Christy Sports Ski & Patio
201 University Blvd Ste 112, Denver, CO 80206, United States
Christy Sports Ski & Patio
Review №1

This place has been nothing, but frustration so far. 1: The website is wrong for the sport snowboard package which was confusing for making a reservation. I ended up having to call for clarification. 2: I wasted almost 2 hrs of my life trying to pick up my items to find out I could not rent anything without my own socks due to covid. So you can be in the store without a mask fine, but they cannot provide extra socks for trying on boots. Seems odd since viruses cannot survive on socks, but can definitely be spread by an uncovered mouth.Anyway, would have been nice if the reservation mentioned socks were required or you would have to pay $20 for socks upon arrival. (Such an absurd amount for socks.) Now, I have to go back another day to pick up my items and will probably waste another 2 hrs of my life.

Review №2

Just got all set up with new snowboarding gear from Spencer and he was amazingly helpful and so knowledgeable! He made sure I got the right fitting gear and set everything up for me before I left the store. That was awesome customer service!!

Review №3

Just recently moved to Denver and have been so excited to ski here. Someone recommended I go to Christys to get fitted for boots and skis. I was hesitant at first because they don’t do appointments and didnt know how long I’d have to wait. Ended up waiting about 30 minutes on a Saturday at 2pm.When it was my turn, immediately Tyler was super friendly and knowledgeable. He knew exactly what to recommend and pointed me in the right direction. He answered all my questions, kept price in mind, explained the fitting guarantee and heat molding. All in all it could not have been a better experience, especially for someone that was buying boots and skis for the first time.Thank you Tyler!

Review №4

Garrett was super helpful and thorough - all appreciated!! Will definitely get my skis here again next season. Collin was also very helpful!

Review №5

I came in just thinking I was going to look around, gather some information, and go home and think. But Spencer was super helpful, gave great insight, and I ended up walking out with boots and some rental gear. All the guys were super great and chill, especially since I had walked in close to closing and since I took some time to actually try on boots, we were there longer than closing. They were all still really great and awesome about it.

Review №6

Garrett is very knowledgeable and efficient! Will definitely come back for my season rentals in the future.

Review №7

After having a horrible experience at Epic Mountain Gear, Christy’s was amazing! I was able to walk out in 30 mins with my kids rental skis in hand. It feels good to support local businesses. Thank you Collin for chatting with us and showing exceptional customer service.

Review №8

These guys, the best. So helpful, so nice, great prices. I wish I could remember his name but the fella with the longer curly hair checking people in, was amazing helping us trying to find a friends reservation. Witt, was fantastic with getting us fitted into boots and boards. This is where you need to get your gear.

Review №9

Rudy was quite knowledgeable with all brands in his store. After leaving with my purchase I felt completely satisfied with my new coat, gloves and hat. Thank you to Rudy and his staff for the honesty. Two thumbs up 👍🏽👍🏽

Review №10

Aaron and the team absolutely CRUSHED my ski repair. It involved several core shots and an edge that was pulling off. Very challenging. Almost retired the skis but they were able to restore to like new condition. Will be able to get a couple more years out of them now. It is clear they take pride in their work, and I really appreciate the outcome.

Review №11

Awesome people at Christy Sports. Every time I pop in they are super friendly, responsive and helpful. The other day I needed to pack up a pair of skies and Tyler went out of his way to help me out and offer advice. Highly recommend this team!

Review №12

I rented my skiing gear for first and Joe (Joseph) helped me to get the perfect fit and he shared w me some basic knowledge about ski 🎿 he’s also super friendly and helpful. Say Hi to him for me 🤓

Review №13

I bought face shild, leather winter glows Great brand great store great employees

Review №14

Kyle went above and beyond to ensure I got the best boots for my fit, capabilities and comfort. He took the time to teach me how a boot is supposed to fit and what to look for. I appreciated the time and effort to find my perfect boot. If you’re looking for new ski boots, Kyle’s your go to guy!

Review №15

I needed help finding a good jacket for snowboarding and Margaret was extraordinarily helpful! She pointed me in the right direction and talked me through the different fits and feels of the coats and I ended up finding the perfect jacket! All the staff members were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Would definitely recommend my friends come here for their ski/snowboarding needs!

