysWelcome to the wonderful world of food for lees:

Review №33

Its a decent food 4 less (with the staff being superb at what they do). Doesnt carry of much variety as their Hazard Center counterpart. But for anyone who lives locally in El Cajon, its in a safe location, open til 1am, and usually has things stocked.

Review №34

Very good Grocery store. Bakery is great, but is limited for special orders, produce looks fresh, the meat dept is very good.

Review №35

Got screamed at by a short hispanic man who works there for simply asking for a cart. Not sure what his deal was but Im never going back.

Review №36

My goodness, the PRICES are INCREDIBLE!They are very helpful, even when they are busy! I have never seen an empty shelf! They got thier stuff on point!

Review №37

The Santee store is a lot cleaner, more orderly, and the parking lot is not a collection of drivers and pedestrians with death wishes. And, unlike this store, the San Diego Sheriff does a good job of keeping the homeless and other hustlers away from the door/parking lot

Review №38

Great prices, nice selection. Only problem is long check out every now and then, but what store doesnt have long lines every once in awhile!! lol

Review №39

Parking can be hairy. Ive experienced people begging and doing scams. So lock your car and be careful. Other than that, its a fine store like any other stores.

Review №40

Hate this place. The CASHIER CALLED ME cheap for not wanting to buy any other things then what I had. I reccomend Walmart people!

Review №41

Not open on Holidays, Christmas etc, not good, these days of whining about having/wanting to work them is insane.Discontinuing every darn item that is good or American or Traditional, in exchange for Foreign junk, or Kroger is also insane. They really trick stupid people which is most, with their fake and lying sales tags, then when people buy at that price anyway, it becomes the new price which is higher than its old normal price. The employees not only lollygag around outside picking up carts while on their phones, but are also allergic to a little rain and there are NO carts to use. Dont get me started on the ignorant patrons/population.ALL said and done it is about 50/50 or 2 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Review №42

It was nice to be able to go in there get what I want and not wait in line. The store was clean, the shelves well stocked and the customer service was nice.

Review №43

Love the prices, but hate the lines and customer service. Youre on your own here, thats their business model. Bargain prices and great quality though, much better than other local pricey stores.

Review №44

Im disabled and everyone there is always happy to help. Everyone is very nice. The prices are great.

Review №45

Good price on Pasta today

Review №46

Great customer service. Store is always busy but the eagerness to ensure the customer has a good experience makes up for that. You can tell the staff really cares about the customer.

Review №47

Another Kroger owned company that has great prices, selection and great location.

Review №48

I always get the best deals, all of the staff are pleasant and helpful, no matter how late it is. I generally dont like crowds, so Im doing my shopping late and I have always been greeted with a smile.

Review №49

Omg I’m so done with this hole. I go through the express checkout. A can of dog food, 2 drinks and ham and bacon. The lost cashier on register one isn’t even on the register. Then she rings me up while running her mouth to another cashier. After she’s done I ask for a bag? She try’s to charge me .10cents, I hand her a quarter. She drops my quarter rudely. I ask isn’t it free for food card recipients? She asks me did I pay with a food card? Honestly slap me in the face. I don’t knock anyone but don’t put me on blast. Then asks me did I pay with a food card? Omg air head I’m surprised you don’t get ripped off on a daily basis. But I’m done with this hole.

Review №50

Really, you need to know how was FFL?Not less, but yes less service. Less clean.I feel poorer from just being there and I thinkI saw doggy diarrhea on the floor by the produce section, in fact Im sure it was.Oh yeah, I love having to bag my own groceries. And you guys need to ask me how was FFL? GO THERE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.

Review №51

Great prices. And excellent customer service! Very helpful meat clerk named Stephvon went out of his way to help me find what I needed thanks Stephvon!

Review №52


Review №53

Great prices. Food 4 less has Sales that are great. Save money$$$ cool running 😎

Review №54

This place is very large but well kept. Its very busy but orderly and clean with great prices and enough people working to always help

Review №55

Big fan of food 4 less...but not this one. It just feels dirty. Maybe its the Obama phone kiosk outside, or maybe its the people. Its something thats for sure. When i have to go i make sure Im in & out. No more than a couple things. Id rather pay more at Vons cause its nicer. And cleaner. And theres no obama phone kiosk outside.

Review №56

This place is huge! They have some great deals and cheap prices. They do have people in the parking lot bugging you for change as you enter and exit.

Review №57

Honestly the one in Santee is cleaner and the employees there a trained better. A better class of employees.

Review №58

I have been going there since they opened like there prices the quality of the store brand has been as the name brand employees are very helpful very friendly

Review №59

Dont usually shop on Friday night. It was very busy. But got all the items on my list quickly and at a great price.

Review №60

Im a huge fan of the discounted/clearance items, but this store doesnt have a whole lot in that department. Other than that its a great store!

