50 Racetrack Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816, United States
Review №1

Good shopping experience. Economically priced and a lot of produce and groceries. Also offers a lot of plant based option

Review №2

I liked this location. The store was clean and well stocked. The aisles are wide and easy to navigate. They quickly opened an additional register when the line started getting long.

Review №3

Here’s a very bad service!!! The girl seller was very unfriendly !!!! I do not recommend being serviced by her !!!

Review №4

Good place for quick shopping; vegetables, fruits, groceries, meats and drinks… with resonance prices … cashiers usually very fast in serving the customers

Review №5

1000 times better than oldbridge. At least here they have 2 registers open not just 1

Review №6

I have an addiction to Aldi. Great prices, great selection and a quick checkout experience.

Review №7

Awesome place for 95% of what you need and the prices are phenomenal!

Review №8

Clean store nice people most products equal to major brand prices good overall. But Still need to shop at a major chain store

Review №9

Nice, clean and very organized. friendly associates and very polite.

Review №10

Great 👍Cashier Linda was excellent 👌

Review №11

Always a good place to get a wide variety of products without breaking the bank but this is a small location and some things were out of stock

Review №12

I really like this store, however it is not a big store, but you can find mostly all you need with reasonable price and good quality!

Review №13

Just love this place. Stop in at least twice a week. Cashiers all know me and its nice to have that sense of a community grocery story.

Review №14

Great prices great items. Always fresh.

Review №15

Off brand items but great prices

Review №16

Love Aldi, can always find something to bring home. I go in for a specific item and come out with more than I planned. Great home goods too! 👍

Review №17

Quality is a lot better than prices would imply. Staff gets you out of there pretty quickly, so youre not stuck waiting in line forever like walmart or others. Not the best cut of meats would be my only complaint. Bring your own bags.

Review №18

Great place to shop and cheap good product.

Review №19

Fruit had mold growing, bad selection and quality of fruits. Not impressed with the prices and quality. Staff isnt too helpful either.

Review №20

This location is kept clean and straightened. Their product selection is wide and gluten-free is available. The cashiers moved quickly.

Review №21

Well stocked, clean, good prices. A little lax in having price markers below some items, but no big deal, because nothings overpriced anyway. Besides, thats rare at Aldi. For a bare bones store they usually have their act together.

Review №22

Does not have the products like other Aldis have. Clean and bright

Review №23

Renovations to the minute clinic area are very nice.. waiting area allows for social distancing... parts of the store still need some reorganization, and the bathrooms need attention... other than that, staff are very friendly and helpful

Review №24

Aldi is great! They are a small store but have just about everything my fill needs. One big plus is that most of their products dont contain high fructose corn syrup. Prices are very low. All around great grocery store.

Review №25

Good place and cheap prices for good quality

Review №26

I enjoy shopping at Aldis... Unfortunately, they just didnt have half the things I was looking for today at this location.

Review №27

Unlike the other aldi stores, you need to bring your own boxes/bags. Either they didnt have any available or they just dont put them out like other aldis. Otherwise service was fast and staff was very polite.

Review №28

Aldis a great place to shop😁

Review №29

Had everything in stock. Was able to find the items I needed and checked out quickly.

Review №30

There is always something new in this store. There are many choices to buy but the only missing thing is No Shopping Bags! You need to bring yours or use their cart to your car if you drive there but dont forget to have a Quarter to use the cart and when youre done with your shopping, you get back you change when your return their cart because i5 stays inside the cart.

Review №31

You will love to shop at this store. Good quality products. Good prices. Clean store. Friendly staff. Recommend.

Review №32

I cant say what hasnt been said already. It gets no better.

Review №33

Great mediterranean store you can find all what you want, Great prices and very good customer service

Review №34

Great food for the price. Has many grocery options for not that much.

Review №35

Cashier Very Courteous. Need more Help.PRICES are higher than average.Ex. Potato chips $.89 but theirs was $1.49. Id rather have some savings at my local Aldi.

