ShopRite of East Brunswick
14-22 W Prospect St, East Brunswick, NJ 08816, United States
ShopRite of East Brunswick
Review β„–1

I love shopRite. Veggies and fruits are so fresh. I go for 1 thing and i end up buying $100 worth groceries. They have good meet too. Its always well organized and associates are there to help. Price are a bit on high side for some products. I can shop there the whole day. When you are a cook you are in love with grocery store πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ follow me on youtube sumalenas kitchen.

Review β„–2

Love their bakery and hot food choices. Bought pretty plants at a discount price. So happy.

Review β„–3

Great Shoprite as most are but this location is busy. The parking lot is crazy.

Review β„–4

I love this brand however this location is lacking. The produce is 2 aisles in this huge store and so much was old and wilted ..its Saturday. I should have taken pictures. It was just a disappointing trip because I couldnt get what I needed.

Review β„–5

The layout of the store is odd compared to other shoprites but you get everything you normally get at a supermarket and its fairly easy to navigate once you get an idea of how the store is set up

Review β„–6

I love this place, its clean, stocked, and has everything I need. I love the environment. Has delicious sushi.

Review β„–7

Superb! Anything you need theyve got it. Huge, clean, friendly, well organized, fast food from all ethnic and etc. They also have large floral selection and to put a cherry on top a Dunkin Donut to make my day. Too bad its not in my area, i would love my Jersey City Shoprite to be as large as this one. So jealous!

Review β„–8

Always something on sale. Staff are courteous and friendly and they are interested in what youre looking for and how youre preparing said items. I know most employees by 1st name from grocery to pasta, to cleanup crews, to fish, meat, cheese, dairy, all departments, ie checkout cashiers, customer service, to the outdoor garden supplies to carriage crews. Always a pleasure

Review β„–9

Great place to shop. Very clean, employees are very welcoming and helpful. Sorry the food court is not open for sitting. I would have loved to taste their cooked/prepared food.

Review β„–10

Very nice selection of healthy options (natures center I think it is called). One of the main reasons I stop into this Shoprite

Review β„–11

I really like this Shoprite. Helpful and friendly employees. Good quality and prices.

Review β„–12

The store was clean and had Good selections of vegetables

Review β„–13

Has everything you need from a market perspective. Items are easy to locate. Self checkout is quick most of the time and painless.

Review β„–14

I’m writing this review because I want people to know what happened at shop rite rt 18 east Brunswick today. I was checking out at the lane 4#, and the cashier who check me at is female name Marie she look like she was old in 60s . I was I purchasing 2 pitchers and some 2 drinks . And I bought some quarters because the balance that due is 6.38 so she was like to me ( you not going to pay with those coins, are you? And I said I’am ) she was there coin machine over there - and I said I not using no machine because it charges u and besides with coins shortestgoing on it a help for you guys I said . She reply the coins shortest was last year . And I never heard such a thing. I said well in Walmart and Mac Donald’s going thru it. And I told well if I purchase something for 8 bucks and I pay with 10 I don’t have to accpect coins back either. I call manger and complained. He mentioned he would talk to her but I don’t know for sure if he did or not. I felt attack . I give her 6 dallors in quarters and 3 - dimes and 8 pennies. The manger told me they do accpect coins and they having coins shortest as well. There always somebody ruined your day and maybe they don’t want have the work counting coins . So then stay home but need attack people .

Review β„–15

This store is on point. Always a good experience when coming here. I do have to say, that SHOP RITE OF EAST BRUNSWICKMAKES THE BEST - I MEAN THE BEST, CHICKEN SALAD IN THE WORLD. TAKE NOTES EVERYONE ELSE. THE BEST. ITS AMAZING!!!!!!! Also the meat and produce is always good here. Been shopping here for the past 4 years and I am impressed. Keep up the good work!

Review β„–16

Staff is miserable and customer service sucks. Cashiers always expect you to bag. If I wanted to bag I would go to self check out, but I dont work there. Receipt is tricky to read see where the savings are. Digital coupons doesnt always work on app. Prices are high even sale items. I always ask for my deli slices to be extra thin and I get them thick. The other young tall man in deli is perfect the short one gets my orders wrong every time. I waited 5 mins for the colored lady to open a pack of ham then another 8 mins to get 1lb. Of ham sliced. I could of done all my shopping in that time. 2 stars for cleanliness and well stocked.

Review β„–17

Solid store. Good selection. They’ve been cleaning up a bunch of their aisles to create a more β€œorganic-minded” food selection.