Review №16

Employees are very helpful and plentiful. Only issue is website allowed us to book on Christmas and received a confirmation email also, then the store was closed. Also my wife’s board bindings were too long on the toe so her foot was not as secure as it needed. Overall great experience though

Review №17

Ive had varied experiences at other stores but these guys were awesome. Shout out to Brett! Dude fit me in for a snowboard wax and sized all 5 of my peeps for skis, even as the store closed. Super patient with all our questions, too. Could really tell he loves the work he does. Thanks again, Brett!

Review №18

Enjoyed my experience renting equipment. They were closed the day we made the reservation even though they confirmed it, however the team here made everything right and easy the next day for me to pick everything up. Other than that slight inconvenience I was impressed with the level of customer service I received and ease or rental and return.

Review №19

Awesome store. The employees are really friendly and helpful I was asked by 3 different people if I needed any help during the entirety of my shopping experience. Not back to back or in annoying way. I highly recommend this store.

Review №20

My rental experience was amazing! Was able to book online and the process was easy once I arrived on my designated pick up day! Would highly recommend :)

Review №21

Had a great experience renting skis. They have different options for different types of skiers, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff to help, especially Collin. He knows the score and always provides outstanding customer service. Anyone new to the industry would do well if they learned from him.

Review №22

Valerie was amazing! After doing season rentals the last two seasons, my boyfriend and I went in to Christys this afternoon knowing we were ready to buy the whole set up but having no idea what to look for in buying boots, skis, bindings, etc. She was incredibly knowledgeable and patient with us, and she went above and beyond every step of the way. We cant wait to get out there this season and owe her so much for allowing us to be confident with this big purchase.

Review №23

Ive been skiing most of my life and snowboarding for the past 25 years. I am quickly approaching the age of 60 but I thought I would continue boarding for many years to come. At the beginning of this season, however, I not only lost my confidence on my board, I busted a binding as well. Frankly, I thought of hanging up the board.The guys at the office said to head over to Christie Sports in Cherry Creek and ask for Sam. Sam could have solved my binding problem in about 5 minutes but he took the time to listen to me and talk about why I was feeling so awkward on my board and not enjoying it like I once did. We quickly surmised that I was riding on equipment that was not properly suited for me (all of which I had bought on-line without the consultation of someone who knew what I needed). Sam not only spent the time but he listened to me and really dug into what best suited me.Sam hooked me up with a new step-in boot & binding system and then we spent another 30 minutes going over board shapes, rock, and camber. The board I had was OK but not for what I needed. I walked out of Christies looking forward to my next trip to the mountains.I spent 4 days up in Beaver Creek this past week and the only part of me that is sore is my face from smiling non-stop! I have not had this much fun boarding in years. The boots were comfortable, the bindings super easy, and the board made me ride like I did 20 years ago. I called Sam from the mountain and could not thank him and Christies enough for everything that they did for me...... on a side note, I have not cut my hair since the end of 2019 (pre-COVID) and Sam too is sporting a serious ponytail. He also suggested that I get in touch with his good friend Andy who cuts hair in town and that he would help me out. Needless to Say, I got my hair cleaned-up (did not cut the length!!) and not only was I boarding well again..... but I looked good doing it too!Thank you Sam and thank you Christies SportsRobert

Review №24

Very friendly and professional encounter with the rental counter staff. Im from Illinois, so I needed to be brought up to speed with how skiing is round these parts, and the staff here did an excellent job. Rental was cheaper than I anticipated, as well. Under $60 for skis, boots, helmet and insurance. 10/10.

Review №25

I had an amazing experience with this store! Truly outstanding customer service from the manager (Colin) and an associate (Alex), who both went out of their way to help me with a challenging situation. With above-and-beyond service like this, I will now be a loyal shopper at this store!

Review №26

My go to for all things I need ski. These guys are customer service focus & they work with you to help solve any first world recreational problem. Oliver was knowledgeable & helpful when I came in last time to help me fit my ski boots.

Review №27

Rented a helmet last second and it was quick and easy! Also got helpful tips that made me get wrist guards!

