Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting
450 Ross Clark Cir, Dothan, AL 36303, United States
Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting
Review №1

I have decided to wait a while to post my feedback, around 2 years ago today I brought my truck to Maaco of Dothan, because everyone else in the wiregrass wanted over 8,000 to paint my truck, I got another shop to do the body work, such as some rust repair and some small dents. Maaco went above and beyond my expectations, even found and fixed a dent that the other shop didn’t see!, I went for their highest package and best quality paint, which Maaco did a full color change to plum crazy purple and painted all the door jams, and even behind my filler flap!!!, and masked off all the stickers!, I did take some things off myself to make it easier for these guys, like front and rear bumpers and some trim. Just so I knew they wouldn’t get overspray on them, they did get some on the door panels put I was able to get it off very easy, there is no overspray anywhere else, it’s held up great in 2 years, and I expect it to last a lot longer than that, thank you Maaco of Dothan!

Review №2

Not capable of telephone conversation....always come in for that FREE non negotiable high priced guesstimate. Sure they have technical skills but guess they are content to cast a wide net. Van hood & roof became $650. Ouch!

Review №3

This paint job looks great wonderful job they own my business from now on the price was well within my range great paint job every one love it thank you maaco

Review №4

We carried our truck to get painted due to scratches nicks and a few bad areas to be smoothed out and brought back to life. It took them a little less than three weeks but the wait was worth it. There was a few things they could not do but the paint job itself was great. It looked like it was being drive off the floor of the dealership. Now I just have to redo the interior I will then have my husband NEW truck. Thanks Maaco!!

Review №5

They did a good job but there are minor issues with my paint job missed patches and missed paint spots. But over all good job.

Review №6

They did an amazing job... mid-value paint job. They did significant body repairs as well. I couldnt be more pleased.

Review №7

Great, dependable service. Will definitely use again in the future!

Review №8

For a $400 paintjob, Tony at Macco did an awesome job! Not to mention, they repaired a major dent that I thought would not be able to be restored fully for an unbeatable price. You try to make a car look this good for only $400 is all Im saying! It turned out great.

Review №9

A friend of mine recommended this shop to handle some body work and a new paint job. They did an outstanding job, especially for the price! Professional service and great quality. I highly recommend this place. You won’t be disappointed.

Review №10

Pleased with paint job on RV.

Review №11

This is the 5th vehicle that I’ve had painted at Maaco in Dothan AL. Every single time I have been thrilled with the results. They are so thorough and talk me through every detail and decision point. And the paint jobs are fantastic. I absolutely recommend them. And will be going back to them in the future.

Review №12

They do a decent job.

Review №13

They do a perfect job! Had a couple vehicles painted here and they do an awesome job and quickly!

Review №14

This guys did a great job. Make an old truck look new. There was a minor mistake, Mr Ed Bison went out out of his way to fix it. Im very happy with it

Review №15

Okay, hear me out. Yes they have good deals from time to time but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for!We have had 2 trucks painted here and both within very little time shown wear in certain places on the vehicle. Took another truck there with the new sale going on and was quoted over $2000. Has someone quote the same truck for 1200. So just be careful guys and try to get a second opinion.

Review №16

Bobby was a down-to-earth, easy-going guy who made everything understandable and easy! The jobs were well-done as well.

Review №17

There customers service was Great Im very happy with the paint job truck looks new. Im extremely happy with the overall deal

Review №18

I keep damaging my truck and maybe Ill eventually get the entire thing painted..... One panel at a time....

Review №19

They did a great job on my truck. I will definitely use them again, and recommend them.

Review №20

Maaco did a good job on painting my truck. Paint was smooth. No bad spots. Replaced emblems and decals like orginal equipment. I was pleased with the job.

Review №21

They did a good job, replaced my bumper

Review №22

Well never use them again learned that there word means nothing better get everything in righting they are mistrustful and do poor work I guess you get what you pay for there paint jobs are cheap and I see why.

Review №23

I’ve had to take my car to the TWICE and each time they have been very friendly, they also get the job done within a timely manner!

Review №24

The paint job was ok but they let an ex employee to steal from customer (me) and not inform me of the incident until I seen it was not in my trunk. I will never recommend them to anyone.

Review №25

Looks like a good deal.

Review №26

Was very satisfied with my paint job! They did a great job!!!

Review №27

Job finished on time to the level of expectations I requested for body work. Staff was very friendly and easy to work with. Overspray on a few areas caused runs, not terrible, but not related to the body work either. Would be nice if it wasn’t there but it’s not a deal breaker.