Review β„–18

I love this store! From the bakery to the deli to the seafood, this Shoprite gas everything you need.

Review β„–19

This ShopRite is always busy.The shelves are always stocked and if you dont see something ask because sometimes its in different aisle.The cashiers and staff are usually helpful.The only problem the parking lot can become a little chaotic.

Review β„–20

This store cares. Good service at meat department. Fast courteous check out.had good supply on hand

Review β„–21

Large store with lots of great selections for all Including Kosher, South Asian, Asian, with wide selections of each. The only problem is parking. It is always difficult to find a parking spot

Review β„–22

Great store great selection I purchased a pre made sandwich it was very good

Review β„–23

This is one of the most humongous ShopRites that I have ever seen. The selection is amazing. 100s of varieties of cheese, scores of varieties of ice creams and aisles and aisles of snacks - even the low fat, low calorie types. The veggies are fresh and the bakery section is also awesome. I’m knocking a single star because they don’t accept returns - even of non-perishable goods. When Costco has no such restriction why should ShopRite - especially when Costco goods are in general cheaper and of much better quality.

Review β„–24

This shoprite is so clean and has some many foods to choose from

Review β„–25

Overpriced organic veggies and lots of prepackaged conventional produce. LOTS of prepared and processed junk.If you want to eat healthy, be prepared to shell out some cash.

Review β„–26

Love this place. Great selection and fair prices

Review β„–27

Best Haagen Daz deal you can find.Great bread options - even keto.always have a pleasant experience at our local shoprite

Review β„–28

Very conveniently located right off route 18. This Shop Rite has everything available at a reasonable prices! Weekly and biweekly sales are the best!

Review β„–29

Love Shoprite. Prices / sales are great.They are fully stocked

Review β„–30

Always stocked and has food for everyone

Review β„–31


Review β„–32

A good store that serves local populations well by stocking a variety of products for different cultures and food preferences.

Review β„–33

This ShopRite is top shelf. its so big with a variety of selections. I will be visiting again.

Review β„–34

Always need to ask an employee to find something almost everytime I go.

Review β„–35

A little crowded especially with covid but other than that everything is easy to find and the cashiers are great.

Review β„–36

Great place to shop but overly crowded on Sunday mornings.

Review β„–37

Great selection of food. Great kosher section.

Review β„–38

The store usually has everything I need.

Review β„–39

This is an authentic super market, the selections, staff and style is ultra genuine

Review β„–40

Basic, run of mill grocery store. Prices average to above. Specials did provide savings opportunities. Pleasantly very clean. Redundant loud speaker announcements every few minutes prove very annoying. Check out clerk was rudest, unhappy person I have experienced in years. It was nearly amusing how rude she was, but enough that I would never return. Too many better options.

Review β„–41

Like any grocery store the best time to go is early; but this in 100% the case for this store. After 12p, its chaotic for sure. But its always neat and pretty stocked. Fruits are always hit or miss; lately a miss. One Sunday I bought apples, halos, and lemons; by Wednesday they were all molded.

Review β„–42

Heaven was the worst cashier ever you should probably not hire miserable people

Review β„–43

I often see fruits and veggies out that are going bad.

Review β„–44

Very well stocked and organized store. I found everything on my list. The workers at the deli are very helpful. The aisle workers will stop what they are doing and help you graciously. My cashier today, Isabella, was so polite plus she asked how my day was. Then I stopped for lottery at customer service...UGH! I asked for help with lottery and Kimberly Brennen (bookkeeper) said yeah, as soon as Im done She was surly and rude with her attitude filled response. When I said I didnt appreciate her attitude, she replied Im not even dealing with you. I got my tickets from her and left. Will avoid this store in the future.

Review β„–45

I give it 5 stars because its a big ShopRite with lots of isles.

Review β„–46

I been here 1 time lovely place,price is good!!!!!This is other then in Bayonne but in top what they usually have they also have more product.They even have fresh flowers.The place very clean and stuff very friendly I like it sa much,Was very pleased experience

Review β„–47

Just in the neighborhood and needed a vent a/c air freshener and some pops!

Review β„–48

Found stuff for the upcoming Jewish Holidays

Review β„–49

ITS SO BIG. They basically have a good court in the store with lots of options for fresh prepared foods.The staff is super friendly. I’m new to the area and this place is very welcoming.

Review β„–50

A big thank you to Tracy in the floral department! I ordered an arrangement and asked if she would make it bright, full and cheery!! She nailed it! I wish I can post a picture of it because it came out beautiful! She will definitely be my new go to girl when I need flowers again! Great job Tracy!!!