Review №36

Just went to Aldi about 20 minutes ago okay they have a couple of the same flavors as Girl Scout cookies they are only $0.95 a box compared to $4.75 a box for Girl Scout cookies I know the Girl Scouts need to raise money but really that much per box anyways, you got to try their coleslaw and their macaroni salad excellent very cheap for a 2 lb container. And also the people that work there very nice very helpful

Review №37

Great variety of the most common wanted foods. They keep the costs low by staying away from niche items. Definitely a place to frequent if you are on a tight budget, like most of us during this pandemic

Review №38

Meats could be better

Review №39

My visits to Aldi became so less and lesser due to the couple of the employees first one Mr Garfield whom iI think he is the store manager he is unprofessional very nasty for no reason the way he treated me at the last visit was no acceptable also from the way he did answer another customer that happened I watched he answer her questions in poorly nasty as it could be I don’t know what is the problem with himI really feel i should not shop from this locationanymore

Review №40

My wife and I love this place. Its really affordable and the produce isnt bad. Just look at the labels and make sure youre buying things with a comfortable margin for expiration dates. Otherwise theres plenty of good things to try here. Our favs include all the guac, cold cut meat platters, Mediterranean marinated salmon, and their variety of bagged salads.

Review №41

Clean, social distancing and friendly. However, the diversity of products is unfortunate.

Review №42

Prices are a little bit higher that other I have gone. Parking is pretty accessible but alternative exits are a little difficult to find if you are not taking the main road (Rt 18).

Review №43

Love aldi deals, staff and brands

Review №44

First class products. Team work for the customer.and prices cant beat.favorite market

Review №45

Great liquor store

Review №46

Covers all the essentials. Clean store, pleasant staff, not a huge selection but the basics are all there. Interesting specials, good quality, good pricing, fast checkout. Thatll do.

Review №47

A small food store that has a good variety as long as youre not Brand specific. Ive tried their brands and I have not been disappointed. The only negative is that they dont always have their advertised items.

Review №48

Not massive choices but more than enough. Very good prices and helpful staff. Remember to bring a quarter for the cart and bags for groceries.

Review №49

Great place to buy basic staples, like cereal, bread, snacks, deli meat, juice, milk, etc. Pretty good selection of frozen foods. Its just like going to a supermarket in another country. You dont recognize the brands, but you recognize the food. Low prices will surprise you.

Review №50

The only thing good about Aldi is their prices. I live literally around the corner, so its convenient. HOWEVER, 90% of the STAFF are RUDE AND OR OUTRIGHT NASTY! Theres LITERALLY 2 people there that are GENUINELY interested in helping. If I was able to give NO STARS, I would. If youre NOT HAPPY with your job, go somewhere that you will be!

Review №51

Always great shopping here. Cashier on 5 was very helpful

Review №52

Good prices. Quick check out. Good quality.

Review №53

Great price and i found all we wanted to buy . cashier is extremely faster that is priceless

Review №54

Aldi is like aldi. I like it!

Review №55

Friendliest staff of any grocery store Ive ever been to. The cashiers remember me and are so very sweet and kind, regardless of how many people are in line. They are also efficient and quick. The store is clean and fully stocked. Price tags are correctly displayed. I love shopping here!

Review №56


Review №57

Great prices and great selection of GF foods, I have been twice now and same cashier has been rude to me, will continue to go, but will avoid this cashier in the future

Review №58

I love it you can get really good deals in ALDI

Review №59

Is ok nothing ctaxy

Review №60

AWESOME! I LOVE shopping here! Quality items at GREAT prices! Double guarantee reassures you to try something new risk free. Once you shop here youll come back EVERY week!

Review №61

Overall the store is clean & organized. The employees are helpful. And the young lady at the register was very kind to share her experience with a product. Fun store to go to and I appreciate how they are trying to bring in more healthier items.

Review №62

Yeah. True about the customer service. I was just there and the Hispanic with bottle light brown hair and accent at the last register was throwing our salads and meat in the cart without looking. I was in disbelief. I stayed there a while just looking and afterwards while my husband was arranging the groceries off to the side I observed that she picks and chooses who gets their groceries handled right and who doesn’t. I tried calling a manager from the parking lot but no answer.

Review №63

The only time to go here is on a weeknight, otherwise it will be crazy crowded. You have to have a quarter handy to get a shopping cart. The foods offered change a lot, and always check the dates because there are many items that were almost at or past the expiration date. You also need to bring your own bags or boxes to bring home your stuff.

