Stop & Shop
647 Route 18, South Dr, East Brunswick, NJ 08816, United States
Stop & Shop
Review №1

This is the closest grocery store to where Im staying, but Aldi is pretty much in the same parking lot and its A LOT cheaper. Dont get me wrong Stop and Shop isnt bad or anything but Im too poor to shop there for everything. Oh, I like that they have a Coinstar machine, those can be useful.

Review №2

Lately they have so little inventory on the shelves its scary. Makes me not want to shop there. It was better a few months ago. If Im going to venture out in the pandemic I want to be able to get my groceries. I dont want to have to go to another store to finish up.

Review №3

Its clean and well stocked. Though lately some items like A2 milk has been consistently out of stock. All cashier are friendly.

Review №4

Love this place. Usually always well stocked. Some items are more pricey but you get what you pay for

Review №5

Items are always in stock & fresh. Friendly & helpful employees. Low key quiet atmosphere I like, and not a stressful experience like Shop Rite has with the overhead blurring loud music. ALWAYS a great experience.

Review №6

Excellent customer service! Kind and friendly cashiers. Hard to find anymore! Great job stop and shop

Review №7

This place is extremely clean and neat inside, almost look bigger than the other Stop n Shop I been too since I live in South Brunswick. This Stop n Shop give me a relaxing vibe for some reason.

Review №8

Stop and Shop is clean and organized. Staff is always pleasant and helpful. We have been using the grocery pick up lately due to the circumstances and it is the best thing ever!!! I’m never disappointed with their selections of fruits and vegetables on my list. Thank you so much to the packers and the great service overall for pickup. We are so grateful fir this service.I hope their manager sees this! Thank you! 😊

Review №9

Got here at 11:45PM I guess they don’t stay open until the hours they post online and on the door. The staff was inside staring at me but would mint unlock the doors. Great customer service! Not! So beware that they are only open until they feel like. Will be calling corporate first thing in the morning to make a complaint. Unbelievable.Update: someone came out and told me that they lock the entrance door at 11:30pm and you have to pull open the exit door....and customers are supposed to know this how?? Terrible store. WILL NOT BE BACK!

Review №10

Favorite flavors of hint water always in stock!

Review №11

One of the best super store ...they have everything you need, The Butcher section was my favorite Such a nice place the staff is friendly and you can charge your electric car for Free

Review №12

Good store. Good produce and snacks and I love the robot :)

Review №13

No size stated.. They would not honor a small mayonnaise and larger can of tuna.

Review №14

Overpriced but never long check out lines

Review №15

Some missing items on shelves but found most of what I needed . Like the atmosphere as less crowds means less exposure to covid -19 or anything else. Some of the staff clean in-between customers not all.

Review №16

Bakery on top and a wonderful customer services, she can shop from food to pharmacy and eminent cleaning products.

Review №17

A little more expensive then say ShopRite or Walmart but you get a clean store not crowded always stocked no lines ..helpful staff and you can easily use coupons and rewards card to save and spend the same as other cheaper stores they always have good deals going on too ..this location I really love!

Review №18

I like this shop so much.Yesterday i went there.Children got free fruits ..we r buying cakes there only

Review №19

This was a really nice and very big grocery store.

Review №20

Great selection of international foods. Finally found aromatic sesame oil which is delicious in Ramen noodles.

Review №21

I was not overjoyed with the store this particular day was a Saturday there was a lady that was setting up a display Not only was she rued she spent half of the time speaking to the manager blocking the doorway.. a very tall women just in the way.. The store did not look clean as far as the floors are concerned... I would not return to this particular Stop & Shop..

Review №22

Always an easy trip. Parking lot is big, a lot of registers. Never too hectic.

Review №23

Pleasantly surprised with the prices! Lots of stuff on sale. I dont usually shop here because most stuff is overpriced but had a good trip today. Excellent service by a pleasant and knowledgeable young man in the seafood department too

Review №24

The store sells food and other stuff! You have to look for sales, not everything is on sale!

Review №25

Exceptionally clean environment and friendly atmosphere with great staff and service. Actually a little pricey but, the few extra bucks are worth it as opposed to cheaper products in a dirty Walmart with rude staff !

Review №26

Stop & Shop is close enough for quick emergency ingredients. The store is quite large with pretty much anything you might need. There is an on-site PNC Bank and Pharmacy.

Review №27

Very large store with a LARGE selection of things. They have a ton of natural foods and plant based foods which is cool too. A tad on the expensive side..

