DANG Soft Serve
2211 Oneida St, Denver, CO 80207, United States
DANG Soft Serve
Review №1

So. Good. First off, this place is so cute. I love the color scheme and the turf out front had a little play area with kid toys and cornhole. The girl who served us was super upbeat and sweet, I wish I got her name! I tried the salted Oreo and it was perfect. I’ve had salted ice cream that tasted like 95% salt but this was so good. The funnel fries are made fresh and I highly recommend them. We ate outside on the little patio. It’s such a nice area to be in and we’ll definitely be coming back ASAP!

Review №2

Dang! That was some good soft serve as it says in the name. Great hip spot and great place for kids to run around outside play and scream ice cream!

Review №3

Oh. My. God. Yes. Just, yes. Just, go here and eat all the soft serve! I was craving soft serve a few weeks ago and had been wanting to try this, and as youd probably expect, it blows any fast food chain out of the water. The classic chocolate/vanilla twist was smooth, creamy, and flavorful. And I tried a few other flavors that Ill definitely try on my next visit. My husband got a delicious sundae and he loved it too. Staff is friendly too, and I noticed they do a great job of being patient and taking their time with every customer. Highly recommend!

Review №4

Wow. Who wudda thought.Super good soft serve, perfect texture and flavors.Awesome fries, some of the best in town.Then to dip the fries in soft serve?!?! Wha?Don’t knock it til you try it. It is awesome!

Review №5

Simple and ok tasting. I was expecting more flavors but its just vanilla or chocolate soft serve ice creams with a variety of candy/cookie sprinkles on top, such as Oreo, Heath Bar, M & M, etc. Surprisingly, they also serve French fries.

Review №6

Interesting soft serve ice cream shop! Ordered 2 cones, spent roughly $11. They mix your toppings on a bowl and then press them into your cone by hand. Still mandating masks

Review №7

The ice cream is OK - nothing to write home about - but it is a great location in the neighborhood. The reason for 1* is that they charged my child $9 for a regular “dang” cup. He didn’t catch it at the time - I only knew because of how it showed up on my card. If it was an error it’s pretty obvious & the cashier should have questioned why they were asking for that much. If it wasn’t an error, well ….

Review №8

Best fries on planet earth and unlimited toppings on a sundae. This will forever be my favorite ice cream spot in Denver.

Review №9

Get the $7 Split. Share. Its great dang for your buck with 3 flavors, a banana and unlimited toppings. The Dang (single scoop) for $4.25 with only one topping is not worth the money. Waffle cones are nice. Late at night they can run out of some toppings but only a few.Its a pretty popular hang out spot for younger crowds so you could see a large party enter all at once. It was hard to see if they have any outdoor seating so going for a one handed cone could be good if youre sticking around.Staff was fantastic. Active and engaged in orders despite lines.I suggest you stear clear of Andes Mints for some of their lighter flavors.If I were to offer them a suggestion Their toppings are written in faded dry erase marker on the glass and that makes it hard to read and isnt very organized. Very contrary to the rest of their easy to read signage. I assume dry erase so items can be changed out or marked through if gone but the low contrast is hard to read. See my pictures.

Review №10

The staff was friendly and efficient. The outdoor space was nice to sit and enjoy ice cream. Parking was a big tricky but thankfully we came at a time when it wasn’t too packed. The fries were perfectly cooked and served with their dang sauce which was delicious. The ice cream was dreamy especially on a hot day.

Review №11

All of this is provided by a kind and helpful staff. I was able to purchase my favorite ice cream and sweets. They never let me down when it comes to my high expectations.

Review №12

Delicious soft serve. The banana flavor was amazing. Love the outdoor seating.

Review №13

Friendly service and good soft serve flavors. The fries are surprisingly on point.

Review №14

I opted for their seasonal dairy-free twist - honey almond and chocolate. You get one topping included in the price and I went with the caramel sauce. I enjoyed it and the texture of the ice cream was creamy and yummy for being dairy free. Was it the best ice cream I’ve ever had? No. But it was good and lots of topping options which is nice. Also super cute exterior and fall decor.

Review №15

YUM! New favorite Denver ice cream place. We stopped by on a Sunday and were quickly greeted with awesome suggestions and exceptional service. The soft serve is amazing and the flavors don’t disappoint.