Review β„–51

The thing thats always missing about the store is the variety and choices. For example canned vegetables have limited choices other than store brands

Review β„–52

Prices are too high. This little bit from the salad bar/olive bar cost me 2.50. Ridiculous ...and this is the small cup.

Review β„–53

It was awesome...person who was at the register was very nice..the store was very clean

Review β„–54

First time visit. Nice and clean.

Review β„–55

My favorite grocery. Always find Caribbean food/ingredients and halal meats so it’s a one-stop shop. They now carry Keto ice cream and zero carb bread so I’m happy though I spend more :-)

Review β„–56

They have a very wide selection of foods and their sushi shop is great!

Review β„–57

I love feel Life around me It has life for real

Review β„–58

Very organized and payed out the same as other ShopRite stores. A plus!

Review β„–59

Great place for all of your shopping needs. Been going here since I was a kid visiting my grandparents in neighboring South River. This store has it all!

Review β„–60

Dear East Brunswick ShopRite Store Manager Mike VKat from your Shop At Home department is awesome.She went above (literally) and beyond (her job duties) when, after she TWICE paged someone over the PA to aisle 22 with a ladder, NO ONE from grocery showed up. So she went, grabbed the ladder herself and retrieved the two items I have been to 4 Saker Shoprite locations to find but were either not carrying or were out of.Please know that she is an asset.Your grocery department needs some basic courtesy to at least say hey we have a truck or something to her.This was Monday 11/2 815pm

Review β„–61

In and out, quick, and its clean

Review β„–62

Less line than Walmart for sure

Review β„–63

Clean and well stocked store. Grew up with this store so familiar with where everything is.

Review β„–64

The very 1st time I went to this ShopRite, I was a little bit lost but there was an elderly man who was working restocking some cans and when I asked him where to get the pasta sauce, he walked me all the way to where it was located. I think that was a very nice thing for him to do.This supermarket is clean, it has a huge variety of products and the prices are definitely a plus. The staff is helpful, respectful and attentive.I recommend this supermarket!

Review β„–65

Clean neat polite staff

Review β„–66

Clean, well stocked, well staffed store with an excellent selection.

Review β„–67

Great supermarket

Review β„–68

Very clean organized

Review β„–69

Very good

Review β„–70

The people who work in this deli are extremely slow ever since 2015. The front end supervisor, the tall blonde, is rude and unhelpful and always has a bad attitude as if she hates her job. Ive known many people who have been employed by this saker family shoprite of east Brunswick, including people in my own immediate family, and it is well known that they reep the benefits in profits of millions and pay their employeea pennies above miminum wage with pathetkc ten cent raises. Its actually very sad. You would think this supermarket was located in iraq not the US. I highly suggest everybody go down the hill and support the walmart instead, who are also known as a bunch of thieves but at least theyre not the SAKERS.

Review β„–71

Big store and always big crowds but they seem to run smoothly enough. Helpful staff, clean store, big selection of products. A dozen types of Coke! The only thing lacking is my fav Coke Zero decaf.

Review β„–72

Wish I could leave 0 stars. I ordered a cake a couple days ago from the display and they took my order down on a sticky note (so unprofessional) and asked for my name and phone number and when I will be picking it up. Once I answered these questions the employee simply turned her back and walked away, without any β€œthank you” or β€œsee you soon” and left me standing there unsure if they needed anything else or if I was supposed to pay or what was next. Just flat out turned around and walked away. I asked if I can have a message written on the cake and they said β€œwe’ll write it when you actually come, cause we don’t know if you’ll show” (understandable but could have been said in a nicer/more professional way). Then when the day came for me to pick up my cake, I gave my name and they brought out a random cake, and when I told them this wasn’t my cake, they brought out another random one. I’m convinced they didn’t even make my cake because they just kept guessing cakes??? I pointed to the one in the case and they said β€œoh, you can’t preorder order those. you just have to take them the day of.” Um, what???!!!!! Eventually they managed to bring out a cake that looked like what I had ordered a few days prior but the handwriting was awful and the word was not spaced well so two letters were written on the side of the cake. I’m disgusted by the whole experience and their unprofessional customer service.

Review β„–73

They had everything I needed in stock. Cashier called me over to check me out. She even bagged for me!

Review β„–74

I love 😘

Review β„–75

I have not been to the E.B. ShopRite in years. In fact I think I was only there one time years ago. I was impressed. Very clean and following all the rules for Covid. Even though this ShopRite is a little out of the way for me. This location is my new ShopRite! I will let friend s and family know how awsome this location is. Its obvious that these employees have worked very hard and all are an asset to your company. Thank you.