Review №28

I m always shopping in the east Brunswick NJ storewent to use y r western union i called they told me it was working and I get there 30 later not working at all employee name is Sarah with blue hair gave me an She gave me an attitudeShe gaShe gave me an attitude and then argued with me in front ofShe gave me an attitude and then argued with me in front of mr.She gave me an attitude and then argued with me in front of mr. ScottShe gave me an attitude and then argued with me in front of mr. Scott whichShe gave me an attitude and then argued with me and front of mr. Scott which is their store managerve me an attitude and then argued withShe gave me an attitude and then argued with me&I send over $5000.00in rx alone never again

Review №29

I am a grocery hauler for Stop&Shop and love what I do for the tri-state area, bringing the freshest food and supplies to the communities. Job security at its best! #18wheellife 🚛

Review №30

Always fresh . Never a long wait. People that work there are fantastic.

Review №31

Two chores completed in one stop. This Stop & Shop has a pharmacy inside as well as a bank. The shopping center has plenty of parking and numerous handicapped spots. Although it sits back off Rte 18 it is accessable from Summerhill Rd, Racetrack Rd & Arther St.It is close by to many other stores and businesses.

Review №32

Convenient but their prices are ridiculous..unless on sale...I will say staff is friendly and their pharmacy is awesome..

Review №33

Andrew at the Deli is very helpful I wouldnt go anywhere else.

Review №34

Stop & Shop fine. However, people do not follow arrows. Robot pain. Trying to watch arrows & getting in & out of store quickly difficult enough. Robot wandering in aisles not needed.

Review №35

Nice clean store tucked in the back of the strip mall. The store is not as large as the newer word class Wegmans and Shoprites in the area but it had a good produce and bakery section and seemed to have everything we needed. The store was clean and for the most part had a good layout. The area leading to the dairy section in front is a little strange but manageable. I will be back.

Review №36

Nice supermarket, had a lot of items not available in NYC, typical

Review №37

Super friendly employees. ❤️😁 5+++++++++

Review №38

They have a cashier when you have a large purchase to check out when its later in the evening.

Review №39

Good sales.

Review №40

Not very organizedShort staff

Review №41

Meats could be better

Review №42

Had everything we were looking for. Quickly moved thru the self-checkout

Review №43

Stop and shop great. Store to shop and has a great pharmacyAnd pretty good deli I always shop there the employees thatWork there are very nice alwaysHelpful

Review №44

Stop & Shop is pretty good store to go grocery shopping the only problem I have with them is whenever I go there because they have something advertised on sale 7 out of 10 times its not in stock so I got to get a rain check and I have to make another trip back there otherwise its a good store

Review №45

Do my shopping here every week or so good prices and sales

Review №46

Clean and friendly employees.

Review №47

I love it, very clean and so Friendly but at the self check out I couldnt scan my reward card from my cell. The person that was there was more interesting in her cell phone.

Review №48

Normal large Stop & Shop. A good selection of regular supermarket products. The sale items are at a good price. Using the app will help you save more. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №49

Wonderful, I found everything I needed.

Review №50

Great place to get your food.

Review №51

We was picked up by a Lift in Your Edison. The driver received a call from someone and talk told us (James and I he could not take us home. I asked him to drop us off where we could buy a money order. I thought this would be a public place and he did. Tried to buy a money order for rent could not. In this Jewish community you must have ID a first when you are a person of color. The people before us was not and was served. No bathroom too. Lucky Lift sent a river quickly in below freezing temperatures. I am Jewish by birth and this community treatment was of an outcast. I will never return there again,

Review №52

Every time you go to the stop & shop they have a sale going on and never have any of the meat that they have on sale you go to the stop & shop in South Brunswick anything you need is there very very terrible

Review №53

STOP and SHOP is VERY GOOD STORE, but little but expensive. Anyway, I like shop there.💚♥️

Review №54

They have a such a terrible pharmacist ! She has such a terrible attitude ! I just complained to the store manager about her!

Review №55

The only place that has virtuoso pizzas. I drive over an hour to buy these

Review №56

A pretty good stocked grocery store. Prices are comparable to other grocery stores. They have fresh fruit and vegetables, an average seafood and meat market. I tend to buy what I may need for todays meal but go to other places to get better selection of meat and seafood for planned meals throughout the week. The bakery has a good selection. They have a select salad bar and soup area. Not usually over crowded. Check the weekly specials..usually some great deals.

Review №57

Great service and nice staffs

Review №58

Convenient and priced fair

Review №59

Nice, clean, and well lit. Sometimes a bit short on cashiers. Produce is good. Selection is pretty good. Have a pharmacy now also. parking is excellent. Wish they had a few more handicapped spots available. Prices are somewhat competitive with neighboring stores.

Review №60

Extra stock of different brands on its shelves

Review №61

I use Pharmacy in Stop & Shop for many years. Very good prices and perfect service.

Review №62

This was good today. I was able to get a few things I needed. No meat or water. Oh well.

Review №63

Very clean and fare prices. Always fresh with pleasant people working there.