Review №28

Christy sports always has the most knowledgeable staff and great product selection at reasonable prices. For most outdoor gear I am someone who typically shops at REI due to the return policy and my fear of committing to a product, but after some failed boot-fitting experiences there I decided to give Christy Sports a try. My boot fitter, Kyle, was super knowledgeable and got me into boots that work for my weird feet as well as gave me information on other ski products I was interested in.If you want to get your ski gear right the first time come here! Their season rentals are also a great deal for your first season when you would outgrow your first set of skis anyway.

Review №29

Had a great experience today 11-7-20 with Parker who fitted me with Ski, Boots, Bindings and Poles. He reallyKnew his stuff and was the consummate and friendly professional. I was committed to buy from the folks who helped me choose but I still wanted to make sure I got a good price. Went home to check Amazon after the sale and found the prices were the same on three items and $50 less on one at Christy’s.Bottom line: fantastic service, great prices, top notch pro. I’m new to Denver and now a big fan. Chris H -Lowry

Review №30

Highly recommend!! Great rental prices and service for ski rental. Super impressed by the staff!

Review №31

My husband and I visited this location looking for patio furniture. The sales folks are reasonably friendly but the experience was nothing special. We will buy patio furniture very soon, but will not return to Christy Sports.

Review №32

I started bringing our boards to this Christy Sports location in the 2016/2017 season. At first I was merely satisfied with the level of service as the process was fairly simple; drop off the board(s) and pick them up in a couple days, pricing was competitive, etc. That was until my board suffered some damage that caused a section of the edge to separate from the board, pics attached. Even though it was new the board manufacturer would not replace the board, even with Christys help. So I was faced with two options, buy a new board or have Christys board shop attempt a repair, even though the outcome couldnt be guaranteed given the nature of the damage.This is where they really earned a 5-star review. Kevin in the board shop took a personal interest in the board and worked hard to make the repairs. I say personal interest because it was just that, it took two attempts before it was able to be fully repaired and Kevin worked with me through the whole process and even followed up to see how the board was doing after the fact. Ive ridden the board this entire season (2017/2018) and the repair has held true. In addition to being a board/ski shop with fast turnaround times, fair pricing and quality work, I would highly recommend anyone with any damaged boards/skis take them to this location for repairs. If Kevin cant fix it, it cant be fixed. And if it cant they will work with you and the manufacturer to ensure you get back to the slopes as soon as possible.

Review №33

I have come here the past few times to rent for snowboarding and love how fast the service is and how nice the people are. Never had a problem here!

Review №34

Have always had fantastic customer service from the team at Christys on University. Have purchased two sets of boots : great service from Tyler and Parker.

Review №35

Sam is the absolute best. We came in tonight for the first time for snowboard boots for myself. Sam was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. We will definitely be back for all of our snow needs. Thank you Sam!

Review №36

The staff here are always so helpful and awesome. They have tons of great quality ski and snowboarding gear for all ages.

Review №37

Would be lost without the awesome staff at Christys! Collin kindly greeted us at the front door and knew us by name when we exited. Kyle and Tom helped guide me through buying my first pair of boots and absolutely knew their stuff. They were helpful while being personable and really made an effort to make sure I was happy with my purchase. I will always only ever use and recommend Christys for all skiing needs. They’re very transparent about prices and never made me feel silly for asking beginner questions. Thank you Tom and Kyle!

Review №38

Big thanks and shout out to Collin and Kevin. I’m new to snowboarding and my knowledge is limited. They took the time to understand my skill set, my style of riding and explained everything accordingly. They even stuck around a few minutes past closing time. Much appreciated guys.

Review №39

Spoke to Nathan about getting some mittens. He proceeded to recommend the best things that have ever touched my hands, the hestras I picked up via his recommendation has my hands on fire. Warmest mittens I have ever been inside. Thanks Nathan!

Review №40

I’ve always loved Christy sports and the work they’ve done to my snowboard, up until this visit... I brought my board in about two weeks ago to get a simple tune and fresh wax. All looked great until I was taking the chairlift up to steamboat on a phenomenal powder day when I realized I was missing a screw in my binding that was not missing prior to my visit. This forced me to spend the next hour going back to the base and getting a new screw. I missed fresh AM lines at steamboat because I gave Christy sports full trust they could perform a routine wax... If you’re looking to Christy sports for any repairs I would go elsewhere...

