Hickory Grove Auto
3300 Hickory Grove Rd, Davenport, IA 52806, United States
Hickory Grove Auto
Review №1

Overpriced, no customer service, rude, irritable staff, lazy when it comes to work and impatient when it comes to customers.Would have given this place no stars if I could. I have come here twice now to find a part for my truck, and both times was met by the owner with incredible rude manners, impatience, and no customer service skills whatsoever. When we tried to purchase a small part, he sat in front of us, ignoring us as he ate his lunch.Furthermore, as I waited in line, one of the employees was loudly disrespecting a customer, calling him incompetent, and remarking on how the customer didnt know how to even change a tire, making the customer visibly upset, and causing him to leave. They proceeded to laugh and eat in front of the rest of the customers.

Review №2

My experience was very good people were knowledgeable and helpful

Review №3

Good selection, although my car is rare

Review №4

Used bits and pieces of many makes and models at really reasonable prices. Bring your tools and save even more by pulling the parts yourself.

Review №5

Terrible service, rude to customers no help, terrible place don’t recramend.

Review №6

Rude, unhelpful, dismissive, uncaring, and dirty.... that was just the door into the place.Talking to the tool behind the counter was worse. I won’t buy from him ever again just because I can’t stand his attitude and the way they just don’t GAF about their customers.I’ll scrounge the internet and get it from a private individual before I give that dude another cent.

Review №7

Excellent food fantastic service snd very reasonable prices good family restaurant!

Review №8

Lots of cars lots of parts reasonable prices

Review №9

I came in... And the 2 workers stared at me like a deer in the headlights. I greeted them, and the whole encounter was uncomfortable. I tried to be upbeat when asking about my request, but he was just really... Uncaring. He didnt want to be there, didnt want to talk to me, and it was just... Awful.I asked about a soft splash guard and he said he had the vehicle but it was smashed. The soft splash guard is.... Soft. It might have survived the smash, but he wasnt willing to check. Ill be calling next time, since this is the only junkyard in the area. I dont feel comfortable just being stared at in silence when coming in.

Review №10

The guy who helped us was awesome. Saved us some money and was very friendly.

Review №11

Great establishment, courteous host and immaculately clean inside and outm

Review №12

Bought two 4×4 (25W) front door speakers out of a Ford Explorer, which are a dime a dozen, pulled them myself, and they cost me $16. Seemed a little high for salvaged, low grade speakers, to me, when I wont even know if they work, until I install them.The guy at the counter was not pleasant in any way, and he acted like hed rather be anywhere than there.Ill definitely return, as its a way to save a lot of money, but I wasnt impressed.

Review №13

During the entire transaction is was very uncomfortable. The people at the front desk were very unwillingly to help. The people working there did not even wear masks. Was very unsanitary and unhelpful when asked to search for a car part. Would not recommend going here again.

Review №14

Great junkyard

Review №15

Had everything I needed. I live in Des Moines, Iowa.. I will be back to visit again Monday for more parts!!Thanks so Much!!❤😎

Review №16

Pretty good selection of parts. Fair rates

Review №17

This is a well managed company.

Review №18

They got what you need

Review №19

Its ok. They owner is a piece of work and some are the prices are very close to getting a new part. If you want something pulled fast you will wanna do it yourself. Otherwise they offer to pull the part for a few extra dollars

Review №20

They lied about his prices first I call they say 15 I pull it 25 they do it. When I get in there and get the part I need he gone say 25 and won’t refund me my 10 dollars.

Review №21

The place has the parts that your car needs. They had parts that would have taken me weeks to get. But sales staff is TERRIBLE! Dave hung up on me, and Pat lied to me and said his name was JOE. (Dave told me Pat was ^Joe^) But more likely than not, theyll have the parts you need. Oh!! If you wait for them to pull the parts expect a delay. Thats a guarentee!

Review №22

The guy working front desk is very rude and when I ask him questions he acts as if I’m a bother. Sorry just need to know what I’m spending my money on. I’d love to run into him outside of his work somewhere

Review №23

My fav junk yard they let me tear card apart and always got what i need . Workers are all good guys and helpful as well as fair priced. A must stop in sign in pull your own parts junkyard if in need . Thanks hickory grove for your establishments

Review №24

It has a good variety of car parts but only for older vehicles...

Review №25

Always helpful and friendly.

Review №26

Bad attitude and horrible customer service.

