Dollar Tree
275 NJ-18, East Brunswick, NJ 08816, United States
Dollar Tree
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I love Dollar Tree. I can literally spend hours and a whole paycheck in there lol.I have shopped in many locations, here and even some out of state.This particular site absolutely never has what I go there for, and no one that knows when they will. I have come across a few helpful here but they are few and far between. There are usually boxes all over the isles and the bathroom is absolutely disgusting. Always. Last night one of my bags was left there, and of course no one knows anything today. The so called manager is rude and has absolutely no customer service skills. I will not be going here again. And after many years of buying there 3-4 times a week.I would suggest if you can get to Ryders Lane, go there. They are much cleaner and fully stocked. They are not ghetto. You will you find what you need and then some. The staff is efficient and the store is much more pleasant. They should get someone from there to go to Rt 18 and teach them how the service industry works.

Review №2

Great savings, all the time and friendly atmosphere. The staff is friendly and helpful too. Just about everything you may need in a last minute decision, without having to go to a mall or back to a big chain store. Very Happy, Thank You Dollar Tree

Review №3

I love shopping at this particular Dollar Tree. It’s always clean, they always have new and interesting items, aaaaaand the staff is polite & courteous!!!Love ❤️ my Dollar Tree in East Brunswick

Review №4

Used to be a decent clean store. Went downhill, alot of the shelves r empty, stuff all over the floor, employees arent really friendly.

Review №5

Manager needs to be replaced never on hand nor avail always out sick. Store associates Frank, Diane and Diana are always there to help and never call out sick. District manager needs to help this stores employees that are killing themselves in a main highway store location with more reliable and consistent employees. I can complete go on as this store for a small/medium size needs many more employees that are consistent to keep up with this area. The employees that I see regularly need more help as they are always helpful no matter what!!!

Review №6

Not bad, similar to most Dollar Tree locations.

Review №7

Love this Dollar Tree!!! Very clean and well stocked.

Review №8

A wide selection. Some things are real savings, others not so much. Check out lines can be long but the employees are generally friendly and helpful

Review №9

If I could give zero reviews I would. They were absolutely no help when part of my online order was missing after waiting almost 40 minutes on the store line to be helped and I was directed to call customer service who stated they were out of stock of frames I needed for my wedding that I ordered a month in advance! They weren’t sure why the store did not give that information to me and all they did was apologize that an email wasn’t sent out to me when it should have been to let me know!! Now I’m missing frames I desperately need!! This is ridiculous.

Review №10

Omg it’s so clean and organized 😍

Review №11

The young lady at check out was very pleasant. They had alot more variety than many others I have shopped at. Clean and orderly which is something I am not particularly used to. This whole shopping plaza basically has budget freindly shopping since there is also a Harbor Freight and Big Lots as well.

Review №12

Store is 3/4 fully in stock nice store.

Review №13

Store was well stocked.

Review №14

This store is well stocked for both end of summer and back to school. Items are presented in an organized logical manner.I was amazed to find inexpensive Halloween crafts appropriate for my young grandchildren.(3 and 7 ). The kids were very excited to choose an item to paint.As a teacher I found several cute items for my classroom. I will certainly return here closer to the beginning of schoolThere was no wait to check out. I really like this store.

Review №15

Good deal for the ice cream here. Service was fast

Review №16

Nice place. 90% of the problems are the customers. People let their kids run around like dollar tree is their daycare. They don’t pay attention to the way they treat the store. I’d say treat the place like you treat your home,but, I can only imagine what their houses are like. They’re employees not your personal assistant.

Review №17

What can you get for a dollar? Everything in the store, except baking soda which was 59 cents. I got a jar of imported raspberry jam. Imported from France? No, imported from Egypt. But a dollar for a jar of raspberry preserves! I got a jar of pesto for a dollar, a can of nuts, a bag of frozen blueberries, fish sticks, imported cheeses, all for a dollar! Highly recommended. Be nice to the workers and they will be nice to you.

Review №18

Its a great place snacks, candy, stuff for the home cards $1.00 and 2 for $1.00 were else can you go and get a card for 50 cents. Gift bags, make up, toys, glow sticks and more.

Review №19

Dollar tree is by far my favorite dollar store. We buy a lot of items here which we used to purchase at the grocery store.We buy things like lotion, batteries, birthday cards, cookware, batteries, etcetera. I save a ton shopping at the Dollar tree a couple times a month.The only downside is the stores are very disorganized and messy. Besides that they are fantastic.

Review №20

Terrible, terrible service, terrible selection. Everything is empty. Stock up! The wait time to check out is forever. The staff says whatever they feel like. The doors are so dirty. Gross. Clean up!

Review №21

Will never come back to this place ever again..I can clearly see why you guys are hiring. The customer service in this place is disgusting! No reason why I have to wait with my wife and kids 5 minutes for your cashier( older lady with the blond hair and fake long eyelashes) to finish texting in front of us like if we are not even there. She clearly needs to be trained on how to be professional at her work place.

Review №22

Prices are Great on the items I buy there. I do not buy everything at Dollar Tree tho as can get better prices at discount warehouses/etc when buy in bulk. These guys are great tho to purchase everyday items as you need them in small quantities.

