Walmart Supercenter
290 NJ-18, East Brunswick, NJ 08816, United States
Walmart Supercenter
Review №1

Selling spoiled food. This is the second trip to this location with this experience spoke to the manager again he could careless his name is Soni. Shame on you Walmart I did the survey to express my concerns left contact information and nothing. Please do not buy meat from this Walmart negligence on thing they shouldnt.

Review №2

It was a nice experience, I found everything I was looking for.

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Review №4

Its best to know the layout of the Walmart you are going to for faster shopping experience. Wide range of products at a reasonable price keeps it customer loyal including me. Stationary,grocery and health &pharmacy section are my personal favorites for shopping at Walmart. In-store shopping experience may not pleasant sometimes since it not well organized due to limited store associates. is also a amazing platform to order online without any membership fees.

Review №5

Definitely better than the North Brunswick location and conveniently located and thats about where the list of good things end. Worst customer service and unfriendly employees is what I have experienced since the store opened. I dont expect much from Walmart and dont even interact with their employees much, but the few times I had a return or needed to find something in the store, I was reminded of their lack of customer appreciation. Lets not forget to point out the inconvenience of needing a pain killer or womens shaving cream...they have these items behind a locked door and you have to ring a bell, wait forever and then, they hold your item at a register for you until you are ready to checkout. Walmart is the only store in our whole county doing this.

Review №6

Love this Walmart what can I say. There is always a variety of items always on hand and the staff there are somewhat caring and respectful. Being back 24 hours please!

Review №7

Meh. Its Walmart. Lol. What can I say. Just like the others only ginormous hahaha...

Review №8

So much better then North Brunswick store. Cleaner.. Easy to navigate... Grocery fresh presentation BEAUTIFUL. Clearly a store whos employees take pride.

Review №9

All good. Just need more open lines. Careful on lines. Woman ahead of me put bagged scanned packages on top of unscanned products, in shopping cart.

Review №10

Came for clearance item that showed 3 in stock, just to me told they are sold out for a while, and refused to sell display. Liars, if it was really sold out they would’ve updated their inventory. Instead what they do, they have their own workers hold it in the back until it drops price to nearly free, and then buy it. SCAM! Stay away from this Walmart location, they do not care about their customers.

Review №11

Only 2nd time there. What I found was interesting and put to immediate use at home. Glad we went early. Check out cashier was definitely in very pleasant mood and did take interest in the different items we were purchasing. But, I can only remember getting pork ribs, while 2 sons were getting tools, lights, batteries, liftjacks, etc. I merely paid the bill.

Review №12

Nice and clean. I love walmart

Review №13

Clean and reasonable price with good quality

Review №14

I order groceries for pick up from this location. Ordering is quick and easy. Workers are friendly. They place the bags in the trunk of my car

Review №15

Its a Walmart. You already know what it is. But its probably the best Walmart of the four near New Brunswick. (Runner up is the US 1 location.) Always the cleanest and one of the best produce sections.

Review №16

One stop shopping with good prices. The store is quite large but I found the employees to be vary helpful in locating products.

Review №17

Very clean. Good selection of gluten free items. Self check out moves very quickly. Need more human cashiers for cash payments (but most Walmarts need more cashiers so...)

Review №18

One of my favorite Walmarts in the area. Theyre always pretty well stocked on pet supplies. They also have an extensive food area, particularly produce.

Review №19

Convenient location. Wide selection. I prefer going to the Supercenters as they are a one stop shop. This one has a pretty decent layout and at the time of my visit was very clean. I was able to navigate through the isles with ease and no obstructions which normally plagues you at other locations. As always you can’t beat the prices.

Review №20

Shelfs not stocked well. Used to love Walmart but more of a hassel n not pleasant to shop in anymore. Employees r on phone and NO PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE N DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE THINGS ARE. In the old days they trained employees n made them walk the store to learn where things are. Maybe for those who can order on line they probably wont have what u want anyway n you will save a trip. What happened Walmart you used to be so good.

Review №21

Good prices, but surprisingly under stocked.

Review №22

Good place for family shopping

Review №23

Superb big n calm

Review №24

One of the better supermarkets in the area. The store is clean and organized and the prices are great.