Review №27

Not recommended to anyone very rude service

Review №28

Very nice and fast

Review №29

If you can get it here. HICKORY GROVE AUTO is the place to do so. The parts are used so there is always a chance it may be bad but the prices r right

Review №30

I found good parts for a good price, hope to come here soon

Review №31

Reasonable price, tons of vehicles.

Review №32

Let me start off, horrible experience. Don’t know his name, but he was very rude. Gave me a broken windshield and said it’s my problem. Using excuses, was a little childish I should say. If you want a broken windshield. This is the place!

Review №33

Called ahead today 11/27/19 and asked if they had any of the specific vehicles i was looking for. The guy working said yes i have a few of them. I said perfect i will swing out and take a look. I drive an hour to look at the vehicles and when i get there he says he doesnt have anything like that.Im not sure why these guys like wasting peoples time but i am sure glad that Bridgeway Auto Parts is re-opening soon so the quad city area has someone they can rely on.

Review №34

Had lots of vehicles to choose from..... helped me out for future visits... currently need parts for impala and i know its there with great staff... will always choose to be a customer

Review №35

I had been stuck with a flat tire in my truck with no spare, (my own fault), got a ride to Hickory Grove Auto and they sold me a great tire, mounted it all for $ 28.00 they were great help to someone who didnt know what she was doing. A big thank you to the yard guy, to Jay, and Steve for taking me there. I saved a lot of money.

Review №36

Been going here for years. Its not a bar its a junk yard / Business. Never been treated bad. Guy ask what I needed and sends me looking in an area. Sometimes I find it sometimes I dont. Price is always way better then new. Example weather strip for ford escape 2008. $86 new. $5 there. Same with just about everything. going there right now. OK after reading all the post, I will ad. This place is busy. and it is a good place if you are willing to do the work,

Review №37

Awsome wouldnt go anywer else

Review №38

Its a junkyard- save your money and go here!I saved a ton of money over the last couple years by dropping by this place. They have a huge lot, and unless you drive an oddball car, there should be one like yours in the yard. They have the yard organized to make finding your make and model pretty simple.Some of these reviews whine about the owner. I dont see their issue with him- hes been nothing but helpful and fair on every dealing Ive had with him. He will usually give you some tips about the car youre working on to avoid trouble in the future. I could see him giving you attitude if you walk in there like youre too good for junkyard parts; but if you wanna do that, go down the street and pay 10-50 times the price for a new part!They have a good return policy, and fair prices. Often, the prices are far less than what youll find on ebay for the same part in another yard! Definitely a great deal, and good service. Ive never had a problem with anything I bought from here.

Review №39

Always Has The Parrs You Need!The Super Market Place For Auto Parts!!

Review №40

They had the part I needed and pulled it quickly for me. I had my son (4) with me that day and kept getting the evil eye because he wanted to touch the old metal toy cars out on display. I worked hard to keep him away from the cars so would have appreciated being treated like a customer instead of like a nuisance.

Review №41

Good selection, prices are reasonable. Some of the employees might seem bearish, but not rude and will answer questions when asked correctly - they are short and to the point. Other employees are very helpful and nice. No one is mean. I will continue to shop there

Review №42

Just the worst.

Review №43

Prices pretty high for a u-pull-it place, but i found a part i needed. I hardly expect the lobby to be clean, or polite staff at a place like this, but downright rude and dismissive people really should not be dealing with new or existing customers. Probably wont be back on account of the desk staff.

Review №44

No good items they come broken, go to some place that’s worth your money not here.

Review №45

Always a pleasure and a well organized lot!

Review №46

They have a wide variety of parts for all kinds of cars. Inventory could be a little more organized. I never have any problems finding what I need .

Review №47

The calendar man is about as helpful as mud hows the personality of a rock

Review №48

Pat at the front desk is a real hard ass ☺ we always get excellent customer service with a small grin included. The yard guys are super ugly but theyre real sweet hearts ❤😂 as for yard and arrangement and vehicle variety they are the absolute best in town! Thank you guys 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review №49

Fair. Biggest scrap yard in Q.C., but always check with Elmer at B&S in Moline first. Love the under dawg!

Review №50

People are grumpy and rude, don’t go to this place might as well go somewhere else with good customer service and good items.

Review №51

Bad attitude and very hard to return parts.

Review №52

Cars are not spaced well enough to get certain parts, prices are fair of youre willing to get dirty!