Review №23

Be very careful if you are visiting this store with kids. They will dispose their opened/damaged items especially toys and lightening blaming it on your child. This happened to me yesterday. i did not want to create a scene for dollar and paid. Needless to say, i do not plan to visit this store ever in my life !!!

Review №24

I had very bad experience in this store. The manager Greg is so rude to the customers. He doesn’t know how to enter the coupons manually if it doesn’t scan. Instead of solving the problem he always argue with customer.i have never seen any customer service like this. I even didn’t want to give 1 star to this store.

Review №25

Purchased my own balloons online. Went to this location to get them filled and they wouldnt inflate them because the balloons werent purchased from them. I told them Id pay whatever price and they still declined. This is a perfect example of stupidly running a business considering I would of paid full price for only air, and not a balloon. The lady kind of came across as just not wanting to do it out of laziness to be honest. Thanks for wasting my time and pissing me off.

Review №26

Products I use that I buy here are 2 to 3 times more expensive at other stores. Examples; kitchen wares, makeup remover pads, etc. Also you can pickup alot of unique things for each holiday and this store is the most clean out of all others Ive visited,

Review №27

The super perfect dollar store as you expectedVarieties of product, quality goods the price is known no hidden surprises .If you go for one item you are out with at least ten or more .This branch is always organized, clean and well staffed .plus very friendly associates .

Review №28

Very very poor customer service .Very dirty.messy shelves. Most ofTimes shelves are empty.I never find what I’m looking for .Very rude manager follows you Through the store.Can never get through The isles boxes are always all over the store. Do not like that store at all will not go back .They will not return anything without a receipt . The other dollar tree returns anything with store credit Or even exchange With out a receipt .

Review №29

Shopping at Dollar Tree is very good, you can easily calculate your cost bcuz everything is a dollar like the name of the store. The only downside is their no return policy.

Review №30

Its clean, its organized. What else do you want? Its one of the better Dollar Trees Ive been to.

Review №31

Good dollar store. Good selection, pretty clean and organized, decently staffed.They accept cash and credit card, credit card via Samsung Pay works just fine on their Verifone swipers.

Review №32

I went to this store early on a Friday afternoon, it was raining and wet not really to many people inside store. So it was nice and quiet as you shop, things were organized and easy to find things ur looking for.

Review №33

What you expect in a dollar tree

Review №34

Great place for inexpensive item like party favors, snacks, disposable food items. I got decent reading glasses and I keep pairs all over.

Review №35

The lady who works here has a very bad attitude . She have no control over her language.she doesnt have any manners while behaving with customers. You better do not shop here and get insulted.

Review №36

Its great store I like this locatiin

Review №37

The name says everything in the store seemed to be a dollar or less cards were two for a dollar candy was $0.89 balloons were a dollar it was clean it was nice. Other dollar stores are selling things for 5 and $10 and more

Review №38

Nice and clean store. Cashier was polite and pleasant.

Review №39

The store is not the problem, its the workers!!! Especially the one who checked us out. She stopped scanning our items to answer a text with her flip phone!!! Yes, we waited 5 minutes while she finished texting on a flip phone. Horrible service!! After that she was also just tossing our items to the side and told me to grab my reciept my self. No manners at all!!! Hire people not animals!! Horrible workers! Lady next to us spoke to a customer rude just because the customer asked wether or not her lane was open. Disgusting!!! Wont be coming back to this location!

Review №40

Well stock store, friendly employees. the items are pretty well organize and not all over the place.

Review №41

This location is pretty organized found what i,was looking for and more.

Review №42

A decent Dollar Tree. Not always well stocked though, and aisles are narrow.

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Review №44

I wish I could give a negative star for this location.... i just went there to pick some stuff n when i came to the billing line i just asked the girl if the counter was open as she had just finished helping a customer before me and she JUST ROLLED HER EYES WITH A RUDE OK!!! With that reaction i thought i will go to the next counter so I also told her its ok i can go to the next counter and then this girl joins her hands in front of me and says mam we are about to close and i have a lot of stuff to do. ( the time was 8:35 pm and the location closes at 9:00) such a rude behavior.... OMG WONT EVER GO THERE

Review №45

I love this dollar tree ...Im there every week!!!

Review №46

What a bad attitude from “ Dennis”. If you don’t like the job just quit. Be Humble.

Review №47

Great dollar tree a lot off products

Review №48

Go there often and I like this store. Recommended

Review №49

Good merchandise, great variety of merchandise, and friendly staff.

Review №50

Good aa batteries 4 for $1

Review №51

This is by far the best dollar store

Review №52

The only Dollar Store worth going to

Review №53

I wasnt there I was nextdoor at Harbor freight tools store... get it right google

Review №54

Well it’s really messy in the store.They don’t organized the shelf.All the stuff is in the floor.

Review №55

Large selection for a dollar

Review №56

One of the better Dollar Store.

Review №57

Organize and good ppl

Review №58

No good service

Review №59

Clean and fast service.

Review №60

Good place to browse

Review №61

Great Customer Service!

Review №62

Love this place!!!!!!

Review №63

Closed at 8:55 . Really rude employees they are not welcoming at all . They seem really annoyed to do the job that is expected of them . Like they are doing us a favor by ringing me up

Review №64

Great product

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It is a good place but if you need to go to the bathroom it is disgusting it is really super dirty.

Review №69

Exactly price

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