Review β„–76

This is my favorite ShopRite since the virus and social distancing. I like to thank Rose D. and Jeanine Carollo at the pharmacy department for their good service, I love how Rose dose answer the phone.There are so professional and nice staff.Thanks

Review β„–77

Best prices and lor of good commodities and friendly staffs

Review β„–78

Very clean and well organized and stocked. Quick in and out service. Social guidelines are in effect.

Review β„–79

This is my favorite Shop Rite to visit. Its huge has everything and the dunkin donuts is a huge plus!

Review β„–80

Very good

Review β„–81

Very big much bigger than the one I have near me! Much more content & bigger parking lot!!

Review β„–82

Fresh fish is delicious. Alice is wonderful.

Review β„–83

Good coworkers, mostly LGBT, very fun to work with.

Review β„–84

Don’t value customer safety and allow customers to enter without a mask.

Review β„–85

Found what I was looking for happy in and out

Review β„–86

Times must not mean nothing got to stop rites kitchen says open to 8pm. Got there at 7:20 and they was closed so I could not get anything to eat this is not the first time

Review β„–87

This is my favorite ShopRite since the virus and social distancing I normally go in the mornings during the week. They have many announcements regarding distancing and wearing face mask. They also seam to be maintaining a safe amount of people in the store. However, I went there Mother’s Day weekend after 3pm and the store had a totally different vibe. In maintaining how many people should be in the store to me it felt like there were way to many and social distancing in some area was out the window.Hopefully this was because of Mother’s Day an things will continue how they were before.Keep it safe!

Review β„–88

Cashiers are rude... No reflection on this customer service desk... excellent But some of those cashiers are rude...

Review β„–89

ShopRite has everything you would like to buy for the famiily.

Review β„–90

The manager last night was unprofessional, inconsiderate and rude! He was yelling at a pregnant woman! My husband, his brother and friend decided to use same cart but followed the directions of getting one of each item per customer! They wouldn’t let us check out because we all came to the register together and had everything in the same cart (we planned on doing 3 transactions). The Manager then came down screaming that it’s one item per family (unlike what the sign said). We said we are 3 different families and can prove it with address on our licenses. He still wouldn’t let us check out. He said we have to leave the store, get separate carts, come back, pick new items, and then check out! I explained to him that it makes no difference or sense and that I am 7 months pregnant. He kept screaming and saying we interrupted his dinner and if we have a problem to call the governor! THIS MAN SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO MANAGE ANYTHING.

Review β„–91

This visit was fine.

Review β„–92


Review β„–93

It has a lot of varieties with good prices. There is food, beverages and frozen food. A lot of vegetables and fruit. There is a bakery, a deli which is good and the people who serve you are nice and a butchers. You will find dairy, coffee and tea. Most of the things that you need in your kitchen are there. Flowers, hair care, face care, etc. There is a pharmacy there. If you have coupons, the prices will be cheaper. The customer service is good. It is well organized.

Review β„–94

I really like this grocery store prices are always clear and good customer service. When I went for my birthday to buy I cake I couldnt find the kind I usually get and an employee helped me look all over the store.

Review β„–95

I always spend more than I would like to here. They also dont have very good cereal options. Other than that its an average store.

Review β„–96

Watch for items that are mispriced. Seltzer was marked 3.19 on shelf for a case, rings up differently. But well stocked, clean, plenty of parking.

Review β„–97

Items of a specific brand. Was put into wrong labeling and was 2 5 times more than tag under those items.

Review β„–98

ShopRite at East Brunswick is the best supermarket Ive been to. Its always clean, Ive never seen rotten fruit presented for purchase, and workers are helpful. It can get busy in the evening, but self checkout is usually fastest. The best time to shop is early morning. Best of all they have great hours. They open early morning and close until Midnight, which is really convenient for me.

Review β„–99

Try the Poke Bowl from the sushi guy.

Review β„–100

I love how they do the flower arrangements. Aside from being my regular supermarket, I get my flowers and a little something when I go to visit family or friends. Great little bonus.

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  • Address:14-22 W Prospect St, East Brunswick, NJ 08816, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 732-257-7575
  • Grocery store
  • Bakery
  • Caterer
  • Grocery delivery service
  • Produce market
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:6AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:6AM–12AM
  • Thursday:6AM–12AM
  • Friday:6AM–12AM
  • Saturday:6AM–12AM
  • Sunday:6AM–12AM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Great produce:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Organic products:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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