Review №28

Great i work there

Review №29

Let you know when I get my truck painted

Review №30

Did a great job for a 400 paint job. Car looks great

Review №31

Look for other optionsThe clear coat on my truck was flaking and it looked bad. I shopped around and found that not many businesses seem interested in doing a full body repaint. Most of the shops in the area “specialize” in collision repair. I decided to try Maaco. Looking back, I wish I had done some more shopping, even if it had meant more money. Three separate trips to fix what should have been done in the first place and many paint imperfections. The manager said to “not expect a factory finish” and I honestly never did, but the quality was still lacking. It shines when you don’t look too close, but when you do look closer, you can see way too many flaws that seems like hurried, sloppy work. There is over-spray on my tires and wheels! I did not get one of their $299 “specials”, but paid over 5 times that much since I wanted a good job. I just wish I had gotten one. With all due respect, the guys there seem nice enough and willing to please, but I just don’t think I got my money’s worth.

Review №32

Prices went up tremendously... I got my car painted for $300 a few years ago & now theyve gone up to $450... which is still good... Im just cheap & hate the fact theyve gone they do great work!! I got my truck painted for $500 a few years ago also... dont know what price they charge for trucks now...

Review №33

Maaco of Dothan, Alabama has been in business for many years in the Wiregrass area. I have friends who have taken every vehicle there to have repairs and painting service. They have a good and friendly staff. Ed has done a good job for myself. Stop in an say hello.

Review №34

There great just behind right now

Review №35

Quick turnaround. Great work. Great price

Review №36

Great experience with this shop. Tony was very courteous and prompt in answering all questions. Work was done right and very pleased.

Review №37

These guys took my 2006 mustang convertible that was built from pcs of three other cars and painted it grabber blue. Outstanding job! And thats from a guy who drove a 1969 ferrari for 18 years. For the 675 bucks I paid I got twice my moneys worth. RDY.

Review №38

Does very nice paint jobs on cars!!

Review №39

Good work for the value

Review №40

I went to Maaco so they could repaint my car because my paint was chipping in the front. I heard a few good reviews about them so I tried them out. 2 weeks later I go to get my car back and they acted like they were hiding something from me. I pay for it and they dont walk out with me to look at it with me. They also wanted me to go in and pay for it and later let someone go in with me to get it. Anyway, I noticed there was spots all in the paint where they must of sanded it and just painted over it. They also got paint on my plastic pieces like right below where you would put your hand to open the trunk, also got paint on the plastic where my mirrors are. All throughout the paint there were dust under the paint. Also there was paint that looks like it was heavy and sliding down right under my door handle. I opened my car and there was dust everywhere! Hand prints all over the inside door, footprints in my seat... at least clean up after yourself!!!! I told them the inside was filthy and they said it will come off if you wipe it. Ok well why dont you clean up the mess you made. I tried wiping some of it and some wont come off.. so now I have to spend some more money on going to get the inside clean. They did a really crappy job!!! I was not happy with it at all...

Review №41

Repaired badly damaged custom mustang GT. Looks great

Review №42

They went above and beyond to try to minimize the cost.

Review №43

Painted wifes car excellent work very pleased.

Review №44

Very pleased with their work.

Review №45

Nice group. Got a quote in minutes.

Review №46

Wouldnt even give Dothan Maaco a 1 star. Was given a quote on my car and a date they would start and finish the paint job. I rented a car for this time period but when I went to drop my car off with Maaco they said they couldnt get to it for a month and that was a maybe. When I told them that I had an appointment and had already rented a car they informed me that insurance work took priority over mine and to just turn the rental back in. Worst customer service I have ever seen. All this happened at the Dothan Alabama MAACO

Review №47

Quality work that looks great

Review №48

Picked up car for the shop I work at and everything was satisfactory.

Review №49

Thanks for the great work guys! Very pleased with service received!

Review №50

Great look my truck looks brand new.

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Review №52

Great shop with some pretty cool employees

Review №53

Profesdional and quality work!!!

Review №54

Awesome paint work at a great price!

Review №55

Guy told me they were booked up for weeks that he didnt know when he could get to me I would think you could make an appointment and call when you have an opening the guy didnt seem to care

Review №56

Wont return any way soon.

Review №57

Low price advertised is a trick to get you in.

Review №58

You get what you pay for.

Review №59

Great job!

Review №60

Good work

Review №61

Friendly and professional

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Review №63

Mmm it is a quick hitter! Your effort and time will be considered they know their stuff but they also know efficiency which isnt always diligence to the T! Will it look good yes! Do you use a microscope No! Do your research and understand what you are asking for!

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