Review №41

We were here during the winter when we went on our skiing trip and the people here were very helpful. They helped us get what we needed to get up to slopes on time and good thing as they were very strict at the slopes. Thank u Christy sports!

Review №42

I rented skis from the Cherry Creek location for the season and was very happy with them. I started off with the performance package but thought I needed something a little nicer, so upgraded to the demo package. Couldnt have been happier with the Rossi Soul7 HDs I got for the season and probably went out about a dozen or so times. Definitely got my moneys worth. The staff was also very helpful and friendly during the whole process. Will return for my rental needs.Now time to buy my own. Looking forward to the labor day sales.

Review №43

Paul was incredibly patient and helpful in getting me into some new snowboard boots. I had been dealing with a lot of pain from my previous boots and insoles, which sadly I was never able to fully resolve by the time they were outside the year long boot-fit guarantee, but Paul and Colin generously went WAY above and beyond their obligations to help me out to get into something new. Highly recommend buying from Christy’s, their customer service is top notch.

Review №44

I had been planning to take several students to Keystone for a school trip and the Christy Sports team was MORE than accommodating with getting us the gear we needed and fitting the students. When I found out that the school trip had been cancelled the following day, Christy Sports Team were flexible with me in returning the gear and refunding me. Thank you very much for all of your help and we will definitely come back again! The team was also very knowledgeable and courteous.

Review №45

Sam was very knowledgeable and friendly. He is an expert. Measured my foot and helped with finding the right boot for my very wide feet.

Review №46

The guy who helped me pick up my demo board was knowledgeable and provided suggestions based on my skill level and riding preferences. He walked me through the terminology and differences among the boards to find the best one for me.When I didnt get to use the demo following the closure of all ski resorts, Christys gave me a full refund. Ive always had a good experience renting from several different locations. All around great company with great people.

Review №47

Spencer provided the exceptional service when I recently replaced my snowboard bindings. Walking me through the different bindings while recommending the ones most fitting for my needs and budget. He answered my myriad of questions while never trying to up-sell. He switched out the standard base plates to fit my board, and even had the board buffed while we checked out. Competitive pricing- similar prices to what I had researched previously, especially with different base plates thrown in. Knowledgeable hands-on service.

Review №48

After having a horrible experience at the Evo Denver store off Broadway for a ski boot fitting, I ended up going to Christy Sports in the Cherry Creek location. What a difference in terms of customer service and knowledgeable staff.The person helping me with my ski boot fitting took the time to listen and hear about my skill level and experience as well as what I’m looking for. He provided me with four different boots to try and we narrowed it down to an awesome pair of Salomons that fit me really well. He followed that with a custom boot fit for me (custom footbeds that he shaved down to my size along with baking the boots).The whole experience was very attentive and left me excited to hit the mountains this season with my custom boots.I’ll continue to give my business to Christy Sports (and avoid Evo)

Review №49

I rented the performance package for my daughter. Ive rented here before, but I was surprised this time by the high quality of the skis and boots. Much better than other places Ive gone. Also, the process was super smooth, with a generous rental period: 1 day includes pickup around 3pm the day before and return the day after. Ill definitely stop in again.

Review №50

Live this store. Andrew was very helpful.

Review №51

We love this location! Brett was extremely knowledgeable and friendly!! Would 100% recommend and will continue to come back!

Review №52

Can’t thank the team here enough, especially Sam, when it came to getting the right fit of snowboard boots. His knowledge and understanding of the products was top notch!

Review №53

Im not one to normally leave a review, but this place went above and beyond (Brett in particular). I was struggling to find a place to rent a snowboard for a last minute get away for a friends birthday, and no Christys locations near me had reservations or walk-ins left -- but Brett worked a miracle. He made sure that I was able to enjoy my girls weekend get away and had every supply necessary. Highly recommend this place (Cherry Creek Location especially)!!