Review №25

Our first choice fir shopping weekly in East Brunswick … all what you need in one place … Usually I should give 5 stars, but lately you can easily find empty shelves … items are not available …. The place needs more attention from management

Review №26

I love there eye care center

Review №27

Love this store I have a Walmart near my home in oldbridge but this one has more stuff to choose from

Review №28

The employees here actively will lie to your face about what they do and don’t have. Don’t bother asking them for help- just walk around the store for half an hour and eventually you’ll find what you need.

Review №29

It’s Walmart! Always busy! Always has what you need! Always interesting people! Always a treat to go to Walmart!

Review №30

Awesome! I went in and got vaccinated and some great health advice. The pharmacist were super friendly and professional. Now I want to buy more things there to support that awesome staff. Thank you Walmart!

Review №31

Good size Walmart location, very busy and lines to checkout were long. The store was also a bit messy and under stocked however I am sure they are suffering from lack of staffing just like every other business in America right now.

Review №32

I entered my info at pick up here and I have been standing here for half an hour but no one has comes to help me. Instead I get a message saying my order has been picked up. How is it possible?

Review №33

You can get Experience like being treated as store lifting by shopping at Walmart in 2021. You will be guarded to payment counter if you want any items from locker. Seriously, walmart people will HOLD YOUR ITEM TIGHTLY till you get there. Applause for this genius shopping policy can save Walmart $$$.Extremely worse customer service, I doubt the existence of employee training. There was a man with hurting ankle eagerly for pain killers, he was told to CALM DOWN by Walmart people. By telling him CALM DOWN, it will relief his pain away. Thank you Walmart for letting all other supermarkets stand outs.

Review №34

Large location they have great prices for every day essentials you can get lost very easily here.

Review №35

Inventory management is poor. Always short on organic milk. Certain products are not always available.

Review №36

Walmart is great but this area is full of derelicts, shop and leave fast it should be called.

Review №37

It’s a Walmart. Newer in design so a better hot food and grocery department. Problems with a Walmart is getting the bad shopper who will go to the no cash self checkout lanes and demand why they can’t use cash or those with 50 to 100 items in the self checkout making those lanes a disaster to go through if you buy a handful of items. This is even with a Walmart employee yelling that no cash on less than so many items can checkout there. It’s best to go through most Walmart’s at off hours. Item selection is decent and varied.

Review №38

It was good. I love the tshirts with writing on it. Its fun as it fun to gift it to the right person like my dad lol

Review №39

The place would be the best of all the Walmarts if it was bigger. The staff worked to keep the place very clean considering the great flow of traffic and messy people (I watched several people throw trash right on the floor), some might say to many cleaners(no such thing in my book), the items were organized in proper location with corresponding labels, plenty of items available, and restocking as items were depleted.

Review №40

This has got to be one of the worst walmarts In customer service. I had to wait 30 minutes for someone to open a case to grab something. All thenemployees I spoke with kept saying Ill page someone, Ill page someone. Then I cant page from the phoen like we are stupid and have never worked retail knowing full well you can page over the intercoms. Its truly disappointing to see how little employee care, they will literally lie straight to your face. Manager in this store are a joke. Instead of talking on your phones while working how about you focus on your customers.

Review №41

Good place, few goods are out of stock on weekends and less staff available to help around for restocking.

Review №42

I was good but cashier was very slow and the store did have to of the major items I needed.

Review №43

Store was a mess. Went to go buy some jeans and shirts and the place was a wreck. Gonna go to a different Walmart. Hopefully that one will be better.

Review №44

Is like always almost everything you can get there!! The counters are rarely open probably not enough cashiers, long waiting lines!!The workers in the shop rarely know where what is!! But if you know what you need and where to find it than it is great!!

Review №45

They need to hire more cashiers or know when their peak hours are to make sure they are cashiers for those busy hours. Every line should be opened. I dont get it 🤦🏾

Review №46

Went for tires. Person running the show left me hanging for 20 minutes. I left. Went to Mavice Discount Tire. Fast cheap and polite. At Mavice

Review №47

The staff were helpful and the store is centrally located in lovely Piscataway NJ.