Review №53

Horrible customer service. Im asking questions about what Im spending my money on and he act like Im bothering him. Smh

Review №54

Tires spare parts get your late model stuff b4 it gets crushed great locally owned family business w/ties to your community not sure what kind of warranty they offer but if you know you need something simple, such as; a window motor, glass, mirrors, emblems, these guys keep popular makes and models.

Review №55

Place is a joke. I prepaid a week early and bought a transmission and had my mechanic scheduled to do work on a certain day. These clowns sold it to somebody else. Then gave me the run around for 8 days. In those 8 days I had to rent a rent a car to go out of town and spent $80.00 extra dollars. Well after bitching about it for several days they finally figured oh hey lets just pull one off another truck we have. Duh!I asked the owner to reimburse me for the car rentals I had to endure. The decision was a in store credit. I thought it was better than nothing. Unbelievable I go there today about 45 days after this all happened and these non professional people and I mean the guy name Pat says oh in store credit is only good for 30 days. Im never going there or highly recommend to buy new before dealing with clowns🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Review №56

Sure, they may have allot of vehicles to choose from, as far as used parts. BUT, some of the counter people are the rudest people i have ever encountered, as a customer! I have been there several times and there is only 1 time that i would say i was treated correctly

Review №57

I agree, it is a junkyard. But its also a business and you are a customer that is paying money. I dont know about anyone else, but I work hard for mine, and I have long hours and long days. So when I choose to go in a place of business, I just ask to be respected not ignored. When you call and ask for something, they kind of make you feel like youre bothering them. Again, this may be only an opinion. But I try to avoid that place if possible.

Review №58

Its a good place to get cheap parts

Review №59

Total bs there no help guy at front desk was horrible if you need something go elsewhere

Review №60

We pull our own parts so we enjoy going to Hickory Grove to see familiar faces.

Review №61

Needed a tire and found a good one.

Review №62

Love this place

Review №63

Garbage place. Rude people

Review №64

The guy at the counter (blond hair old guy) is rude, but they let you pull parts and are OK with the prices. He is surrounded by many stupid customers (you know the dirt bag type) so I can understand how he can get rude but I do have to agree hes a jerk for the most part. I buy most used parts on Ebay, why would I drive 45min, pull the part and pay the same price if it was delivered to my doorstep?

Review №65

My experience there was awful. The management was extremely rude and not helpful at all. I asked for help multiple times and was willing to pay for the help but the help was denied. Yes you can find things there but I wouldnt recommend asking for assistance you are treated poorly. Go in and out quick on your own.

Review №66

I called about getting tires for my car and I was talked to like I was an idiot. I worked in a shop for juts over 2 years and know a significant amount about cars. I gave them the size 225 60 16 and the response I got was TIRES? 16 inch tires are $30 each and then he hung up. Reasonable price, but I decided to drive to K&K in Clinton to get 2 tires for $25 each instead. River City Auto is also a place to try, but they run out of common tires quickly.

Review №67

Found myself a thing at this place!

Review №68

I dont know what all of the fuss is...Place gives fair prices on used cars parts. Have been out a couple of times for parts on a Ford Ranger of mine and he has been well under everyone else prices. Sold me a transmission at $200 that everyone else wanted $400 bucks for.Let me pull a rear glass myself and discounted the price $20.00 bucks for my labor. Promptly took a core back and gave me a cash refund.This is an automotive salvage yard...Not the Holiday Inn!

Review №69

Just called trying to find a part. Gave the info got told to wait, then someone else picked up the phone and said, hello? I was kind of confused so I went through it again and he said nope. Dont have anything for that one. So I said oh, ok. Well thank you. And he hangs up. Not even a thanks for calling or a goodbye. Talk about lack of customer service. Try a little courtesy and friendliness, itll go a long way.

Review №70

Large selection of autos for used parts.Great service.

Review №71

This is the worst junkyard in the whole Quad Cities the man that runs it can be a moron when he wants to and the prices are twice as high if not more than any other junk yard for the same part... its usually my last resort for a part that I need for my car or truck..

Review №72

Take your money elseware! These are the rudest people to deal with. My son was verbally abused the entire time he was there. They were the only ones that had the part he needed.

Review №73

Pat...ALWAYS a riot

Review №74

Only if you enjoy used quality auto parts that could be recycled and reused.

Review №75

I wouldnt piss off the Junkyard Dog but Ive always got what I needed for parts pulling here

Review №76

Just based on the short 45 second phone call I made to this place looking for parts, I will never give my business to them. The man who answered the phone was incredibly rude and condescending. I realize that you close in 45 minutes and might be busy, but thats no reason to take such a tone with any potential customer. I recommend that you take your money somewhere that can at least act like they value your business.