Review №54

I went into Christy Sports today potentially looking to buy some new boots. I met with Sam and it was quickly obvious that he knew his stuff. Sam did not make me feel rushed at all and spent almost an hour and a half with me helping me pick out the appropriate boots, bindings, and board. I feel I left more educated in the sport of snowboarding than I did when I walked in the store. I am so excited and happy with my purchase and I know I could not have done it without Sam. He does not come off like a pushy salesman he truly wants to you to find the best setup for you. Unrivaled customer service, if you want to be confident in your purchase and a smarter consumer Sam Parra at Christy won’t disappoint!

Review №55

Great guys I gave them a bottle of Elijah Craig for free seasonal rentals shoutout to that guy Matt Becker for hooking it up just for one bottle of good whiskey.

Review №56

Needed help with dki goggles. Two young women helped quickly snd professionally

Review №57

The team here is absolutely amazing! I had a big problem with the weather affecting my plans to go skiing up at keystone and was worried that I would be having to pay to extend my rentals even though I didnt even get to use them on a day I was planning to ski. I went back to this location and the team did such a great job on helping me and even extended my reservation for free (didnt have to return them and then rent them out again) and when the weather didnt get any better and I couldnt use my rentals at all they gave me a full refund. I never expected this, but they for sure earned my business for the rest of the time that I am living near this location! Thanks team for making a fuzzy and confusing transaction and weekend a little less stressful.

Review №58

I bought boots here and Sam was incredibly helpful. He really went above and beyond to make sure I found the right fit.

Review №59

They made the seasonal ski rental and return process so easy and the staff was very helpful. The purchase online, ahead of time option made it even faster. I will be going back every season!

Review №60

Just wanted to give a quick thanks to Tom and the rest of the team at Christys Sports. I stopped in to explore options for customizing the fit of my ski boots. Tom guided me to the right product, but said the fitting would take about half an hour. I said Id have to come back later because I had a puppy in the car and Tom offered for me to bring her in while we did the fitting. Izzy got lots of pets and attention from the whole staff and I got some great custom boot liners. Thanks everyone.

Review №61

Best place to get anything you need for ski season. I’ve been skiing for years in the wrong size boot and didn’t know that until I went to Christy Sports. They’re entire staff knows what they are talking about and they DO NOT try and sell you the most expensive gear, they make sure you are in the right gear for your level of skiing. If you want great customer service ask for Kyle, very knowledgeable and easy to work with!

Review №62

Spencer is my guy! thanks for the hook up on gear this szn 🧡

Review №63

This Christy’s is, hands down, the best place for ski/snowboard rentals in the Denver area. Garrett and Kyle always take exceptional care of me whenever I visit because they sincerely care and want to ensure you’re going to have a great time out on the slopes! Cannot recommend this place, and these guys, enough!

Review №64

I purchased from Christy, DPS Wailer 112s and absolutely love them so far, but they are best suited for backcountry and power conditions. I have been looking for a sub 100mm ski for in-area off piste, more hard packed skiing.I have working with Brett on trying different skis, sizes under foot, and lengths. Brett has been extremely helpful and accommodating with this process. Their rental rates are very competitive and have just about every ski that I have needed to try.

Review №65

I bought some snowboard boots and had some issues with the fit but Sam wouldn’t let me leave without getting it right. They really went out of their way to help me out. We had the same experience with my girlfriend and her ski boots so I know they are consistent and very knowledgeable. You may be spending a little bit more than some website but your feet will thank you in the end!

Review №66

Super fun I think I will come back

Review №67

Excellent experience at this store. Brought my snowboard in for a binding repair on a Saturday in February and was in and out of the store in 10 minutes. Paul helped me get a new binding piece on quickly and was very friendly and professional. Highly recommend this store.

Review №68

Just got new ski boots here- great experience! Chase was super helpful, made it a quick and easy process. Left feeling confident in my boots, would definitely recommend!

Review №69

Melissa totally wowed me with her great service! I called numerous local shops before speaking to her and ended up frustrated and confused. She was clear, knowledgeable, and beyond friendly. Im done shopping around — Christy gets my business because she. is. awesome. Thanks for having such rad employees!!