Review №48

Good but they couldnt find the key to the knife case for the life of them I waited there a half an hour and I still couldnt find it so I left

Review №49

This Walmart is by far one of the worst ones I have been to lately. The store does not enforce covid regulations and workers are walking around maskless and not social distancing. My main complaint is that the cashier that assisted me and my family was severely sick. This man was coughing,sneezing and trying to breathe badly. What drives me crazy is that Walmart did not send employee home. These are seriously dangerous conditions for customers and other employees.

Review №50

Horrible service and even better broken bottle all over the parking lot even in the bathroom

Review №51

I ordered this through walmart pick up and look at the poor quality that they delivered to me and without saying all the things that they charged me and did not deliver

Review №52

This is my second home I just have a few problems, with covid going on they need to still have control on how many people should be in there. Also there are never enough registers open but what puts the icing on the cake is the cashiers move slow. They should be trained to know when to adjust their speed, Ive worked cashier and when its busy I like to get them customers in and out.

Review №53

I really love to go there specially fresh fruit and veggies dairy I mean whatever you need you got in this walmart compare other walmart prices are good here.

Review №54

Customer service straight garbage. I waited over 30 minutes to get a tablet. I asked one of the employees to get me help and the both of them shrugged they shoulders

Review №55

I drove 20 minutes away. Just needed baby formula They had it in a locked shelf. Went to get help 3 times and waited for 30mins no one came. Poor customer service.

Review №56

As always to any Walmart I go always find the product Im looking for. With the only difference that this Walmart always busy and crowded.

Review №57

Great deals, nice clean store and the employees are very nice. They have everything I need all the time. Thank You

Review №58

It is what it is. Walmart is pretty universal with how they all look. This is a newer location, and they’ve got a lot to offer.

Review №59

This is one of the nicer Walmart’s I have visited in New Jersey. Being relatively new the layouts are nicer. While the stocks are just as good. I was disappointed not to find a garden center so I’m knocking off a star. The staff are extremely friendly though not necessarily very knowledgeable. I love it that they have a very generous return policy.

Review №60

Its Walmart.... But its also a supercenter so its nicer than most. I usually go for fishing supplies like hooks sinkers and soft plastics. But the section is always so messy and stock is horrible.

Review №61

Little unorganized. Had to wait for 20 min for self checkout

Review №62

I shop here all the time the staff is always very very nice and accommodating to me they their products are really great you could get a lot of things here even pet supplies here its amazing the price difference for the same thing I have to say this is one of my favorite walmarts and I highly suggest coming here Ive been to many other walmarts in would always wish that I would come to this line I even know some of the staff personally and again they are the nicest people here I highly recommend it and I hope everyone enjoys to photos thank you

Review №63

This Walmarts a very nice clean walmart. NO TRUCK PARKING YOU WILL BE TOWED.. Its not a place to park your Trucks or cars and go home........

Review №64

Always get what I need in this store. Love their cherries, just pricy, but really good.

Review №65

Store runs 24 hours. Products are well arranged in the appropriate aisle. Food produce are always fresh. Staff are very pleasant and helpful. Ive never had a bad experience since shopping here.

Review №66

I was there to pick up only one thing: an ethernet cable. We had to wait at least 15 minutes for someone with the key to unlock the cabinet. We finally received the ring of keys but the man unlocking the cabinet was unable to do so. So I went to purchase my 5 other items and went to the express checkout which is 20 items or less and saw at least 3 people with more than 20 items checking out and the worker overseeing the area did nothing about it.

Review №67

For a walmart, this place is clean, has great inventory, and communicative and friendlier staff. Pick-up option was a bit confusing - there is a loading bay area on the right side of the store.

Review №68

Honestly, its never really the workers (though they could use some work) that ruins Walmart for me. Its how ride the other customers are. Always standing in the way of the workers who are rushing around, or tearing off their masks to smell candles or to amswer their phones. The employees themselves are usually pretty friendly and polite, as long as you return the same courtesy, though more recently I have been coming across more and more of them who not only cannot understand verbally what I ask them for (usually where something is)but also get rather angry if I ask them to show me when I cannot understand their direction. All in all, though, its not a terrible place and I think, stock wise, theyre doing the best they can and I appreciate that.