Review №16

I can never pass up a soft serve place, and Dang did not disappoint! Plenty of flavors to choose from and tons of toppings. The portions were large and worth the money.

Review №17

Cool location with a green lawn in front for kids to play. Location surrounded by bars and other good restaurants. Good spot for a group to hang out.

Review №18

My family is a little bit ice cream obsessed, and DANG is one of our favorite, go-to spots. Soft-serve with many toppings to choose from, plus (bonus for me!) french fries with dipping sauce. Who doesnt love a good soft serve/fry combo? The 80s vibe is fun and fresh, with plenty of outdoor seating and areas for kids to play. Put this one on your must-see list for Denver.Bonus: DANGs Scoop for Scoop program donates a portion of its proceeds to young musicians and artists in the Park Hill neighborhood.

Review №19

Delicious soft serve like non other, match that with their famous dang fries and dipping sauce. Me and the fam were in paradise. We will be back for sure.

Review №20

Being a little man ice cream fan, this soon became my fav spot in Denver! Flavors are just amazing! Service is excellent. Recommend it 100/100.

Review №21

Free parking. Friendly staff. Little Man gift card accepted here. Outdoor seating available. Limited flavors.

Review №22

I was excited to try Dang but not very impressed. Was really looking forward to fries and ice cream but thats not what happened. The menu on the website and in store were very different. The fries were somewhere in the background I think. The customer service was the worst part, no information the toppings were a mess! There was a dog in the store, gross! Ill stick to Mc Donalds sno cone and fries for sure.

Review №23

Dang had an awesome selection of ice cream and toppings, will definitely be back for more!

Review №24

Really good soft serve. a good variety of exotic flavors.

Review №25

Great place to grab some ice cream and hang out with the family!

Review №26

Really great place just southeast of lowry. Tons of space for kids to run around and drop their ice cream.

Review №27

Great soft serve! Awesome 80s vibe for kids and adults. We will be back for sure.

Review №28

Incredibly vivid, rich flavors. Even after sampling, it was hard to choose a favorite (salted maple/ Torpedo coffee Vegan chai/Vegan ganache Chocolate /Vanilla, Berry/peanutbutter). We had a dish and combined two together: 2 swirled flavors gave us 4 flavors!!! Sat on some purple hands. Lots of toppings for those who want to make it a sundae. All the serving ware is compostable. Colorful place to chill. Made a great first impression! We will return for more.

Review №29

Super delicious. Vegan and twist options. Loved the chocolate dip!

Review №30

I feel like I just walked into a parallel universe. There was a rude lady leaning her whole arm over the plastic guard which was gross, and not wiped down. Why didn’t this kid ask her to back up?! Then I found a hair in my ice cream.This place gave me massive anxiety.

Review №31

I really liked the flavor options and toppings. I loveeee soft serve ice cream so ill be back. Also there was a dj so that was fun while waiting in line!

Review №32

We had a great experience here! Our son has severe nut allergies and they took great care to safely prepare his food. Kimi was helpful and so professional. We will be back!! Yum!!

Review №33

Salted oreo soft serve. Holy moly!!! Creamy soft serve and lovely people to help you top it with your favorites!

Review №34

Great little neighborhood spot. Everything is delicious and flavors do run out.

Review №35

Great fro-yo. I would definitely go there again! Very nice person helping us! Highly recommended!

Review №36

Not super crazy flavors, but more unique Id say. Unique as in not common at least. For example, they had lilikoi, and strawberry cream with like cream cheese in it. I got both of those in a waffle cone bowl. Its a lil spot with not much room inside, but plenty of room outside. They have tables with umbrellas, or just available space on the lil field they have right in front. I like it and would like to go back.

Review №37

Delicious! And great customer service!

Review №38

WOW this hit the spot! Girlfriend got the vegan chocolate ganache which was outstanding. I got the Mexican chocolate which was very good, but I think I’ll get the ganache next time if I don’t try a new flavor. Can’t wait to go back!!

Review №39

Love this neighborhood spot. Great soft serve with toppings. The chocolate ganache is rich and delicious.

Review №40

Amazing vegan soft serve with hard shell. Cute atmosphere!

Review №41

If you like soft serve ice cream, youre going to LOVE Dang Soft Serve! My first visit was with a friend and I was searching for ice cream that was closest to us. I found Dang and we decided to give them a try. AHHH-MAZING!!I had a small specialty cone and had the employee surprise me on toppings after I chose salted oreo as my ice cream. She did NOT disappoint!For my second visit, I took my son and his girlfriend and they fell in love too! I had their swirl of Lilikoi (passionfruit) and coconut lime. So delicious on a hot summer evening!!