Review №70

Sam and Spencer were great they have helped us so many times!

Review №71

Opted to pick up rentals in Denver after my flight in, rather than fight crowds at the resort. Good choice. The process was quick and the gear was good. Highly recommend Christy Sports.

Review №72

Friendly staff throughout the store! Ski rental process was streamlined and easy. Tyler was extremely helpful to this first-time skiier and set me up with everything I needed! Highly recommend this location for its awesome service. Also, free covered parking is available underground.

Review №73

Excellent customer service. Well organised for both pick-up and return. Lots of care and attention spent on boot fitting. Skis were an excellent match for my sons skill level. Thank you!

Review №74

Always had a great experience at Christys, this one especially. Staff are knowledgeable, easy-going, and dont try to nickel and dime you. Ask for Matt, I think hes one of the managers there and his level of customer service and attention to detail for skis are straight up exceptional!

Review №75

Took so much time with me today to get the right set up. Always a great crew working!

Review №76

Great place, rent my yearly skis here, and they treat you well. Wonderful people! Great price!

Review №77

Wanted to say how thankful we are for Matt, Tyler, and Parker at the cherry creek location.I came in with my boyfriend (both of us who have limited knowledge and often feel clueless regarding ski equipment) and we were looking for ski equipment for him. He previously had spent a ton of money on boots that made him miserable and he was starting to hate skiing as a result.The team here was awesome- their expertise was clear and they helped us to find the best possible equipment. They even used the boot fit guarantee to get him new amazing boots that fit and we couldn’t be happier.Go here for the great customer service, solid knowledge base, and kind people.

Review №78

Go see Kyle! That guy is awesome. Knows his stuff and will spend time with you to make sure you get the right equipment. Couldnt be happier with the experience. Thanks for everything Kyle!

Review №79

Helpful, quick and personable for our first experience renting ski and snowboard equipment. The gear was the best Ive ever rented. It was in great shape, comfortable and reliable. We felt the pricing was reasonable as well for a 24 hour rental. Return process was a breeze. We will definitely be back!

Review №80

Service here is outstanding. The employees (shoutout to Will & Sam) are ridiculously knowledgeable about everything ski/snowboard related. I purchased custom fitted boots with lifetime adjustments for a much more affordable price than anywhere else. My boyfriend was custom fitted for snowboard boots and had an equally positive experience. As new ski/snowboard owners, they helped us with tune up & care questions and even gave us their email if we had any follow ups. We both couldnt be more pleased with Christys and will definitely be coming back for any winter sport needs!

Review №81

The best place to rent snowboards and awesome staff

Review №82

Very easy process. Excellent prices. Bonus is that there are many locations so if there are any issues w your gear on the mountain its easy to address. Great, friendly staff

Review №83

I went and saw Will to get boots fitted and bindings done. He could not have been more helpful and pleasant to work with. His knowledge of ski boots and fitting them to my feet was top notch. He is a great conversationalist and really makes you feel at home while going through the process. In addition, he knocked out my bindings and fitting my boots to the bindings in less than a week. He is the best one in the game. Go ask for Will and check out this awesome spot!

Review №84

Selection is good. Customer service not great, and employees seem disinterested in answering simple customer questions. Parking is tight and people Park poorly because of the narrow parking lot.I went to replace gloves that I misplaced after a ski trip. I didnt see smartwool socks so I ask a guy at the front, he didnt even acknowledge I ask him a question until he decided he was done on his phone. When he did acknowledge I ask him a question he looked at me as if I ask about car parts. The other guy behind the counter spoke up and pointed me in the direction of the items I was looking for.I guess when you have a shop in Cherry Creek you dont have to have good customer service.Next time Ill drive to epic mountain sports for better customer service.

Review №85

Christy’s always has such great personalized service! Dedicated to finding you the best piece of equipment for YOU. Paul was a rockstar helping us today! Very helpful and kind.

Review №86

Terrific experience. Was in town for the weekend and booked online ahead of time. Super easy process and the staff was great with getting me set up. Equipment was is great condition, almost brand new it seemed. Was in and out of there in no time- definitely recommend!