Review №69

The employees are great under the pressure they are under. I can not blame management as I do not know what they go through.

Review №70

Their pick up app and service is outstanding.

Review №71

Poor customer support, i wanted Motrin over the counter capsules. I waited for over 30 mnts still no one came. I had to come out empty handed.

Review №72

Not beat for standing in line so long to get back hate you cant walk through the front today the store. Walmart is rapidly becoming not worth the time📉like the place generally clean staff is helpful that have just about everything.Just dont go late. Only 3 registers open and only 2 of the self checkout machines working. No shortage of customers standing on line.Maybe thats why they do what they do.😤😤😤

Review №73

The most incompetent staff I’ve ever come across the manager sunbal was the absolute worst manager I have ever seen has no customer service skills her staff was just as rude as she is refused to there Job. I would truly love for someone toContact me to further explain I’ll also be calling corporate against this store. Truly and utterly disgusted

Review №74

Horrible basically just try to steal your money for Walmart+ orders and wont answer the phone for Corporate and hang up on you if you call without even saying a word.

Review №75

All Organice and sharp how have to be clean and donats great

Review №76

Its a Walmart. The one a bit further down 18 off Marlboro rd is nicer.

Review №77

Dont go to the ghetto one in North Brunswick. This one was miles better.

Review №78

Love that you can get just about anything you need here. However, the beauty section is always either out of the items I need or very low in inventory. The store itself is always crowded with long lines.

Review №79

DO NOT ORDER PICK UP! I never shop at Walmart because of the horrible service there but this was an emergency as I needed baby formula. Their curbside pick up is beyond horrible! Been sitting in my car for the last 15 minutes and nobody is even approaching. There are couple of other cars here waiting and no employees in sight. Furthermore, my order says they substituted the specific formula I bought with another one! Like what?! How do you substitution a special formula for my child. Absolutely terrible! Take your money to Target.

Review №80

Store is a mess. Needs more help to clean up store. Bathrooms can use some attention. Need more cashiers.

Review №81

This review is about the good and the bad. I am disabled. I cannot walk very far and I walk with crutches, so when I shop at Walmart, I always use one of the electric mobility scooters. I arrived at the store at about 1:00 PM on 7/27/20. The female employee at the main entrance had her back to the front door and was busy texting on her cellphone. There did not appear to be any scooters available, so I asked the aforementioned employee. She said, Sorry, but theres none available right now and went back to texting. I indicated that I would have to wait for one to become available, but needed a place to sit, as I am unable to stand for very long. Seemingly annoyed by my interruption, she said, Sorry, we dont have any chairs here and again immediately returned to her texting . So I took it upon myself to turn one of the shopping carts on its side and sat on it. After about 10 minutes, Ashley Thaxton (another Walmart employee) entered the store and saw me sitting on the shopping cart. She asked me if I needed a scooter and I indicated that I did. Ashley then went back out into the parking lot and walked up and down several lanes looking for one. Bear in mind that it was 93 degrees outside. She returned after a few minutes and said that she couldnt find any outside. I thanked her and asked for her name. At least she tried to assist me, as the other female employee had still not moved from her spot (with her back to the front door), and was still busy with her cellphone. At this point, I decided to take a picture of this employee (actually, just her back). After another five minutes, someone exited the store with a scooter, which I was able to use to finally do my shopping. I assume that the female employee was posted at the main entrance to provide customer assistance and to ensure that every person that entered the store was wearing a face covering. She did neither, as she had her back to the front door the entire time that I was there (approximately 20 minutes). THANK YOU ASHLEY THAXTON!

Review №82

What bad thing can you say about a Walmart Super Center, they have everything, I get my Smoke Turkey and Tempeh there. This is the only place I can find it and reasonably priced. I love Walmart so much I bought stock in them years ago, my motto is is I am spending my money I need to get something back.

Review №83

Pretty good place for competitive prices, but some of the security staff members can be overbearing and borderline unprofessional with the way they stalk shoppers with their preconceived guilty shoplifters. I had one follow me for 20 minutes and I asked him to either help by pushing my cart or go find another innocent shopper to harass.