Review №64

Great store good people and good food. The prices are reasonable and I would recommend the. To anyone looking to... Well eat...

Review №65

Its okay,never really jammed packed.your in and out.just like that unlike your neighborhood grocery

Review №66

Best Stop & Shop store between Freehold and New Brunswick. Consistently clean (very important to me), well stocked shelves, excellent produce section, great bakery, and pleasant customer service focused employees. The only complaint I used to have about this store was the bad pot holes in the parking lot, but even that has been fixed with a very nice repaving job done earlier this year.I like this store and respect the people who work there.

Review №67

I wanted to take a minute to comment on an employee named Gale who works in the Bakery Department at the East Brunswick Stop and Shop. On a number of occasions I have asked her questions or requested an item that had not yet been put out. She is always friendly, pleasant and goes out of her way to accommodate a request.

Review №68

Immaculate store with fresh food and good prices

Review №69

Love shopping here

Review №70

Stop in couple times a week. Can be a little pricey. Great produce and meats. Store manager isn’t friendly and appears to only great certain shoppers. Could be me however I’ve noticed this more than one occasion. Customer Service is friendly.

Review №71

Ive been coming for years to this location to help out the community and buying about 12 gallons of milk weekly instead of going to restaurant depot ( regardless the price)Today, i picket up 12 gallons of milk as i always do and Ryan and the manager Kim told me i cant take that many since they only have 5 more in the shelvesI didnt see any limited sign around and i was disappointed to leave without any milk after coming to this place from far away just to get milkActions like this would def hurt your business in the long run

Review №72

Ordered a cake for my fiancé’s birthday and it came out perfect and delicious! The staff was friendly and answered all my questions!!

Review №73

Plenty of parking, not really crowded inside. Easy to find things inside, good customer service

Review №74

Great spot, great staff, produce section on point!

Review №75

Good prices and friendly service

Review №76

Never too crowded and has the better quality butter, but they need to carry Prime Meat.

Review №77

A great store with good food, people and reasonable prices. They always keep the store clean and care about their customers.

Review №78

Plenty of parking. Not all the brands I was looking for but lots of other choices. Less crowded than the other grocery store.

Review №79

Little bit expensive for me but clean and not to much people there.

Review №80

Close to us. Easy to go and pick up the stuff.

Review №81

Reginald is the best !

Review №82

Nice place to pop in for a few things. Good fruit selections

Review №83

Not to crowd it. Nice things

Review №84

Not my usual place to shop. However my otherwise positive, quick trip was ruined by an outdated restroom, badly in need of repair. The toilet paper dispenser was broken, so you have to hold the roll in place while you take what you need. NOT very sanitary. Who knows how many hands have touched it, plus the (pardon me for saying) inevitable spray from flushing a toilet. Gross. I used the Kleenex in my purse instead. Disposable seat covers would be nice. I thought theyd become common at busy places like this.

Review №85

Great supermarket!

Review №86

This isnt my favorite store, theres always an issue there and there not very nice. I dont really shop since there cart guy tried to push me down while I was leaving the store, I dont feel save there. I feel its a little dangerous. I said something and I got a gift card but that doesnt make me feel safe. Stop and shop has and app and if it doesnt work correctly they try to pin on you

Review №87

Nice as usual, and as any other S&S I visited :)

Review №88

Stop & Shop is well stocked with quality food. The staff is courteous and helpful. There is ample parking for all.

Review №89

Very neat place with good stuff and a pnc bank located on premises which is convenient.

Review №90

Friendly staff. Good for fast shopping.

Review №91

A little pricey, but comparable to Shop Rites prices. Has a great healthy foods aisle. Great place for alternative options, like almond milk pudding.

Review №92

Not to bad. Its on the smaller end - bread and bakery sections are small and this one doesnt have a few staples. Coupons are great and I always prefer using scan it.

Review №93

Nice store. Aisle are wide and clear of clutter. Cashiers are friendly! Reasonably priced on most items except the coldcuts! They are ridiculously expensive and the staff is extremely slow and look half a sleep most of the time! The seafood department is quiet small, dark, and dingy!

Review №94

Love how organized it was!

Review №95

Always pleased with this their selections.

Review №96

Low price and good quality. The place is brighter and cleaner than walmart. The decoration is not as good as shoprite. But I dont care :)

Review №97

Good store but at times lacks good meat and produce selection.

Review №98

Very clean, great deals. The fresh bakery always has great tasting selections from their doughnuts to their breads to their cakes. The meats are always fresh and a nice selection of produce always available.

Review №99

Friendly Service

Review №100

Visit here daily. They always have whats needed. Very courtesy.

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  • Address:647 Route 18, South Dr, East Brunswick, NJ 08816, United States
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  • Phone:+1 732-967-9410
  • Grocery store
Working hours
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Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Passport photos:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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