Review №87

They know their stuff and theyre not out to force you into deals you dont want. They genuinely care about their customers.You can get a season ski rental for 200$ with flexible return dates? Um, great! You can also get a seasonal rental for cheaper if you purchase the boots. I went with that option and the whole process was personalized and I didnt feel rushed.

Review №88

My husband and I bought boots here and demod skis all last year before buying. Everyone we worked wirh( and we worked with a lot of different people) were extremely knowledgeable and ready to help. Matt Oliver was especially helpful and great to work with! We now have skis and Boots we love and are excited about! I would go back again when its time to get new gear, hopefully not for a bit though.

Review №89

Was referred by a family member to rent my ski equipment here the day before my adventure to expedite the trip to Keystone.The staff was very attentive.We decided to buy a snowboard for my sons Christmas present and the staff member explained all the important information with the latest technology. He moved the bindings from the old board and set the new one up perfectly.Very pleased with our experience!

Review №90

Just moved to Denver with my wife. Went to the cherry creek location. Worked with JP. One of the best ski shop experiences Ive had. So much knowledge on all the gear. I had questions. They were able to answer all of them. Spent 2 hours with my wife and I fitting boots and skis while our 1 year old was running around. Such a great atmosphere. Everyone was super nice. Very happy with all my purchases. Highly recommend this place to anyone looking for great prices, great gear, and great service!

Review №91

I absolutely love this place. Not only did they do a wonderful job of fitting me for what I rented, the equipment was really nice. After our trip was over, I realized I had accidentally forgotten to return my equipment, drove back to Missouri, and it was six days past due. I immediately called and talked to guy named Matt who first laughed at my mistake, but then was kind enough to allow me to just mail in the equipment at my earliest convenience. The shipping was really expensive so they waved my late fees. This was an opportunity they could have severely damaged my bank account, but instead were generous enough to give me a chance to send it in.Moral of the story is Christy Sports is freaking awesome, and I highly recommend them to anybody and everybody

Review №92

I don’t have enough good things to say about this place. They are genuinely passionate about skiing and do everything they can to make your experience as positive as possible. From the moment you enter the door, they make you feel comfortable. They know so much about skiing and are always happy to share that knowledge with you. Go here for any ski needs you have!

Review №93

James helped me find the perfect pair of ski boots without trying to get me into something more than I wanted to pay. He took the time to explain everything to me and made sure I had everything I needed. I highly recommend you include this Christys on your list if you are looking to get some ski equipment.

Review №94

I gave it four stars because the prices are high. However, the quality of the merchandise is great. You could save money by renting. The staff are polite and try their best to help you.They greeted me when I walked in and smiled while I spoke to them. They were patient with the lady in front of me who wanted to return a used product without a receipt or tag.

Review №95

A+++++ wont ever rent from anywhere else!! I rented equipment in hopes to ski with friends and ended up getting sick and couldn’t even get out of bed. They gave me a rain check to be able to rent skis for the next time. SO incredibly thoughtful and it’s so nice to know that some businesses do still care about the customer. Very much appreciated, you guys rock, I can’t wait to come back next season!

Review №96

Their seasonal gear rental program cant be beat. Watch for it in the fall and for the price of a couple of days of in-season rental you can rent your kids gear for the whole season. Helpful staff. And if you already have skis, their tuning is excellent.

Review №97

Great experience! Everyone was super helpful. We had two broken boards to get fixed, neither was an easy fix, but Tucker was able to fix both of them quickly. He spent the time to find a part for an old board and made it work! Because of the great service and affordability, we definitely will be coming back!

Review №98

I have NEVER had a pair of ski boots that weren’t excruciating. Kyle Grow at Christy’s sold me a pair of boots during their summer sale and gave me his card to come back for custom fitting in October. He spent a lot of time with me and I walked out with boots that finally fit! He was friendly, professional, spent a lot of time with me, and even let me make a direct appointment with him. I HIGHLY recommend him and Christy’s to anyone who is a tough boot fit.

Review №99

Top notch service, rentals and a great selection of gear. All of the staff are very friendly and helpful.

Review №100

I have never had a bad experience at this store. The employee know what they are talking about and help you find what you need.

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