Afandina Mediterranean Deli and Groceries
545 NJ-18, East Brunswick, NJ 08816, United States
Afandina Mediterranean Deli and Groceries
Review №1

Very good middle eastern market. Excellent selection of cheeses and meats. Good Bulgarian feta and katchkaval. They have a good frozen food section. Many hard to find Egyptian and Lebanese products. Nice olives. Need to check the expiration dates and prices charged. Store could have been cleaner. Adequate parking.

Review №2

Bought this Nescafe today and most of them about to be experied as you can see the dates in Arabic and when I called them about it they said that I should of checked the expiration dates before I took them, and that wasnt the first time. Absolutely disappointed and I wouldnt recommend that place to anyone.

Review №3

If i can give less than one star i wouldve, this is not the first time i buy something expired from them before it was feteer and now just now katakito biscuits

Review №4

I went in there today for the last time. Even though I have visited many times before, I do not appreciate lack of respect for customers and their time. Many food items such as olives, cheese, etc are past expiration. Unfortunately this is not uncommon in almost any middle eastern grocer you walk into. What really sealed the deal for me though was the lack of customer service. I was just there on my lunch break to pick up a couple of items. There was a woman in front of me in line and 2 people behind me. The owner and his son practically wined and dined the woman in front of me for a good 15 minutes while the rest of us just stood there waiting. The lack of urgency was beyond pitiful. I was not in a rush but I was also not planning on spending the night either. The owner and his son were asking about every member of the customers family and also proceeded to get things off the shelf and bring them to her to purchase when she wasnt even asking. Then he was bringing things from the back room. They were conversing as though they were sitting in a coffee shop catching up on old times. This was not the usual quick banter when someone is checking out. I am not sure if this was someone of importance to him but with a line 4 deep, why would you not try and move things along and respect that some of us have somewhere to be? It was beyond obnoxious. Im not sure how much longer the people behind me had to wait until the show was over but I threw my stuff down and left after 15 minutes.

Review №5

As an Egyptian family that lives in NJ, this place has a beautiful selection of fresh cheeses and lanshon, fresh bread, also lots of egyptian products that i almost always have to have in my kitchen! Very friendly employees as well, love going every month or so to stock up on my favorites :) thank you!

Review №6

This place has many unique middle eastern items. I wish they had better price labels. Some items were on shelves without prices and I didnt buy them for that reason.

Review №7

As I’m a regular customer to this store Afandina, I just wanted to reply to the previous review from Gina Danial.Looking at the picture you shared is showing that the product is not expired, it clearly says on the package the production date is 06/21, then on the right side it says in Arabic that it is good for a year, that is the way they do it overseas in Egypt, just wanted to clarify because it was written in Arabic, just assumed that you might not be able to read Arabic, it also says the time of production next to the production date, so this product is good until 06/2022.

Review №8

Great collection of groceries and deli cold cuts, i like the liver (kebda) sandwiches

Review №9

Excellent selection of middle eastern imported groceries. The owner is always friendly and is always asking how we are doing. The best prices in the area by far.

Review №10

Owners and employees very nice and friendly all middle east food is there

Review №11

Very good customer service and all mediterranean grocery

Review №12

Incredible store!! Very friendly staff! A huge selection of Egyptian products that are impossible to find anywhere else. The prices are great. I highly recommend this store.

Review №13

Had a really pleasant experience. Amazing variety, friendly service, and fresh products. Whether I need some milk and bread or hookah supplies this is now my go to spot.

Review №14

Great place to get hard to find ingredients

Review №15

The place is always well stocked. The register lines are long because of lack of cashiers but I am able to get what I need. I dont mind standing and waiting if I know my register is wiped down and the cashier is wearing a mask!

Review №16

It was my first day at Afandian with my friends and the music, the place and the food was amazing.

Review №17

Great deli, the staff is amazing, all the products are authentic Mediterranean and Egyptian. I highly recommend shopping here if you looking for great authentic middle eastern/ Mediterranean food.

Review №18

I really like this place so much, it is clean and peaceful to spend quality time with freinds. The hookah was really nice and I tried the mango lessee, it was so good. I really recommend this place!!!

Review №19

Great selection of specialty Mediterranean goods. People are super nice and helpful.