Review №64

Need a quarter to get a csrt. inconvenient. the ad i received had eggs on sale. the store said oh thats only at the other store. they wouldnt honor. small selection. had a cart of products... left and went to shop rite

Review №65

Never been to an aldi before, u need to pay to use their shopping cart!!. I had no change. They give out no bags! I had to make multiple trips to my car, then my car to my house. Never again

Review №66

Great selections and prices! Store is clean & well lit. Favorite place for food shopping!

Review №67

Great prices! Especially for items like fresh produce, cheese and bread. Love this store.

Review №68

Clean and neat. Too much of a hassel

Review №69

Always easy to shop. I wish there was a self checkout though as I only had a few items.

Review №70

Aldis is always a good experience!Not the biggest selection,but a little cheaper than the other food stores..Also not as crowded,and friendly employees..

Review №71

If they played music it would be a 5 star

Review №72

Great grocery store with high quality products. Very clean and wide aisles. No to very few name brands. The house brands are high quality. I shop all the time at Aldi. Bring your own bags. Have a quarter available to get a shopping cart. Enjoy your shopping trip there

Review №73

Great store

Review №74

Good place to buy your groceries.You can find organic produce .Best chocolate ever and a lots of other stuff.They dont keep a large inventory.If you find something that you think you like it you better take it. Next time May not be available

Review №75

I have been to many Aldi stores, but this one impressed me the most wihh cleanliness, order, selection of FRESH produce. I wish I lived closer to this store. I would be a frequent shopper here.

Review №76

Love this store. So many great items. Love the pistachio and the raw almonds! Best nuts around and reasonable prices.

Review №77

Very clean, great price and produce. It doesnt carry everything line your large big box supermarket. however you will enjoy the quality. Their meat are great and price right.

Review №78

Power went out at the store grocery cart full of food. Unreal horrendous customer service. Even watched a man fall in front of me never afforded an accident repost DONT GO HERE

Review №79

Horrible too many people scared of a snow storm dont go when theres a snowstorm stay home online shop

Review №80

This store is well maintained, stocked and clean. I had a pleasant shopping experience there. I really love this ALDI...❤️

Review №81

ALWAYS well stocked, staff very professional and courteous.

Review №82

I like Aldi. Why the three star rating? In the beginning, you really had to examine the produce and sometimes the bakery items. As of late though, it seems that stock is turning over quickly which means fresher items. The store is primarily stocked with basic necessities. You could be in and out within 20 minutes. You need a quarter for a shopping cart and there are no (free) bags. You bring your own or you buy.

Review №83

Good selection of organic products and great prices. Clean store and very friendly always helpful staff.

Review №84

Aldi have a game of vegetables and fruits I love .

Review №85

Freshes meat department

Review №86

Prices are extremely affordable when compared to other grocery stores. Staff is very friendly & checkout is extremely fast. I will return to this location. I am giving 4 stars because you have to pay for bags. I didnt know this.

Review №87

Great place, and the workers took the coronavirus pandemic very seriously

Review №88

My new favorite. Impressive selection of fantastic, and fresh, produce. The store is well organized too! Totally worth going.

Review №89

Good value nice prices

Review №90

Service was quick even with a very long line

Review №91

Staff is the best of any store, try the store brands super low prices and good quality....

Review №92

Good deals. Fresh meat, fish and produce. Store brands are good quality.

Review №93

Very good prices, very good products but I cant do all my grocery shopping here. They dont have everything I need. Definitely try the flash frozen sea scallops, they are marvelous. Just pan sear them in garlic and olive oil. Delicious and at a great price.

Review №94

Love shopping at the East Brunswick store great prices always have what l need

Review №95

Good prices 👍 but no signs to tell you which items are in what aisle

Review №96

Very clean and wonderful prices

Review №97

Very clean. Great location. Good products.

Review №98

Great supermarket with great deals. Look around and you can find some really good deals. Food tastes great too. So cheap!!

Review №99

Good products at good price

Review №100

Cheapest prices around but for different brands. Everything we tried was as good as other store brands if not better. Veggies, dairy, bread, cheeses, frozen foods, all were excellent. Store is very clean and actually owned by Traders Joe.

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  • Address:50 Racetrack Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 855-955-2534
  • Grocery store
  • Supermarket
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–8PM
  • Thursday:9AM–8PM
  • Friday:9AM–8PM
  • Saturday:9AM–8PM
  • Sunday:9AM–8PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Organic products:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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