Review №42

Tasty ice cream and a good place for kids to run around

Review №43

Love the option to get fries! The cookie butter topping is wonderful!

Review №44

Heard such great things but the ice cream is icy, not creamy. Threw mine away

Review №45

Very good ice cream and service!! Staff was great and we loved the ice cream!! We cant wait to go back!!

Review №46

So, I purchased the smallest portion of every flavor on the menu to see what this place was about. The first thing I noticed was that their machines had a difficult time freezing. Employees were dumping cones in the trash that were too soft. It wasnt that hot in the place for these machines to be underperforming at all. Perhaps a little more attention to the machines and their performance/viscosity settings is a good place to start. The smallest size I could purchase was around $4. This is insulting to me. Everything was a mix / nothing tasted fresh. Lemon zest was the worst. Nothing even close to the taste of real lemon or lemon zest. Every flavor of Dang soft serve I tasted yesterday had visible ice crystals. The Matcha flavor should have been just called green tea because I am guessing that is what the powder base they are using is labeled as. Style over substance is very apparent in this joint. Great branding, cool atmosphere--but nothing to offer in terms of quality or flavor. Please take a minute to get your house in order. This felt like a soft serve scam to me by a very powerful ice cream mafia. Forgetaboutit.

Review №47

The best soft serve and the cookie butter is soo good!

Review №48


Review №49

What a great little concept.Not only is it little man ice cream, but the whole experience of being here on a warm day is just the best.Great flavors of soft-serve and great toppings at a reasonable price!Get some napkins if you’re gonna share with the little ones, but don’t worry, there’s lots of “grammable” spots and space to get the wiggles from your sugar-rush out of your system. 10/10 recommend for a lil afternoon treat.

Review №50

DANG used to be the best custard in Denver but recently they changed their manufacture (according to an employee). The flavors are weak (toasted marshmellow tastes just like plain vanilla) and the soft serve is not creamy anymore - it melts fast. I used to come a few times a month but will be looking for a new place now. Super bummed that the quality and flavor has decreased so much in 2021.

Review №51

Love taking the kiddos here for some tasty ice cream.

Review №52

Amazingly creative and delicious soft serve ice cream and frozen custard. Twist or a stack your favorite flavors and add toppings of your choice. They also have savory options as well.

Review №53

Great swirl of Mexican chocolate and vanilla. A delightful outdoor setting.

Review №54

Super cool addition to the Little Man Ice cream franchise. Soft serve ice cream and fries sold here. Staff is amazing as well!

Review №55

Good ice cream, unfortunately not too many flavors to choose from.

Review №56

I love Dang! Delicious Ice cream, great friendly service and Amazing fries!

Review №57

DANG! This place sells dang good soft serve! Pictured- banana cream soft serve with chocolate sprinkles.

Review №58

The best mexican chocolate ice cream Ive ever had in fact the only mexican chocolate ice cream I have had. Kind of a bummer because theres no milkshakes

Review №59

Ice cream and French fries!

Review №60

Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Love the vegan option and the dairy free option too (not vegan due to honey). Amazing soft serve!!

Review №61

If the worker there, I believe his name was Ben, does not get a pay raise, I’ll be utterly shocked. Went in there with my twins on their birthday. I let the lovely young man know, and he offered a once in a lifetime experience for these kids. They felt beyond special receiving ice cream from such a cool dude! Not to mention the prices are fair, the surrounding area is beautiful, the ice cream is delicious, etc. a new tradition for the kids and me 100%

Review №62

DANNNNG their soft service is GOOD. I love that they have vegan options, tons of flavors and sooo many toppings. Service is always friendly as well

Review №63

Pretty good just was to lazy to put 5 stars

Review №64

By far the best soft serve ice cream I have had in a long time great variety of toppings as well!

Review №65

Good location, good vibes, bad ice cream

Review №66

By far the best soft serve ive had in denver. Their flavors are super flavorful!

Review №67

Delish soft serve in a fun atmosphere!

Review №68

The Salted Oreo flavor is awesome!