Review №20

The staff is very helpful. Most Egyptian groceries are available.

Review №21

Wide selection of Arabic ethnic groceries. I found the style of olives with Thyme stems for flavoring. I will bvb e visiting more often.

Review №22

They have all you need when it to comes to Egyptian, Arabic & Mediterranean food!! Unlike other small Arabic food stores, Afandina is good-sized. It had a big variety of Arabic foods. Everything is fresh! The staff is very polite and friendly. The store is very clean too. We highly recommend Afandina!

Review №23

Great mediterranean store you can find all what you want, Great prices and very good customer service

Review №24

Perfect Egyptian & Mediterranean grocery and quick bite

Review №25

Two words: Instant Koushery. Great prices

Review №26

Friendly knowledgeable staff. Nice variety of products.

Review №27

Good mediterranean place it has lots of selections and is really reasonably priced. Ill definitely be returning

Review №28

Always wait longer than I was told.They seem unorganized every time Ive picked up a personal mini cheese pizza for for my 6 year old.

Review №29

The place serve a fantastic and delicious home made style cake that tastes unbelievable and memorable experience .... I like it big time and become a fan of the place because of these delights that made with passion!

Review №30

Nice placeWith Mediterranean food

Review №31

All things is there and delicious birthday cakes

Review №32

Great place to shop

Review №33

The most disrespect customer service place in the DMV area the hookah is mediocre and expensive compart to other place the food nasty and Test old not fresh at all the Bathroom so dirty ..

Review №34

The people are so nice helpful and have good food with acceptable price

Review №35

Very well stocked, wearing mask and social distancing, cordial attendants and great food

Review №36

Has pretty much everything you may look for in Egyptian store but quite pricey compering to competitors and not everything tasty for me.

Review №37

By far the largest variety of middle eastern groceries in the area. Fresh bread, meats, dessert always present. Great location! Will definitely be back!

Review №38

Great gem of a Middle Eastern grocery store. Found it by chance when we were in New Jersey last week. If you’re middle eastern and more specifically Egyptian, you have to stop by and check out the variety and quality of food. Great service very reasonable prices and awesome variety. Give it a try you won’t regret it.

Review №39

Love their fresh pita and Labneh

Review №40

Clean, nice people and good prices. A lot of Middle Eastern food and beverages. The pita bread is cheap there. There are beans with different flavors. Pickles there are delicious. They have good Middle Eastern desert which is not found in a lot of stores and their own bakery too. There is frozen food. There is grape leaves. It is full of Middle Eastern grocery. The deli is good there. A lot of varieties with good prices and quality. I recommend it for Middle Eastern food and beverages.

Review №41

Good place

Review №42

I am thrilled to discover this wonderful Middle Eastern market close to home. The in-house-made desserts are to die for, pure, fresh ingredients, superb flavor. Delivered daily zaatar bread, Gharibian string cheese, too many items to name here, in a clean, well-organized market. The staff is warm and welcoming. I am now a forever-customer.

Review №43

Great people and great products. Highly recommend and thanks for the coffee cups 😊

Review №44

I went two days ago to buy some groceries and the owner ( dont know his name ) was very very rude and also disrespectful. I asked for two transaction and I will pay with credit card and he refused saying the system will charge him money which is not the customer problem .Never saw that before and will never go back !!!

Review №45

When i tried to take pictures of this wonderful place the owner came towards me with a fake smile and said you shouldnt do that because you dont have the right to take photos for the shop and you should give your phone to delete them, and tried deleting them by himself!! But i told him that he doesnt have the right to hold my cellphone and mass on it. Im very sorry sorry for myself for visiting this shop with that stupid owner and my advice for you is DO NOT DEAL with them any more, just leave!!!

Review №46

Tried last week a Liver sandwich (kebda) tasted out of this world specially that I ate hot.. they have imported chocolates from overseas which are really great in reasonable prices, clean store as well.

Review №47

Wide selection of Levant and Egyptian products, great peta bread and other sectionsParking available and pretty easy to reach, friendly vibes

Review №48

Good stuff

Review №49

Good place but so expensive and sometimes I dont find the food I want

Review №50

Very nice place. staff are friendly and helpful

Review №51

Good selection of Egyptian grocery but make sure you check expiration dates on products

Review №52

Great Food, great price. Always fresh and clean and made to order. My new favorite place. Also, lots of items at less cost and better than what you find in the supermarket.