Review №84

Online Inventory for a tv I was looking at which was on sale said limited availability. I called in to make sure it was actually there. A girl picks up and says they have two! An hour later when I get there, We can’t find it anywhere. When we asked for help, they just said whatever is out here is all they got. We mentioned that we called it in and were saying the tv’s were probably sold within the past hour… ok.. Thanks for wasting my time…

Review №85

Worst experience at customer service ever. Line was close to 20 deep and 2 registers. One did payments other did returns. Everyone in line complaining. After 30 minutes in line a manager xame and made the one register do everything.This is the East Brunswick store which is the worst.Usually go to Old Bridge store which i should have

Review №86

Please, just fix your inventory! Went to get a kayak here because it showed 3 in stock of the one I wanted and a few others as well. Not a single kayak in the store. I stopped a random employee, who turned out to be the manager and she basically told me that 9 out of 10 times its the customers mistake. So, I showed her on my phone. She said I shouldd have called. Seems like its always the customers fault at this store! Ill definitely never go back there and will try other options before going back to Walmart. Terrible experience, what a waste of my time. 0 stars

Review №87

Very clean, abit under stocked Walmart.Friendly staff

Review №88

I love this Walmart! They’re very sanitary, and they do a good job making sure there’s social distancing, and I always find what I need. The workers are very nice as well.

Review №89

Great 👌 place, we ordered birthday cake. Nice work. They have always fresh vegetables and fruits. Inside subway had great service. Only complain about price because after covid-19 they changed staff with irresponsible price tags.

Review №90

Theres a dont care cashier that refuses to put a credit card payment only sign by the light pole next to the cashier, that notifies people in the line that its only a credit card payment only line!!!

Review №91

Walmart is very organized and clean. The sale persons are very respectful and polite. The merchandise in the fruit section is always fresh and expiration are updated. The parking lot is great. I love this Walmart. I always go to this store.

Review №92

Huge big selections of everything you need from food to household items. Reasonable & affordable prices.

Review №93

This Walmart is huge. Its very clean very well organized, the food area looks very good, and the bathrooms were super clean and very large.

Review №94

Pretty good selection, lines and parking can get a little long

Review №95

So my experience doesn’t even deserve a star. This store can’t even be rated. The employees were rude. I was waiting in the photo center for 45 min, asked multiple employees to get someone to help me so I can pick up my photos! No one came to assist! So you can keep the photos and I will never shop at this Walmart again!!! I am in customer service and to be treated multiple times rudely is upsetting!!

Review №96

The photo center needs new workers. Took literally 5 of them to find my photos that werent mislabeled or misplaced according to the last worker that actually found them. 🙄

Review №97

I ordered a pick up order and they told me there would be a few substitutions which is fine. I picked up my order and when I got home to check my order there was an item missing, and an item that was substituted that I didn’t approve, they gave to me anyway but didn’t charge me for it. I tried fix the issue on the app but it would continue to “load” and not go on to the next step, so I called the store. The first time I called someone answered right away at the pickup department, I explained the issue and was put on hold for over 10min while she looked for someone who could help. I ended up hanging up and calling again. When I called the second time they took a while to answer(about 6min), and the person who answered was the same one who answered previously. Again she put me on hold this time for 17min at which point I hung up. I called for a third time and no one answered the phone so I just hung up. I was able to report it on the app finally and it says I will be issued a refund. The other issue is that the zucchini were bad and the spring mix salad was peeled back in two corners.

Review №98

Clean location. Seems like a popular spot

Review №99

On Saturday around 11:30 a.m. I went to shop at Walmart in East Brunswick, NJ. There was only two cashiers working the register and one self check out line which was about a mile long. The store is way understaffed without enough cashiers to help out customers which makes it an unsafe environment during this pandemic. I feel that the store being understaffed without enough cashiers on a Saturday puts all customers and employees in harms way during this awful pandemic. I will therefore not be going to the East Brunswick Store any longer.

Review №100

Typical wall Mart stuff all over the place in wrong places

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  • Address:290 NJ-18, East Brunswick, NJ 08816, United States
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  • Phone:+1 732-387-1059
  • Clothing store
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  • Discount store
  • Electronics store
  • Grocery store
  • Home goods store
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  • Wednesday:Closed
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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