Review №69

Best soft serve ice cream I have ever had! 15/10 all day

Review №70

Excellent ice cream and environment

Review №71

I was pleasantly surprised to find a local ice cream place that serves some really interesting flavors. At first I was slightly skeptical of The Salted Maple, but Joann recommended it and it was absolutely spectacular. The dang chocolate is also out of this world. Excellent topping selections as well. The staff was super friendly, namely Joann, and the place has a really good modern vibe. Good place to meet up for a date. Will return.

Review №72

Yummy ice cream and a great outside seating area.

Review №73

Incredible! So good....

Review №74

First time trying Dang soft serve. The flavor I wanted was out and the one my husband wanted was out too. We are easy to please and the nice lady was able to help us. We will definitely be back. Thank u for the great first experience

Review №75

OMG 6 ice creams to choose from, and kettle corn was the best choice. I will say it wasnt bad and it did get better the more you are.

Review №76

Today was the first time at DANG and Ill definitely be back. I visited as a treat representing MSU TRiO program. I enjoy the lemon zest with coconut and my granddaughter was happy with a vanilla cone with sprinkles.A shout out to the wonderful staff!

Review №77

Dang, more like dang that’s bad (yikes).

Review №78

Got free ice cream

Review №79

Best soft serve in Denver. Rotating flavors so even more reasons to come back!

Review №80

Wow!!! This place is delicious and fun. Soft serve is still light and airy but they are still able to make the flavors rich and delicious. Highly recommend!

Review №81

Ice cream was pretty good, but workers were very rude and there wasn’t a lot of shaded seating. The spot with one table and no shade smelled really bad. Probably don’t see myself going there again.

Review №82

Excellent flavors and service. Bomb cyclone was delicious

Review №83

Soft serve and fries! Unique flavors too.

Review №84

Fun vibe and yummy soft serve! Loved the flavor options.

Review №85

Best Little Man ice cream place, soft serve is always my favorite, but this place has the absolute best soft serve I’ve had in awhile. They always have super good flavors, but every time i go I HAVE to get the Vegan Chocolate Ganache, best ice cream I think I’ve ever had in my LIFE! No joke!!!! Prices are also very reasonable considering they use the highest quality ingredients, best ice cream I will drive 45min just for this place!:)

Review №86

Awesome little hidden gem in the middle of the Stapleton area. Super nice service. And vegan options. A+

Review №87

OMG. I could live here.

Review №88

Love it! Amazing soft serve, cool flavors and great music the whole time. The staff was incredible as well, they were super friendly and helpful. Do yourself a favor, dont go to McDonalds for a soft serve like someone else suggest....Go to Dang!

Review №89

Was excited for a soft serve ice cream joint. The ice cream melted quickly and the cost was high. Cool concept, poor quality ice cream.

Review №90

While I prefer traditional ice cream this soft serve was pretty tasty. The charcoal chocolate was nice.I had a mixin on Reeses cups. Daughter had swirl.We had a great time the associate was considerate and explained everything extremely clearly.Id go here agayif nearby but in general would prefer a regular scoop.

Review №91

The apple cider and pumpkin spice soft serve was amazing!

Review №92

It was delicious. Music was a little wack. Still lovely tho.

Review №93

Another fabulous little man family shop... I just wish they had more flavors with a heavier rotation so we had an excuse to go more often

Review №94

Delicious flavors, great toppings, great taste. DANG fries are perfect. I really like the taste of everything. Go DANG! yay!

Review №95

Yummy yummy

Review №96

Delicious soft serve. Neat vibe. Check out the bathrooms. Makes you feel like you are inside an ice cream cone.

Review №97

Awesome soft serve creations! Their fries are hands down the best! Paul did it again!

Review №98

Their vegan soft serve is amazing!!! The fries are sooo good to dip in it!

Review №99

Fun look to the place. I enjoyed the chocolate soft serve and fries. Nice selection of toppings.

Review №100

Slightly overpriced for what it is ice cream. The patio is a smelly mess. Not sure how I feel about employee using his hand (even gloved) to smoosh sprinkles on to my daughters ice cream cone and than dumping the sprinkles back into the container. Gotta be a better way to get sprinkles on to a cone.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:2211 Oneida St, Denver, CO 80207, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 720-550-8834
  • Ice cream shop
Working hours
  • Monday:12–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–10PM
  • Thursday:12–10PM
  • Friday:12–10PM
  • Saturday:12–10PM
  • Sunday:12–10PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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