Review №53

If you are looking for a an Arabic food supplies you gotta visit this place. Kinda pricey but worth it. The place is clean and neat. I like it so much and for sure you’ll like it too.

Review №54

Good variety, Very nice people, and unlike other similar stores in the area they accept credit card without any negative attitude. Pastries is top notch. Every thing i got was fresh . Highly recommended.

Review №55

Great place to shop eastern food with reasonable prices, the owner very generous and awesome.

Review №56

Very nice store, had everything we wanted from there... Prices are reasnoable

Review №57

Traditional Egyptian foods, sometimes they sell a bit of stall or near expiration products. Staff is very courteous. Nothing more really is to be said. Just ok, not bad, not excellent.================================Updating my review to 1 star only after finding bugs in some beans I bought from there!This is not the first instant, years ago I bought bread and I found it had some mold on it!Wont buy anything from these people again. They seem they keep the bad inventory forever till it sells!

Review №58

Great selection of meat and groceries items! Hidden gem

Review №59

Very clean and have everything u need.

Review №60

You can find Middle Eastern food, frozen, baked goods, pastries, snacks, desserts, fresh pita bread. Salad bar, cold bar, & lots of other items.

Review №61

I was overwhelmed with the awesome service. The guys are knowledgeable and help you choose the right items with smiley faces.

Review №62

Expensive compared to how much you can get the stuff for in Egypt lol but always find what I need there 💁

Review №63

Love this store, has so many things

Review №64

Where should I start from, The biggest variety of produces in the area, the cleanest by far, very reasonable prices, amazing customer services. We are looking forward to see your Mega new store in the south side of route 18... Good Luck

Review №65

Amazing selection. Prices little high but you get what you pay for, quality Arabic food and groceries.

Review №66

Love it, has everything imported from Egypt and other locations. Great service and friendly staff. Everything Egyptians look for in America.

Review №67

Nice clean place

Review №68

They have everything.

Review №69

Its a good place and the employees are friendly.

Review №70

Good place, great wide variety of Egyptian food. Sugar is a bit expensive for a small cup

Review №71

Have a lot of middle eastern grocery

Review №72

Good store ..and very good management ... thank you Maged

Review №73

Great place to find items you wont find anywhere else

Review №74

Its nice friendly people

Review №75

They got everything middle eastern however their prices are kinda high

Review №76

Very good job and very clean.

Review №77

Check your receipt very carefully

Review №78

Very accommodating to the customers needs clean and professional services

Review №79

Some of the best Mediterranean food in ny

Review №80

Great service and wonderful variety of goodies

Review №81

I always wondered what this place even was. I went in yesterday and bought some delicious food, sauces, and spices.

Review №82

I have found a lot of very good middle eastern varieties. ..... very good store

Review №83

Huge varieties of middle eastern food and very good quality.. excellent service

Review №84

Great place all what you need or want is available in this store - Good Job Guys

Review №85

Great store and the people who work in there are very nice and smiling to the customer.

Review №86

It has all Mediterranean stuff.good grocery. clean.varity of makes me feel like home.

Review №87

Variety of middle eastern groceries.

Review №88

Best place to get middle eastern food and hookah supplies in the area

Review №89

Nice store with a variety of Mediterranean foods.

Review №90

Great Selection, staff is unbelievably helpful and knowledge able in the middle eastern foods and snacks

Review №91

Love the variety of middle eastern food here along with service

Review №92

Very nice place for middle eastern people

Review №93

The prices are expensive

Review №94

Organised with plenty of varieties. Also, people were friendly & helpful

Review №95

Not as clean as other places I’ve been to. Food boxes are open, cheese looks strange, like it’s old, the place is messy and their food isn’t properly closed or covered

Review №96

Large selection very good service

Review №97

Delicious food..great place to shop middle East products and catering

Review №98

They get the pita bread fresh 5 days of the week. I think they do not get it in Sunday and Thursday, but I need to confirm that, edit will be made if incorrect.

Review №99

PITA, Cheese, Medeterrian Food and Olives you can buy here at reasonable price.

Review №100

Large selection of Mediterranean specialties, cheese, meat, prepared food and groceries.

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  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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