Review №61

I think the staff here is awesome the cashiers are always helpful and nice.. compared past years, I think they have done a great job with the new faces Ive seen :)

Review №62

The time I went to the store it went well,except the store was out of my coconut creamer. The store clerk was sweet.Just a great store other wise.

Review №63

Love this place and always run to this store when I am in need of grocery.

Review №64

Customer service is very good this store has a diversity of ethnic products it also has a lot of specials on food and drinks (alcoholic beverages) good place to shop if you live around here ir just visiting.

Review №65

If you go for shopping carry cash because if they mess up with your credit or debit card and charges you more they aren’t refunding you.. that what happened to me big headache and going back and forth to refund my money and arguing with me even when it was their fault not even apologizing after one week they refunded like seriously? Its my money and i paid twice for the thing that i got.. never going back there again.

Review №66

Very friendly staff fresh produce great prices and deals great meat very clean

Review №67

I just purchased Halloween pumpkins for half the price of Albertsons. Apples were half, too. I dont go there often, but I think I will now. I was impressed. Ive been to a lot of dirty grimy stores and I did not feel that way about this one.

Review №68

Its good for a quick trip to oick up an item or two but it doesnt carry a lot of brands.

Review №69

Great place to go grocery shopping! Has 98.9% of everything we need for our monthly grocery trip. The rest we can get at either Walmart or Family Dollar.

Review №70

I always have a good experience at food for can get busy really quick

Review №71

Go food for less,love the produce and meat.Also eggs n milk.Beer and wine good values also

Review №72

The parking lot is always dirty; trash everywhere... And parking is a nightmare. Getting around the store is about the same. Prices are good on meat though

Review №73

Smooth sailing found everything at a good prices and Selection and variety thats what Most Shoppers are looking for especially the deals..

Review №74

A supermarket with super discounted prices great quality great customer service more savings on your purchase than Walmart or any posible food market store Just Great savings❤😊

Review №75

Great prices. Got to shop in the morning, less traffic. You got to bag your purchase

Review №76

This store is my local store and I love it. Prices are very reasonable. It is clean .

Review №77

The cashier was very nice . They should have opened more lanes so the floor will go when cant a manager or lead not cash a lottery ticket in. Apparently when they dont know how to type some numbers in. Its called being to lazy telling me to go to the gas station. REALLY!!

Review №78

Its a good place to by cheap food at like FOOD 4 LESS 👌

Review №79

Had everything I went in for. No lines today. In and out no problem. Friendly checker.

Review №80

Older white man that been there a long time just transferred but is really nice

Review №81

Really like the one day special deals that you get with the app or rewards card.

Review №82

A once a month must shop. Always able to find grat deals on name brand staples.

Review №83

I want to see if the lost and found. Has my bag of jewlery. It was like a month ago. In a hand clutch cettah style purse bag.

Review №84

Good place to go for a quick shopping trip, staff is friendly, its unfortunately most of the patrons that make this location a last resort shopping trip for me.

Review №85

Never enough cashiers. Produce is usually on its last day or two. Prices not that competitive with better staffed, better quality stores.

Review №86

I love Food 4 Less I just to work for it years ago now as a customer I take the opportunity for the prices

Review №87

Went to the food,4 Less to a cake and the same cake I bought it was the same one I bought for my aunt what. A coincidence there nice people and helpful when you need help to look for something

Review №88

I like shopping here, just wished theyd help bagging the food. Prices are great.

Review №89

It is the best grocery store to shop at if you dont mind bagging your own groceries.

Review №90

Great experience. Friendly staff and great prices.

Review №91

Great prices and the mobile application is easy to use .. offers a loyalty card that you can upload coupons from the site to it directly.. I have trouble printing them on paper.

Review №92

Always a great feeling and time because of the employees and comfortable atmosphere they make while shopping at this store.

Review №93

Stuff was like its reputation good and affordable price

Review №94

Clean and well packed store. Lots of parking and courteous staff.

Review №95

Always find everything I need big parking spaces.

Review №96

Always have been polite and respectful. I love going to Food for Less.

Review №97

I think that they have a great selection of almost everything. Great prices and a fresh choice of fruits and vegetables.

Review №98

This is a relatively good Food 4 Less. Its pretty much always busy so keep that in mind. My gripe with the location is that it feels... Dirty. The appearance of the store just feels a little unkept but not too bad.Staff pretty much keep to themselves but will answer any questions you might have.Also, if youve never been to a Food 4 Less. Its a warehouse style grocery store that can be cheap. There are no baggers. You bag your own groceries.

Review №99

Great prices a lot cheaper than Vons and Albertsons.

Review №100

Clean and handy location. I havent shopped here frequently but every time Ive been in has been a positive one.

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  • Address:444 Broadway, El Cajon, CA 92021, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 619-440-8364
  • Grocery store
  • Propane supplier
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:7AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:7AM–12AM
  • Thursday:7AM–12AM
  • Friday:7AM–12AM
  • Saturday:7AM–12AM
  • Sunday:7AM–12AM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Organic products:Yes
  • Passport photos:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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