Review №77

Great place to pick up used parts for your car. This is my first stop whenever I need to repair a vehicle.

Review №78

Got my parts in a timely manner. And a good price

Review №79

Pat at hickery grove is a friendly staff member that is more than welcome to help you and knows where everything is that you will want or need in the yard

Review №80

People complain about customer service etc etc etc, but its a junkyard. If you dont know how to utilize a junkyard, dont want to either pull your own part or wait awhile for them to do it for you, dont go to a junkyard. Ive never had an issue, Pat always helped me find what I needed, and the prices are fair.

Review №81

Absolute worst service you will ever find. Dishonest about pricing and part availability! Front desk pat is an absolute a$$hOl3. Will never return or refer anyone to that business. Worst business in the quad cities by far, so unprofessional. Called ahead for part availability and was met with rudeness and sarcasm, yard was a mess couldnt get to parts I needed, upon checkout more rudeness and sarcasm along with an obvious price gouge...service was so bad I placed parts back on vehicle and declined to do business with them. Will never return. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE IDIOTS! YOU WILL REGRET IT.

Review №82

Good, fast service at a good price.

Review №83

Great place helped me get everything I needed and gave me a great price.

Review №84

Parts place. Great used parts

Review №85

Very reasonable rates on all synthetic oil make an appointment done quickly and properly.

Review №86

Amazing place with good service and they had my parts that I needed.

Review №87

While the guy at the counter isnt exactly a ball of joy, they are easy enough to work with and will exchange parts if you happen to get the wrong one. Good selection and you can browse the lot for free.

Review №88

Decent place with decent prices

Review №89

Parts parts parts.... Pats the greatest

Review №90

Place is busy as hell.But Pat keeps his cool handles it fine

Review №91

Excellent place to get auto parts at a great price

Review №92

Good and fast service

Review №93

They helped me find the best tires for my car.

Review №94

Will go back again! Excellent service

Review №95

Just awful people. Called in and the guy hung up on me in the middle of me asking a question.

Review №96

Rude. The 3 or 4 times ive been there or had the Unfortunate task to call them they have been rude. They always seem as if youve inconvenienced them in one way or another.

Review №97

Pat aka Fred is a very knowledgeable man.

Review №98

People arent very friendly, prices are non-negotiable. It is somewhat organized however most cars are on ground and very close together, I was trying to pull some body parts and was not able to because another car was pushed against it. Its ok if thats all you can get to. But Id search other places first.

Review №99

This place place is a JOKE! 4 days ago I called purchased the part they assured me it would be done at a reasonable amount of time. I just called to check in and see if I could stop by for pickup. The man who answered the phone was extremely rude and hung up on me before I could ask when it WOULD actually be ready. Ive already purchased the part and now its been 4 days... if you need anything done right DONT come here. I wish I had went somewhere else a week ago!!! :S

Review №100

Horrible. Wasted 3 hours getting tires off of two SUVs. The forklift guy with white messy hair very lazy. He would not lift the SUVs for one minute to get the tires off. He almost ran me over with that forklift too and my friend that was with me is a witness to that happening. Almost had a truck fall on me because of the way the yard ground is not very level and even a hydraulic jack which I did use did not help since it sinks into the ground. Pat who is the owner is very rude and charges more than what the stuff is really worth. Does not give rats behind on customer service. He will tell you not to break a window on a car that he has 10 more others of the same make and model just to get the window regulator out. Expects you to carry a car battery all over the yard to the car you need the window regulator off just to operate the windows motor in order to save the glass he would never sell anyways. Then allows the forklift guy to bust the windows that are to be loaded into the crusher anyways. He will tell you has certain parts but everything has been removed already. Will not sell you a dash piece that has switches and climate control bolted to it. He will charge $20 for each piece that is bolted to the dash piece you need. Its not worth stopping by anymore and he does not deserve anyones money. Do not go to B&C either since they own that place too. Better off at Carters or Midwest salvage or Bridgeway in Moline. I really miss Wrench N GO and U pull apart which were far superior than this dump.

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  • Address:3300 Hickory Grove Rd, Davenport, IA 52806, United States
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  • Phone:+1 563-386-3311
  • Salvage yard
  • Auto parts store
  • Truck parts supplier
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:9AM–5PM
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  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:No
  • Credit cards:Yes
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